Cruisin' Through Hocking Hills!

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    A fun vlog from last weekend's cruise through Hocking Hills. It was a great day, and we got to meet up with some good friends! Molly Drove the Firebird, My dad and my brother rode in The Z28, Brooke and Kevin rode in the Audi, Denny even got to drive his Camaro! This was our first ever organized meet/cruise, and there will be more to come. Follow the Street Racing Channel page on facebook to find updates on when the next cruise will be.
    Big thanks to Brooke for contributing some footage and being the awesome person that she is! Go check out her channel as well

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    1. Brooklynn Alexx

      Haha! We had so much fun! Can’t wait for the next oneee! ☺️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻♥️♥️♥️♥️ You did so good on this video!

    2. david conrad

      Just found your channel and love it. Was shocked to see this video and see you drove right past my house. Awesome

    3. Shaw's Prospecting

      that thing needs a small block

    4. Brandon Keenan

      The two hottest girls in America in one car! Unreal! 😘

    5. ss ss

      Best times

    6. DA Bull

      Jamming to Upchurch

    7. Austin Benson

      I just like the whole channel and I have a 92S 10 I can’t wait to put a ls 5.3l in it

    8. Manuel Silva

      I really enjoy watching your videos especially watching you race your S10 pickup keep up the good work thanks for entertaining everybody

    9. ray smith

      I live in Louisville Kentucky and my wife has family in Logan Ohio. I would love to live in that area. Very nice...m

    10. Mister V

      So, when are y'all gonna show more videos of working on Molly's car? And when is it gonna be done?

    11. richard brady

      Put a sbc in that firebird,give that girl a little bit of power .

    12. midwestshitshow

      Blake, upchurch, justin Moore. Hard to beat the playlist folks

    13. TheBlackSheep92

      Is she your sister or your girl?

    14. Paul Swan

      Molly needs me!

    15. Stacy Dornan

      Your a lucky dude bro

    16. Daniel Ward

      If he spins that pour spout to the top instead of the bottom it won't glugglugglug like that.

    17. Jamessr23

      More Tommy, less ....

    18. Buddy Duncan

      Miss seeing Molly on last video

    19. JP Slayer Racing

      I spy a Traxxas Rustler

    20. Mike Popp

      I gotta get a box Nova

    21. Terrance Fields

      I love your S-10 Truck. You are a great driver and prove that getting power to the ground is better than mega-power. Memphis proves that. You look like nice kids in Ohio.

    22. Nicholas Smith

      i wish i would have known you was in my neck of the woods in the hocking hills..i live in logan. it would have been cool to meet you guys and you guys are very brave to eat at the old dutch resturant.

    23. CW/Austin

      Im new here. Is this Molly's car? And is the purple engine she built powering it?

    24. Ryan Jensen

      when are you gunna build your girlfriends car??

    25. Randy Owens

      Beautiful shot of the river!

    26. Marty Truelove

      I'm an Old Canadian guy hooked on your channel.I must say,it is nice to see someone wearing "MAGA" gear,sure is nice having freedom to ENJOY LIFE.You have a Great channel,I was into this in the late 70's,you know,fast cars,pretty girls,still enjoy watching both.

      1. Marty Truelove

        I follow"The Kid" because he seems like a guy who has his head in the right frame of mind,promotes street racing properly AND is very consistantly in the top finishers...and he is running a CHEVY.

    27. Good Day

      What road is this

    28. Trent Brotzler

      Gotta learn to preload that clutch. Ouch.

    29. Randy Rounds

      Are you still with the same girlfriend the blonde?

      1. Randy Rounds

        @Street Racing Channel cool! 😎

      2. Street Racing Channel


    30. Bart Phillips

      Love the videos!!!

    31. Faith like Noah

      More car cruises I’ll come down from southeast Michigan

    32. George singletary

      Thanks a million for the videos. Especially during these times of quarantine..

    33. George singletary

      Awesome videos guy's. Man I watched you race at DA PAD in new Orleans once before.. if you ever go back there to race I would love to know.. I live 30 minutes away from there.

    34. thisguyshorty

      Those E30's though... Are they featured anywhere?

    35. Tom Tucker

      Molly's 6 cylinder Firechicken isn't very powerful. Molly still looks delicious though.


      Your dad is the man. We gotta turn left up here guffy. Your effed either way lmao.

    37. Alan Schroeder

      I like your shirt. Go trump. Lol

    38. Braden Carpenter

      Man why didnt you interview the guy with the orange focus. THATS the real bad ass car there 😂😂😂

    39. josias denzler

      You wear seat belt ..But does not !! lmao

    40. josias denzler

      Smoking Life Smoking Wife!! Cheers!!

    41. Timothy Dockery

      Man it's awesome to see how close you and your dad are to see him in your races me and my dad was once that closed now that he's up in his age we hardly get to do anything together anymore cherish these moments they don't last

    42. Joeybabbs .BABBS

      girl is hot AF

    43. william Duffield

      You guys look like you have a shit load of fun. From Australia

    44. 1983olds

      Nice! Doing what cars were made for. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Like Molly's bird. When you gonna power it up?

    45. Mark Johnson

      Where is Kenna man???

    46. Dave J

      Rented cabins in hocking hills many time what a Beautiful place. Would recommend it to anyone. To couple to families must’ve is the Hot tubs.

    47. Eric t

      Amazing great Every video you guys posts Show exactly what it’s all about!

    48. Don Dagy

      Love hocking. Im from cleveland area, and we go down there to ride atv's in the wayne national park, and me and the ex used to rent cabins in hocking. Good stuff.

    49. Sean Mayo

      What if she gets famous from this an leaves you for some big shot like one in the street outlaws

    50. Jeff Jankiewicz

      Love Denny`s Camaro!! Personally, I`m a Bowtie guy. Molly needs a V8.

    51. Dave Butch

      EF cancer!!

    52. Von Franklin 3

      Love the Upchurch song yall had playing in the car fugins #RHECB

    53. Perry Lankford

      Looks like ya'll had a good time!!

    54. B Hart

      I legit liked a street racing video with no street racing! Good job👍🏾

    55. andrew french

      Great times.good memories.luv the channel.luv the camaro!

    56. Brian Poole

      I'm hooked on these videos. Dude has the best attitude ever.

    57. TheCanadianBubba

      Good times !

    58. ricefarmer1point6

      It’s not how you stand by your car, it’s how you race your car

    59. Bobby Light

      Kevin is talking a lot of shit for someone that lost to molly at the go cart track. #neverforget

    60. Benjamin Lavallee

      So amazing couples:)))))hell yeahhh:) xxxoooo

    61. Brad mic

      Hey billy...get ahold of disco dean..hes getting a team together for the next biggest street race held by jj da boss

    62. Joe Howard

      Good to see Molly back in the video, love spring road trips !!! CHEERS 🥂

    63. Chris Davis

      Hell yeah girl get it get it nice clutch dump!!!! Keep up the great content guys your videos are like people's "nite caps" for me. That girls shirt show off was much needed also I need me some of her in my life....

    64. Baby-Shark GTO


    65. danny Newman

      Whos bmw's ??

    66. Leo Ruiz

      Great content billy💯✊🏽 keep up the great work

    67. john handbury

      keep them coming great video's just a day having fun love it.

    68. Dave Vickers

      Nice to see Molly's great smile back on the channel.

    69. Casy Jenkins


    70. Kevin M

      Great video! You guys have a very real,homestyle vibe going on. Awesome Shenaniganing...... 😂 11:39.... is that a sony xplod powering down???

    71. Ben Thare


    72. Frank Hays

      Awesome video buddy thanks for sharing buddy keep up the great videos 😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🏁

    73. the only one

      @7:06 NO Mustang driver. NO keep your eyes on the road

    74. Jerald Hite

      That Nova is a sweet ride.

    75. justin adams

      My home town is famous now

    76. Mike Kooz

      I'm over in Lebanon, Ohio. We love Hocking Co. Several trips there every year.

    77. Upperpdx

      Subbed. This channel is sick.

    78. Steve Mullins

      I saw my yard in your video it’s a small world

    79. Randy Stingray

      Awesome video guys!!!

    80. OhioValleyBoy Planet Zoo

      The hills are nice.. but the rangers,are not .lol. 2gs in fines,had dogs.n was too loud, o yeah few others had a tiny bit of pot,All 10 of them😁,coulda went on a cruize!! Luv Ohio. Just not hocking!! I was drinking,,i was fine!d too

    81. Chopped and Screwed Customs

      I live close to there and have never been there maybe I will cruise my squarebody up there

    82. motorhead Maddness

      Its' always an awesome day when your able to get back out on the street's when the weather breaks, you really need to drop a V8 in her firebird, with the manual behind it! then she'll have fun.

    83. Tyson Henry

      Those rally notes though.

    84. Robert Bradford

      Definitely some beautiful country!✌

    85. Bob Glidewell

      Courtney and I always enjoy your videos and articles. Great job in producing quality material with good music and straight "up" real experiences. Family values....tire smoke....and natural hospitality. That's where the rubber meets the road!! Stay safe, keep em coming and keep kickin asses this year! Rob Glidewell, Glidewell Auto, Searcy Arkansas. 55 belair post, 427 , 700r4, 12 bolt 410s. In my family for 49 years. 😊👍🏁

    86. Roy Starner

      Coulda gave a heads in stoutsville an 02 camaro and what person dont love cool cars?

    87. M W

      Looks like a great time, love the channel! And I know others have said it, but PLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEE Molly, wear your seatbelt! If it’s good enough for the track, it’s good enough for the street!

    88. Ron Kail

      I'm two hours away but would love to come down for a cruise. How do I find out if you plan to do another one?

    89. Nick Glunt

      I loved hocking hills only been there once my family stayed in a cabin it was an awesome time we drove down from Erie pa

    90. RedDevil ent.


    91. reo doreen

      Good luck☺☺

    92. Shane France

      N now it’s snowing again n Indiana lol🤬

    93. Driveway Built Foxbodies

      You guy's and gals are awesome. Thanks for sharing some of your lives. You dad is to funny.

    94. J Lorenzo

      Sit closer to the wheel so you die even quicker when you crash 🤦🏻‍♂️ 👍🏽 Never understood why girls feel the need to lick the steering wheel when driving lol

    95. Beast from the east

      Molly love the shirt

    96. Whop Junior

      🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸 She has a badass shirt

      1. Stop Lying

        TRUMP derangement syndrome. Lol

    97. Joey Sturgeon

      Your videos never cease to amaze! Keep up the good work👌

    98. Mike McKay

      I cant blame him for driving from Pittsburgh, I would too if I was that close and you were having a meet.

    99. Boomtown Games

      looks like you all had a lot of fun! Heck! I had a lot of fun watching this video! Found myself laughing and smiling at the end so yeah that works for me!!!!

    100. Mr trippn

      Hocking hills,, the only thing Logan has to offer!!