We Bought a '69 NOVA!

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    On this video we find an Old Nova that we just had to have. The plan is to make content with, fix up, and who knows maybe even turn it into a competitive street race car one day?!

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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 8 ماه


    1. Andy Denzien

      Dad is a fucking National Treasure. Throw a dead cat through it and not hurt the cat

    2. Cody Featherstone

      I like the we part of this

    3. scott harris

      Nice nova love the color.

    4. Kenneth Chapman

      Proof that Molly can make any car look good👍👍

    5. Kenneth Chapman

      Popular car to hot rod when I was in H.S., good friend of mine had a 454 in his, tunnel ram, street raced it till he went to prison.

    6. StreetSmart 660'

      What happened to Bill Sr's red nova?

    7. John Jones

      I think it needs some hard work and may be a bit of a pig now ,but she has character and that goes a long way with a lot of horsepower!

    8. Todd Dooley

      Pop Tarts knows his shizz Thump to mob deep lol Pops cracks me. New to the channel, good stuff. You guys make a great team.

    9. Johnny Turbo

      I love that body style Nova.. actually looking for one myself.. well done. I had a 1966 Nova II SS years ago which was my favorite body style at the time.. now I'm really into the 69 generation style. I can only imagine after a little while, that car will be on your channel pulling wheelies

    10. Raul Carrillo

      Hahaha ur dad got mad bro lol

    11. thecapturban

      Am radio.. Might have a 8 track in it.

    12. Kevin Cash

      That's what she said , Tommy hahaha

    13. Victor Hex

      These guys make some really good videos.

    14. Edwin Dejarneatt

      Why you hating on the nova, I just inherited a 69' that's been sitting in a shed for 40+ years and the only things that need replacing before we get if outta there are tires, rims, and fluids!

    15. Alten Woodrow

      I believe shes geardrive

    16. Wretched Nation

      Based on your dads comment this needs to be called the shook ones nova

    17. Doug Green

      I have a extra back seat that y’all would be more than welcome to,,if ya wanna run a back seat

    18. chevy SS 250

      Chevy 💗💗💗💗💘💘💘💘💘🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 amo los chevys!!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    19. richard brady

      Great Dukes oh Hazard intro,now she just needs the official shorts .

    20. Upstate Relics and Escapades

      Am I mistaken if I say that a 69 Nova did not have vent windows?

    21. ponypwr

      Must see the rotten Barney brawler of a Nova on a 150 shot ASAP!

    22. Brandon Staelens

      Love your dad listen to rush. Smart man. Love the videos man

    23. Geoffrey Rodriguez

      You are living the dream working with your old man, listening to his advice, learning from his knowledge. Keep up hopefully I can meet your crew one day

    24. Marco Polo

      But it’s dead

    25. martin750hp

      I love that noisy PETE JACKSONS gear whine, i dig that old performance stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. sethinator224

      Getting rid of that dumb shit Gear drive was the best upgrade you could have made. Never understood why someone would go out of their way to make their ride sound like it's got a power steering pump failure.

    27. Daniel Johnson

      I would daily the hell out of that nova, hell ya bro

    28. El Bill Burrito

      You guys produce awesome content! Thanks dudes and dudettes!

    29. MRBLACK947

      Old School Pete Jackson Gear Drive?

    30. James Shirrell


    31. Rob J

      So few '69's around, best identified by the side marker shape and smaller taillight.

    32. Rob J

      I bought a NEW 69 Nova SS. That probably tells you how old I am. The most durable car I ever owned. I was young and crazy and it took everything I could throw at it.

    33. Tommy Cook

      Man just got a L88 hood for my 68 nova looks sweet i got a cowl hood billy if u r looking iam in Ohio

    34. Chevy Racer

      That's not a bad Nova. She is in real nice shape.

    35. shawng7902

      with that gear drive, I bet $20 it has a Blue 'Racer camshaft in it. Maybe a little before some of your times but you dad has put one in i know it lol

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        Wolverine... now THAT'S a throwback in time.

    36. ANT R33

      Axel Foley blue I live to see this car

    37. Rodney Stapler

      I had a 69 nova in 79, and all the good times

    38. Sketchy's Garage

      The starter sounds like it would run 5.80's on its own.

    39. The Beige Wonder

      Man your dad is so freaking cool👍. I love the car just as it is👍

    40. Darrell Roeters

      Thanks for plugging Rush.

    41. J Bevins

      I got family in gallipolis and rio grande. You guys close?


      if you want to sell it i will buy it

    43. MrCarnutbill67

      The car is $3000 if you want the battery it’s $3500. Lol

    44. Mr.Badluck

      It's like watching a surgeon at work on the carburetor.

    45. Kurt Zimmerman

      I had a 1968 nova when I was 16. the year was 1978. holy crap! 42 years ago.

    46. automotive addiction

      Nice car...now you get to rip it apart and cut some of it up.bigger motor and transmission..and mini tubb cause the nova sux for tire size...

    47. Patina Pitstop

      Is that a gear drive I hear? Awesome!!!!

    48. Kuya Jun Garage


    49. Michael Lane

      Omg I can’t wait to see what y’all’s plans are for this cat!! I had one just like it when I was 20!!! If you need anything fabricated for it let me know I weld like you drive!🤣😂

    50. jay longton

      I think the Nova used to belong to a friend of mine here in upstate NY. It was painted back in 1992 or very close. It had a Ford 9 inch at one time.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Not the one

    51. John Rankin

      I built my 1971 with a 350 small block 350 Turbo trans. It was the only engine I every built. I was so proud, she ran strong. It was my daily and I would race at the Ohio Valley Drag Way on Friday nights. Gave her away for 2500 wish I never sold her my health is bad and I can't build another car. 😢

    52. Daniel Ward

      I hate gear drives, I have one in my sbc s10 and can't wait to take it out lol

    53. Richard's Property maintenance

      Lol we can put some nitrous in it make it more responsive lmao

    54. michael stroud

      I like the music your playing when you were tinkering with the carburetor to get it started ... fix it up and give it to your mom ... Drop a old school 427 in it And hand the keys to mom

    55. Gregory Enste

      Some kid built that in the late 80’s early 9s ,probably had a lot of fun.

    56. David Whiteker

      Wish i could find one cheap that's my dream car

    57. G Shock

      2 bolt SS yup always working on a Chevy!

    58. Adam D

      "Tommy.... Jesus christ" that clip had me laugin

    59. Mike Kooz

      We need some stories from Dad. When did he get into cars? Who did he learn from? if anybody. Did he race circle or straight line anywhere? Stuff like that. Just tell us stories. Your Dad is a treasure. I'm sure you boys see that. Great channel. Keep it up.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        We have a video on how my whole family was introduced to cars. Posted a few months back.

    60. Adam Forman

      Gear drive are not good, 😎✌

    61. Scot Morris

      Love the guitar riff in the edits sick

    62. silly guy

      Is there any chance of putting a big tire under her

    63. Pedro

      The 69 Nova is a keeper. SRC is a dynasty in the making.

    64. Donovan Howard Music

      Never had a 69, I owned a 70, 72 & a 73. 1969 is my birth year so this is a dream car 🚗 for certain!

    65. pigrond

      i like it. i had a 72 that i built in my early 20's it was nice

    66. Johnnyohness

      You can listen to Limbaugh? The best reason to burn that radio. Limbaugh the biggest right wing propagandist ever.....along with Hannity. Don't be a Trunptard.

    67. Thomas Woitekaitis

      That gear drive sucks

    68. Bacon, Beer & Hotrods

      So how mad was Mom?

    69. John Halchishick

      Well the gal is a looker, that car needs alot of TLC = CASH

    70. TomB nyccabbie

      "But your mom dont know yet'......I love it lol

    71. carlsracingmiami

      Nice man

    72. Frankie DaFixer

      Need to ditch that bird and put Molly in this Nova!!!!

    73. William Hungate

      Hey Guys , Love how you do the videos . Still laughing at Tommy " Thats what she said " LMAO . I'll bet its never a dull moment around you guys .

    74. Gary L

      Wish I could find a nova like that

    75. Jeff Stewart

      I just picked up a 68 Camaro Last night that's complete . looks like it was parked 20 yrs ago. all I'm doing is making it mechanically sound and drive it. or rather my wife will drive it.

    76. Kevin Tucker

      That timing set gear drive is annoyingly loud.

    77. Ron Punter

      To funny "CAT"

    78. larry lucas

      Your Dad is a bad ass!

    79. The Rusty Nut

      Nice! been working on a 72 for the past few years.

    80. M Whitelaw

      Thanks for puttin' up with these knotheads Mom!!!

    81. Rudde67ss m

      Love the gear drive lol. Ole pete jackson would be proud!

    82. Troy Peck

      I sure miss mine

    83. Enoeth Ylnodna

      I had one! Congrats!!

    84. David Jessee

      Had a 72 back in high school...class of 85... Very cool car

    85. Drag Car Builder

      Omg Tommy was hilarious about pops fingers yeah that's what she said boy pops was not impressed At all I laughed so beer came out my nose I had just took a sip!! Mom must have been really pissed off!! See that's why I got rid of mine and the next one is gonna love building cars or atleast be into cars but not that many of em out there unless ya got some plastic pos w a 600 a month payment id rather have my shit paid for and when I get ready to go racing or build another one I dont hear shit and my last one cost 273k to get rid of so it's not cheaper to keep em cuz she just helped herself to our money we were saving for a log cabin while I worked 7 days a week but I had a company and my own home so she didn't have anything invested buy her time!! Most of that spent In college I paid for so tack that on to the 273k!! But Tommy filming and commenting in the background ya gotta love it!! Hope your pops winds up w it I knoe he loves em!! Oh yeah the thumping to mob deep was hilarious too!! Great one!!

    86. Ken F

      I grew up with novas, i guess from the name of this channel its going to be modded and raced. I can tell right now that car was original a 6 cylinder. oh i finished watching they know it was a 6.

    87. Daniels Racing

      These comments are exactly why I won't let go of my 73 nova SS. Oh and btw it's NOT a clone it's a true SS. Just wanted to throw it out there to cut down on the misconception

    88. Daniel Thompson

      Nice!! My last one was a 69'... ❤

    89. Roger Kisling

      Dam not the gear drive that's old school race car sh.t..my first car was69 Nova..wish they had cal..tracks back then..

    90. A10warthog

      It started running better when Molly was in the picture 👍

    91. Logan B

      Don’t paint it I’m sure that nova has some stories it just needs some love and the thing is daily driver or big turbo car

    92. steven hicks

      I like your dads style! After 27 years my wife stoped asking 🤣

    93. Stupid Fast

      Shes clean!!!

    94. monzahunter

      Awesome new addition to the stable!

    95. Larry Sanders

      Love these guys lol

    96. John L

      Billy. Never ever wash another vehicle on this channel again. Thats blondies job.

    97. Jody Basham

      Damn, this makes me miss my 72 SS 350 4 speed.

    98. Winford Riner

      Great save

    99. Back Yard Garage

      she sounds like she's got one of those Pete Jackson Gear drivers in her

    100. Back Yard Garage

      I like when he said TOM JESUS CHRIST!!!! , that made this video more real LOL