Mysterious Engine Noise SOLVED.

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    Hope you guys enjoy these shop vlogs, we'd love to be racing right now but it's getting to that time of year where this stuff is all we can do!

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    1. Sherri Gaskin

      4 link, coil overs, narrowed rear, tubs, and BIG TIRES.

    2. Sherri Gaskin

      Ooh. Stud girdle. Trick. Steve

    3. clyde baker

      I have a son about your age and does not like to listen.So please listen to your dad.we may b older but we are wiser as well.

    4. SMOKEY_515

      What disk brake are you running on the rear

    5. Winford Riner

      Dad said-Dont be a dick Billy🤣Love it. Better than Street Outlaws

    6. Daniel Ward

      This is what my dad and I used to/still kind of do. I'm moving on to an LS and teaching dad about them on the way. Stoked to see how it makes my s10 move lol.

    7. hatersaywhat

      So how do you get your boys out there helping? Not going "eeww" everytime they touch oil? I try but he just keeps disappearing and ill find him watching this channel. So I subscribed to find out and see what the deal is.

    8. Dan Myers

      Never s good thing to see coolant in the lifter valley. 😳

    9. Dan Myers

      Man, I had no idea that you were still running horse carriage springs in the rear of the truck! Giddy up partner! 😂

    10. O Negative

      I always use fine thread grade 8 bolts w new nylon lock nuts.

    11. John Mathews

      nice video love your work

    12. Mustang Guru

      Can’t believe your dad is canibalizing the Nova

    13. Mustang Guru

      If it still hook left. Swap the slicks left to right.

    14. SwayCanales

      Been watching some of your videos an it’s great to see a family work together

    15. dread head garage

      "Get some" is inappropriate in the ohio dmv registry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. Darrell Kidd


    17. Nate67 R

      That fuckin' firewall lip! I totally forgot about that on those S10s. My first mech job was R and R in a transmission shop in the mid 90s, that lip made it a bitch on those S10s. I enjoyed watching it get cut.

    18. wizeguy2007

      It just needs a THICKER GASKET, I was rolling laughing my ass off. NOOOOOOOO. :~)

    19. Joe Weathery

      Can you drive a 3400 go alcohol funny?

    20. Don Dagy

      Fellow scorpio with the november sticker i see.


      MOLLY IS A HOTTY!!!!

    22. Bobby Sanders

      I love hearing the memories of this engine from Pops.

    23. randy lankford


    24. farmermatt629

      Just offset grind the rod journals on one side lol

    25. Kurt Fosberg

      I would stay with leaf springs they offer I think a range of drivability where ladders are going to be maybe more like a torque arm in the white Camaro the truck is lighter in the back on rough track or

    26. kenneth woleslagle

      great picture CLEAR AS A BELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. donato cantu

      But if I dont do what you do how can I gaptize the back home 😂🤣

    28. BoostedMK6

      Much respect for the Kent Rose sticker man. Thankful I knew this man, loved his arm drop drag races at the old air strip. RIP

    29. silly guy

      Time for some jessel shaft mount rockers

    30. everchevy

      Love your channel. You guys do it like I use to. No fancy shop but you get it done. Retired and looking for a roller to drop a 366 in and go do some fun racing. Is the Nova for sale by chance. I am in Indiana.

    31. E-Racer

      Run a thicker gasket on the passenger side

    32. E-Racer

      Take that block take you an aluminum peg put it in the hole file it down and don’t worry about it! That crack isn’t going to hurt anything trust me. I ran a 400 .040 for years and every one of the steam holes were cracked on mine. Ran 275 shot on it the whole time. It was a streetcar in fact it was in a 72 SS Nova there are street rice and rice on the weekends never had a problem out of it until the crank broke and split the block. It never ran hot. Another thing you could run alcohol and fill it with block fill. Then again I’m sure this is an old video and you’ve already done built another engine but there’s nothing wrong with that block I promise you.

    33. Jeff Stewart

      400 blocks do no like nitrous. this is a fact. I love them but it's a problem waiting to happen.

    34. Heather Conway

      Good to see he went a s10 to . family strong

    35. Ken McKay

      Hi molly

    36. Mikey Shoemagoo03

      You gotta pretty cool dad!!! Love listening to the wisdom.

    37. Robert Alcorn

      @billythekid How about that volbeat in the back ground? Good song choice

    38. Timothy Durm

      keep the leaf springs. split monoleaf with a slider to replace the shackle. you would be surprised how well it works. the truck is bad ass.

    39. Little Bastards racing

      I was surprised not to see a dana60 under that truck than that 9"

    40. Robert Bradford

      Oh I love it !.... LOL😂

    41. VRMN8R

      My S10 works real well with ladder bars and coil overs. You could also do a Calvert drop leaf too

    42. Corey Hickman

      Im from springfield if you guys are in ohio lol

    43. Leland Holton

      The county just adds flavor to the name of that plate. Js.

    44. David Glasow

      Hella funny . "We just need thicker gaskets" bahaha


      Do away with those blocks and get a set of calvert split mono leafs and use your caltracs, cant go wrong

    46. Keith Blackburn

      Good to see Kent rose on your truck. I live 5 miles from his shop in prestonburg ky. RIP KENT

    47. Doug Atkins

      Just use a thicker

    48. Mike Bjork

      Maybe you have a softer leaf spring on one side than the other

    49. KMARQ

      Less carbon on thr pistons when they touch. +1 on thicker gasket


      I seen more 400 SBC blown up, before you where born! Dart SHP or Little M! Quit screwing around! And I’m 46, I grew up around dirt cars in the 80’s and 90’s!

    51. Geof Levenson

      What's the compression ratio that motor and are you guys going with a turbo or a bottle

    52. B W

      more pops videos! Wisdom!

    53. Ben Thare

      , and, and,....the FlameChicken

    54. Ryan Mealer

      Dude i love your chanel but i think you smoke too many trees like your bever excited about nothing toooo chilll man

    55. QQTrick1QQ

      A 2 foot 1 inch pipe put to your ear can pinpoint where a noise is coming from. Listen to the rocker covers all the way across, oil pan, bellhousing ect.. Awe Snow white, I guess a color change is off the table for the Fire Chicken.

    56. godecki motorsports

      not sure if mentioned already, but quick fix - weld the tapper to block, assuming both aluminum. will take the shear out and stop some movement, then put a metal pin in it

    57. Wes Hillsberry

      Is that factory length rearend how close is tire to framerails?

    58. Invincibletro

      So, worn out leaf springs are the only thing keeping your axle perpendicular to the frame? For the sake of your life, please fix that soon. Stay safe, and keep the videos coming!!

    59. Knick Knickerbocker

      You guys need heat and a hoist!

    60. Czochan

      Hey who is doing your intro song or artist I mean?? thanks keep it up!!

    61. Devin Mitchell

      Bring some merch down

    62. Finding Funkos From Than to Now

      4 link the truck

    63. Kenny Guyton

      Billy's smart ass comments to bill 🤣🤣

    64. Rob&Lani S

      Snow white and licking underneath. Am I the only one that caught that? Looks like a lesbian call sign instead of a plate, lol. Sorry I love the channel but I like good humor also.

    65. Cerebration247

      Check out these lowering blocks that I have they are solid aluminum

    66. Nick Mx 33

      I had to switch to steel drop blocks because I always break the pin out of the aluminum ones

    67. Don't poke The Bear!

      Blue picture fellas!

    68. Dustin Hahn

      I have 3 inch Steel drop blocks on my S10 from Air slam it they come tapered. Worth the extra couple pounds IV cracked 2 sets of aluminum blocks making nowhere near your hp.

    69. 572dartsport

      Dude whats the name of the song and band in the "beginning" of the video backgroud music.

    70. crazy fast

      What kinda rocker arms are those

    71. crazy fast

      Shoulda added a leaf the left side..

    72. crazy fast

      Where in NC?

    73. Greg l

      Me sitting here trying to figure out how billy is talking but hims mouth wasnt moving.

    74. Erik Schock

      I have to say I am jealous of you’re father he gets to share a passion with his sons. I can only hope one day my sons and I will do the same. Great videos Billy thank you.

    75. Glockspecific

      Its really important for lil bro to have a truck to mob around in highschool!!

    76. nsboost

      good vid! dig the family all hotrodding

    77. kjax76

      "we'll go test down at the test spot or somewhere" oughta be "so we'll go test down in mexico." lol

    78. scott tim

      Loved the video!!!! Keep up the nice work y’all

    79. wes cadmore

      was made to watch a 4 minute add before your clip even started ,, wtf, but thumbs up,,


      “It just got real close”......”they were hitting! As you can see” 😂😂

    81. overkillaudioinc

      GET RID OF THOSE LEAF SPRINGS! step up man!

    82. Eric Robison

      My son is 18 months old right now; hopefully he'll be out in the garage with me in a few years. Great videos guys. It's nice seeing you work with your fam.

    83. Big Bill at Iron Garage

      You could get your riser blocks machined from a solid block. And your Dad is right ladder bars and coil overs are the way to go. Or you can do what we did and just back-half it and put a 4-link in. But at the rate you are going your going to have to look at a full cage. At that time you can go to a new back-half and go to a big tire.

    84. Steve elco

      I've been wanting to try that anti-rollbar on my S10 as well. I hope it helps in both our cases 😊

    85. Simmons racing187

      Nice video.....your dad is the MAN🏁🏁🏁👍🏽👍🏽

    86. Dan Evan Fishing

      Lol @ Pops “I’m thinking ladder bars and coilovers” - He’s the man!

    87. Kurt Sumthinorother

      Double deck er and Mill the Pistons to 33 thou squish. Not really too bad out of pocket. New bearings and pins but I doubt much else unless the top ring is pinched. Then she junk, otherwise, for real just bearings and pins.

    88. Kurt Sumthinorother

      With the wins you are laying down AFR should be sponsoring you guys. They are miles above the competition and people just don't know. They make the sickest heads they should go for some name recognition. Look at what Texas Speed has done strictly with social media presence. They are definitely not reinventing the wheel but they are making parts for the masses. Sleeved LS1 and 5.3 blocks was pure genius. Cheap for them and a solid piece. C'mon AFR, STEP IT UP!!!

    89. Kurt Sumthinorother

      I'd drill down that drop block for an interference fit steel pin. Throw blocks in oven on 450 for an hour and drop the pins in. Maybe tig a filler in the wedge to eliminate the slot open end.

    90. Late Model Fabrication

      Pronounced (Roll- Lend) !!! My mom grew up very close to 710 between Rowland and Lumberton off Exit 10 on I95! If I wasnt all the way out in Portland OR for work, I'd come watch and support you guys!!! Good Luck!!! (PS you gotta eat some Smithfields Chicken and BBQ while you are in NC!! Both their Chicken strips and BBQ are great. You gotta put their vinegar sauce on it. Its got crushed red pepper flakes in it. Its the tits!!!)

    91. Fred Schmidt

      Thicker gasgets will work . I must say though 20 years if Pistons hitting the heads & not cracking anything is pretty lucky

    92. the breadedcrab

      I love Billy's sarcasm 😂

    93. Cody Davidson

      Just needs a thicker gasket lol. Thats my solution too

    94. Mike Angelastro

      Nice work guys. Good video,! 🇺🇸

    95. the breadedcrab

      😂😂😂 the license plate thing. Sounds like the shit I'd do

    96. Josh Meyer

      I'm sure u know this but the block surface finish has to be good to run the MLS gaskets

    97. Jay Burrough

      I would really enjoy watching the whole build on the other s10 .love the channel by the way and i like how you drive the shit out of your truck.

    98. Fisherman Dan

      Why do little brothers have to be so cocky? Smh

    99. Jason Breeding

      Where is tha race at in nc

    100. Simple Man

      Sr, I know you are living the Dream, both of your sons out in the shop having fun. I'm envious of you.