1300 HP Twin Turbo S-10 LIVES!

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    We put the twin turbo truck back together! I can't wait to get back to racing and making content to share with y'all. We Couldn't do this without you guys, and our sponsors. Thumbnail: @Motorsports Molly

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    1. wingnutks

      What block is that? SHP?

    2. Nick Di Curzio

      Looks like your got a winning team there pal, nice work by all 👊🏻

    3. ElectronicMechanic

      I've been in my shop as well im loving this lol

    4. Joshua Rivera

      Tommy is an ill camera man!!! U should film other racers and get them to pay you for footage. Whenever ur not racing too, of course. Either that or start your channel filming and editing races. Ur good bro, real good.

    5. Kenneth Chapman

      Guns, cars and guitars, two out of three not bad👍👍

    6. Kenneth Chapman

      With copper or the metal shim thickness used an adhesive that comes in spray can we called it " gorilla snot" with deck and heads both cut never had problem with 13.5 compression and twisting .30 over 428cj passed 7k

    7. Justin Black

      I'll watch any video molly is on the thumbnail pic

    8. Victor Hex

      Why they win? A skilled family that knows teamwork and attention to detail.

    9. Maurice Dent

      Good Golly Miss Molly, can you work on my car?

    10. Maurice Dent

      5:20 Time to get a heater in there young fella. Ya look like a crim in that hood.

    11. SwitchBlade041294

      Is that a Kent Rose sticker i see? Like from the arm drop drags?

    12. onewheelpeelproductionz dan

      Did the same thing to my dakota lol except the turbos

    13. David Tullos

      Man I respect the heck out of you father and you working together and bringing the best to the front of the line. That's what life is all about and I have a love for racing that will never go away. I'm from Mississippi and have been racing since my teens so it's cool to see a southern family doing what you love. Going A to B.

    14. Juan Carrillo

      The truck is still bad ass... And molly is still smoking hot.. You got 2 good things in life. Good job..

    15. Dale Sanzi

      Y'all had everything from upchurch to dang tupac and biggie😂😂

    16. Bill Ferguson

      Should wear safety glass's...…….

    17. Shoe


    18. Daniel Ward

      Giving me big time inspiration to start working on my swapped s10 my dad and I built when I was like 15, I'm 31 now.

    19. Haydee Hinojos

      Que chingones soy Fernando Chavez de ciudad juarez

    20. Mark Brynteson

      Yeah I agree, never have I dropped a distributor in and it landed perfect, usually have to mess with it for 30 minutes

    21. Brandon Dean

      Because of the beautiful molly and the videos that yall post my girlfriend has actually grown to love my hobby as well. It was like pulling teeth to even get her to go race with me. Now after watching the videos yall post and seeing how close it has brought yall she has learned to share my love of racing. Thank yall so much yall couldn't imagine how happy I am and how much I appreciate it

    22. Aj Lauzon

      Nothing more badass than a beautiful woman working on a race car. Still hits my rev limiter watching my lady check my plug gaps or doing a compression check before a drift event. She can adjust the valves too. She also rebuilt her yz125 top end with minimal input from me. definitely marrying this one. She's also a cop. Which is pretty crazy she fell for a street drifting, fist fighting, pot smoking washed up motocross pro. Is it just me or is that truck way way way faster than what at first glance that set up should be capable of? I mean, I have no idea of actual specs but it's a traditional gen 2 SBC right?

    23. droidclone

      @7:33 I hear Ryan Upchurch playing in the background

    24. Mustang Guru

      Adding to the pile of engines behind the garage I see. Lol

    25. kona dayz

      Take the engine stand mounting plate off the stand and bolt it to the engine. Much easier than using the engine lift to align the bolts into the threads

    26. KJ KJ

      Humble Miss Molly brought me here, take my Sub love the vibes of these videos and how you teach her. I just taught my daughter to drive manual and racing could be in her future

    27. Junior Maya

      Mob deep 🔥

    28. Davon Mettler

      You should make a video on what it takes to get a 1300+hp small block

    29. Ken McKay

      Hi molly .

    30. Ruben Hernandez


    31. Brian Cunningham

      love the show reminds me of our shop at home when my boys where doing there thing now just work by myself in my shop thanks for the time you spend on doing this

    32. ClappedOutClassics

      There was an engine built in this video? I didn't see it. Must have missed that part

    33. johnnyf99 Music

      I know.. Im a wanker and dont know crap (well maybe a little) about this stuff.. But why wouldnt you put all this HP in a nice little car? Just askin?

    34. Jake Luther

      Spend the $1500 and invest in shaft rockers.

    35. TPV Productions

      That dizzy drop was phenomenal, only us long time SBC guys get it. I got that same hamburger pan on my S10. I had to add a second windage tray to keep the oil pressure from fluctuating at W.O.T.

    36. Robert Hunt

      SRC 👍💪

    37. Tray Evans

      Glad to see yall still together. Thought she done left my boyy

    38. Kevin Folsom

      Im building a twin setup for an sbe and was wondering what size turbos your running? Also, what is the back pressure ratio? I understand if you don't want to disclose that info.

    39. Ruben Leos

      1000% molly

    40. Andy Brice

      If you dont Merry Molly your a fool

    41. Tyronn Fields

      Why cant I see sexy black women mechanics....lmbo

    42. OnfloorAudio

      @2:56 Wow !

    43. Lori Evans

      Do longbed s-10s hook up on the strip better than the shortened?, Lmk, thanks, I like ur videos!

    44. RYAN B

      anyone know the intro song?

    45. Frank Zimmerman

      Molly needs safety glasses ,,ive had alot of steel in my eyes ,,that had to be removed ,,,Just sayin

    46. smokey 88

      Get outta the way so I can get in my truck.. girl. ;)

    47. russell1533

      colt 1911 .45 acp


      i aint worried about corona virus

    49. joe branch

      That's Every car guys dream girl. Doesn't mind grabbing the wrenches

    50. S H

      Where can I find the song playing at the 3:00 minute mark

      1. Matt Walter

        in for info too

    51. kelly wissink

      Hey guys I watch car stuff on IRvision a lot and I came across your channel. I think it is so cool how it is a family sport for you all. Including Molly and buying her a car, replacing the motor in grandpas 55, and including your friends. This is the Heartbeat of Chevrolet and America! Keep up the good work

    52. S V

      More Molly, less sausage fest.

    53. Deric Kettel

      How have I never seen this channel before? That's kookie talk! Subscribed! You had me at the music and the rest is icing on the cake!!!

    54. Rich ard

      You got a good life kid.

    55. EGB18

      america 😈 weight to power 👹👹👹👹👹

    56. josias denzler

      That is down right sexy..OMG...Chevy!

    57. Jon-Christian Kaczor

      Are you running any kind of vaccume pump or a crankcase evacuation system due to the extra pressure being blown past the rings?

      1. Jon-Christian Kaczor

        A vaccume pump or evac system will actually help the rings bite better which will increase boost


      What size tires are on the S-10 and is the rearend narrowed any....

    59. Eric t

      Another absolutely great video Amazing family guys. Just a note Years ago I built a 427 BBC for my Nova and the distributor dropped in perfect just like that and it was the best damn motor I’ve had in my 57 years of being on this planet !

    60. Working Class

      What’s your trans setup?

    61. TATERS 73

      I might have clicked on this for the hot chick not going to lie 🤣

    62. Strangely Familiar

      In the Thumbnail for the 'Firebirds For Everyone' vid I noticed the license plate wasn't blurred out. May not matter idk but just thought i'd mention it (comments are off for that particular vid so couldn't mention it there).

    63. Rolando Sanchez

      irvision.info/home/i3XgdpygZrZ3iMo/fy-lm-h-y.html My brother loves racing this is his truck so do what he did open up a race shop or two like him.

    64. funk

      Build em light and wind em tight! I use to build drag cars and race too. 1966 Chevy II SS. Southern Indiana here.

    65. Adam Perre

      Gotta love a tuff truck

    66. kmc 468

      Didn't think the channel could get any better than Billy busts out of 45 and busts rounds off what's next we're going to find out he's Billy the kid's grandson Jesus how could the show get any better love this damn channel it's like watching family

    67. UkaUka

      masyaallah keren vdeonya, bang nsihat untuk kedepannya, prbaiki kwlits vdeox. krja bgus

    68. Oper8or

      Time to hit HWY 72 in Greenback. See you out there boys. I wish i had the skill yall do.

    69. Dink Player

      How much advance do u run on that? Where is ur initial at?


      Thee folks are the "REAL" I am glad there is still a few good men!!!

    71. TREVOR Sargent

      the music fks it mate just do a video of the ute let bieber be the fktard

    72. ENIAC HAL

      That car shit is nice and all, but that Molly is a beautiful and pure as the driven snow.

    73. Kevin Tucker

      The chances are 1 in 360 I think

    74. Shane Murphy

      Hell of a truck to fastest street car ever. And that's why I respect you. Your not doing the pro mod shit. Got skills man. And your dad's awesome to. And damn Molly got all dirty with you guys she's awesome to. God bless and stay safe this virus shits out of control at least they say anyways.

    75. Shane Murphy

      Hell yeah man. Very proud of you. Your an awesome person. God bless you and your beautiful family.

    76. 12_sec_sho

      I really love these engine build videos!! Problem is you have to blow one up to build one and that sucks!! Love what you guys do!! I hope all this stuff passes soon and doesn't interrupt the events your hosting at Mairon speedway! I plan on attending as many as I can!! Good luck this season Billy your living the life many of us wish we could. Plus having Molly and her awesome personality and beauty in your videos is super click bait for me!!! God bless you all keep it moving!

    77. Gib The Kid

      When you drop the distributor in perfectly...we call that "Done got pregnant on the first thrust".

    78. kenneth stover

      The MollyBob was epic lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Danny Smith

      No what he is telling you is your screwed if something happens to him because none of this is real with out your daddy. Hope to see ya at kd this year I’m ganna spank that ass son

    80. Grey Wolf67

      Helping me get through being stuck at home. Loving the channel. Thanks for sharing brother.

    81. Jarod Burton

      I can't decide what's hotter the small block or the female 🤔Yeah the female fo show 😁

    82. Augden Fischer

      Ear pro is recommended when running pneumatic, tool shooting guns, and everything else loud.

    83. Cody Miller

      Will you marry me???

    84. Cody Miller

      Is that a stroker motor I bet that little S10 moves I had a budy who bought a Chevy S10 extreme in 2001 I think and dropped a built 383 stroker motor and had spray but don't remember the shot it was a 100 shot or 150 shot man there wasn't much on the street who could touch it he also had a dodge Dakota RT not a lot done and for the few little things he done that thing was snapping shafts he had a new cam nos and mostly bolt ons and gears and it outran most on the street both these trucks really surprised me I always wanted to drop a 302 in my ford ranger its just a parts truck right now but I think it would be a pretty sweet little project truck and drop a 302 in it

    85. Cody Miller

      My type of chick right there blonde sexy isn't afraid to pull a motor and rebuild and go to the races man she's the unicorn a very rare breed right here that's awesome only issue is she may beat me on the track

    86. Slowpoke 454


    87. Suprianto AP

      Good video

    88. Jamie Mullen

      I seen a s.r.c. license plate on barefoot Ronnie pace's car tonight..

    89. Lewis Declouette

      I don't know if that's your girlfriend but yeah that makes his way either

    90. Homosexuality Is a Sin Praise the Lord

      Your going to hell for clickbaiting

    91. Hunter Nichols

      What's the set up? Been wanting to build a sbc but people say just build a ls.

    92. Tower God

      I’ve been following your channel and wondering what transmission your using and what gear ratio in the rear end?

    93. El Bill Burrito

      Ohio weather looks like shaite.

    94. Greg l

      When poppin caps.. Cross your left hand thumb over your right hand below the slide obviously. But it helped me with barrel droop on the flinch for trigger pull. It tightens up the wrist a little more and is more stable. What the guy who owns midwest shooting center out by me told me i had a droop and my follow shots kept being off by more than it needed to. tightened my groupings up quite a bit

    95. Bob johnson

      wheres the girl??!!!

    96. Charles Davis

      This is what u must have great family team work and friends working together just saying

    97. Night Runner

      Really enjoyed this one. Greetings from Germany

    98. Billy T.

      As always great video. I want to compliment your choice of tunes you use in the your videos. Definitely have good taste in music. Can't wait to see the S-10 tearing it up.

    99. Vape Man 88

      I’d like to check her compression

    100. Jay Hayes

      2:55......eyes of an angel.