Preparing for BATTLE (Twin Turbo S-10 Testing)

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    In todays video we prepare for the biggest street race of the year.

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    1. Dlc

      You guys have your valve covers off ALOTT how do you keep them from leaking??

    2. Greg Phillips

      Those aren’t Hoosier colors, that’s “Gator” colors. Lol

    3. john arnette

      Billy rig you up a little electric motor on that transmission lift. lol lol

    4. Refugio Lopez

      Cool vid bro!!!

    5. Brady MacDonald

      anyone know what the axle setup is on the dumptruck at 10:10?

    6. Phil

      A lot of time I just set the trans on the jack then just lower the car onto it, put 2 bellhousing bolts in all crouched down then lift the car back up.

    7. William Payne

      Get you a good head lamp. Works wonders. I work outside at night on airliners and that’s all we have.

    8. Allen Westcomb

      Carful with that Banshee …………….. You may end up with a wild alky one lol it snow balled pretty fast when I had one and the race car took a brake for a year!

    9. jbuckshot01

      How's Molly's mustang coming along? You guys have a great race team all three. Vechiles

    10. Chris Schultz

      Invest in some pants that fit and Quit being so lazy your starting to look pathetic.

    11. sixfiver

      How much air pressure in your Mickey Thompson’s ?

    12. David Mcnerney

      Invest in some chinese led strips n run em in the frame rails, on the firewall etc.

    13. Donald Miller

      you might no my dad he races in drag or die

    14. Robert Johnson

      Old man walking around with the transmission like it's a 5 lb bag of sugar LOL. Oh man rules

    15. 835YT

    16. Mikel Ellsaesser

      Differently orange is better.

    17. Randy Beuttell

      Banshee needs a black or black and orange gripper seat now.

    18. JR2016

      On the banshee...just a tip, after you wash it...spray all the metal with wd40 and use a leaf blower or not to dry it off. I do mine at those do it yourself places on my way home then stop again once it dries to spray the metal with wd40 and it will keep it looking new forever. Also DO NOT GET IT ON YOUR PLASTICS it will dull them out. I spray the inner fenders but you can't tell a difference except that it helps keep the mud and dirt off better as it's dry and super slick. Also the wd40 dries so it's not oily, it ends up feeling like your waxed it. All my quads and dirtbikes are over 10 yrs old and people think I don't ride them cause they look and clean and new. Also, never used any type of chain lube or wax...they will crud your chain up and hold the dirt on them. Get a DiD racing gold chain, non oring, less rolling resistance and just lube with wd40...lasts forever and stays nice and clean. Good luck with the banshee. 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

    19. Hot Rod Josh's Garage

      Hey man if you need some good heads get brodex heads there the best

    20. Ryan Grogan

      Those white spots are typically stress spots from being rolled just sayin

    21. Bigtruckin 18

      You need a black seat cover or orange and black

    22. Timothy Goodsell

      Sell that banshee n shitwagon n buy a dually!!

    23. Thomas Adams

      Seen the truck on the TV show on Discovery Channel

    24. Pastor MUD

      Be happy bro. You dont want to know how many trans I've dropped on car stands with a floor jack lol.and you got your ol man- mines gone.

    25. Robert Sanders

      So does the hy gard tighten up the converter some or make it shift better or what? I've heard of running type F in gm transmissions in hot rods/ race cars.

    26. Taylor

      Ugh.... shoulda left the stickers off.

    27. Dayz Ziggy

      Been a fan for years. I love watching the videos man, Keep it up. Stay safe. When i found out Jeremy and them knew you i was like wtf. I knew he lived close to us but didn't know that close ha

    28. Derrick Eden

      Gotta get a 4mill crank in that banshee and port the cylinders. Get it up around 70hp

    29. Colin Davis

      Man I’m really digging the way your videos now.

    30. bret kopp

      I love banshees

    31. Scott Nelson

      dude please get you some nerf bars for that quad.

    32. Starion Slider

      Dad didn’t even need the jack. Probably could just place it up there and say there ya go kiddo.

    33. Peyton Keith

      One way I always check to make sure my converters are in the trans is when the converter is in the trans as far as it will go put a straight edge acess the bell where it sits again the motor and measure to the pad of the converter and it is exactly 1 inch. Just something I figured I would share because I fight the same problem lol

    34. David w. That MSD Guy

      Stay motivated and keep up the awesome content! Man every time I see your S10 it still amazes me how fast that truck is!

    35. Bebetek Racing

      U sure that trans jack don’t need FLUID🤣🤣?100 pumps and only 1 inch🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    36. eduardo rangel

      I like to see Dad/Son Combos . . My Sons and I are working on 77/Cj-5 and 77/Chevy Luv . . Sanding down etc etc etc they are 12/13 . .

    37. Daniel Moody

      I use castrol blue for transmission fluid in my powerglide

    38. Cody Truluck

      Ain't nothing like the smell of Klotz in a 2 stroke!!

    39. tony brinson

      Buy a foot pump style trans Jack ,, they go up faster .

    40. Paul G

      Milwaukee tripod light are great u can put a cord to it or put a battery in it and have it portable wherever u need it and supper bright

    41. adrenaholic1

      32 to 1 is actually leaner than 40 to 1 when you have more oil you're replacing fuel

    42. ponypwr

      Pops is STOUT! Lifted that 150lb trans head high no problem! Yeah.... id be walking the line if I we're you lil tiny boys....

    43. Randy Gibbs

      Coast 430 lumen headlight at lowes you will need nothing else its all i use for light

    44. nick grrr

      Mint 👌

    45. Tommy Powers

      I wouldn't paint ur truck billy. Everyone knows u with that truck with how it looks. It's known for the way it looks also. With the way it looks with the paint like that it looks like a sleeper until u hit the gas.

    46. Brett Caldwell

      Orange is my favorite color as well.

    47. Dalton Knutsen

      S10 vs ruby


      With that bad as transmission you are back on track to take over again 🔥🔥👍👍 love from sweden 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    49. hella broke

      You need to keep the paint the same❤️ my damn ole street truck on forza horizon 4 is a copy of your truck I made and it’s undefeated💪🏻😂

    50. D. Ricechex

      Love the old man

    51. Karl Mawby

      Hi Billy the Kid, love watching you, Tommy , Dad, Molly Vicki too , .....karl with V8 S10 out of Mesa az Go kick ass take it All!!!

    52. Brandon Chauvin

      3:00 why is your left arm so much bigger than your right......I been working out .lol

    53. Michael Smull

      Should have left her blue

    54. Jeff Jankiewicz

      Wish I had a lift, just replaced a 700R4 in a 91 Silverado with over 300,000 on the clock by myself on my back at 63. I can`t do that was heavy...used ratchet straps on the frame rails to lift it enough to get my jack under it. Fought me every step of the way. and Bill just slung it up on the trans jack. Mad respect for your family.

    55. scott Baker

      Old man takes charge and school the boys..😂😂

    56. No Joke Racing

      I roll with Yamaha and orange is my favorite color too not many ppl like orange

    57. Steve Stauff

      Awesome hit

    58. I am confederate !

      get some astro rechargeable magnet lites , you will be happy

    59. Wayne Praetz

      What’s happening with tommy truck ?

    60. Jason Baker

      stator swap on the converter like you guys talked about?

    61. Adam McDowell

      Boy, I'm boycotting this channel if I see you riding down the street without a helmet again! A good friend of mine got killed that way & you're too cool a kid for something dumb to take you out!lol

    62. wisenthefools

      I dig the banshee stuff bud! Best sounding 2 stroke EVER...

    63. Sloan The mechanic L

      Damn pops carrying the transmission like it ain’t nothing 💪🏽

    64. #HammerTime# H2R

      Expensive f-up Lol.I bet you'll Makesure you have oil in the trans at all times now.Kidding...TRUMP2020🇺🇸

    65. gabriel guzman

      Damn I need a lift so bad in my garage. I've pulled at least 10 transmissions on the ground and it fucking sucks.

    66. DOMINATOR _606

      Love the videos man keep up the great work. And I really love the truck I had a '91 S-10 and it was my baby. How much power is your truck putting out?

    67. Shane Wright


    68. Mom Hoskinson

      Hold up just a minute.... was that a transmission sliding around on cardboard in the back of my Suburban?? 🤨 I got my eye on you, Kid.

      1. staylifted187

        Hello mrs Vicky i just want to say your family rocks love you guys

      2. Starion Slider

        Its 2020. Shop lights are out, headlamps are in. Try one. I grew up holding my dads flashlight as he yelled at me to shine it on the right spot he was working on under his s10 with a sbc. I just use led headlamps now and its always looking where you are looking.

      3. Karl Mawby

        Hi Vicky, ain't it funny How they use up mom n pops Rides, you guys are Awesome love n Respect to whole Family..........

      4. Karl Mawby

        Hi Vicky, ain't it funny How they use up mom n pops Rides, you guys are Awesome love n Respect to whole Family..........

    69. Chad Warner

      PS she looks rowdy and the Banshee needs a black seat.

    70. Bryce Glover

      Now it needs a custom thrill seekers Seat

    71. Chicago Vasko

      Billy drill some holes in the rear bumper. I'd go faster.

    72. steven craft

      They have an attachment at harbor freight that makes your tyranny jack air over hydronic and all you have to do is push a button and it pumps its self three times as fast good investment

    73. D.C R

      Hey Billy just a little info if you take a heat gun and run it over the plastics it will bring the color back out of them..I Kno you just got new ones but it's a cool trick

    74. Scott Fowler

      Klotz.... Best 2 stroke oil ever

    75. Tennessee Honey

      i can barley afford my turbo 5.3 build dont make me start racing dirt bikes again lmaooo great video tho

    76. sabrom

      Not seeing Molly to much these days on your channel,what gives Jr?..

      1. Mom Hoskinson

        Go back one video 🤷🏼‍♀️

    77. Lorenzo Gonzalez

      “I can tell you is this time his dad checking the fluid “ haha my dad always tell me this 😂😂😂

    78. Boss Hog

      I'm no farmer, but that corn looks overdue to be harvested.

    79. Chandler Frazier

      Rocky Mountain Atv & Mx is a really good place to buy really specific parts online

    80. Damon Zilliox

      Try putting some oil in that jack bone head. Kinda like the transmission. Car needs gas and oil to run. Right Bill?

    81. send it

      does she say you need 6 more inches lmao instead of shop lights get out of bed in daylight hours

    82. Daryl Jones

      What's up with that s10 extreme in the back? Haha secret project maybe?

    83. Rich Gurley

      Get you a headlight billy you will never use a drop light again

    84. TheCanadianBubba

      Launched !

    85. ace14529

      Is that a train horn?

    86. Codizz88

      Caster 927 40:1 for the banshee. Boost bottle and shock covers need to go in the trash also.

    87. 88_turbo_fox

      At least u got a car lift

    88. 20b3rotordream

      Beats the hell out of laying on your back benching the trans and starting a bolt with one hand. Lol

    89. Ian S

      MINTY!!! Peg approved.

    90. 15TruckLT

      Hey Billy. Check out Amsoil 2 stroke oil man. Stuff is amazing. Get you some 91-93 octane at least. Make sure it don’t have any corn juice in it. That’s what I run in my two stroke outboard motor and it loves it. Runs great.

    91. richard brady

      Can't wait to see the next uploads racing.

    92. Ole Deuce

      What tire you run on the back, im thinking of going back to slicks, my radials are to finicky on my street car, need to make it more consistent since i wrecked my other car

    93. Greg Conner

      Check the fluid level in the trans jack .

    94. danny thibodaux

      2:00..... Why on earth are You Youngsters letting the "Brains of the Operation" carry that transmission by himself? NOT COOL!.... 2:30 to 3:00, Never mind I figured it out. When the old guy's hurt and can't work anymore there will be some serious Whining going on then!

    95. Cam Mullis

      I've ran that jd hygard fluid in my transmission before and I had the same issue so I done trans fluid and hygard to a 50/50 mix and had better results

    96. dale rogrrs

      Old pops still perty strong, just pick up transmission, like nothing, lol, better mind him, boys, lol

    97. Justin Black

      The orange plastics are sick u don't usually see an orange banshee

    98. boostedKTM

      A heat gun will remove the white out of the plastic on that four wheeler

    99. Travis C

      Dad used to get under hus Road Runner unbolt the BB 727 torque flight lower it on his chest shimmy out from under the car rebuild the transmission. Then he would reverse the process and bolt it back in. Wish I could have picked up his mechanic knowledge. Miss you Dad.

    100. jstocker96

      Ebay led headlights They work awesome for your head not your truck lol