Street Wheelies while it's Snowing?!

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    Wheelies on the street, in below freezing temperatures. It doesn't get much better. Guys we finally got a lift for the SRC Garage, I can't thank you all enough for the support over the last couple years.

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    1. error

      can someone tell me what truck and year that is? i’m sorry i’m new

    2. ElectronicMechanic

      Cherish this time with your dad man my dad passed at 53 in 2013 I miss him everyday.

    3. ElectronicMechanic

      I love my atlas 10k 2 post from Greg Smith as well

    4. Derek Hansen

      I was just watching some of your older vids, and didn't know your we're friends with the owner of the dirty 30... Man he is lucky, sucks about the car but glad he is ok!

    5. Kenneth Chapman

      One thing about that cold air, horsepower

    6. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Hoskinson & I Like The Dirty 30 Toó With Nick Plewniak & Maddie Brennan Im Ronald Thank You. 🏁

    7. Daniel Ward

      I think some injection and a terminator x max would do the30 perfectly

    8. Freddy Menchaca

      What u set ur pinion Angle at??

    9. Jmbdieselchannel Baker

      Miss racing so bad

    10. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      May as well race a billboard fuckn brick

    11. Joseph Lay

      Billy tour dads is the hook book master. He can make that s10 hook on a dirt road! Im blown away. I wish i could get mine to leave that good on small tires on the street. Ive got my Pinion Angle wrong. Please help lol. What do you usually set yalls s-10s pinion angel at for the streets? This is my first s10 and ive been fighting traction since i went from big to small tire.

    12. John Mathews

      Nice work

    13. Chris Crouse

      Your old man with his overalls. I love this channel. God bless America

    14. Claudio Aguilar

      set up a race with leathal weapon ss truck from 956

    15. Adam Perre

      Love the truck here in Australia we call them Utes u sir have one tuff ute I love drag racing but I love seeing cars that look stock bodywise but get up a boogie with big hp engines stay safe yr friends in Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺👍

    16. George F

      I have an atlas tire machine, I love it.

    17. Andy Bozeman

      Dang dude. I would love to have a lift in my shop. But, I can't really justify the cost. Besides I'm only 20x40. I'm just a shade tree mechanic. No where near the skills you and your Dad have. Just routine maintenance on my cars and truck. Don't want to get preachy on you, but you should thank God every day that you got to grow up like you did!! Lots of people don't have the Dad you have. Take some free advice from an older man....tell your Dad you know this is not how most people get to grow up, and thank him! Watching your channel gives me hope for America!

    18. Ben Thare

      I saw where you cracked that corner piece by drilling into the hole. Lesson learned.

    19. Gabe Hilliard

      The "Ol Man" is hilarious!! Reminds me of my father n law when he was alive, awesome stuff guys!

    20. jack death

      Dad always crack me up.

    21. Taylor

      More Molly.... less Mustafa

    22. Andys709

      You know you have a good setup when you can snap wheelies on the street period this guy does it when it’s snowing lol

    23. Brandon Taylor

      More videos with nickk

    24. Zone6 THE Ohio State

      Hey man been watching your videos lately had no clue you was from Ohio! What part I love in Morrow county

    25. Savvy P Q

      Nice lift man!!!!! Get you a dyno and you'll be able to make a dolla or two to throw in tha good with Cleveland Power And Performance

    26. Thomas D

      time for a wheelybar :D greatings from Austria/Vienna! love your channel, keep it up!

    27. Slowpoke 454


    28. John Urbanowicz

      And always another freakin awesome video thanks for sharing can't wait till this summer to see you again

    29. Bryan C.

      Your truck is in the beginning of this video

    30. Tyler Mullins

      What steering wheel does he use??

    31. Cam Hook

      Congrats to that game changing MO FUGEN Lift!!!

    32. jonathon belton

      Gotta love those Heelers!! I got two myself.

    33. 69JJV

      So how did you do in the scooter race?

    34. Augden Fischer

      Doing a test pass in front of a Morton for Sheriff sign.

    35. D Black

      are you coming to 710 nc this weekend

    36. TheCanadianBubba

      The higher you put em up the harder and longer stuff can bounce... small trade-off for having ease of access though. Hope a great Christmas for you all !

    37. WhutThePhuq

      that intro launch never gets old, gives me so much inspiration to throw money into my 86 s10

    38. Thanawat 93

      FC ประเทศไทย

    39. Ryan Downs

      Wish i lived closer I'd paint youre truck

    40. Ryan Downs

      You have a good life kid and really great father you're vidoes always makes me smile buddy

    41. Barry Ison

      U're welcome

    42. Steve Ellis

      Glad to see you guys got you a lift that will make life more easier for sure plus make the content of your channel way better way to ho fellas and lady!! Lol

    43. Late Model Fabrication

      Your dad has me cracking the f up at the end there hahahaha!!!

    44. semajb25

      O.S.H.A Approved 👍

    45. kody braden

      Straight gold

    46. Rhage73

      Congratz on the lift brotha! Living the dream for sure. Nice shop dog as well hehe. NICK DUDE! 3 words homey, E.F.I. go go ;P

    47. Jeffery Chavis

      U got to love Mr. Bill lol

    48. Kevin Tucker

      Yep! I’ve been impressed with y’alls builds for a couple years! Laying on your back in a dark garage!

    49. Matt G

      Someone is building a Procharged colorado to outrun you on the streets... in case you didnt know.

      1. Matt G

        @Matt Brooks ol Jon Doc is fairly confident.

    50. JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo

      Your Dad makes me miss mine each time I see him get frustrated. It was a different generation that many will never get to experience.

    51. Finding Funkos From Than to Now

      G Body arms are the same as the S-10 identically I know I put some on my old Sonoma 1991 with hydraulics and reinforced and extended the uppers and reinforced the lowers. But yeah you can get a nice kit with some nice springs and shocks and arms for a g Body and it will fit the same

    52. Finding Funkos From Than to Now

      You're really doing it big now! So cool to see you got a lift now your building project cars and working on them will be so much easier and plus you can make some money on the side working on people's cars .......great job!!!!!!

    53. Drag Car Builder

      When are y all coming to NC ??? If ya need anything while your here hit me up I have a complete fab shop and machine shop if I can help y all or whatever let me know corvairman69@GMAIL.COM

    54. CrLvaForever

      1:50 me with every dog..

    55. Kevin Koch

      how exactly does the stuff work that is poured in front of the tire prior to burnout. It doesnt seem like an adhesive or youd see the strands as the tire pulls away from the track surface. anyone care to explain?

    56. Eric Alcantara

      i love dirty 30 thats sucks it wouldnt start to uber it that would be awesome reaction video lol lol lol lol

    57. Raymond Almand

      One bad ass s-10

    58. Lee Newberry

      Paint the floor white, it will add a lot of light

    59. Joe Fulford

      The atlas lifts are a good choice my friend. My dad has two 12000 lb lifts in his shop and just ordered a third. You won’t be disappointed

    60. TN Royal

      Lol I wonder if he bumped into John doc

      1. Austin Krikke

        Probably won’t work opposed it

    61. Ole Deuce

      I love my atlas 10k twin post, great versatility, should be that same one. It goes down a little slow but its a life saver, trying to get the 8k drive on for storage next. Love to know what shocks your using and are they just full loose to hook on the street

    62. Joshua Moore

      HAHA Coolest dad ever!!

    63. Christian Andrews

      OSHA would be flipping on that bucket stand lol

    64. jr white

      when you gonna do power tour in that little beast love youre channel you guys seem so down to earth would love to hang out take that small block and wax ls nasty ass hell yeah brother

    65. Mark Tucker

      That lift is going to make your life so much easier!

    66. Chris Watson

      Give me a job billy 🤣🤷‍♀️ 24yr old male willing to work for food just have to get myself over from Aus

    67. fun fun

      I bought the same lift from them last year. Love it.

    68. Major Boost Creep

      I got the same lift game changer

    69. Çarl Tate

      Was happy to meet you at PRI! I was the Mopar guy that asked you about your girlfriend. Keep up the good work!

    70. HomeGrown Custom FAB

      I bought that same lift , about 1,800$ shipped to my shop in CA, nice work man like that you get to do everything with your dad too. Great luck to you boss and keep making these videos I’m the only 30yr old without Facebook an shit haha

    71. Gopherchucks Gaming

      Bad ass hit man. looks like it is hooking well.

    72. Fred Franklin

      Your gonna love having that lift .need to find a V-8 crossmember for the fire bird build and swap it out from the bottom

    73. TokenTombstone

      Morton for sheriff

    74. Jody

      GOT DAMN!!!!

    75. Russell Poyner

      You got a lift! Definitely jealous, as if I wasn't before 🤣. That's awesome.

    76. Tim satori

      By the awesome channel but I quick question I just recently got a two pole lift at a auction and it is almost like yours. does your instructions say how thick the cement needs to be to properly lag bolt it in

      1. Street Racing Channel

        4 Inches Thick

    77. 79tazman

      LMFAO!!! The ending was great your old man tossing the map in the trash LOL!! anyway that's awesome you got a lift no more laying on the ground or on a creeper anymore. Merry Christmas to you guys

    78. Bradford D

      "this is the most worthless thing...." Hahahahahahah

    79. fordtechlife

      Right on brother 👍🇺🇸🔧🚘🔴

    80. Logan B

      Is the s10 finally back

    81. Jamie Mullen

      I can't wait to see Molly's car.

    82. Duane Hallgren

      10 people have gotten gapped by a mfn street car!

    83. Bradley Rogers

      My dad has that same lift in his shop, had it for 10 years or better and still works flawlessly. It's a must have tool, you'll be spoiled from here on out lol.

    84. Kurt Sumthinorother

      Having a lift is sweet, can't be beat. Yeah definitely.

    85. Phx06Mag

      Did Doc comes get your autograph?

    86. Rudderify

      Great addition to the garage. Looking forward to installing one in my garage as well.

    87. Noah Martin

      The end had me dead

    88. Notpumpgas Anymore

      PS we don't have to worry about that snow stuff here in florida!

      1. CrLvaForever

        Reason we can't do wheelies like that on our shitty Florida streets😂

    89. Notpumpgas Anymore

      Billy tighten that damn front end up man and go forwards instead of upwards. Kudos man happy holidays love the videos. Also watch the cables on the atlas lift I've had a few fray pretty fast and break over the yrs.

    90. Kevin McArthur

      Awesome video!

    91. Brian Ross

      Did you get the Blue Dog locally, or imported from Australia? Cause it sure looks like an Aussie Blue Heeler.

      1. Brian Ross

        ​@OG MUMMYMAKER Heeler/Shepherd would be an exceptional guard dog for protection, You will notice a pure bred Heeler does not bark but can put out a very high pitched yip. This is because of the Australian wild dog the Dingo that was bred into the breed doesn't bark but howls and makes a squealing type sound. Here is a couple of links to the history of the breed.


        Yep I have a Blue Heeler/German Shepherd and it looks identical. One of the best dogs you can get. Except it likes to bite at your feet due too its herding instincts. Very protective.

    92. Tim Wilson

      Love the special appearance by Junee-pup. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    93. carlsracingmiami

      truck looking good man

    94. Geekhead

      That wheelie was sick

    95. TomB nyccabbie

      Nothing better than doing test hits in rural Ohio beside a Morton for Sheriff sign. Murica

    96. Joshua Shanahan

      That’s fucking awesome man. Love the channel and the content.

    97. winch racing

      Billy did you run into John doc out there ? Lol

    98. Gerald Cole

      Loves their dog, I knew they were good people not just good drag racers !!!

    99. dookie3748

      Im jelly

    100. BurrNinja

      Your dad is funny as shit.