The Story of Why We Race

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    A look into the history of how we got into Drag racing! My Grandpa and his 1955 Chevrolet Sparked it all for my dad, and my dad sparked it for me when I got to watch him in his 1971 Nova growing up at the race track every weekend.

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    1. Outlaw 77

      😂the story of the old man jumping the '55 is funny as hell😂😂

    2. David MacDougall Jr.

      Go zooom. Totally love the video guys

    3. Vinko Franicic

      Hope you never need to sell that -55

    4. The Killer Capricorn

      Great stories and awesome family. Anyone who hit the "Thumbs down"............ YOU AINT STREET!!!

    5. J P

      Love hearing old stories like this 👍

    6. Cameron Parker

      That red Nova is so close to my dads that he won the championship in 2007 :D

    7. Scott Russell

      Bill, Billy and Tommy, you guys have a real gift for making these videos. They really draw in the viewer, and give them a very palpable sense of just how special this family really is. I've been a die hard car guy since before I was old enough to drive, and always wished my dad shared my love of cars, but he never did. I wanted desperately to find a way to make a living racing, but he always told me that racing cars cars will never pay the bills, and that I should get an good education and prepare for making money to support a family. I hated school with a passion, and managed to stay in a fair amount of trouble. Cars were the only thing in my 57 years of living that has ever held my interest. At this point I've taken it to extremes with 4 second turbo cars, but I can't even put into words how much it would have meant to me to have been doing this with my dad like you guys are doing. My dad and I get really well and I have so much respect for his accomplishments in life, but I took a very different path. I went to work in a factory right out of high school and married when I was 21. We had two children, a son who will be 31 Friday, and my daughter who will be 27 in April. We divorced in 98. Thank God for my new next door neighbor, who is still my best friend to this day. He is 11 years older than me, and his oldest son is 13 years younger. We have all raced together since 97. My neighbor has been like a surrogate big brother to me for 23 years, and I suppose I've been like a big brother to his eldest son. When I watch your videos, I see us. I have thousands of pictures from the 15 or so years of racing with them on my FB page photo albums, but what I would give to have had video like you guys have had. As I get older, family and friends more to me than can explain. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay close as a family always! People grow up and grow apart too quickly. Never let it slip away. My neighbor moved back to Buffalo three and half years ago, and at the same time his oldest son moved his family to Navarre Florida. They left their car here with me, and we said we'd keep racing together, but it hasn't happened yet. I've honestly been pretty lost ever since they moved. Watching your videos reminds me of how much I need to get my car back together and get back to racing and renew old friendships. Life is too short and I've let 3 years slip away while I worked and came home and watched life passing me by. Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love the channel and love watching your family and shop time together. Best of luck in the future! I hope I get to meet you guys at a track somewhere some day.

    8. Kenneth Chapman

      Reminds me of early days of the beginning of my love affair with cars, my first car was a 68 Cougar XR 7, dark blue, black vinyl top, traded it for a 65 Fairlane sports Coupe, kcode car, first drag car, t10 four speed, after build 289 bounce tach off 10grand, straight front axle, 5:13 gear, first car I've owned that would pull front wheels, sold it eventually and bought my first mustang of five, 75, originally had a four banger, put a 289 four speed in it, bought a maverick that a guy in new Bedford had put a crate Boss 302 in it and it scared him to death, street raced that, had a 70 Torino Cobra 429scj and traded that for a 66 Mercury Cyclone GT Holman Moody Edition, had a 427 went in service. Out service and got married, was four years I bought my 67 Fairlane GTA with 428 police motor, pistons and cobrajet heads and special grind cam.

    9. James Howard


    10. robert survis

      Absolutely love this video!! Shows the true roots. Amazing story. Congrats on all the achievements already and good luck for the many more to come. Been watching your vids for days and finally subbed today lol..

    11. Rene

      Nice 68 Camero, I had a 1967 SS with hidden headlights!

    12. Rene

      I appreciate your story, it is so much like some of my early stories, my Dad loaned me money a couple of times to get engines that actually came out of other cars that were rusted out to swap to my ride! Many times I laid under my cars in the snow bolting the transmission and drive shaft up. Some times I would get over anxious and drive my car to town in Barberton OH before I had a tag for it.

    13. James H

      Bill, Sr, while IRvision stats say otherwise, real car people, cherish this vid. And hope that we've inspired our kids the way you and your Dad have.

    14. Ragrle Graggle

      You guys and gals are awesome.

    15. Josh Bergman

      I'm a ford guy but damn ya can't beat this. Probably the best channel I've seen. 👏👏🔥🔥

    16. Ben Brooks

      I think this video is your best so far. Seeing you and your dad working together on the S-10 has always been cool. I wish my dad and myself could have had that kind of relationship and same interest. Keep it up and keep it between the ditches !!!!

    17. Joe Meshefski

      Always love the videos you guys do 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎. I come from a family of mechanic and street racers. It's great seeing other families have the same likes. Thank you 😊

    18. kevin brown

      What A Video. Thank you for sharing. Three generations of men and they all have the same mannerism in front of the camera - telling a compelling story and not looking directly into the camera BUT the soul is still there. Three generations sharing a story of hard work, engineering, passion and fun. The love of the family is there. There is genuinely love of family in this video with a race story! I don’t know you or where you live but this guy from Arizona can connect to it. My connection to my father is through trucks - He is a GMC guy and I am a Ford but we still love working on our trucks together - we don’t race but we love to build things that last because we are not a rich family. We have a ranch and we need trucks that are strong and reliable. The same connection to detail of your work is something I admire. Thank you so much for this video to remind me of the things that last!

    19. Tyler Smith

      Make street racing Great again

    20. Dad73

      So cool... great story and legacy

    21. James Gordon

      Awesome video, thanks for sharing this story about the history on family racing 🏎 👍

    22. john hoad

      Awesome video as always love your work billy

    23. ATF2099

      You're the man dude. Great story. Still got my old man's 67 camaro and s10 for my daily. Chevys dont die they just get better engines! (and maybe a paint job)

    24. Victor Hex

      I just found SRC and I love the content they produce, ( they have an excellent videographer) . They are as real as it gets and these folks are not just 'real street' , they represent a nice big slice of real Americana.

    25. Arnold Childress

      I could sit out on the front porch and listen to that guy all day long great video

    26. craig streetzel

      could be my family story & the same passion and all about going fast then haulin ass when you can i had 85 GMC S15 in highschool then fox body with 5.0 🙏 man i miss my grandpa's but blessed to have both my grandma's still at 43

    27. George Quinn

      Cool story. Me and my Step Dad brought back his dads 58 Biscane 4door Chevy from West Virgina to Florida and it looks just like your Grandpa's but only has 2 more doors , hopefully I get the chance to make it mine and restore her Back ..

    28. Johnny Amador

      Texas, awesome...

    29. Skortchy Redd

      Love y’all channel bro glade to see how it all started

    30. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Hoskinson I Like The Nick Plewniak Shirt & The Dirty 🚘 30 Im Ronald Thank You.

    31. Winford Riner

      Good stuff. Man that's what it's all about. Kid you and Tommy are lucky boys. I respect your dad and grandfather just from this channel and most importantly this video, yet you guys have the privilege to live with them. Keep soaking it all in because what you are learning will carry you well in life

    32. richard brady

      Great story you have to tell.Hope you and your brother both can go to the highest limitations of your passion,be safe !

    33. yahweysway


    34. jaxon w

      man i had to come back and watch this again, one of my favorite videos yall have. my favorite type of videos, keep up the great work guys

    35. ironmules MC

      You need to make t shirts that say ! GO TO ZOOM! I need one for each of my kids !

    36. M

      Where's the hood bird man??? My bro. picked up a 64 Chev PU long bed the other day for junk and it has a 55 hood bird on the hood. That by its self makes it a profit.

    37. M

      'This is a PSA. Make race cars out of Novas and S10's all day but for the love of old cars please don't make a race car out of any 1950's or older car. I really hate to see 60's cars made into race cars but I can only ask for so much. Grandpa knows what he's talking about on the 55 Chev. If I found 1 w/the 235 still in it id buy it in a heart beat. What is the other car Grandpa has?

    38. Mustang Jon Bowden

      What else can u say two absolute gentleman,were I come from it's the highest complement,tell reality TV to pound sand

    39. Jose Delreal

      Family cars are the best love the content the bond is great

    40. 58raceguy

      Fantastic video guys. It’s great seeing the family history and how it’s carried down through the generations. That ‘55 is really a jewel, neat seeing in your other videos how it’s back on the road. Please keep sharing the videos, we love ‘em. Go zoom!

    41. Deez Nuts

      It all started off with "ZOOMMM".. 💪💯💪

    42. john dodd

      Love these stories!! The best!! Thanks!


      glad you and the family and molly are keeping the spirit alive for those who cant get out and do it,,THANK YOU ALL

    44. MrKKUT1984

      My first truck was an 88 s-10 blazer with a 4.3l, had it for a few years and went to start building the engine and hurricane Katrina came along and totally flooded the truck and everything else I owned. Watching your s-10 kick ass like that makes me want to go buy another blazer and build it

    45. JT WATER'S

      Damn brother i love watching this i wish i had more videos of my grand father and father .... blessed ....wish you the best

    46. Mark Reidsma

      you guys realy do some really good quality videos that show what real racers are

    47. julvalo

      I think it is one off the best channels on youtube! Keep up billy and crew, love the content! Thanks for all the effort!

    48. John Mathews

      Thank you for sharing your story. open up with time and family for us to watch. 👍👍

    49. Jason Breeding

      Thats whats its all about family and friends thank you for this video and we ready to see that s10 back in tn at English mountain

    50. cew142

      Billy, you an I have a lot in common. We both have square body s10s and have a family history of drag racing. Thanks for sharing!!

    51. 79fordster

      this is real prisless stuff I love it thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Anthony Jones

      You boys have a great family especially your dad and the one who doesn't get mention much is your mom. I grew up very similar but my mom got mad that my dad spent too much time with me working on car and racing. She eventually left my dad and unfortunately my family fell apart after that 💔.

    53. Oper8or

      I dont regret one race. My brother is the one that got my blood into it. I stopped a long time ago and now i have a little ford st. Drive it to work. I can do big horsepower anymore, but i'd love to spin that little car up and make it fast. You guys make memories roll through my head and make me want to go build something quick. First car i ever took down a road in a race was a monza with a 350 in it. I'll never forget that car.

    54. rifleman1873

      This gives perspective to your channel that really makes me appreciate your passion. Keep up the great videos.

    55. Timothy Milam

      Very well done y'all, and from what I've been seeing in your videos lately, baby brother has a future in his camera, directing, and possibly writing skills as well. Not too mention, from Grandpa down to The Kid, getting y'all to talk and open up is like pullin hen's teeth. So I know his workin for every mumbled word outta y'all. If'n I guess right, has to couch y'all on what to say, and spend bunch of time editing the colorful words out too. lol Something folks don't take into consideration about what your doing young man, nor do they understand why you're doing it. Simple answer to that, is they've never felt the rush of driving something fast enough to make you feel it from your toes, all the way to the back of your head being forced back. The devotion, time, effort, commitment, usually most of your earnings go into parts, before they're broke in the never ending need for bigger better faster, and all that from your family, and their willingness to support one of the worst addictions know to modern man.

    56. Chris Ramirez

      Repost this video! This is “real,” people need to see this. Great video 👍🏼

    57. Frank g Estrada

      We like to Go ZOOM!

    58. bjlracer

      What an awesome video! Well done.

    59. My Music

      This was an excellent video idea I really enjoyed it

    60. Scott Dennis

      I love hearing the old stories.. My dad still has his 55 chevy and I'm building my second 57 chevy. Dad's 75 and I'm 53. I bought my first 57 for $250 and pulled it to mom and dad's with a tractor..LOL I was 13

    61. John Ziegler

      Great stuff! Love it.

    62. Eric t

      Another great video There’s that one car for everyone For me it was a black 68 Nova with a 427 And a big white snorkel hood! It belonged to a guy named David Ray Chapman He use to sneak me out when my mom was visiting neighbors( I was maybe 9-10) The car was a beast of a car I never forgot that car Even now the smile still creeps back when I think of it

    63. anyshitt

      Man's it's 2:00 pm march 29, over cast in southern calif setting out this virus quarantine and now after watching the 3 or 4 video's of your story's? I am anxious to get out side and wash one of my chevy's and go for a ride, it will almost be in vein because the state is on lock down and there really is no cool place for me to go. so it's kind of a morbid ritual with me, I take about 2 hours to wash one of my chevy's , then I might go to the market for ten minutes, then I park her back in the garage, (wishing I had more place's to cruise to). I have been living my car infatuation through the internet. I love lowrider's , hot rod's and harley davidsons. my 68 chevy impala has a 400 sb , my first car was a 70 challenger buts gone.

    64. Rolando Sanchez

      Great video you just be safe dad and family care for you more than the S-10 or any other ride. 💯🙏🏻😊👍🏼

    65. Dave Butch

      Great video. I could sit and talk with an old timer all day. They've forgotten more than we know.

    66. Dave Butch

      It's time for GO ZOOM shirts. I'll take two.

    67. John Carr

      Thank you for sharing that with us! Your Family history is what makes are country the greatest place in the world. Next time you are in North Carolina I would like to meet you and your Dad. God bless you and your family!

    68. Terrell Chapman

      Get as much video as your grandparents as possible bc they won’t be around forever.

    69. J. Mora

      Hell yeah, now that's a family tradition.👍


      That go zoom story was awsome. I used to tell my old man to kick it. My first car was a 75 nova ss. Damn i loved that car.

    71. Charles Orvis

      GO ZOOM

    72. Bill Allen

      Great video!!! Thank you for the stories!!! ....from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠🇺🇸

    73. anthony knight

      that was one of the best video's ever, thank's for sharing how it all got started through 3 generations eye's pretty cool vid

    74. Shannon Arrowood

      Mad props to you and yours bro! Thanks for sharing your story!

    75. Brian Poole

      This family is awesome. Big fan of you guys.

    76. EAST SIDE313

      Great video, nice to hear your story, it's just like my dad and i practically.

    77. BenSuzi1980

      Awesome documentary, thats what i call this ! i am rly impressed, much respect to ur family. Stay safe and healthy ! Greetings from Germany

    78. Corey Mack

      I have been watching all of your videos they are all great but this video is by far the best one thanks for sharing your family history.

    79. mike annunziata

      I loved watching this, at almst 59 it made me tkink back to my beginnings with cars/ racing

    80. Brian Goudreau

      Can you imagine that two vehicles and 250 to buy it that 64 ss would be worth bank now.

    81. John B

      Thanks for sharing your story.

    82. Zachary S.

      Paint the s10

    83. Zachary S.

      Slooooow story telling. 😉

    84. Steve Weiman

      Great video! Now I'm ready for part 2, the reason you street race. I have my own story with this but I'd really like hear yours and how it got under YOUR skin......

    85. jerrya27

      id love to have her

    86. Melissa Graves

      After charger dad went to 70 Nova rally sport 4 speed car aswell and I fell in love with Nova's after being sideways threw three years.thanks I needed a trip down memory lane I have kids now I am gonna find a nova

    87. Melissa Graves

      More I love the old story's esp when someone one says I busted there ass! I grew up watching my dad rip through gears in his 71 Dodge charger 383 mag.fact 4 speed any time we saw my uncle in his 70 gto with 455 four speed it was passed 2 years ago now and my fav memory is that look as he yanked the shifter almost out of the floor.and that dodge almost floating valves he got every inch of power out of that motor

    88. Steven Thompson

      This is great content.. generations of car guys an passing down love for vehicle an dad teaching you lessons that alot parents let they're kids go down a rabbit hole... 🤘

    89. danny Newman

      Great back story

    90. burn rubber

      This is a amazing video that 55 is awesome

    91. Jason Kendrick

      Absolutely my favorite SRC video! I loved listening to your Grandpa talk about his 55, but to find out that he still had it gave me goosebumps. I also got some dirt in my eye listening to Bill tell about your win in the Nova. Love it!

    92. Blake jeanfreau

      Loved the video this is the content I like✊🏼✊🏼🔥🔥

    93. Sean Mason

      Awesome awesome video! Thanks for the history, to hear how it started and to see it in the present is extremely impressive.

    94. Josh Ratcliff

      Billy man I loved that story that's truly awesome man love all the videos!! Love the truck family when thing keep doing what u do man !!! My family wasn't ever into racing but I always followed it , never had my own hot rod but now here I am 40 years old and I'm putting together a 1965 c10 with a semi hot 454 well 461 lol

    95. rich 570

      You guys have a great story

    96. Whitney Duncan

      It has been so cool watching your videos grow and your videos keep getting better and better bro keep up the good work

    97. Todd Borland

      Awesome video, really enjoyed hearing your family story. Love your channel, keep kicking ass.

    98. Creator 262

      I think youre the most genuine dude on these racing youtube channels. Everyone else has some kind of douchey act they follow.

    99. Eric Williams

      23:03 I almost shed a tear to see and hear a father acknowledge his son is what its all about great job guys

    100. Don Hamilton

      I think this was one of the best Videos ever. Grandpa still has the 55, that is way cool. Love the insight on what got you guys into this stuff. This is what makes you guys great!!!