Heated Rivalry: Boston George Vs. The Cracker (The Rematch)

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    They raced last year for $2,500. Now they are both MUCH FASTER and the rivalry is stronger than ever. Hope you guys enjoy, will we see them get down on the street next?
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    1. Christan Hartley

      I’m betting they are both Chevy power

    2. Jesse Dias

      I can't believe that multi colored mustang doesn't have a cage

    3. Cpo lt

      Awesome to see this vid! No matter theboutcome, those are both bad ass cars! Good on y'all for showing this one!!

    4. John Muldoon

      The black stang broke the tires loose off the hit and lost before the 60' weather his throttle cable "broke" or not. Good on your boy for not running it back.

      1. Xbox Whitehorse


    5. STR8CRZY

      That intro never gets old bro, " you just got Gap tized by a streetcar" 😂 keep up the good work Buddy 🤘

    6. Corey Wharton

      so... it's 1-1 now.

    7. Brady Claar

      You gonna post the mini cashdays from Sunday morning? If you made a video?

      1. Street Racing Channel


    8. Robert G

      Great video, thanks! P.S. Billy, when are you going to paint that truck up with some "Billy the Kid" graphics? Let em' know who is blowing their doors off!... LOL!

      1. Conrad Henderson

        That was some great racing , my first PYOP....Genius

    9. Nick Tester

      Dude with the orange door dont want any of that smoke rob m 😆 let's get that shit locked in for tonight LOL

    10. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Good to see that ole multicolored Mustang out there making passes! Definitely a good match up, Round 3 can't be too far away!

    11. TT

      Love the fox body mustangs but fords are shit. That's why most drag cars have Chevy engines.

    12. Motorcity Garage

      Live about a hr from that track hope to get there soon with my build s15 Jimmy called Smurf juice

    13. Tim Wilson

      Love your work Billy. Would love a feature length when you got time, lol. Love the podcasts too. #streetracingchannel #neverlift #billyforpresident

    14. TheKingCoopa

      Great video! I was waiting for more trash talking at the end haha!

    15. Devin Warren

      My dude why do you put a clean paint job and nice rims on that bad ass s-10???

      1. TheCanadianBubba

        Surprised he don't get it dipped and lose all the paint and factory deadening kaka

      2. Bryan Roupe

        Because everyone knows that paint job.

    16. Jamie Todd

      Amazing video quality kid I love this shit keepm coming Damn get that truck in there

    17. Cody Clark

      Can’t get enough of your channel. Keep it up.

    18. Faith Fitness & Fast Cars

      Dude absolutely one of your best videos yet!! Killer editing!! And bad ass racing !!

    19. Giftied

      erics scramble button needs to pin the gates shut

    20. Robert Dahms

      I was just telling a friend about the first race the other day. Glad to see them line back up, I was rooting for Boston George all the way though.

    21. Glockspecific

      We have 2 dislikes that were obviously gaptized by a mf street car!

    22. sabrom

      Craigs gonna have to come see the S10 sooner or later... Lol.

    23. brk

      That's pussy

    24. BoostedTrav

      Boston George still a bmfer

      1. Josh Rhea

        Metcalf is a douche nozzle. I guarantee there is a good reason to hate the guy....

      2. BoostedTrav

        You don’t know there history tho

      3. Bryan Roupe

        It wasnt that fast last year and he went right to the trailor cuz he knew Craig would bust his ass with a throttle cable. I thought he was a stand up dude until I saw this video.

    25. BLS. 1

      Thanks for the live stream love the channel

    26. Boosted Cutlass

      Thought his car was called raggyann I remember that race and damn a year ago!

      1. Boosted Cutlass

        Kevin Stueve thanks Kevin to much IRvision for me everything blending together lol

      2. Kevin Stueve

        Raggedy Ann is a different car different driver

    27. Ant Man

      Badass video

    28. Joshua Moore

      Clay City?

      1. Joshua Moore

        @Aqua Afterlife No joke. Scotty had a way of getting the crowd. I know it's a short track, but Buzz does pretty good at Owingsville track. It hooks too. We've raced there every weekend ever since they opened in the mid 90's. Bracket racing though.

      2. Aqua Afterlife

        That was when Scotty Richardson still owned it the new owner doesn’t seem to like the whole street car scene and shit it’s stupid it was way better when Scotty owned it

    29. Theodore Dawson


    30. George Mitchell

      Glad the Nova is running like a champ, get some racing action of it soon, wanna see all the NOS being sprayed lol!

      1. James Smith

        just. say. nitrous.

    31. DNR Auto

      What will it be in Detroit next month? Another all Ohio final?!?

    32. kb198219k

      If i was a betting man, i would have bet on a mustang to win that race.

    33. Scott Fox