I Almost Got BUSTED Street Racing!

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    We almost got busted street racing.. what an awful weekend it was for racing. Hopefully next time everything goes smoother.
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    1. Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

      Good that you still have the ride, fed's came and took mine. Took every ride on my race team (THE WEEK BEFORE THE FIRST FAST AND FURIOUS HIT THEATERS) and I was branded the King Pin charge in Roanoke VA. for Illegal and organized street racing. Had that shit tattooed on the side of my head so I would never forget. Didn't learn a thing, I'm still racing :) Love this channel dude.

      1. douglas macomber

        So, how much time did you spend in federal prison? I'm sure inmates were laughing at those charges. Like rico charges?

      2. J M Hurd

        Johnnie R I live about 45 minutes from Roanoke I don’t know if the story is the gospel or not but the Blueridge Parkway definitely is not just a local or state deal it’s federal!!!

      3. jorjorbinks89

        @John R they needed him to drive for them

      4. Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

        @John R We were on the blue ridge parkway running the bridge over the Jame river. The Parkway falls under federal jurisdiction, we had no idea until they ripped us a new one.

      5. John R

        The feds ? Uh oh had no idea it was a federal offense guess I better quit if the fbi is in the game :P

    2. Gopherchucks Gaming

      Jump all day man. Sorry

    3. John Goodman jr. gold fever

      Where was that make sure I never go there

    4. John Mathews

      Good video, that was definitely a jump, I think he needs to go to Specsavers

    5. Gary Clarke

      Man I'd follow the kid and the s10 off a cliff....just great to watch the family love of SEND IT , ZOOM ZOOM...AND BEFORE...FROM YOU ONE OF MANY IRISH SUB'S......

    6. send it

      love the truck but there are alot of fucking idiots i would be pissed if all those people were hearded up in the road at one of my races they do not have to stand right on top of the start line to bet they would be kicked out and not welcome at my place good way to get killed when a driveshaft or any part blows all to hell and goes thru them like a bullet and their family sues you for all you have and get you for manslaughter

    7. Oval Outlaw

      He jumped,yes way

    8. Chuck Jr.

      Why does street racing have such a huge fan base of fat ass people?

    9. savagenomore

      all you people calling the Mustang for a jump on the second race...please don't ever call a race I'm in because you clearly can't fucking see the light come on and the s10 leave first...

    10. richard Turk

      Times sure have changed trailer a race car to a street race. Real street racers drive to the spot. No big funny car burnouts either stage up and go.

    11. Adrenaline Green

      Gotta watch what races you go to, obviously this race was put on by Ringling Bros bc it was low grade circus. One burnout but you can do two, leave at the light or leave before bc the Bozo running the show don't know how to have a race or any balls to make a call when needed. He was clearly afraid of the guy in the white mustang and that's why he wouldn't make the call.

    12. MEno Gusta

      Probably been said enough, but you got a bad ass father. Looks like you tow with his truck, he goes out and supports you. Not to mention his knowledge and wisdom.

      1. MEno Gusta

        @Street Racing Channel I stand corrected, you both are killing it out there

      2. Street Racing Channel

        He is a good dude, it is my truck though.

    13. Spencer H.

      intro song?

    14. MrDavidelliottjr

      Woulda laughed if you did. Its that hard to find a track🤣🤷

    15. Couchracer660

      Get a C&S Blowthru

    16. Scott Boline

      Id love to get in trouble with ny dad.

    17. Josh Sutherly

      Where did y'all go to the beach at myrtle beach?

    18. Jason Erwin

      What a joke. One flagger, one man on the tire-crack 5000, and one man on the finish camera. Flagger makes all calls based on the two cameras. Rules clearly stated before race, and a broken rule is a loss whether it’s one to many burnouts, jumping, crossing center, delaying the start..whatever. Has no one figured out why Limpy and Richard always has some heavy hitters coming out? It’s because they run a consistent and fair race. This might as well have been an after school showdown. Class of 2020, whoop whoop! Fkn idiots

    19. #HammerTime# H2R

      Truck needs a wrap

    20. Eric Klypchak

      The ending was the best ever.soooo funny....10 yeeeaaarrrsss later

    21. sailor7312

      ...Jack said the white Mustang jumped it plain as day. In his words, "that's BS!! LOL.

    22. Joshua Melilli

      Stree Racing Channel the S10 needs a big inch LS motor with a pair of turbos on it

    23. Seth N.

      that was a jump and a half, not even a tire break but full 2 ft jump lol, plus the 2 burnouts should have won it already

    24. matt blackburn

      looks like someone has put on a little winter weight

    25. LafterND

      That cannon is what made me become a Gunner's Mate.

    26. E B

      Lovin these videos.

    27. Kenneth Brooks

      Yea that was a little crazy with the 2 burn outs and the he jumped 2 times

    28. tylar atwell

      maybe if there wasn't 300 spectators lmao

    29. Brandon soto

      Tyler jumped hard that first race and it looked close on the second but it’s nice to hear him admit that he wouldn’t be able to touch the truck on a good road

    30. Peter Dudas

      watching all the morons recording vertically makes me cringe. I am so grateful there are a few people out there who know how to properly record a video. HORI-FUHKING-ZONTALLY ...... your TV, your laptop, all public displays, everything around you is HORIZONTAL, your eyes are spaced HORIZONTALLY.... what is wrong with people and their incessant need to record videos vertically?!?!?! I don't understand!!!! must be some stupid BS social media nonsense......

    31. Christian Newton

      This will forever bother me... what is the song in your intro? I have been looking everywhere for it.

    32. Jay Burrough

      This is one of my favorite channels I love how good you and your family gets along you guy out there making memories if nothing else....the wins will come

    33. Christopher Crafts

      Love the vids, keep'em coming!! Great to have met y'all at PRI, Kyle is a awesome dude and brings great ppl together, and hope they continue to support you and us!! #poweredbyscience

    34. Michael Earling

      Nice to see you in jersey

    35. Gopherchucks Gaming

      Meanwhile, 16 houses were robbed, 50 DUI's somehow made it home. 4 or 5 murders, as well as 100's of domestic violence charges, went unchecked. But let's go get the street racers, that are in an empty ind park not harming anyone.

      1. Gopherchucks Gaming

        I mean you are even wearing a helmet, you guys take pride in being safe. But Barny Phife needs to feel like he is the man.

    36. justa 5.0

      It happens

    37. Jersey Dual Sport

      Definitely got talked out of that win.........

    38. Christan Hartley

      Great vid as always and stupid shit happens, just part of the game as we all know

    39. Pete Braun

      Much love from Canada Bill keep doing what your doing love it! The s10 is one sexy machine and so is molly 🍻

    40. Art Life

      that extra burnout of your neighbor saved you lol winning!

    41. Lionel Baron

      on those shite conditions I am surprised you even ran

    42. J Hawk62

      Billy, what shock and spring do you run on the front?

    43. Firebird400

      Great video guys .

    44. D McK

      Ha. Hilarious. That end sight seeing edit was great.

    45. John Duffy

      When do y'all plan on coming back to Jersey??

    46. Zaimoku

      I dont see where people are getting that the white mustang jumped twice.. First thing yes mustang should have been a DQ'ed from the 2nd burnout. Yes he should have been DQ'ed for that clear jump in the first race. The 2nd race (that shouldnt have happened) looked clean.

    47. itunesnetwork2

      Gotta have some bad days to appreciate the good days bro. Great channel always looking forward to the next video!

    48. Richard Isom

      Man U inspire me to get a S-10

    49. Corbo Yates

      Damn. Too may ppl in the road.

    50. Carps Custom

      Love the videos and at least ya fun at the beach lol

    51. Maximum Energy

      At 4:38 what is making it sound like that???

    52. MustangLab 302

      Uss new Jersey right ?

    53. Brandon A

      Amazing how many city police out on the CO roads thinking they have jurisdiction

    54. Tucci Racing

      What a nightmare that was lmao

    55. David Mcnerney

      Shouldn't dude been out for the 2x burnouts

    56. Kevin Tucker

      2700 pound artillery shell traveling 23 nautical miles... That’s a hell of a bang when that gun goes off! 23 nautical miles is as far as they can see on open ocean.

    57. Simple Man

      Clearly a jump

    58. Tom Bartolome

      I'm glad you guys had fun doing what we love to do, and still had fun trying to laugh it off the next day. Losing sucks,but doing what you love is so exciting ! Keep it up kid

    59. Ray Cam

      Still cant believe they only have 107k followers. Its top notch content plus he drives an S10. :-)

    60. Frank Hays

      Great video Billy that was clear bullshit you won that before y’all even lined up with the 2nd burnout anyway you keep doing what you do and they will start being Wins thanks for sharing buddy much love from Va😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🏁🏁🏁

    61. tom deißler

      i love your dad

    62. Kent Shifflet

      Hang in there, Billy.. It takes time for things to come together. Your Dad knows what I'm talking about!! 😉

    63. Don Hamilton

      Can't wait for your redemption!

    64. MrShark4488

      i am by no means a GM guy i am a Ford guy but i must admit your truck is badass not to mention you are 1 heck of a driver young man

    65. Billy wayne Huggins

      Just keep on digging at it

    66. Kyle Serduk

      U were literally in my backyard in that video lol. That meet up spot is a horrible spot for us guys to meet because the Vineland police station is 5 minutes from there not to mention the state boys drive down both roads all the time. The first spot u guys were at that starts with a “w” is where I learned to drag race 15 years ago as soon as I got my license lol. Good to see ppl still go out there. Not sure where the second spot was but we used to always go to a place that started with a “u”. Wish I wouldve known u guys were coming out this way I would’ve showed u or told u where to go to have fun outside of racing. Anyway, another great video and keep up the good work

    67. Phillip Davis

      The only thing good that has ever came out of New Jersey is I95... They wonder why they have the reputation they do and why the big money races are held elsewhere.. Dont sweat it Billy.

      1. Chris Houston

        Pat Musi, Frank Iaconio, and Grumpy's first driver who I personally seen race on an emergency runway on Ft Dix back in the day

    68. Eric Lusk

      "2300 miles." "That's a problem for somebody." Lmfao bro, keep pushing out this good content. Keep your head up, man. Life's full of ups and downs so just do your best to keep a positive attitude and continue to cherish the time you've got with your crew. Y'all are great.

    69. lee woodard

      Been watching a gd while now. The videos keep getting better and better. That white mustang shouldn't be allowed to race again - "wasnt a jump" fuck off man, guy needs to not only have his eyes tested but his thick skull too.

    70. John Thomas

      Billy, you are out there racing and anyone talking trash about you "pullin' Ls" probably isn't. My only advice would be..... With your level of notoriety is maybe you should be more selective with the races you attend. Additionally get an "advocate" that no one knows and have them ask question about multiple burnouts and the repercussions, who is the final judge on jumps and when they will make the call, lane crossing, lane departures, and get the exact sequence for the staging and flagging (back in the day, I always knew that before my buds and I showed up anywhere). Looked like things were a clown show and I would have recommended leaving once the option to withdraw was given. Another great video. Keep up the good work. Hope to see meet y'all at a race in 2020 and cheer you on. And I'm a Ford guy! :D

    71. John Thomas

      Billy, you are out there racing and anyone talking trash about you "pullin' Ls" probably isn't. My only advice would be..... With your level of notoriety is maybe you should be more selective with the races you attend. Additionally get an "advocate" that no one knows and have them ask question about multiple burnouts and the repercussions, who is the final judge on jumps and when they will make the call, lane crossing, lane departures, and get the exact sequence for the staging and flagging (back in the day, I always knew that before my buds and I showed up anywhere). Looked like things were a clown show and I would have recommended leaving once the option to withdraw was given.

    72. CARTUNE

      Videos getting better and better.

    73. Bryan Lauramore

      I bought my son one of your hoodies for Christmas.. he wore it to school and they told him he can't wear it anymore lol! That kid was so pissed lol! Hes like the biggest fan and we love the videos, y'all keep them coming!

      1. Gary Tyree

        What was their reason he couldn't wear it anymore?

    74. Baby-Shark GTO

      The "400" emblems are the sexiest thing on that truck ❤

    75. kmc 468

      Double burn out may be a mistake. and a jump later shady. It should have been an automatic no money back and load your car! Whether it was a friend of theirs or not they were shady you won!! And I think everybody would agree by the video footage!!

    76. ISEE YOU

      LOL... that guy jumped and was like oh crap they caught me..

    77. The Grimreaper

      You should come to autorama in Detroit February 28

    78. QQTrick1QQ

      Sketchy at best, maybe pack a set of studded snows.

    79. MoonShine Menace

      Looks like a jump to me, and nothing is more impressive than having people standing right on the starting line between cars trying to race. Shows their level of stupidity

    80. kane tamakin

      Lousy organisers....not worth going back there,theyre just a bunch of low lifes HUSTSLERS....ps Billy THE KID aint no saint neither....KICKASS KID

    81. stlmikie

      What management system are you using Billy?

    82. Houston Kilby

      Win some and ya loose some part of it bro.

    83. shaunmilor

      Love the content- the fast truck and the team- :father son,and one hell of a girlfriend..... felt so dirty watching that idiot tyler steal the win. the occasional loss is ok but after 2 burnouts and a clear jump.you were too nice that night and he took advantage like a lowlife thief

    84. John Z

      "takes 77 sailors to load this gun firing a 1900lb or 12700lb projo 23 nautical miles,,,, (pause),, that's a problem for somebody! Ain't it GREAT,, GOD LOVE our United States Navy, Marine and Army long range guns! The ayatola's of this World,, take heed. This President ain't afraid to pop a BIG cap on your ass!

    85. John Z

      As always, your vids are AWESUM Billy! On a side note,, as so many others have menioned NEVER allow yourself to get very far from your Super Dad,, he's One-in-a-Million Billy the Kid,, One-in-a-MILLION! Yep,, the Mustang did jump, however even tho they didn't say it maybe they race JJ style,, "chase is a race"?? Also,, we know you're thinking about it but you simply HAVE TO get that bad ass little pickup sitting on an Alston and 4 link,, MUST DO ASAP!

    86. Robert Briones

      Got to watch out for them fast talking fools Billy I know you will get them next time and have some one else flag

    87. Joshua Ryan

      Perfectly edited video Billy exactly what I like to see and watch mate best car video channel on IRvision, received my parcel happy far as I know to be the first Australian wearing your gear, keep up the great content don't change a thing 👍

    88. Pete Pez

      I was pulling for you guys in N.J I'm from philly south philly to be exact but I have a lot of love for that s10 beings that I had one like yours , you guy should had came to Philadelphia we have a few roads you definitely could had put some power on, I love how you said I lost to the slowest car there 🤣🤣

    89. Travis Peoples

      A bad day drag racing is still better than a good day at work.

    90. JMR World

      She Right. #Hoodshit

    91. FrankiE Rutherford

      That second burn out saved your ass on that one brother.

    92. Bama Street 256

      awsome content love the street an in depth look you give ....clearly dude jumped ray charles couldve seen that....cant win em all...keep on keepn on

    93. corey haynes

      BS. .SRC. .you Rock. .

    94. Glockspecific

      All those idiots with their nasty feet all over the groove, that shi* hurts my soul! And why the f*** do you have 5 ppl between the cars on the mf line, if you organize these things it needs ran with discipline and attention to detail!!

    95. TheCanadianBubba

      Bullshit ! all of it...

    96. Edward Fast

      To many people standing between the cars!

    97. Rhonda Applegate

      WAY to many people around the starting line. A hard lesson will be learned one day.

    98. Richard's Property maintenance

      Ray Charles can see that shitstang jump.

    99. Steve Perley

      Billy man, put him under the lights and tree that muscrat. You can't win in another "legends" hood... You've made more money off the race in views than he has in the car. That ante better be big if you think you can beat the kid...

    100. Daddy shovel

      Your team Billy the Kid is always number 1 even habib knows it.