Super Secret Offseason Upgrades! (Boston George, TT S-10, Mitch's 240)

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    In a week or two we should have the Shortblock for the S-10, we can't wait to start putting it back together! For now we have some behind the scenes stuff at a couple local buddies shop's, and a look at the new Third Gen Camaro added to the collection!

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    1. Roger Carlin

      Pls let me know when you are ready to sell the Camaro I have been looking for that same exact car same color same year for years now not trying to give a sob story but my father had the same exact car sent 84 and sold it in 2002 then passed away 2 years later I remember as a kid driving around with him going to the races on the weekend just to sit there and watch. so to make a long story short I came across the guy that purchased my dad's Camaro and tried my best to purchase it back from him but he would not let it go since then he totaled the car. I would love to purchase the car from you guys when you are ready to sell it please let me know

      1. teknoäijä

        what would be the increased maintenance part?i can think of messy oiling issues...maybe some rpm fill the diletant in!

      2. Street Beast

        @Street Racing Channel bro enjoy them videos. Keep doing what you're doing.. Gotta ask what brand of headers set up are you running???

      3. Seth N.

        @Baker’s Lawn Care if you posted a link in that comment, we cant see it so make sure to put a space and both sides of the " . " in... ".com" or ".org" otherwse it probly wont show up

      4. Baker’s Lawn Care

        This is a 82 I found on Craigslist

      5. SRC Garage

        Roger where are you from?

    2. ElectronicMechanic

      I love the father son skits at the end they are priceless. I wish my dad was still alive I miss those times.

    3. send it

      if that was my neighborhood you would not have that bike anymore if you did that shit at night if you want to do what you want do not live in subdivision mitch

    4. The Real Steve White

      Car is all original and MINT WOW. GETTING RARE

    5. The Real Steve White


    6. cleet6

      My good buddy built that turbo on Boston George, and is planning on building the twins for it this fall/winter. Pretty cool to see in one of the SRC vids.

    7. Mark Reidsma

      Are you guys aliens your dad diapered at the 8 min mark. Love your videos. Watched your first video and you,ve improved alot. Keep it up

    8. Daniel Ward

      This deal, sounds like 187 customs lol you guys kick fuckin ass bro's.

    9. Mike

      You guys are snatching up all the cool cars from the 80s, super nice find on the Z-28. Had a 86Z28, absolutely loved the car. My holy Grail car is the 1992 anniversary Z-28 with the LT1 Corvette motor. Has to be red. Lol hard to find car.

    10. James Moreira

      What is your business da,d u brother girl friend

    11. James Moreira

      How did u met your girl friend

    12. Rodney Harris

      I love it when I find stupid people like that. There's nothing wrong with the car other than a dent and a scratch. But these retards put it away in the garage cuz it's not pretty enough.

    13. Larry Temen

      How do you keep motivated? I’ve been on mine now for just over a year and I’m loosing interest

    14. Jay Hayes

      Thanks for the updates Billy......more Molly please.

    15. Scott Keeton

      A good name for the z28 is strips

    16. Aero

      what are you running for fuel in that s10

    17. Murphy

      Love the behind the scenes of the friends and thier cars. Best racing channel on utube.

    18. ShortyCordy

      Im from Flushing,Ohio. Just down the road from St.Clairsville. That was awesome!!👍🏻👍🏻

    19. Preston Broome

      wait did that 240 have a carb on it before because i seen what looks to be that exact car for sale on marketplace for the longest time?

    20. send it

      why was he not doing his work instead of car shopping LOL i was the same

    21. Kiwi Boosted Garage

      Clean car

    22. Eric Dunaway

      Hey bro just found the channel recently, and I am really enjoying the content. I have a 1984 S10 that I bracket race with. If you don't mind me asking what kind of GoPros or camers do u suggest for mounting on or in the truck for footage?

    23. danny Newman

      He'd going to be like James off of cletus channel with the 240


      Nice Barn find 👍👍

    25. John Maxwell

      All dads are the same

    26. Frank Hays

      Awesome video buddy thanks for sharing bud keep up the great videos 😎👍🏻👍🏻🏁

    27. Wahn Burnskill

      Check the ground on the wiper motor. Most times they corode.

    28. Terry Lester

      What kind of block are you looking for... I have a 400 block I'll donate to a good cause for you's my email just hit me up if you want it and we'll exchange contact info...

    29. Leo Ruiz

      2 blunts and ah billy to end my night 💯✊🏽

    30. Really BadAim

      I have a buddy who is wealthy and we went to sell some things like block and transmission and one of the guys said I'm Rich. His reply was me to 😂.

    31. Jay Lavely

      What is the song the beginning of every video

    32. Lucky Beardo

      Love me some Reesie’s PEeciesss

    33. #HammerTime# H2R

      What did u guy get it for?It's the question everyone wants to know.ohh and where's Molly?

    34. Kent Shifflet

      Can't wait to see the new setup work. Look forward to each and every video you put out. Just gets better and better!!!! 👍

    35. TheCanadianBubba


    36. burn rubber

      U must got sum of those royal t headlights

    37. Michael Wynne

      Billy why haven't you switched to EFI, IS IT THE cost or just what you're use to tuning, not against the Carb just curious.

      1. Patrick Huszarik

        Michael Wynne I’m planning on making the switch. And initial cost is a little high. Especially since they’re planning on going methanol. It’s probably gonna be very expensive

    38. dickey moore

      How much you pay for the Camaro z28?

    39. Alex Velez

      My first car was an 84 Camaro. It's been all over since I built it. You probably have even seen it around at tracks or on street in ohio

    40. Daniel Manby

      I really enjoy watching all ur videos and the hard work u and ur dad put in....ur not to far from where I live i just live 20 min south of Columbus in circleville home of the pumpkin show lol who knows about that....keep up the great work man

    41. Matt 107

      Get some farmers pants like your dad. That would be awesome.. Great work

    42. Axe Bryan

      Cool video. You guys coming with a stable of cars. Great channel

    43. Karl Mawby

      Bro you one lucky young man , having your dad to pave the way. Love your S10 as I too have a v8 S10.....

    44. Thekelsoman H

      What’s your dad’s plan for the nova

    45. Frank A

      Love the part where everyone's standing in a circle looking at the transmission on the ground like it's a new born baby LOLOLOL. That's a bunch of REAL men.

    46. Ryan Sirko

      Methonal=not a street car anymore

    47. Joe Howard

      Hey where do we find prices for merch ? Interested in some T-shirts and a hoodie ?

    48. Seth N.

      Not another Turd gen lol looks pretty clean and nice honestly

    49. William Kelly

      Aman billy smoked up.... or what lol

    50. Robert Johnson

      Hey Billy best of luck with the new engine I can't wait to see the S10 back in action I always said you're one heck of a driver and with good parts you'd be unstoppable. I love seeing you in your dad working together the family Vibe is awesome please keep the videos rolling always watching.

    51. Bruce Howie

      Loved the easy going nature of your videos, also the interviews this time were great, awesome camera work and music too

    52. Christopher Hanson

      Molly 🤔

    53. Jazz Flores

      Hey dude what’s your intro song called?

    54. 02cents

      Sorry, got the bodies mixed up.

    55. Ryan Hines

      Good stuff lmao reeces PCs lol

    56. Amanda Woods

      I wish i would have had a dad that cool '' mine was a big loser

      1. slo_5.0h


    57. Brandon Shelton

      Yall gone make it to alabama this weekend? I wanna meet yall. Let me know.

    58. Chan

      Pumped to see y’all come to Leakesville,

    59. Chris Watson

      Should change your shed bulbs to white for better video. Just a tip

    60. Tim Wilson

      Who is leaving thumbs down. Shame. Love these vlogs. I need more in my life.

    61. J Mch

      Good luck this year..from the OHIO 330 area..

    62. J Mch

      Bro your dad cracks me up at the end,,cant wait see s10 this year.

    63. all6t7

      Your Dad is the best, he kills me.

    64. Nick Vitale

      The ending argument had me rollin lmao

    65. Magia

      You will make a great man one day as a Dad. You have a great family. Thanks. 💯

    66. Scott Stillwell

      How'd your dad just disappear like that?!! Must be the overalls

    67. Bill Knight

      I always look forward to your new videos. Hope the truck comes together with no issues for you. You and your dad are riot. Keep the videos coming man💪👌👍

    68. Jason Ritter 1

      He had a nice hoodie on, Notre Dame, SBI, my hometown. I think you should put a nice procharger f-1x-12 on the Alston gear drive. I switched to f3 then a 136 and now V30 and man so consistent and makes power. That was a good video.

    69. twincammike83 16v

      Nice z28.. That guy at the end seems cool..

    70. Glenn McDaniel

      Good video guys

    71. ツSORA

      Great vid. What is the instrumental at 0:24 ?

    72. Shino San


    73. John Z

      Molly? Missed seeing her,, everything OK?

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Yes we are fine. She’s trying to save money to get parts for her build.

    74. Matt Brooks

      What happened to Molly and her channel? Curious about the car and haven’t seen her since Xmas video

      1. Brady MacDonald

        @Douglas Oakley thats a dogshit reason if its true. strip clubs are a good time

      2. Seth N.

        shes still there and together with him, follow her on instagram and facebook for updates on her stuff, her car will be comin soon

    75. George Mitchell

      Get with Import Drag Solutions (IDS) for 240 parts, they got some good stuff.

      1. PrestigeRacingMotorsports

        George Mitchell I’m sure they know who John is as he is also in OH.

    76. ron miller

      you two are funny as hell just like two little brothers cant get along for three seconds

    77. Ant Man

      Going to be a great season

    78. sabrom

      Haven't seen Molly in the last couple of video's Jr.??

      1. QQTrick1QQ

        @Street Racing Channel I noticed you don't have her channel linked with your other shoutouts. Was also wondering, glad things are ok.

      2. Street Racing Channel

        We are fine. I understand why everyone is concerned. She will have more videos up on her channel once she gets some money saved up to work on it and get parts.

    79. Robert Cushing

      Really love those mid to late 80's Camaros. Beautiful car 👍

    80. Jeremy Eubanks

      Have you ever considered switching to efi. .and if so what are the reasons you stay blow thru

      1. Jeremy Eubanks

        @nsboost I asked him that question because he said IATs where much lower with a blow thru than efi. .that didn't make sense to me at all..

      2. nsboost

        Bill Hoskinson New Holley Terminator setup will cost you a cool $1000. I mean there’s the fuel system/throttle body/ sensors on top of that... but it overall it’s getting pretty reasonable when you consider the cost of quality blow through carbs and everything. Being a ls guy it’s cheaper to go efi than carb on everything I put together

      3. nsboost

        Jeremy Eubanks Not sure what you consider fast... but it’s Because efi offers a lot that you can’t do with a carb. But carb works just fine. Tons and tons of low budget builds going 4’s and 5’s with carbs. If you talking “the fast guys” running 3 second 1/8s... well yeah.. your not gunna find a blow through carb on a 150-500k car lol. The Holley dominator has 200 inputs and outputs. Those guys monitor shock travel, driveline speed, turbine speed, and more things than you can imagine. If your gunna buy all the stuff to log all that, you might as well just buy the efi to log it and give you precision tunability of the entire setup. Not to mention the fast guys run methanol... and there is one number of the reasons they use efi and and Air’s are of basically no concern

      4. SRC Garage

        Jeremy Eubanks we are poor. Honestly we can’t afford EFI. Maybe one day.

      5. Jeremy Eubanks

        @nsboost ok... if that's so why aren't all the fast turbo cars blow through. .. don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be an ass .. just simply asking the question

    81. Taylor

      Where's molly?

      1. Street Racing Channel

        She will have more videos on her channel soon hopefully. Saving money to afford to build her car. We recently moved into a house and we have a lot of other things going on all at once.

    82. J Mch

      Need more s10 draggin ther asses..

    83. A10warthog

      I had a 84 Z28 and it had cross fire injection on it and the flaps on the hood for the intake opened up at full throttle nice car 👍🇺🇲

    84. Jeremy Eubanks

      The sacrifices a father makes for his kids .. kids don't take it for granted

    85. esbekay

      Ive been wondering since forever what that intro song is! anyone know?

    86. rich 570

      I used to work for a frac company in Belmont our apartments were in Saint Clairsville.

    87. Matt Brooks

      Dang I love this channel!

    88. latemnf

      Yo, Reese's pieces are the shit. Pop's knows what's up. I can't tell you how many times someone has tried to push those bullshit cups on me when the stores never seem to have them.

    89. Max Well

      Omg! Finally i have been keep beers Cold and waiting new video.. 🍻

    90. latemnf

      I felt that part about not being able to do two things at once so much lol. I'm not a people person when I'm focused on the task at hand. 😬

    91. J Coley


    92. joe cucch

      Wassammtter you ? Tryin to feed dear ole dad feces like that...

    93. Jamie Mullen

      Nova ever goes up for sale,I'm interested. Not going to cut up my 68 camaro. I

    94. Denis Santini

      Keep doing new vids! What's up with Molly's fire chicken?

    95. David N

      nice car

    96. Gerald Whissel Jr

      Very cool. I didn't know Eric was from Zanesville. I hope you guys enjoyed your visit to Zanesville. Nice to hear Tommy was playing attention in class.

    97. Pat O

      So what’s happening with the nova once all the parts are stripped from it? Getting a fresh rebuild to gaptize the s10?

    98. Ole Deuce

      You back cut them valves, little extra cfm

    99. deep blue aquatics

      Watching this makes me wanna get my slow ass hemi done

    100. Clamdiggerdan Boone

      Been waiting for a new video folks,thank you.Really looking forward to following you this up coming season.Keep it safe and kick some butt! God bless