Halloween Havoc - NOLA Street Racing (2020)

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    Street racing in New Orleans on Halloween makes for some incredible action. Some of the wildest nights we've ever had on the streets. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    1. Jill Lucas

      The horrible pocket anatomically mate because weasel uncommonly store on a cynical juice. living, lovely geography

    2. Chris Rockwell

      Whats the intro song?

    3. ElectronicMechanic

      Sounds like sabatoge in hotel parking lot while u sleeping

    4. Jason Kelly

      We haven't seen Molly for awhile. Where did she go?

    5. Hjs Racing

      its different down south💪

    6. Total. Package_

      Great content and cool to see Kyle and Fred out there. That flagger break dancing? Lol

    7. Veritas Outdoors

      Hell yeah bro!! SE ohio here!!


      That's fuckin Kyle 1320 damn son your famous now!!!! Nice work SRC!!!

    9. ToXic TaTor

      watch alot of 1320 but im always looking for new content and this is some sweet Broll...Out here in the boonies of the 405 you hear tests hits and races all the time ..cool to see what its like for guys that take that risk on the street amazing

    10. living the Country lyfe

      I’m mad too that I went home early that night 😩

    11. Joshua Jfly

      What kind of camera is this? The quality is beautiful

    12. Rigoberto Reyes

      Tom came in clutch that’s what you call real friends 🤞🏾

    13. Billy Conforto

      I was waiting on some videos lol. I work at the NASA facility they’re in front of. I like to enjoy the races too lol

    14. Tay Speaks

      Seeing the truck vs kc maxx puts things into perspective for how fast it really is, love the content keep at it bro!

    15. East Tenn Kats

      Seems you always get the unlucky draw and have to go against the fastest car there. I thought for sure you had Kc beat .

    16. Dan Myers

      Man you gave that KC Maxx pro mod car a good race!

    17. Dan Myers

      That’s hilarious! Getting parts from another racer that he hasn’t used for 20 years.

    18. Dean Walker

      great videos guys! Keep them coming, really appreciate the hard work you guys put into everything.


      Great freakn video! Best video I seen all dam week! No BS just racing!

    20. Brian Jacobsen

      Drive till your feet get wet.

    21. LARACE77

      Mano os caras não brincam... Só tem monstrao de Rua...

    22. Naked Zebra

      Gah Damn That boy runs straight

    23. Donovan Estep

      For some reason you have been out of my feed

    24. Brandon soto

      I’m excited to see you on a 1320 video!

    25. Phillip Bell

      If you trailer your car, its not street racing. Those are just strip cars on the street. Drive up in what you're racing in or call it what it is. Just sayin.

    26. EAST SIDE313

      Hell yeah Billy, if there's a car to lose to that's the one, and go figure what, two, three rounds later he wins...🤔 regardless this was one BAD ASS video!!! Really like ur thoughts in the voice overs, keep it up man, all of y'all at src. Like I always say SRC#1💪🔥🔥🔥👍🤟💪

    27. PumpGasPapi

      Hands down best video yet. Can’t believe you got the jump on one of the baddest cars in the country lol looked like you had him too!!!

    28. jg


    29. Linda Haislep

      10 November 1776 birthdate of the United States Marines Happy Birthday to my fellow Leather necks USMC retired 24 years fighting partying and rocking those uniforms Ray S this is my bride of 34 years channel Semper Fi

    30. Rob Hormell

      That was badass!!!!

    31. Tanner Holt

      Absolutely just the best shit ever

    32. Kaiden King

      I like how this video was shot 👍 funny moments and the trip to the race was cool to see

    33. Daniel Duncan

      awesome fr treating that man good

    34. Clint Flowers

      Good job dad! You’re a badass!

    35. Clint Flowers

      You have the coolest dad on the planet

    36. M Pip

      Billy you’ve always made great videos with great content. It’s kept me interested all the time. This video has reached a new level for me. The music, voice over and content are amazing. Well done to you and your whole family. God bless.

    37. YouTube Connolly family

      I’m subscribing because it looks like you just gave that car wash a guy $100 tip. That’s freaking awesome.Great video to the quality was awesome. I honestly thought Billy won that race as well

    38. NeverOwned

      30:15 Thats what Im talking about!

    39. Darius Boykin

      I love this channel and show everyone I know his channel these vids are movies/tv shows shiii😂📷🐐🦅

    40. Flick life 1

      Love the video love the ride alone ones too

    41. Claude Garcia

      Mad Propzz ..,REAL RACING VIDEO ON THE STREET...,traffic coming the opposite way.., cops..,fast cars..,LOVED IT!!👏👏👏👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    42. StreetSmart 660'

      Billy needs a pecker extender that last one with Ryan looked close.

    43. Brady Mcconnell

      U guys had it all along cause god is on you're side plus Billy's truck was moving!!!!!! Go Billy Go!! Love u guys

    44. Brad Stewart

      Old man strength! Dad made it happen! That black bird's a beast!

    45. Jump Street24

      Was the syclone a grudge race? it popped up in video out of nowhere. Yall did record a good amount which I liked.

    46. Felipe Trevino

      Ok billy you were making fun of your brother cause he hates getting driven around by red firebirds. You lost to a black firebird but that looked like a close race😂😂

    47. LS Street Outlaws

      The water is probably from the wack job spraying water directly into the bull horn

    48. craig mac

      Those Bogarts look amazing on the truck

    49. Anthony Phung

      He's the real slim shady😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 Billy that be a good shirt.

    50. Dbn Poldermans

      What a beautiful movie. The camera guy knows how to take epic shots!

    51. jake mallory

      got issues cause nola got vodoo from 100s of years.

    52. Mike M.

      How is there 21 dislikes shits ridiculous! Great job bro you put out some of the best racing material on IRvision! Fuck the haters!

    53. Glockspecific

      Love that Silverado!

    54. Mark Sullivan

      God dag watching your dad makes miss mine and his knowledge... R.I.P dad!

    55. xbrootal

      Man.. if it wasn't KC, that was in the bag. Seems like ole man sprinkled that ethanol just right. Quickest that truck has been imo.

    56. Kye Smith

      I’m in st.bernard I’m only 20 min away

    57. Kye Smith

      Ah shit u took a ride down to da big easy

    58. swatson0061

      Videos like this show that racism only exist in the hearts of people who let it in..

      1. Arthur Hernandez

        No racism brother any bit is done for brother 😌 😊 👍 😎 👏 😊 😎 🐻🐩🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🐶awesomeAwesome🤩🥳🥳🤯🤩🥳🤯🤯🥳🤩🤯🤯🥳🤩🤯🥳🤩🤯🤩🥳🤠😹👾💩🤗🤗🤗🤨🥳🤪🤨😋😜😜☺️☺️😊😊☺️😆😁😄😃😃😀😃😄😁😆☺️👦💪🔥🚒🚒🔥🚒🔥👦🚒🔥:);.,’”✔️ ✅ ☑️

    59. Roger Harper

      Great video that truck is bad ass is Molly still building a car?

    60. Kevin Johnson

      Bad ass action and that truck is dam stout for a chevrolet

    61. Robert MacNeil

      Old man can do anything. Love it

    62. real outlaw racing

      I was pretty excited to see them here, but was pretty disappointed to get shrugged off trying to make a quick conversation with them after they were done testing, I even had a brand new distributor I woulda gladly given them if ida knew what happened to the truck

      1. real outlaw racing

        @K W I understand bro, I know things get hectic out there racing, and it is a handful getting these car dialed in just right

      2. K W

        Please don’t take it personal. I don’t mean to be, but I’m the same way in the street. I’m always trying to get loaded back up in case things turn blue. Then once I’m on the trailer, I’m trying to watch around me, download data, try to figure out a tune up, get refueled, etc. and if I get distracted for even a split sec, I forget stuff, which usually results in a bad pass. I swear it’s not intentional.

    63. Bj Rodriguez

      That was some bad ass racing kid. Keep it up.

    64. Curtis Harris

      Wht songs did u use for the video

    65. Bas Tee

      Love the video, hate the ads.


      Holy shit boys I live in picayune ms I could have set y’all up with a place to stay for free.

    67. kmc 468

      Great racers dam they look all fast !

    68. Jason W

      Whats wrong Billy No more Molly?

    69. Rusty Wells

      You got beat my the least margin against KC Maxx out of all the cars he beat in the street race. Now you know what you need to upgrade to make your truck run with the firebird Billy! And the firebird is the fastest small tire on the streets right now has been for the last year!

    70. Rusty Wells

      One word Billy enclosed trailer this was a self inflicted problem.

    71. Glockspecific

      Overall if you're not being completely obsessed and put every bit of your time into it, attention to detail and being thorough would be the only way to not have issues.

    72. Jody Graham

      around the 30:20 mark did the s10 cross?

    73. Mo Carpenter

      Ryan is fast AF!! You never said but how close was it @ the line ? Because from the video it looked close AF. !! It looked like you was out ahead @ the 330ft. Couldn't have been more than 3/4 car.

    74. minitrucker04

      Awesome video!

    75. Maine TurboDiesel

      If you could have just squeaked out that last win I think you could have done it because it came down to the best driver and. . . let's face it you could drive the devil's finger straight outta his asshole and in the opponents face on a line that Ozzy made while railing on the the crazy train ! Man can you put that truck down any road ! ! ! ! ! It don't matter the prep or condition !

    76. Jared Hartman

      I think Billy has got patches all day long

    77. Mike Napper

      great job on the video as always im an Ohio boy as well

    78. Jordan Langdon

      This channel is easily one of my favorites on IRvision. The content and quality deserves WAY more subscribers. Keep up the good work and you guys will be have hundreds of thousands working on a million! Hope you guys come out to NC sometime. Would love to see you guys run some!

    79. Matthew Kingsmore

      Bro, you make some killer content! The way you film, the fact that your videos are over 20 minutes most of the time shows how much time you put into editing! Keep it coming man! Ive been waiting for this video since seeing the Old Man talk about yalls trip to the big easy!

    80. Preston Frady

      That was so awesome of Billy to tip that man for his work..( To pops ---IT Shows what kind of kids you have raised..)

    81. moosestang# LS

      Great channel Billy u guys are street racer's

    82. twincammike83 16v

      Kitt did good..

    83. Jo Jo

      Gulf of Mehico whoooooo

    84. Randy Meejia

      S10 MODE ON NIGHT VS S10 BLACK ... ??? S10 VS CAMARO SILVER ??👽👽👽🎃🎃🎃

    85. Blue The S10

      Patches vs juju 👍

    86. Robert G

      Awesome video Billy, thank you! Couldn't you use a water trap on the fuel supply line? Or would it mess with the flow too much?

    87. Christopher Corbin

      Thanks tommy, billy, Mr. bill. Yall were awesome. Thanks for taking the picture with my brother. Tommy thanks for talking with me about your truck, Mr. bill, thanks for helping with traffic and speaking with me.

    88. RAY ABBOTT

      Dude get a big pair of channel locks to hold that gear and drill it out!! That is so sketchy it makes me nervous. Wow that was a fast fucking pass on the street!!!! Wow that's fucking cool

    89. RAY ABBOTT

      The best part of this channel and it's content is, the fact of a father and son build and seeing the ups and downs of street racing and seeing it from a family aspect. This is the type of videos that makes you feel good about life and what real fun is and how to have fun in life!! You don't hear Billy or his father bitchin about the voting ballots?

    90. Teamster25

      That was a hell of a run against Kc Maxx. He's known for being very fast and you couldn't have lost by much by the look of it. Awesome job.

    91. Eddie White

      good lord that big block sounds SO GOOD

    92. brian mchattie

      I thought this was a street race......spraying the starting line?

    93. Brandon Chauvin

      Damn I'm about 30-45 min away from nola. What have been cool to see it in person.

    94. Sgt Mark Caruso

      You need to paint that truck back to the original colors.

    95. Gavin Schumacher

      I wanna see some finish line footage on the race against Kc maxx had to of been close

      1. Dave's Racing Channel


    96. Joshua Lantz

      Hope yall had fun dow. Here

    97. Houston Kilby

      Ole Dads come in handy every time 😂

    98. Tanner Cox

      The fact you gave Ryan that good of a race shows you really ain’t no joke. That’s Beater bomb level

    99. kmc 468

      Now that's a nice guy to help you guys out shop parts gas good guy in my book. that truck looks amazing clean!! That's funny as hell the cops are after us Tommy wait! for real though!

    100. Tanner Cox

      That camaro got so screwed in the first round with those slick spits😂 Ik that’s streets racing but it’d be frustrating.

      1. Chris Rockwell

        Yeah that should've been taken care of better