Twin Turbo V8 S-10 Vs. FAST Imports & More

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    It really felt good to finally get some wins this weekend, I really enjoyed racing at Edgewater in Cincinatti, and had a blast at Dragway 42. It was my first time at 42, and first time running 1/4 Mile on this setup. Thanks for watching, I apologize for not having anyone to film a lot of the races at 42, It was a hectic weekend, and my dad was announcing.
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    1. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Atta boy! Out there showing how to do it! Looks like a whole lot less Wheelin' behind the wheel on these passes, exactly what we were hoping for!

      1. Nitrojunkie55

        Looks like you have the s10 dialed in can’t wait for more racing

      2. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

        @B Pimpin had he taken it down the track like that even Billy The Kid would have had a tough fight!

      3. B Pimpin

        That floppy front wheel at the start of vid i was thinkin how he go straight with that lol

    2. Brandon Bancroft

      First time I've seen you race 1/4 mile. Great job Billy.

    3. Edward Mccoy

      That's a win

    4. high1voltage1rules

      Love that drum beat at the beginning 🤟😉

    5. king vegeta

      I wanna see him and his brother racr

    6. james dunnagan

      hey anyone be in the market for think is a racing head for gm,,,or proteje anyone interested i can send you the numbers

    7. SouthernBoost

      Damn you killed that 2jz on the tree. Great job!!✊💪

    8. Scott Riddle

      Great Channel love what you boys are doing keep up the good work .love what your doing


      looks like your 60' is hooking!

    10. Tamas Kiss

      Truck goes straight couse its an awesome track. Some of them little narrow country roads you guys running on most of the time scare the heck out of me. Cool runnings.

    11. Chris Gleis

      Yeah boy


      Where's Molly ?

    13. Gary Clarke

      Man you s 10 is going straight as a bullet ...great fix ,inside footage is amazing watching your progress , THE KID , GETTING OLDER NOW ....

    14. Anthony Jones

      Two wins aka twins in one weekend

    15. Rocky Easterline

      What is the ET and MPR Quarter mile or 1/8 th ???????

    16. Mark Walker

      Do u guys really think hes cut the tree. All he does is let go of a button.

    17. Tarry Smith Sr.

      So quick off the start 😃

    18. Jeff Jankiewicz

      Damn Billy, nice tree work, and that S-10 is WICKED! Squats nice off the line!!!!! They got gapped by a mf street

    19. Nick Boucher

      Truck is straight as an arrow with your knowledge of how she drives. little torque steer to the left under throttle, little compensation to the right off power. I feel a driver and their ride shaves tenths over time from seat time alone. Look at big chief and murder Nova. The pair was a legend.

    20. Brian Poole

      He can cut a light like nobody's business

    21. Mike Holler

      Just caught on to your channel. You and your dad are class acts. Best of luck to your team. Awesome reaction time!!!

    22. Big Ern Mahkracken

      And you should get someone to do a mural on ur hood of some chesty mama san.👍

    23. Big Ern Mahkracken

      Won two girls a cup and a coolah too? MAn I Needs to start wrenchin.

    24. bucksnort bumblefuk

      Nice work. New here and liking it so far! Your a modest, level headed guy who knows what hes bringing! Props.

    25. Jeff Stewart

      anyone out there know what small block he's running.

    26. Bob Greene

      The BDS 2jZ, is Cleetus and Leroy's tuff Out in Bradenton Fl. Even 4-4 record. You may know already.. Idk

    27. danny marrel

      That's one bad truck,& that dude was born to race. Love this channel.

    28. Sheepdog

      You left a year ahead of that 2JZ, good light chief!!!

    29. Tampa Boys Customs

      Great job bud that truck is flying 👍

    30. Tom Tucker

      At the end, the girl with the striped pockets looks very yummy.

    31. silly guy

      Got to love when you win on the light

    32. silly guy

      Paint that truck

    33. Curts Review 2020

      --Great attitude most of ALL-- Makes a great kid n I’m certain ur parents are very proud👍🏼 Very Happy for you, keep that great ATTITUDE 👍🏼

    34. Booyaa Fishing

      Your girlfriend looks better than the girls you posed with your trophy 🏆! Nice win

    35. J Mch

      Dam your killing the light 8:09 great job once again truck is fast

    36. J Mch

      7:27 dam seen that car on 1320 videos car is fast..

    37. J Mch

      You ever go freindship park race park in ohio if so like to see you there sometime in 2020..

    38. J Mch

      5:18 killed the light bro truck is badass.

    39. J Mch

      Dam bro truck is flying dwn the track lifted tirers in first pass..

    40. Shaun Holden

      Bro your a beast on the tree you cut a badass light

    41. rusty watts

      This dude kills the tree everytime....

    42. Michael Wandzek

      You are KILLING that tree bro, Hot damn!!

    43. GetsumJ

      Good heavens.....You may be quicker off the holeshot than ol' Dave Comstock. Very nice!!

    44. Don E

      Why he put the hand in the Air first? 0:00

    45. Benjamin Grieveson

      That s10 must run 7s in the quarter the ids car you raced ran mid 7s against leroy the savage in florida

    46. David Wilson

      enjoyed all the racing, well done from the UK :)

    47. 11green11

      U are a wizard on that tree man ! 👍

    48. g

      I knew I recognized this truck lol.. at 2:15, I can see me lol

    49. Gary Howard

      Why do we never see and speeds, or times.....we can see he cuts the lights as close as can be. Inquiring minds would like to know. I ran my 56 chev at Edgewater in the 90's. The flag man there saved me by waving me off the track telling me I was leaking antifreeze but I had broken a brass gas line fitting

    50. OhioValleyBoy Planet Zoo

      I saw the cornfeilds...and knew right where u were..then edgewater sealed the deal!! 💪👇🇺🇸

    51. marc st laurent

      Go go little S10

    52. Jay Hayes

      That white five o thought you was giving him the hit...…

    53. Ivey Kennedyyy

      Keep it going bud

    54. Ivey Kennedyyy

      Buddy that s10 on fire reminds me of of the 89 firebird a friend and I had chep build nothing special but would hook up and ride and consistent as hell

    55. bobo caterpillar

      wow man, good job! dam, that thing leaves HARD and PULLS until the very end!

    56. jos y melbarris la esposa baidal

      name two girls miniature

    57. jos y melbarris la esposa baidal

      name of the models miniature

    58. paul

      Hooyah Get Sum with Dat Twin Turbo S-Dime...

    59. wing chun

      Wow the leaves on rails !!! This s10 is the shit love it love the channel !!!!

    60. Romario Silvario

      The only reason you beat that 2j is because it sleep on the light

    61. Kelly Thomad

      Is like i was in passenger seat great vid!😁👊man ur rolling

    62. Jes Mopar 360

      Damn for a street truck good job 👍

    63. V8 S series chevy

      Awesome love this channel! Hey what rear end goodies do you run? I just built my s10 (street truck, not fast) but I worry the 350 I put in may get my gears in the long run

    64. Glenn Verdeyen

      They should call you chop sticks 👊🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘

    65. tragic life

      Treed every one of them,,love your truck ,I have one too ,still in the 9s lol,,,but really,you win a lot because you are a great RACER

    66. Dwayne Massengill

      Dude, you are good. Congrats on your build. Awesome!

    67. Garlitz Hyperformance Garage

      Fuck yeah, stay hungry

    68. Ken Marguet

      I thought edgewater was closed, seem to remember someone saying that a few years back?

    69. Joseph Cherry

      Wow that S-10 is awesome .. Very good hole shot and that Second gear is if you are not there Bye bye my friend

    70. SILENCIO

      My dad got this same truck

    71. austin parker

      dude in the 2jz was making sandwich at the light. great video

    72. Jason Borden

      I hope you got a piece for both of those bitches !

    73. Bryan lIlI

      I’m surprised you’re beautiful truck hasn’t been on 1320videos yet

    74. james hill

      Your quick on the light I've always wanted to put a V8 on S10'

      1. tragic life

        Do it james,,best platform of ANY GM vehicle for drag racing,,mine goes 9s with a na 383,,,,and it's a daily driver

    75. christian ford

      He was treeing the hell out of everyone 😂😂😂

    76. Curt Park

      Man that truck is a sleeper hahaha I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. Thomas Nichols

      Truck is silly fast!

    78. Shane Farr

      Hey billy what does the truck run in a eitgth mile

    79. Jesse Reed

      Your all bullshit s10

    80. Jesse Reed

      Pulled her pants down she a dude sorry you ain.t your a bitch s10 your a liar

    81. Jesse Reed

      This is bullshit vidios

    82. Jesse Reed

      Its to good to be true its like the super Vega been there with isusza or Chevy luv ain.t buying it. To good to be true snake oil sales

    83. Glock 17L & 43 bro

      Omg he pulled on that boosted mustang..

    84. Boundary Sentinel

      More please great presentation style and flow, truck is a rocket, well thought out/built/and driven. Love the little sponsor shout-outs as well. Great work post more 👌

    85. Octane Main

      You jumped the 2jz I think it would’ve been 1.5s jump you had on him you jumped the go but idk still think u would’ve won without the jump anyways 🤷🏼‍♂️

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Nobody jumped.

    86. josh vega

      Some people here are saying that the 2j 240 has the stick shift record 1/8 mile. The boostin performance dsm has the record with a awd h pattern running 7.03 1/4 mile and that 2j 240 definitely not the only stick shift car running 4s in the 1/8.

    87. Sloppy Joe

      7:55 I seriously cannot tell if that's a perfect launch or not

      1. ISO X Splarr

        Sloppy Joe okay it back in 0.25x speed he launched early but no one noticed

    88. slimczer

      This truck is so badass 👌🏽🔥

    89. Dylan Weldon

      7:37 you jump the line

      1. Ed Schunke

        At 7:56 watch the a pillar and the light. Dead nutz on it.

    90. Keshawn Williams

      Man that fuckin truck boy❗❗

    91. do it to it

      Treed em every time. I cant believe how reliable the little square body is. I run a full size ex cab 02 gmc with a lsx. Breaks every other week

    92. Kitt Powell

      That light skill though geez on it perfect every time

    93. Issac Tumamao

      good shit man keep it up 🤙🏼

    94. John Robi

      Nice launching skills. You won every race in the first 50 ft and never looked back.

    95. Carson Vandegriffe

      Hah, more like "Two twins in one weekend"😉🤣

    96. erie sniper

      Nice racing. I ran at Raceway 42 once. Spent most my time at Norwalk on Wednesday nights.

    97. Bill douglas

      Why is the music so damn loud !!!!!

    98. Bill E.

      Nice tree work

    99. Ian Darley

      I do not know anything about these events, but I feel like you false start a lot, for example 7:37... Am i stupid?

    100. Caleb Hurteau

      The truck is bad assess. U got great timing on the lunch. Ur dead on wen that light turns.