We Took on DetroitHoodTV PYOP!

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    In this video the crew heads to Milan Dragway in Michigan for PYOP at the back end of the strip. The next day we went and filmed a local slow car cash days because, why not! We love street racing no matter how fast or slow!

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    1. Lewis Mark

      That's what it's all about just got pops on the backup makes it a solid runner every time ..hard for the country boys to keep up..might slap the taste out your mouth

    2. Sherri Gaskin

      That truck needs to be big tire. Would look insane. Like Kamikaze's El Camino. Looked awesome after being back halved. Chuck's Mustang, too. Steve

    3. Mike Schwindt

      Good pedal job.. way to go

    4. cathy gambill

      You know ya'lls engines might last a little longer and make a few more horsepower with the fucin right air filter? Drivin in the dirt drive way all the time? How about the blue truck right after it was cleaned with the hood off with nothin over the carb and grinding all that metal off those upper control arms 5 ft away? That's good on ring seal?

    5. Blind Hamburger2

      That 5 speed fox was gettin it 👊🏼

    6. James Meehan

      A lot of people might disagree with me but I can’t stand them races where people can buy there way back in. I never go out anywhere but the Phila area and I never see them around here. And I’m always told their a reason you don’t see them around here , too many pull out when they hear of that

    7. Pj Bailey

      -23.16 that truck is nasty and u are one helluva driver bro...💯😤💨😅

    8. 98% Natural

      Thanks for coming to Detroit

    9. Soncar10

      Try lapeer it has a lot of grip

    10. Bruce Thompson

      Billy is one cool laid-back Country Boy I am a fan of yours and I would like to see you race the guy in Memphis that has the black old truck



    12. danny Newman

      Did dude really use orange soda lol

    13. Joshua Gibson

      660ft racing just isn't fun. Nice truck though.

    14. Marco Polo

      25:28 holding 5 yard penalty 4th down

    15. Joseph Soto

      Man much love from the west coast I got love for you mid west racers y'all created so much and did impossible things with cars

    16. SUNN RAYY

      The Guys, Do’in The Damn Thing🔥🔑🔒

    17. Michael Hutchison

      ad placement was brutal

    18. Phil

      Don't waste your time at Milan...drive 1 1/2 hours more to Martin, US 131 Motorsports Park...THE fastest track in Michigan!!! No comp...

    19. Randy Darcey

      You almost scratched your eye out.

    20. darcy32171

      Can I trade ya 65 Chevy 2 post for your Nova? lol

    21. darcy32171

      you guys have it dialed!!!!! Used to be break downs and what not, Now it seems like you have it dialed!!!!

    22. send it

      love the tow truck i own one hope you like it if its same as mine its a tough ass truck trust me i been in some shit with mine


      Your dad's a cool dude

    24. TheCanadianBubba

      Both o ya on top !

    25. Randys FiftySevenChevy

      What are you using for stripper glitter? Mountain Due Syrup?

    26. NCS353A

      That steering wheel tho

    27. Axe Bryan

      Great to see you guys running good

    28. Robert Johnson

      Hell yeah watching you guys whip up on those cars is awesome Tommy Billy in the old man you guys are killing it and the old man especially back in you guys up laying down the prep he's got it down pat absolutely love this video God bless you guys stay safe

    29. Randy UGH Lee


    30. John Daniel

      You guys need to get Molly out of those Fords. Sell the Mustangs and use the money to sup up that corvette she has.

    31. Nicholas Rodrigues

      I like a good whorehouse red interior with the right exterior colour. Never had a car with one though. Black, grey, or tan look good with pretty much every exterior colour though.

    32. Brandon Chauvin

      Alll these ppl with torches. They do sell bottle heaters lol

    33. Brad mic

      Great job on the win billy,but both of you jumped..when is Matt installing the twin turskies

    34. MarshLT1Z28Vert

      How can a man get in on those slow car races, that looks like right up my alley. I have a LT1 with ported stock heads and intake with a cam and a single nozzle nitrous kit.

    35. Kurt Sumthinorother

      It's a lot less squirrelly when you get moving. That's the one thing I noticed has really started tracking better.

    36. SourBogBubble

      That camero was so sexy

    37. Jody

      Can't watch it..to many adds

    38. TreyCurrieBa

      What happened to the Dirty Deeds Nova?

    39. James Forbes

      Hey Billy James here I really like the channel man, oh I live in the Bahamas. I have a question for you, how much horsepower does your truck make?

    40. Myles Aka TRM

      Another excellent video glad you tools some cash. ✌

    41. tony bega

      I got the s10 for a hunnit

    42. Troy Montgomery

      This channel also doubles as a how to guide for new dads! Love the content and the builds. I stay for the comradery and the special moments.

    43. James Flynn

      Great job by all the SRC boys. De-funded the Milan Mich. boys in fine fashion.

    44. john hoyt

      My favorite IRvision channel. I don’t understand all the shit talking? Have fun and stay safe! This is one badass S-10.

    45. jamie muncy

      Billy you let CJ an old man just about beat you in a foot race lmao Great job, looks like winnings becoming normal again. Still wished you’d come back down this way try to knock John off, that twin turbo Coyote of his is Top Dog down here right now😝😝 Awesome job you and your brother 💯💯

    46. Mike Schwindt

      Foot race.. WTF 🌈🌈🌈

    47. Joey Voyles

      And just a question not trying to be rude or anything but why after y'all do the burnouts your dad steer's y'all back?

      1. Nicholas Rodrigues

        It's a no prep so to get decent traction they need to be on the rubber/prep they lay down from their burnout

    48. Kevin Tucker

      That Canadian Ford small block sounds mean as hell on nitrous! Unfortunately those blocks have been known to split down the middle if you put too much to them literally trading you a v8 for two 4 bangers....

    49. Joey Voyles

      What's his Dad's channel?

      1. Nicholas Rodrigues

        SRC Garage

    50. Kevin Tucker

      I pulled a groin just watching that final race!🤣

    51. Karl Morrison


    52. Roy Dredge

      time for that extra half leaf

    53. TeamGIGN

      Whats his dads channel?

      1. Nicholas Rodrigues

        SRC Garage

    54. MoonShine Menace

      It's nice to see a big crowd of people that actually let the vehicles get through

    55. Joelee Finn

      Where can I buy a hat SRC?

    56. Chezley McDonald

      Car has came a long way I haven’t been on you tube in a while you done got fast!

    57. Dan D.

      Missed why you guys did the foot race instead of racing the vehicles????

    58. Efron Solid

      That Sbf hooked the best. He didn't spin when he launched it. That's what i want right there for my Chevy. Good racing guys.

    59. Todd Tague

      Tommy can wheel that nitrous truck

    60. joey badabing

      The eagle claw brings back a lot of memories as a child my dad always did it across the face then one day I got old enough and picked him up and I would throw the him in the bushes😁🙏

    61. gtpro700

      I have two young boys and hope I can have the relationship with them in 10-15 yrs like you guys do with your dad. Truly amazing life you all have and I know your dad jokes about getting frustrated with you both but man he must lay his head down at night and just Love life to be doing what you guys are right now. Keep it up I love the content on all of your channels.

    62. young11984

      Im ready to see a BTG vs T2G heads up with a truck spot and the hit to T2G, EVERY fox owner that has red interior hates red interior....myself especially!

    63. TAG_4V

      8:29 that dude didn't wanna waste some good DEW

    64. yarrdayarrdayarrda

      If you don't already have them, check out Afco's low friction ball joints. Cutting coils, those ball joints, and removing the upper rubber control arm bumpers gave me 6" of front suspension travel in my Camaro.

    65. ImDatThiccPig

      Milan is my fav track

    66. Steve's Shed

      Why is it that So many people are allowed to be right on track in the damn Danger Zone ??? This is a disastrous situation. And totally Annoying.

    67. Dalton Jones

      The best video yet👍🏾 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    68. Dalton Jones

      Pops let the sons drive and you film, just freaking love it.

    69. Tj Wood

      Had tee tops red pin strip but had auto

    70. Tj Wood

      Man I swear that's my old mustang does he know if it ever came from Muncie Ind it was my first car also I traded for 79 ta 400 390 poss track but man I've always wanted that four eye back

    71. Jon Do

      Wow, very nice video guys!!

    72. Kris Hiatt

      Have to go to the replay for the foot race, that was close!

    73. Richard Tisdale

      Not a Ford guy at all but it was awesome seeing a stick car role out like that and ole boy can drive that bitch

    74. Christy Gore

      Now that was so fun get u some of dad I still love nos I will meet u peeps soon some were probably in Kentucky I'm in tn think your family is cool

    75. ryan davis

      Ford juice...

    76. Macdaddy

      That's freaking awesome, my dad did the EAGLE CLAW on me when I was a boy. Dad was missing part of his first finger that still had a little claw on it.

    77. Todd S

      We are you coming back to bunker hill ?

    78. redlightcivic

      Why is the steering wheel on the Ford off by 90 degrees? Just sayin'.

    79. richard brady

      was that miss molly? tell the guy in the cutlass to put a helmet on !!!

    80. Refugio Lopez

      Sick vid bro!!!

    81. James H

      Wheres molly at?

    82. Eddie Fox

      What wheels are on the suburban

    83. BurrNinja

      Love these back 2 back videos of updates.

    84. Jeremy Eubanks

      Jesus get that damn truck aligned

    85. Jeremy Eubanks

      You guys are looking good.. shut down looks short as hell though

    86. Michael Burnette

      That obs ford life what alignment

    87. Dean Sweigert

      You mentioned your dad had a channel. What is the name of the channel?

      1. Devin Bobeldyke

        Src garage

    88. m jj

      how much did u win?

    89. Vegaman66

      Good driving Tommy 2 Guns!!

    90. here for the whips

      that black fox MOVES OUT

    91. Vegaman66

      Damn I'm surprised you guys can get your f****** s*** through all those boneheads on the line!!!

    92. h2ojoshua

      what is the name of your opening song?

    93. John Z

      Gr8 rac'n all. Billy, re; your bud with the red interior Mustang,, if he wants to change it there's a product out there called "MarHyde",, it's been around for EVER, not overly challenging to apply and works pretty good. He can make his interior any color they offer. Just say'n,,,

    94. Jake Clauson

      Holy shit the wheel on that old fors is almost 180 out hahaha

    95. rjoudi1

      Dang, missed it again!! Had hunters safety this weekend anyways...gotta se yall run one day!!

    96. THE WOLF

      OK so I saw you beat a Taxi Cab ( 4 door Fairmont ) I wouldn't brag about beating a roach like that.

    97. Turbo John

      Congrats on the wins!

    98. Russ Turner

      You guys going to Detroithoodtv pyop October 16. Bring merchandise shirt ,stickers

    99. Jesse Dias

      Billy you should really consider putting a bigger cage in the s10 your going really fast without a halo or x bar in the doors keep up the great content!!

    100. Jerry Frederick

      What is up with the steering wheel in the Ford truck at 18:24? That would drive me nuts.