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    1. Charlie Hubbard

      Used to live there I was the second house before going in and worked for the original owner. They had the last working set of old school dial time clocks now at Big Daddy Don Garlits Drag racing museum and you can probably find my finger prints on em. PEACE OUT 😎

    2. Victor Hex

      Excellent videos. Your friend in the Mustang is doing it right too. Do yourself a favor and take your tags off when you race so the cops are less likely to tag you.

    3. Ken Farris

      Thank you so much for all you do for us race fans

    4. Whiskey Throttle

      Good show!

    5. Rambo’s Old School Garage

      Gbody gang!!

    6. John Mathews

      Man that truck at yours goes like hell.Very nice work thanks for sharing

    7. Mustang Guru

      I have a 94 z28 sitting in he backyard. Planning a coyote swap with it It has an LT1/4. Aluminum heads. May want to sell it. If I dont do the swap It runs and drives. Fuel lines are Brittle and keep splitting under pressure. Plan to replace the lines with stainless lines.

    8. Wolf Racing

      You ever race at kd dragway

    9. Joe qhilliq s

      Show more of the blonde.

    10. Lee Sluder

      That editing game tho!!! No for real your vid shots and editing are getting better and better . Been and sub for a wile. Keep doing what your doing(kid)

    11. Gregory Maier

      Luck of the sport sometimes .were all behind ya.I enjoy your style of racing and a attitude that can't be beat

    12. Chris Watson

      When are the never lift hoodies back :(

    13. Karl Mawby

      Crazy Karl here in Mesa AZ running a 1990 v8 S10 low budget toy, your truck is my dream bro , you are Pro n got great team on your side.......

    14. Ethan Horner

      That’s sucks bro. If you need alternator starter battery whatever you need I might be able to hook you up I work at Pasco in Easton md

    15. Oscar Coleman

      Wow dude Damn you have a fast A** Truck I'm starting a budget 85 Chevy S10 twin turbo LS lq4 manual shift T400 and 3500 stall probably do a 8.8 rear end and caltracs

    16. renier de wet

      Thats racing for you.

    17. Rob Lalonde

      Chin up dude

    18. Mark Snow

      You and your dad are the koolest.

    19. Mark Snow

      I think you would have won.

    20. Daddy shovel

      Some day you will have a back up motor, shit happens.

    21. Thedude 24/7

      Last video i watched a girl is driving and he says you cant hurt this thing and the very next video is oops blown engine that fukin blows oh well thats part of the game i suppose

    22. #HammerTime# H2R

      Texas Speed!!!LSX

    23. Mason Thacker

      Thornhill is my hometown track

    24. Bigfoot Trucking

      Just take your time player you get back up we ain't going nowhere

    25. Trey Gillenwater

      Hopefully she's fixed by this Georgia race. Cant wait to see this beast running passes again. Best of luck brotha


      that sucks u blowed it but u be bigger and better bro.

    27. Timmy Dove

      Got a 5.3 ls cheap

    28. Josh Koch (Intimidator82)

      You have a sweet S10 setup there. Wish my C10 was as fast. That grand National totally guessed at that light and you were still pulling him when the engine let go.

    29. David Mcnerney

      I'm sure what y'all have done with the budget the next motor will be savage.

    30. ADAMJ327

      Part of the game we all love keep on keeping on and you will get her back out there. 🤘🏽

    31. Vanilla Gorilla

      Jesus....some of these tracks in the US are fucking horrible. One side looks ok. With proper barriers but then they just end before the 1/8 mile. The other side has grass for several feet then guard rail from a 1970s highway. There's a reason no proper tracks run this style guard rail. Its known to cut cars/drivers in half. Just idiotic to race on a "track" like this

    32. Zaida Garcia

      U have a fast truck

    33. Evan Hoffman

      Last time I checked you run low compression with boost

    34. Daniel Moody

      I'm building a engine that's not far off of what you have. Dart shp block 400cid. Scat forged crank. Wiseco boostline rods. Custom diamond pistons. Afr 220 heads and a pair of 78mm turbos. Blowthrou csu dual needle carb hoping for 1400+ horsepower going in an s10

    35. Jake Clauson

      When you have to turn your wheel 180° to go straight ha

    36. John Woods

      Hey buddy sorry about your motor. Hope u get up and running soon my 8yr old and I enjoy watching ur content plz do a video of the tear down. And keep ur head up i know its rough.

    37. PJsjustclownin

      Tear down video of the broken motor..??

    38. Ray Hunsaker

      Dude your content is great but your volume control in editing is HORRIBLE. I about blow my system up with your intro and half way threw the video we get your best impersonation of a mouse .

      1. Street Racing Channel

        I'll work on that.

    39. Turbo Chevelle

      Of you decide to make the jump to LS and EFI I will be glad to hook you up at dealer cost on whatever I can help you with and provide the dealer invoice to prove I'm shooting you straight. Keep up the good vids and passing out L's.

    40. pigrond

      whats that jam at the end

    41. pigrond

      dam sorry you busted her up but hey you know what? you'll be back even better.

    42. Bryan Sells

      Love the s10 she is a beast and has knocked alot of cars away

    43. Bryan Sells

      Billy skating down the track

    44. James Graham

      Hey Brother, Contact me on Facebook. Under Jim Graham (

    45. Rob McCabe

      Bomberman well hurry up and get that thing going again I like watching it good luck and all the best you'll find some parts people shirt let me know about stuff it'll be going quick but keep your chin up and keep the good videos coming thank you

    46. Jason Vaughn

      Hey Billy big fan here in Tennessee love what you guys are doing in Ohio I really need some advice boost and timeing combo...or if you got a good formula I sure would appreciate it if you could pass it on down to a brother keep doing what you doing man✌️

      1. Jason Vaughn

        @Street Racing Channel Thank you so much you save me so much legwork..lol mine is a gen 1 engine as well Your tha man dude keep on doing what you doing

      2. Street Racing Channel

        On my gen 1 small block I start by pulling .5 Degree of timing per pound of boost after about 3LBS then around 20 Pounds and higher I pull .75 - 1 degree per pound

    47. Whit Wyckoff

      I'm in Kansas and know so builders if you say what your needing

    48. laidkmp

      Hate that happened to ya. Good luck on the comeback!!

    49. Kent Shifflet

      Keep your head up Billy!!!!! Sometimes things happen to make you stronger in life.... Can't wait to see what you come out with next.... I'm sure you will be stronger and faster than ever!!!! Rock on Dude!!!!🤗😎

    50. EAST SIDE313

      Damn Billy!!! Tight ass edit at the end!!! Congrats to Eric making it on with skinnies! Sorry about the motor man, u had that race in the bag too...shit happens though, it was a warrior for sure and I'm sure it'll come back stronger than ever. Can't wait to see more dope ass content in the meantime!!! Keep killing it bro!!!🔥💪🔥

    51. TheCanadianBubba

      4:37 be interesting to see his timeslip and what he cut on that light... bet he barely got away from a red. Bummer to hear your engine is toast... hope something really good comes your way...

    52. Little Bastards racing

      Suck about the motor u will improve .all u can do is do better.keep trucking man love that dime.

    53. Maverick 205

      Hate that you and Eric had to pair off in the 1st round. I'm always hoping for a final between the two of you. Hope your back soon! Love your channel!

    54. Daniel Garner

      Why not LS ??

    55. Chris Bryant

      Sorry bout the truck but I know u gonna come back out stronger and better 💪💪💯

    56. Ken&Deb Mast

      Good luck man. Don't we all wish for more money... lol

    57. Fast 1993

      That's a bad Azz s10

    58. TheOperator150

      Appreciate all the great content brother - that said... Go ahead and step into 2001 and move to fuel injection. God knows how much you'd pick up after getting rid of that blow-through shit

    59. D Merc

      Hope to see the truck soon goodluck man!

    60. -G- LocK

      go bigger or jy 5.3 or 427 from vettte lets see u get creative

    61. attitude adjusted

      Turn some them hot chick's out and you'd have the money within a week.

    62. Matthew McKnight

      I raced at Thornhill back in the ‘80’s. They used big round boat racing startling line clocks. Didn’t know it still existed!

    63. D Shelton

      Hey man I have several items you may be interested in such as a dart little m block,brodix aluminum block,callies compstar rods,multiple crankshafts etc...its all fresh from our machine shop willing to deal let it go cheap all of it or whatever u want.. Get back to me if your interested!

    64. Teamgrizzly

      New upgrade list Little M block Callie’s magnum crank Oliver Rods J&E pistons T&D or Jessel shaft rockers👍🏻

      1. Jakey Built Fabrication

        Teamgrizzly That boy need a big M and a couple of s400’s 😎

    65. J Dub

      You should coyote swap that Chevy motor would be a beast combo and not only original but one of a kind

    66. TheRideVibe

      Nice driving bro

    67. Nitro Heal

      4:35 your opponent had very good timing goddamn.

    68. Jmalcom2004

      Small thing to a giant bro! Come back better like you always do💯

      1. Street Racing Channel

        You already know my man 💪🏻

    69. John Martinez

      It happens man. Best of luck, hope you get back in the street soon

    70. FrankiE Rutherford

      I’m in Edgewater boy man. I grew up at the track hope God brings you strong short block brother.

    71. 02cents

      Do you check racingjunk(dot)com?

    72. 02cents

      Any chance of switching to an ls?

    73. Robzilla Garage

      Where in Ohio? Looks like I'm moving Toledo

    74. RedHotGamer87 Soldier #69

      I have a 92 roadmaster with 350 and good trans and rearend, 1000 bo Sickzombieslayer69@gmail In minnesota

    75. Anthony Lehner

      He tree'd you to death as well..

      1. Street Racing Channel


    76. bingwrite

      no clue if its seat time or dna but damn you know how to DRIVE that truck lmao

    77. Curtis

      I Wish you the Best Man, I Love your Channel and like watchin your Videos .U wont be down long .

    78. Bill Bremer

      Where do i buy a t-shirt at

      1. Street Racing Channel


    79. Jay Walker

      That last VID of the racing was pretty damn good... save your cash ,build 'er strong 😆🤘

    80. Jay Walker

      Damnit gotta go BIGGER.!!!! LOL 🤘

    81. Brendan Finnerty

      Time to hop on the LS bandwagon with a 5.3 swap lol. The LS is a superior engine design though and much better suited for high power turbo applications with the beefy 6 bolt main skirted iron block. It's much less stressful blowing up a $200 junkyard 5.3 than it is blowing up an aftermarket block engine with thousands of dollars put into it.

    82. Jerry Branch


    83. Barry Ison

      Good luck and mad respect.

    84. 79tazman

      Man that thing just loves to eat it's such a bad ass truck

    85. Jason Erwin

      Congrats to Eric on the Skinnies sponsorship 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Always loved Boston George and that cokewhite hood 😂😂😂

    86. Kevin Tucker

      I had a feeling after that last video without the little S10 running.

    87. YoUnGeR

      I am looking at building something next year. I am in North East Ohio and will gladly battle next to you to represent Ohio! Hope to see you and the truck back up and dragging arses soon!

    88. Scott Crossley

      Build a LS!!!


      No Doubt Eric had issues LOL 3:10

    90. joel rushin

      Racing isn't cheap takes alot of money and time, reason stopped racing. Street / strip bout as far as I'll go anymore just have fun with.

    91. Daniel Brealey

      Damn... Maybe should have listened to your old man when he said you should take that extra degree or two out of it when you popped the headgasket. Spewing. What fuel you guys using at 11:1 comp and 22 or so psi? Just on E85???

    92. Tim Wickersham

      Damn man,,,that sucks,, hopefully get something a little better than what you had??🤘

    93. Jacob Crockett

      What song was that at the end

    94. Julio C

      Damnit bro... Shit happens doing them races!!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON

    95. Lshiftstraley

      Texas speed can't go wrong, reach out to them man!

    96. CarsNstuff

      Mmmm that lil button on the shift knob make more ponies lol

    97. Caden Finley

      Thats trucks been nice to you man be nice to keep it around but i think its time to build a whole new vehicle dont you think??????? !!!!!!!!!!!

    98. m jj

      class act

    99. Fred Rex

      Hell yeah bro keep your head up your killing it

    100. blockequals4

      Just wanted to throw this out there... maybe do a live feed hanging out with your Dad or some of those Ohio racers you were talking about. Work on something or just answer questions, but it would give us all an opportunity to donate, and help out a bit. I’m down to help out all I can man.