Twin Turbo S-10 Lives Again!

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    It's been too long since the last vlog. Get ready for more frequent videos of the S-10 Racing because it's back now, and i've missed too much the last few months. Thank you all for the support!
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    1. FarmtruckandAZN

      Great job bro!

      1. Norm Mitzel

        Big fan of you guys

      2. Adrian Newman

        Ull my favorite off street outlaws

      3. MG3


      4. Storm- Hunter

        Farm truck & azn me and my 3yr old watch every video you are in! Would love to meet yall one day somewhere! Let's race! 😆

    2. Norm Mitzel

      How do you get any work done with that beauty girl in the shop?

    3. David Adamson

      You must have secrets to make your truck win constantly Chevy#1

    4. Dee

      My golly miss Molly...

    5. Ken Graves

      don't use the Lords name in vain\

    6. Mike Stufano

      I started watching for the truck. I stayed for everything that makes the truck, that’s y’all . The truck didn’t make you it’s a byproduct. Thanks for letting us in!!

    7. Badger Cat in a Honda Talon

      Any Woman that can spin a wrench is a keeper.

    8. No Joke Racing

      It’s so impressive what your doing. I think personally when we see you go to efi you be more fine tuned and consequently more reliable

    9. william anderson

      Molly so reminds me of "the cheerleader"from the series Heroes?

    10. Joseph Valentino

      Damn Billy, you have it made. My old man was a Class A diesel mechanic and never taught me anything. You on the other hand have your old man that is helping and teaching you plus you have a hot girlfriend that like mechanics and racing. Not to mention acting. Sh*t that’s my heaven. Keep posting I love all yours and hers stuff.

    11. richard brady

      What was that woman doing up in there ? I never seen that before!!!

    12. Thomas MacDonald

      What electric water pump are you running

    13. jt bass gambler

      Nice 💪🏻👍🏻

    14. Jeff M

      What did you spray on the head gasket?

    15. Tubulis Maximus

      Hey Billy my name is tj my dad Frank Varney told me to hit you up I just got an 85 monte carlo to race and I would love to come up and check out the scene with you guys I'm s huge fan and my dad has known you for a long time .

    16. Winford Riner

      You're a better man than I am. With that pretty babe hanging around that motor would never get put in 🤦‍♂️🤣

    17. Robert B

      Shameful, just shameful how you use the girlfriend as clickbate to get guys to watch your videos......shameful. DON'T STOP DOING IT...LMAO. I'm glad to see she is more than just a pretty face and actually helps out in the build. More women need to be gearheads!

    18. mynameisray

      How much an hour for the broad?

    19. Mustang Guru

      Have that cam journals cut down to the size needed.

    20. Smokey J'S Diesel

      Very nice work guys 👌👍 keep it up! you have a very nice team and future wife she's a keeper 🤜🤛💪

    21. FUBAR MOFO

      Lol so many ppl use girls on thumbnail as clickbait

    22. Mike Mcvay

      God bless spandex! The truck is nice at also

    23. nickyscarfo1


    24. Harry Savage

      I’m new to your channel I’ve been watching!! it’s great you and your Better half work to gather

    25. D Bracewell

      The boy is cool just hang in there and you'll be top 💪 dog one of these days one more thing put God first 🙏.

    26. Gary Burbank88

      What heads you running we have a 400 small block 202 heads

    27. Payton Castro

      Pops said damn right 😂!!!! True Badass

    28. Patolin


    29. Brendagrady32

      No degree wheel when setting the cam no wonder the last one blew up.

    30. Michael Segura

      What engine is that?

    31. Cody Robinson

      What are the spec on the heads you run on your 400??

    32. Ernie Henshaw

      7:59 There was an engine there?

    33. Gilbert Cervantes

      Damnn ittt she’s HOTT!!!!

    34. Al TheOne

      Girl friend is hot and not scared to get dirty learning about hot rods and drags a little bit love it and your channel keep it up man GREAT JOB i love s10s

    35. Creator 262

      9:06 🎶👂 Never stop appreciating that. Thats the furthest thing from nagging that i ever heard from a woman.

    36. juanita ramirez

      Excelente trabajo señores pero la mujer trabaja más jejeje💪🏻

    37. bucksnort bumblefuk

      Molnar crank and rods. Atta boy. Tom is good shit. And he knows his shit too. He wasn't too happy when I told him I was mating his rods to a scat crank. Lol.

    38. Pistolero114 Gunner

      Loving those click baits 😁 did i mentioned I'm addicted to molly😳

    39. Ezekiel Duvall

      What is the real ci tho is it really 400?

    40. P-Nut 420

      8:00 it’s about to go in😎

    41. Ave Alvarez

      Beautiful girl

    42. el night driver 305

      All i like about video was that hot girl ... girl ur wow 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    43. Dikki Wayne Pearson

      Dude why are you working in the dark

      1. Street Racing Channel

        It's all I have. We're upgrading the shop little by little. Some new lighting is next.

    44. Samantha Martinez

      that building an engine i just buy them built ready to pop in easyer that way

    45. E-Racer

      My brother got one of those blocks and had all kind of trouble building it. First thing the cam bearings were wrong the cam wouldn’t even fit in the block. Everything you buy for that block is the same thing for the Chevrolet bowtie block I’m sure they came factory in the DZ302 cars. Not sure but they did come factory in something Chevrolet

    46. E-Racer

      I cannot believe you did not degree that Cam in.. not by just changing the keyway but by a degree wheel. The reason I say that is because I haven’t seen a bushing in your top timing gear. I know you can do it by just changing the keyways without drilling your top gear but if you had degreed it you would have shown it.

    47. AU MetalMental

      Didn't catch the stroke on that short block. 4.125 bore I caught...

    48. Derrick Eden

      Would it help to degree the cam?

    49. larry lucas

      I take it you and Kelley don't get along.

    50. Twin turbo 57

      What turbos do you have on your truck? Love your truck and your videos!

    51. Dane Mclaurin

      Did you degree that cam?

    52. wristwork324

      I love the confidence...”start er up” 😂

    53. George F

      Imwhy don’t you go ls? Especially where your turbo? It’s a proven better engine. You can’t beat the architecture of the lsx 6 bolt cross bolt mains enough said.

    54. Roll Tide

      MLS head gaskets and turbos are an accident waiting to happen.

    55. Seth N.

      7:57 best part

      1. Aslmx 1

        That’s a big 10-4

      2. MH Ghostreaper

        I think we all wish we could have an engine that looks that clean and sounds that good.

      3. soillife1

        Shine on

      4. Waldron Jealous of him

        Dream girl.

      5. captainhowdy wanna party

        Engine has some serious ass

    56. Tom Tucker

      The music is terrible and uncalled for in a car video. Molly looks delicious.

    57. J Mch

      Once again your dad by your side is cool as hell bro.

    58. J Mch

      If you would get tattoo what would you it be?

    59. Land Shark

      I seen that girl in another video hauling ass in a nova down the strip. I think she has a channel called motorsport molly

    60. Land Shark

      Having to take off heads to install new lifters is a difinte FUUUUCK!!!!!!! Moment.

    61. ISEE YOU

      Better put a ring on that one.. hot and likes racing?.. no brainer..

    62. Christian

      "Did you see that post Kye Kelly made?"

    63. Christian

      You have to have daddy adjust your valves and text daddy when you have a problem assembling YOUR engine?

      1. Christian

        "Oh, let's just bolt the camshaft in dot to dot and count on the grind being correct, we don't need to check PTV!"

    64. bigdog3890

      How much did this cost ? Yeah I got a 383 stroker im about to rebuild and I wanna boost it

    65. Sean Mayo

      Good to see you working on your own shit. You young an trying. Alot of people don't do shit. An your girl is kinda hot but she's copying the other girls on IRvision but I anit mad. Keep up the good work bruh. An do u share her? Jus kidding but really do u

    66. MidwestCatz

      Dudes got it made badass chick and truck , Family geez......

    67. cavscout62

      It’s great to see young guys doing their own builds, it seems so many these days know nothing about what’s going on under the hood. Having your Pop there working and advising you is the way it’s supposed to be. I don’t care what brand you are loyal to, Ford, Mopar or GM the point is YOU build it and run it. Anyone can spend money and have it done, it takes fortitude to do it yourself. Rock On young man.⚙️heads forever!😎


      Fuck kelly he aint shit. Dnt stress off his bull shit u doin a GREAT JOB 💯💪 keep ur head up


        I think is cuz ur coming up fast an ur a young guy thats why. Unlike him he gots sponsers

    69. dickey moore

      Nothing like a SBC 400!!!!!

    70. Chupacabra Carter

      Just found the channel and subscribed. What about this video would make 99 people thumb down?! Great video. I've seen the truck now I can follow the channel.

    71. HEMI KILLR

      Is that a 406 or 434? If u don’t mind me askin

    72. Charlie Hodgdon

      What? Kye kelly wont race you?

    73. Michael S

      Awesome group of heads to be around

    74. Htown Pony

      Ain’t many things hotter than seein a beautiful woman turnin a wrench...🤔..... seein a beautiful woman empty a 30 round mag from an AR-15, maybe!

    75. Iron-Hide6.2

      I used to dream of this....working on something with my dad. But since my dad is more interested in his girlfriend I'll try with my son. I've always loved to do this stuff but never could afford it, but I'm grinding to try and make it happen.

    76. David Wilson

      all the way from the uk loving your build. great job mate.

    77. Josh Adams

      Love the videos of you and you're pops working on the truck together ! Father and son !!!

    78. Michael Cass

      Big inch and big tire should be coming..

    79. Evan Hoffman

      Flat top pistons in a blower set up humm

    80. Bonnie Howard

      That extremely hot chick very sexy very beautiful is straight up the definition of a real woman . Thanks for the video I thought it was very interesting somewhat educational but it definitely shows how so many things can go wrong your things and think everything is just right you're all excited about putting together start your vehicle go for a nice ride test it out and then you realize because of somebody else's error yes take your time and money and correct the problem. Give the girl a nice hug and kiss nice caressing and a nice firm but gentle smack on the ass both cheeks. Sincerely with love Kenneth Howard 3rd

    81. Todd Pierson

      That's one badass bottom end the truck has one too

    82. George Dennison

      I've had the major parts on 'the back shelf' for 20 years; been toying with the idea of building one last SBC. I'd planned on putting it in an El Camino restoration, but I don't see that ever getting done, at this point in my life. SO, I've been thinking the six should come out of my $500 '68 C20 'gravel & trash' hauler and put something more fun in it. Watching you guys put together your new motor inspired me. Thanks...

    83. asianphoenix808

      Bruddah love your truck! Built not bought!! Good job!

    84. JB’s little shop

      Lmao, about the text!!!

    85. Badboy306mustang

      Hey I Want To Say Thank You For Sharing Your Time On Doing These Videos. Great Job And Great To See Family Working Together! Thank You Again.

    86. dunderogbrak

      Can't go wrong with Shafiroff. Built me a great short block too.

    87. foxguy day

      Ever race at La Rue Drag strip in Ohio

    88. Kurt Sumthinorother

      It's so Boss your running a lil M. It goes a long way to show that it's not the LS. It's the technology, processing power and cam/port results from that. That truck is legit.

    89. Chase Lee

      Yep, shes hot. Love the truck man. Molly caught my attention but the 10 kept it.

    90. blue03r6

      how do you get anything done with her around?

    91. Thorsten_R20plus

      God is this Girl cute.

    92. Danny Hernandez

      Shafiroff ftw 🏁🏁🏁

    93. send it

      with all that metal in that motor why would you use anything involved with the oil fiter / pump you can never get all the metal out

    94. Sorbic Sagor

      So new and shiny!

    95. Ben Childers

      Is that a Kent Rose decal I saw on your truck in the beginning of the video?

    96. ken barr

      Building your own doesn't only build horse power, it also build character. My brother in law raced up here in Canada, with a small block 400 back in the late 70's, early 80's. I still remember how proud he was of his first 10 second time slip. Now a 10 second car is just basically a daily driver.

    97. Jody Jernigan

      My favorite part was watching her pour lube on the shaft.

      1. Jason Wenzlick

        Hell ya

    98. Chris Burnsed

      That’s chicks legs and ass were nicer than the engine! 😬👍

    99. jasonneal

      Must be nice to have a super hot girlfriend that will get her hands dirty and knows what she is doing. 🤘🏻

    100. Manning Machine

      Nice looking view at 7:57