Secrets to FASTER reaction times for Drag Racing!

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    Today we talk about how to achieve better reaction times that will help you win races that you shouldn't.
    Thank you guys for all the support, we aren't asking you to join, but if you are interested this is a way of splitting up the content so that we don't bore a lot of the viewers who don't care about these tips.
    Love Y'all
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    1. Real Deal

      Love it bro. I'm from Sandusky Ohio originally And had a Big Block , 69 nova and a small block chevy Monza when I was about your age and I made a living traveling and racing in the 80s and 90s. I, m retired now and wanna get back in the saddle. I'll be glad to join your channel here soon . In the process of buying a car and motor as we speak so money is tight. Stay up Billy that Kid. You got one hell of a future in this sport is live so much. We live so much.


      I cant hang with you young bucks i could maybe keep up with the oldman but I saw ya at milan didn't get a chance to meet ya'll Maybe next till then GOD BLESS GOD SPEED MAY HE WATCH OVER YOU AND KEEP YOU AND THE. S. R. C CREW SAFE AMEN LOVE THE CHANNEL LOOK FORWARD TO IT DAILY THANKS. BILLY, TOMMY, MOLLIE AND THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE ♥️♥️🇺🇸 M. O. M. & D. A. D

    3. TJ Trantham

      Ill give u 1 .more chance how about some tech on your truck not so much about the motor more about the frame what u did there the cal traxk and suspension of it trans stall gears axle the whole 9 yard

    4. Izzy g

      Good video...give us more👍🏾👍🏾

    5. Andrew Parker

      Im interested because im trying to be an drag racer

    6. John Jones

      Making it off the line is important but if your not a good driver and can't keep it hooked up and straight down the track you can't win either.I notice your also great at recovering from losing traction and getting it to hook back up to get to the line too!

    7. Tom Hart

      Good job this stuff is important.Thank you

    8. mike lynch

      Thank you for the info ever thing you explained I do have done in the past. I'm just getting back into racing with a trans brake but with electric reverse shift. Thank's again and stay safe.

    9. John Mathews

      Thanks , great information thank you for sharing

    10. Simply Red

      I'm sixty six and loved the video, but I'm still into cars

    11. jlozano180

      Great video, do more of theses. Talk about the scramble button in more details, how you set one up

    12. LS Street Outlaws

      Portatree Eliminator Super 2000 Practice Tree 8200

    13. burn rubber

      Just became a member love yalls channel keep up the good work

    14. bucksnort bumblefuk

      Great info. Yes, I'd love to know more about pulling timing or creating a custom curve tailored for my engine.

    15. kevin auman

      Is that why your steering wheel is bent lol white knucklin that bad boy! 🤣😝

    16. George F

      What you said about not looking at bulb is a good thing, I look past the tree into the road no place basically. If you see the bulb out your perifrial vision I swear it’s faster

    17. Spicey12B

      Good thing people use decent cameras on the starting line.... A .00x reaction time on the street would have everyone thinkin its a jump off a flashlight lol

    18. Nathan Matts

      Billy your gonna be one of the best in country soon your passion is awesome bro

    19. Angel Figueroa

      Question for you

    20. Josh Koch (Intimidator82)

      Any tips for a foot brake guy? I'm not terrible, but I seem to redlight in later rounds? Excitement, maybe?!

    21. Çarl Tate

      Please keep the technical videos coming. A lot of us are learning off of that type of video. And what do you mean by joining or buying subscription? By the way you do have a pretty girl riding in a truck! Keep the videos coming we enjoy.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        On the channel home page you can join as a member to see more in depth videos like this one.

    22. Childsupport F150

      Keep up the good work. I enjoy your Videos.

    23. Dan Myers

      Great video. 11:3O - the competitor car is no joke. It’s a legit mid 7 second car. It’s a stick car which is a major disadvantage for RT’s. Especially against a car with a trans brake equipped automatic and a really good driver. This really proves the point being made.

    24. Brandon A

      Only thing you got wrong was the shooting breaths. Exhale while drawing a bow or setting in to aim a rifle and dont inhale until release or trigger squeeze stage is finished. Holding your breath with airin your lungs causes shaking and twitches.

    25. jeff skaarland

      Excellent info on the reaction times.

    26. Josh Stancil

      this is why im subscribed, keep it up brother!

    27. Toby Morin

      Thank you for sharing this video, can't wait to try it out on my buddies sons practice tree.

    28. jamie muncy

      Billy I couldn’t find it on my iPhone on how to to the subscription/join, but where do we go exactly? But if people that are serious can’t decide $4.99 a month then their not serious about racing is the way I see it. Email me let me know where to join, ty

    29. jamie muncy

      Oh noooo!!! Your giving away our secrets Jr lol Not to many people that race know how tri relax in the car that’s why their reactions are bad😱😱Now if people payed attention and actually try to relax some their gonna start leaving with ya. Love the content 👍🏻

    30. kevin schnepper

      Billy that works on a pro tree like you race on.But when you race a bracket tree the yellow bulbs come on one at a time so you have to focus on the last yellow bulb. Great video billy i like any video you put up you the man!!!

    31. Raymond Clark

      You need to get on “fastest car” on Netflix. Would be an awesome episode

    32. Big Oh !

      One Legit Dude....

    33. Shit Box

      I’d like to see you guys mess around with a bracket tree...

    34. La6Slow Castillo

      Barely found this channel today, and I think it's my favorite channel already, love the races and tips. Keep it up

    35. SuperCrayonBerry

      I'd be interested to hear more about the setup on the truck. Not necessarily tips but just going over what youve got done

    36. Karl Mawby

      Love your S10, love your style n I pray I get my 1990 S10 v8 to Wild Horse Drag Strip soon all send my time slips

    37. Dynamic Dopamine

      Why do I hit the like button before watching the video?

    38. Chuck York

      Good stuff Billy. I watch em all. Any info is helpful info.

    39. Boosted Dad

      You do a great job!!! I’m just getting back into racing love to learn!!!

    40. Tac town Turbo time

      good info dude!

    41. William Stamper

      Straight up before even watching i must say....get a practice tree. A full size tree is awesome. And it WILL improve your reaction times....or else you are dead.

      1. William Stamper

        Im very impressed with this young man and this particular vid. Everything he is saying is dead nuts on!

      2. William Stamper

        One 50 but ill go against anybody on the practice tree! Ive had a full size practice tree for 25 years now and its a huge thing. Hit it for 5 min a day. Have rounds with your friends on garage nite. Have fun with it. But i promise a practice tree WILL make you better!

      3. William Stamper

        Edit/Add....Billy can not be more right on this video. A practice tree is almost mandatory. Breathing excersizes are important too. After your burnout throw in neutral clear out engine, then breathe... Light the top bulb, take a breath and pull yourself together. When READY bump in full.. Then its go on first flash or first flash on last yellow bulb. Good vid man. Hopefully guys and gals will get what you are saying.

    42. BdaColt

      very informative video. Like it. But do you know how much Goods your dad does gettin you off the line when you want to leave. Ya your dad rocks

    43. Frank Hays

      Awesome video buddy good tips that’s how I use to do it when I use to race thanks for sharing buddy keep up the great videos 😎👍🏻👍🏻

    44. Chad Wright

      Great informative video. 👍

    45. sailor7312

      Jack likes these videos. Thanks!!

    46. Bradford D

      Great video, learned a lot

    47. Robert Bolten

      I see alot out there on Hoosier #18820 drag bracket radials or the M/T #3355R pro bracket radials, thoughts and info appreciated, thanks

    48. Robert Bolten

      I need to buy new slicks for my s10, which 28/10.5's do you like to use on a prepped and or non-prepped track? Radial slick vs conventional ???

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Robert Bolten radials for prepped tracks, very good as long as you stay hooked, but if you spin the wheel speed will take off and you won’t gather it back up. Normal 28/10.5 slicks for anything else. It’s also dependent on what suspension set up you have. Wether you’re car hits the tire hard or soft.

    49. twincammike83 16v

      In the short version Billy likes going fast.. Right on brother..

    50. Jeremy Eubanks

      Do you have any tips for a footbrake reaction time

    51. Jeremy Eubanks

      What was your light on that run

    52. Jeremy Eubanks

      Better hope nobody tries to burn you down at the track ...your going to pass out dude. .. Jk....great info great channel Thank you for your time

    53. John Grabowski

      Piece of gum to break tension. It works. Great video.

    54. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      New sticker for the truck, an axe because Billy The Kid Always Chops Down the Tree! You certainly have a reputation that precedes you when you show up at a track, and it's a very hard earned rep! Keep it up, thanks for the little peek behind the scenes!

    55. metaltometal

      Your Dad is a smart man, Great content!

    56. Darrell Arrowood

      I subscribed because I feel your growing up to be the best...keep it up, be safe

    57. Grizzlyman _

      Good job brother. Keep it up man, I enjoyed the video.

    58. Johnny B

      I'm 61 Years old! I just learned something from you, Thank you! And good luck on your future upcoming racing!

    59. n01z3

      genetics also play a role. molly going to tree you allot. but I watched many other racers pov and they know the s10 and the driver are insane on the tree. that was still on the nitrous setup. s10 is kinda known now. good job dude

    60. Aussie Oi Oi Oi

      This kid needs a big team to give him a shot. Love your vids man any content is good content, thanks heaps mate.

    61. Mike Finton

      How fast do you need to be in the 1/4 to be somewhat competitive? My son is interested in this. Great videos, keep up the hard work!

    62. Jody

      God tip! Focus is the key!

    63. Chopper1

      I would like to know how you set up your carb and the brand of it

    64. Dennis Lebhardt Jr

      Great tips Thanks.

    65. Keefe Spencer

      That was awesome to see you and your dad in the same video at the same race as Turbo John besides you guys he is one of my top favorites to watch and it was good on you for shouting him out to try and help him get some more subscribers to his channel....his channel is very informative alot of the time and the bonus if he doesn't get video of him racing he's getting his boy Randy racing or another one of his buddies....... it would be great to see you two pair up to put on a big race somewhere in the middle of you two on neutral ground maybe in VA @ Virginia Motorsports Park (hint hint) lol 😆 maybe either put on a race like he has at Galot or maybe a No Prep race or a race like John Doc put on last year the LS NASTY race at Galot or just maybe a little bit ove everything No Prep,N/T,Small Tire,Big Tire,Stick Class,RVW type cars a mixture of everything

    66. Getting Shit Done Racing GSDR

      Good tips brother, keep them coming!

    67. Ant Man

      Great video 👍🏻

    68. James Smith

      Bro. I’m down for any and every video about this. I will be joining

    69. Patina Pitstop

      Great video, keep it up

    70. Chalmich5

      I feel like the few that do dislike your videos, dislike them just to get aroused. It's not that they don't like your content, it's the only action they get is getting off on disliking these videos. If that's not the case, feel free to reply to my comment with your garbage excuses, Loosers.

    71. Savage Productions

      I still love that clip of you vs. John Rogers

    72. Bryan Roupe

      You need to go back and stomp that big mouth noboost dude. Guy has been talking shit all over FB.

    73. Jay Harris

      Garage tour

    74. natedog 859

      ol Edgewater man lol good pass against John rogers bub

    75. bret kopp

      That 240 moves out god damn was that ids???

    76. Brian Jacobs

      Why share these tips with others never give away your techniques on how you win races. But I understand on trying to do a good thing some things are not meant to share

    77. Blake Walker

      Man I really like your videos...your real..alot of youtubers put on a fake persona ....I feel you like your legit...keep on making these awesome videos

    78. Indian Racers

      Other possible topics on this subject : straight release versus side exit on the release button full tree bottom bulb day versus night full tree bottom bulb using Amber shooters glasses polarized glasses or sunglasses looking down track versus peripheral foot switch practicing versus hand switch practicing

    79. Joe Williams

      Good video Billy anyone who has no or very little use for these types of videos can skip over and watch racing or building but I think your fan base likes your content and appreciates the effort I know I do cause I hate actors and people who are always trying to sell something thru drama . Can't wait for this year's new content and builds from you and the family. Hopefully you and your dad can do a video soon of a recap of 19 and what 20 looks like with help from Molly and Tommy . Happy new year

    80. rileycalvin69

      Great video. Not everybody understands that the only way for people to learn, they have to listen. Hit the brakes on the talking for a bit. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work.

    81. mojo4406

      Good pointers I was there at Edgewater that’s my hometown track awesome job

    82. Jerry Arruda

      Great video

    83. BaddaddyBrad

      Great info!!!

    84. Doug Williams

      Great video Billy!

    85. Tim Wilson

      More.... Tech stuff, tuning.....


      Hell yeah I watch every 1 of ur guy's videos keep up the good work bro (O-H-I-O)

    87. Alfa Kenny Juan

      Should of had Tyler no boost as a special guest

    88. SNOOK AROO

      billy u and ur pops talk we listen

    89. Daniel Bates

      Ole Billy tha Kid ur the man bud and have a bright future in racing. The sport could use alot more people like u

    90. Jerry Knoell

      Hey you can always learn things everyday. If people don't wanna watch they don't need to. Thanks for the video. I may try a different way to help myself out.

    91. TheTuttleCrew

      I like to see a Dad teaching his kids and family and friends supporting each other! Like all good dads he wants better for his boys!!! Happy New Year!

    92. Nickel white S550

      What the link to that device?

    93. jason pillars

      Your doing a great job I've done drag racing for a while but I'm gonna try your technique next time cause at least you know what your doing compared to a lot people plus your a very humble person

    94. J Mch

      Dam bro you do cut the light you wher gone.

    95. J Mch

      11:27 is that the car was on 1320 ( i wounder?) comment if u no.

      1. Dan Johnston

        The Nissan, yes. I believe it was.

    96. PlummersGarage

      I'd like to learn about the ignition system on your s10.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        We can do that.

    97. Dustin Chesshir

      I been watching lots of your videos been here for awhile they are the shit I have noticed u tree the outher guy almost ever time

    98. Bob Ross

      We appreciate any video you guys have for thanks for all the streams 👍

    99. Pablosway

      Nice vídeo keep the nice work. Everything help my m8 ... Greetings from chile

    100. Lennart Olsson

      What kind of headers do you have? Home made or what brand. Im planing to build a twin turbo set up on a 350tpi engine but with a every day drive set up.