Fixed the S-10 so we can race NO PREP MANIA this weekend!

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    We will do whatever it takes to make it to No Prep Mania this weekend at Magnolia Dragway! Come see us Saturday and enjoy some bad ass no prep racing.

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    1. Mike Burke

      This is thee best racing channel on IRvision. Family friends a awesome dad that knows how to wrench. I love this channel. It's helped me get through all the b.s. COVID and BLM crap. One day I sure would like to watch race in person and meet you all. God bless.

    2. Kenneth Chapman

      Back in the day you could get copper head gasket direct from Ford Performance, ran a set in my 67 Fairlane GTA 428cj, heads shaved with TRW 12.5 to 1 domed pistons running about 13.5 compression twisted it to 7k with no problems, thanks for info on those, don't believe Ford has theirs available any more👍👍

    3. high1voltage1rules

      Sick ass track🤘🏻🔊🤘🏻 0:04 did I hear an iPhone📲 notification? Lol 👍

    4. high1voltage1rules

      Puddle of mudd: she hates me 🤘🏻😉

    5. Johnny Turbo

      Love the Nova! Just so ya know lol

    6. mike king

      Anyone Ellie's check there messenger at the beginning of this video?

    7. kingautosale

      Aka racer pops burn out bandit .

    8. kingautosale

      No money I'm in soon love your channel it's therapy been done in the dumps

    9. donny prinnell

      Do You have a job??

    10. Luis Gonzalez

      Corona bullshit you said, That is exactly what it is. Great video.

    11. V3RJ

      Puddle of Mudd 😂

    12. J Bevins

      Hey billy what turbos are those I got a similar setup sbc 400 c&s blow thru looking to toss the big single for twins

    13. Outdoors&Cars

      I work in the auto parts field too and man when the stimulus checks came out, orders were stacked up I was working OT every weekend!

    14. Derek T

      Thanks for the insight on those ICS Titan head gaskets. Good info!!

    15. Patrick Taylor


    16. gtpro700

      Tommy’s motor is 13.5-1 compression? He street drives it somehow though? He’s running pump gas with that compression?

    17. Nick Kirkland

      Everything go good over the weekend? Waiting on a video billy

    18. Red D Film

      FYI - your audio could be better, it's loud then quiet - loud - quiet. Industry standard for audio when editing is -12db MAX - music and/or narration, anything. With respect - good video, keep up the good work :)

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Thank you for the tip!

    19. homer

      I love Karen too

    20. Nick Pendleton

      Good shit brother.. love this channel

    21. schlepd911

      I grew up on Novas. 67 wagon that I would give anything to have now. A 68, 69, 73 and an 87.

    22. schlepd911

      GOD Bless your rusty dusty Nova!!

    23. Josh Koch (Intimidator82)

      My biggest concern with the cam would be making sure the lobe has the same lift as before. Just a few thou will make that cylinder weaker than the rest on the power stroke

    24. Jerry Frederick

      Nothing like shop talk among the fellas.

    25. pigrond

      hope it was a good weekend happy fathers day billy's dad and all the fathers

    26. Billy T.

      Having a High Performance parts supplier like Jegs close by, is such a convenience. I live 5 minutes away from Michigan's equivalent "Lane Automotive". And I can't count how many times I've needed a part that can't be bought at Autozone. Having a Hi-po parts store close is a blessing. Everything I might need is 5 minutes away. Whether it's tires, fuel or engine parts. Knowing that it's in stock and close by will definitely take some stress of a person.

    27. Travis Dunn

      What breed are your dogs? Australian shepherd?

    28. John Thomas

      Billy, you have all the power, that truck needs to go on a diet and get some chassis. Good luck at the race.

    29. ok_boomer

      Dang, Emorycloth a roller cam ..... Ok, ... I guess I would do the same thing to .... Love the Channel. GO LS !!!!!!!!!

    30. James Smith

      The slightly awkward man to man hello lol.

    31. john hoyt

      Like how you named your dog Chevy... The other dogs name must be Ford? I enjoy watching your videos!

    32. SilverbulletRB26

      🤣🤣the day the stimulus came out lol

    33. Ken Balentine

      I love the dedication,you guys are all in

    34. Dj M

      Oh god .. if I lived Close to jegs or summit I’d be broke as a joke Hahahah that would make it too easy , good luck!!!!!

    35. TheCanadianBubba

      Karen seems nice... Look forward to seeing the action from Magnolia !

    36. William Duff

      Perfect timing! Not you! Had me chocking on a fudge round ! LMAO too funny

    37. JVG1

      You running the street or strip this weekend??

    38. Brandon Taylor

      That’s a new t-shirt!!!!! “We’re not doing the math, I’ve got turbos!”

    39. DFV

      Man....Your Dad and Grandpa are Magicians!! Super Cool to see this team Right on this episode!! No Bu***tt...No Movies....No Rockabilly Style...Just Good ol´boys, rocking the cam #NovaSaveTheKid

    40. Tristin Martin

      Only 54 minutes away from me!!

    41. Joe Olimpio

      Dude i got to say i love the Nova dont care what people say it's awesome!! Enjoy it and good luck this weekend!!

    42. the breadedcrab

      Gotta love it when people complement your shitbox. Not that ur nova is a shitbox but makes you feel good for sure 😂

    43. MrShark4488

      does Karen live around here cause i just seen a woman at the Hebron Kroger that looked just like her

    44. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Nothing wrong with rocking a half rotted out classic American Muscle! They're more fun to use and blast about than a perfectly restored hotrod. Rock it and smile while you do!

    45. Bankrupt racing

      Another great video with the fam. Kick ass and hope to see another great video real soon. Of you kicking the shit out of the competition lol.

    46. Brandon Smith

      Better late than never, but I've seen crankshaft polishers used to clean up less than desirable cams.

    47. MrShark4488

      i have seen you working on vehicle's in the garage and thought about stopping in and buying some merchandise but thought better of it you don't need random people just stopping by.......kick some ass at the race this weekend


      First off.. that tik tok girl was alright... that a Buick. your girl has fine lines ... she a Corvette, tight in the corners..( Molly lets get some content going on your channel..) Billy i love how you like to please your fans. Not letting the " rona.." stop you ... And nice that Jegs is in your back yard.. good company. And the brothers are a bunch, we use to race Troy in Pro Mod humble as hell.. but, go have fun and good luck. 👍

    49. Ken McKay

      Hi molly ,wheres molly ?

    50. Thekelsoman H

      Did you that JJ da boss video with Ronnie wearing one of your T’s hell yeah go y’all

    51. 12_sec_sho

      I'm coming out for sure!! Jim & Tad's dragway of Magnolia!! Fun spot and this place is a real tuners dragstrip! Should be fun !!

    52. Gerry Milidantri

      Your Dad and you and your brother might enjoy the Southeast Gasser Association race in Xena Ohio on September 12th 2020. Love the channel and by the way motor to motor no NOS no Turbo my money is on you for experience. Tommy two guns needs more seat time !

    53. Eschelonistic

      The moment i saw Grand-pa involved as well was an instant hit that like button mate. Loving how you're getting more comfortable with the camera!

    54. 2damnkwik


      1. Mom Hoskinson

        Bill and Tommy self employed - Excavation work, driveways, drainage work, hauling stone, etc. Billy is now full time on SRC work. Mom works as a coder for local hospital.

    55. 20b3rotordream

      It’s a old muscle car man regardless you’ll get respect and envy. A lot of people with they could have one of those and won’t be able to even it the condition that ones in.

    56. coachie short

      i love the nova,id cleaner her up and drive it every day.

    57. Willubhave Five

      who would of known the mad scientist would use a low grade sand paper to file wear marks on a cam....pure genious 👍

    58. Ant Man

      Go getem

    59. Thomas Lewis

      The 1969 Nova with the 396/375hp L78 Turbo-Jet Engine option was a pretty impressive package, "be it a little nose heavy." Bolt-on a set of slicks , headers, suspension, and a super tune.A good driver could go as fast as 11.90 -12.20's 115 mph +

    60. Thomas Lewis

      Thank god for battery technology.I'm just about deaf from working in a large automotive dealership with air tools screaming all day long. It was so bad.

    61. rob Mr. Rob

      Good luck this weekend Billy!!!

    62. Todd Olsen

      get karen over

    63. TomB nyccabbie

      good luck this weekend boys, kick some a$$, oh and let your dad know the Nova is cherry, lol.

    64. M117BW-S200SX-E-Biturbo

      Polishing is usually a bad idea. The cams are usually just hardened on the surface and or nitrated. When you polish it, you need to harden it again.... Otherwise it will fail soon or later.... But for a hotfix it might be a good idea. Still I would advice to replace the cam soon before you get all the dirt from it in the crank case. And the nova is nice ;-) At least it's authenticly aged...

    65. URLOSN

      that Nova is nice

    66. Lethal Mustang

      Thank GOD we have your channel to give us hope. Yes I did say "God".

    67. Lethal Mustang

      The virus BULLSHIT/farce will not go away down here in Florida. They are trying to close everything back up or make you wear masks that do NOTHING outside. Still no racing at the tracks. They try to stop car shows and the sheep let them. The left and the media LIE constantly when they test its always a new case,stop the world we have to shut down. All I use to do was think about and go racing ... No they are trying to take that away by saying look how much less air pollution there is....the left trying again to take cars away, or sports that use them. Damn I'm so done with the BULLSHIT TOOOOO....

    68. bs081502bs

      Story about the Nova dust cracked me TF up! 😂

    69. James Moreira

      Where’s your MASKS MASKS R U ENTILTED.?

    70. stefan w

      I'm curious why you keep going through engine's?! Are your tolerances off?! Nitrous set up?! Parts defects?!

    71. Jerry Chance

      Got make that a new shirt ( I dont gotta do math I got turbos)

    72. MetalAsPhuk

      “We’re not doing the math cus I got turbos” hahah perfect

    73. Bama Street 256

      please video the race bro

    74. Johnny Garrett

      I have ran dirt cars my whole life. I have taken many old cans and put them in street cars and did really well. Most are built to make power from 2,500 to 8,000

    75. Bobby Whitt

      Been watching your videos for a little while before bed time. I have a question? I have 2 mustang drag cars. Have est $30 grand each in both cars. Been trying to sell them for $15 grand each for 10 years. You can't give this stuff away once you pour all the labor & money in them. What do all you guys do for day jobs? I run my own business averaging 12 hrs a day working. I lost time to fool with the cars along time ago. Its a constant work schedule. And if you work for someone else same thing. No time off to race. Respect to how much time you put in them just curious how you find the free time & money?

    76. Richard Nervig

      My man got his s#$t together,helluva S10 and he's got a good woman too.mans only as good as his rock bro..

    77. Daniel Ward

      Ooooooh, I bet people are trippin on pops cleaning that lobe up. You can get away with some stuff on the ole sbc.

    78. Daniel Ward

      Get it polished and send it.

    79. Team D Performance

      How’s Hebron Ohio, gotta stay somewhere close to there for Drag Week. Don’t wanna get my junk stolen

    80. Johnny Moran

      Need to put screens in your valley!

    81. Luis lucatero

      When the gaptized shirts restocking

    82. Shane68camaro

      It's a nova. Period

    83. Kent Shifflet

      Glad to see the S-10 bck!!!! All I can say is time to go fast AGAIN!!! I don't mince words, too old for that. Go get tum!!!!

    84. funk

      In my opinion Molly's rack looks better than Karen. Just sayin. I prefer speed over comfort!

    85. Robert Johnson

      I used that copper spray on my engine in my big truck and it works well

    86. Steve's Shed

      Well... if i weren't about 1500 miles from you guys. I'd sure show up and watch some racing !

    87. Maximum Energy

      At 9:20 who is the dude with the hat?

      1. Maximum Energy

        @Street Racing Channel my kid wants to know if you are ever going to go to the I-40 dragway in TN ? Comparing to what Louisiana I think you've been before maybe Texas on an older video I don't remember which but It ain't that far .

      2. Street Racing Channel

        My uncle

    88. Operation 660

      I think hes fond of those those gaskets lol

    89. Paul Swan

      I sent you some snapchats paulswan1982

    90. Paul Swan

      Why some people don’t like your videos? i think it’s good i watch them all!

    91. Danny Feskowetz

      Dude that was COLD!!*LOL* Poor Molly!

    92. Ken F

      I get thumbs up nice car for my 70 Nova , Now your nova thumbs up nice Year.

    93. biggersmedia

      "WHERE'S DAVE?" Daves not here mann

    94. David Mcnerney

      If I had off I woulda made the drive from Buffalo for the race

    95. send it

      your dogs are awesome i want to come chill with them and learn from your dad and what you know about turbo's also covid is no where near over i work at a hospital in TN near gatlinburg and since everyone has started opening up we have seen more cases in 1 week then in the last 6 weeks so you guys be careful especially your parents take it serious man do not let cabin fever cost you your life take care also you need to run a 421 or 434 and bigger turbo when you can money is hard to come by but you can make it happen and sell all the other shit that eats money like nova and BROTHER lmao


      Can't wait 2 see u guys sat. It's a good 3.5hr. drive 4me but I'll be there!!


        I be there around 1ish see ya there bro👍


      Can't wait 2 see u guys sat. It's a good 3.5hr. drive 4me but I'll be there!!

    98. Texas 214

      Your driving a marshmallow 🤣☠️

    99. Jason Cook

      I can not say how lucky you are!! You have a wonderful family!! I wish you the best! And love the videos!! God bless and good luck!!

    100. dropping Hertz

      Dam bo I like to see the lil more inside scoop u are doin the dam thing take ur Channel above & beyond my G''✌