Testing Goes Terribly Wrong, Broke again...

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    Sometimes in Racing, things just don't go your way. The ups, and the downs are constant. This time, I break something I have never broken before! Setting personal records, and reaching new lows. The S-10 will be down for a couple weeks most likely as I wait for a new camshaft and other parts.
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    1. Kenneth Chapman

      Just might need shocks lol

    2. high1voltage1rules

      That Chevrolet was sick ass!! I bet your still pulling your face out the drivers chair. lmao that thing was a demen lol 👍😉

    3. high1voltage1rules

      Very cool. Loved this video. Pure muscle classic engine sound. Brilliant mods done to the vehicles. The dog made me laugh chasing the water. Crack me up. Thanks for sharing your video. 👍👍👍👍👍THUMBS UP👍👍👍👍👍 SUBSCRIBED 👍😉 Anthony from the uk

    4. karnedge101

      Gotta wonder what it was like holding the flashlight for your dad as a kid!

    5. Flying Pancake

      Do the budget build using a old used semi turbo on the nova

    6. Arnold Childress

      Remind me of old hacksaw duggan with that dang sawzall

    7. Notorious 1st Gen

      I'm building a "daily" 92 extended cab dime. My question is how did you do the radiator? I am wanting to move mine forward like that as I believe it would run cooler.

    8. Bowknows77

      A wise man once said you should never say im gonna do one last hit!!!!

    9. donny prinnell

      Your fine young man you will do great you are a good driver. Have a great attitude a cool Dad and a very nice little lady.i wish you all the best.. I Send my . love to you all.

    10. GlocksNthings

      Just put a 6.0 ls or a 5.3 vortec and be done u can boost the hell out of those iron block lm7 truck engines

    11. Jay Provonsha

      Just a suggestion. Stop using cheap lifters. Spend the money and save the headache. Great channel. love what you guys are doing

    12. Tyler Tucker

      My border collie does the same thing when I get the water hose out. Its annoying haha

    13. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      Cherish all this time u guys get with ur dad I think its frickin awesome what he does and how involved he is in all this I enjoy watching how shit unfolds and ur story great job every one involved on ur channel

    14. Donnie Jackson

      I really don't think Billy wants to hear about sharks right about now 😶

    15. Crooked Dealer

      You need to upgrade the Nova so you have two “Street Ready” cars. One would be there as a backup for the next race.

    16. Chad Stacey Hopson


    17. ron trexler

      Great filming. Thank you.

    18. ron trexler

      Bruh... I thought It was Mz Mollys job to wash the fleet!!!????? Lol

    19. Jaime Casa

      I've had a lose connecting rod shake the carb bolts lose before. I found out a little to late. Seems like the engine always runs best before it pops. A bad engine wont blow, but a good one will. Speed cost money, so how fast do we want to go. ---Good channel keep up the good work---

    20. bestamerica

      ' better suggestion this car... put 3 bright color lights on the rear taillights for safety

    21. Matt Brooks

      Man that sucks! I’m excited to see the family fleet of badass rides racing this year!

    22. Matt G

      Time to go junkyard ls?

    23. Christopher Lentz

      LS TIME!!!

    24. save16thave

      I'm looking for a car to build with my son when he gets older. I always built cars with my dad and I want to keep the tradition alive. I love a father son project.

    25. Reid Lemesany

      Quit risking people's lives turn people in demons will take it out of u and your family and innocent people

    26. Karl Gamble

      You should bring it race week with cleetus

    27. Chuck Fowler

      That nova is a true POS.

    28. Matt R

      16:35 looks like the block is busted next to the lifter one back from the one missing

    29. Real life in a snap

      Anyone know the intro song?

    30. Cody Hoffman

      On the nova

    31. Cody Hoffman

      Why don’t u paint the hood black

    32. Ian S

      bLoW tHrOuGh CaRbS dOn't wOrK!

    33. Jason Cook

      Why not fuel injection?

    34. Douglas Crosby

      Dude.......Make a call to Smith Brothers or Manton and get some REAL pushrods. I typically run .110 wall 3/8" on any solid roller as a minimum. Badass truck though. You've definitely got that thing ironed out!! It just WORKS!!!


      I hated to give this a thumbs up !! you'll be back running again bro !!

    36. Martin Kobert

      I find myself watching you guys every night , love the way the son launches that S-10 & them cool trips to Jegs!

    37. Zac.Coleman Coleman snowmobiling

      Is that a crack in the block?

    38. Jay Hayes

      I saw the suds and was like yes, Molly is washing the car...……...boy was I disappointed...……..lol

    39. Daniel Feiner

      Instead of pulling the heads should get a bore scope next time. Save you some time and mula

    40. Stacy Dornan

      I own a 69 Nov SS 427 up here in London Not 1 OF 27 ever built

    41. kyle

      finally time to ls swap

    42. oostis87

      you all messin with a blue dakota ? seem one by the house several times lately , sounds somewhat punchy

    43. Eric Miller

      Is the truck prochargers or does it have a turbo?

    44. JAY MILLER

      I’m ready to see this thing rip!!!

    45. Mike Schwindt

      Looks like it’s time to upgrade your valve train

    46. TheCanadianBubba

      So in the end it was likely a failed lifter ? Hope she runs super hard when back together...

    47. wade bordelon

      Love the shows down home down to earth people 👍

    48. Nebraskan Assassin

      Shit happens my brother

    49. Nebraskan Assassin

      Looking good Billy.

    50. Anthony Binning

      Forced upgrades

    51. Boosted Cutlass

      Sounds like you need to put a jam nut on that carb stud .... Hopefully she’s not hurt to bad !!

    52. John Mathews

      You need a shelf to put all the broken bits on. Offerings to the Gods of speed. Like World's Fastest Indian 😁👍

    53. John Mathews

      Who does all your "lumini" aluminium fabrication

    54. Steven Baker

      That old pice of junk

    55. Chris Kidder

      Why not put those wheels on the truck sir

    56. Hank Clingingsmith


    57. john hoyt

      Wheels look good. I built a 70 nova and I used the 9” ford out from my 69 mercury cougar that I wrecked street racing. Everything bolted right up just had to change my exhaust. Great video!

      1. Charlie Brown

        Much wider wasnt it?

    58. Todd Calhoun

      You should hook your little bro up with those rims for his S10 Help the young man out come on Billy lol

    59. Steve Cox

      Is that an 8.2 rear end in the Nova, not sure how long that's gona last, Mini spool or No mini spool.

    60. david henderson

      Thats a dam good looking blue healler you got there

    61. gullreefclub

      How many miles/passes are on those Pushrods and Lifters? I learned the had way that lifters and pushrods have a very limited lifespan. If it were my engine I would be replacing all the Lifters and Pushrods additionally the next time you tear that engine down I would install some 3/32" mesh stainless steel screening in the lifter valley to a broken pushrod or lifter that comes apart from wedging against the camshaft and causing a much bigger problem. With regards to your Carb Hat coming loose have you tried replacing the hardware (Studs, Bolts, Nuts, etc) that holds all that together (Use fine threaded hardware if you can even if that means the studs that screw into the intake are course thread and the other end is fine thread. Additionally make sure the flange of the hat is true and the surfaces where the washer and bolt tightened down onto are also flat. Skip using lock washers and use loctite and consider double nutting them. Lastly it looks like between the Carb Hat and the induction piping you have a lot of weight depending on four 5/16" or maybe 3/8" fasteners holding all that vibrating weight, you might want to try building a bracket or brackets with some vibration isolators in them to correct the problem. Good luck on getting everything lined out and of course keep posting y'all's videos.

    62. Smitty

      Where is the blond chick

    63. Jbrownjetmech -

      BORESCOPE...just saying'

    64. Vaughn Hill

      Dam. Guys. Sorry to see that happen to yaw. I like yaws videos because its true down home racing.

    65. Daniel Moody

      What wheels are on the nova

    66. Steve Allegrezza

      The pains of racing. Wrench for days. Race for seconds.

      1. Mom Hoskinson

        Steve Allegrezza very accurate statement!

    67. 262markm

      billy is always so damn calm.

    68. Josh marchsteiner

      Brother im a big fan of your channel very good content i love the family atmospere you'll get it man just part of the lifestyle

    69. billy noland

      What a bummer that it broke seeing one lifter like that makes me wonder about the rest. Good luck and thank you for the awsome videos

    70. junker mx

      Good shit man hard work

    71. Jamie Dalluge

      Where's Molly been hiding?

    72. Turbo John

      Wow, hope it comes back together easy! Parts failures suck for sure!

    73. TokenTombstone

      Regular traffic on that road is like !?!??

    74. SNOOK AROO

      at 16:27 where u showed the broke push rod and the bad lifter just too the left it looked to me like i saw a small tear in the lifter valley metal on the next set of lifters over however ive got to b seein things cause i am sure u would have seen that, anyway love the channal

      1. Street Racing Channel

        It’s a piece of shrapnel from the lifter

    75. Rich Gurley

      Dang it was hurt I the burn out could hear it .luv your truck billy

    76. Evan Hoffman

      Buy the best parts not China parts

    77. Tennessee OutLaw

      i have been watching this channel for 6 months now. i have seen shit break and get fixed. ive seen you break the transmission and have it fixed and race again the same night. ive even seen this truck do wheels stands and set the fronts down and it looks great on a dig.. but i do have a question. and i hope its not an offensive question as my OCD gets the best of me sometimes. anyway my question is. if youre ever close to northeastern Tennessee can i please hook up the damn memory wire on your radio?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      1. Tennessee OutLaw

        @Scott Smith lol i cant help it. Its driving me crazy. I laugh at myself for being so dumb about little stuff like that though

      2. Scott Smith

        Out Law that’s funny... lol I get it. 😬

    78. jerry richter

      that dog is from ohio , he has a o on his license plate

    79. Andrew Insinga

      Scott Shafiroff racing is here on long island NY he builds some great engines

    80. Excitable101

      16:32 you can see the cracked block

      1. Street Racing Channel

        It is not cracked it’s a piece of shrapnel from the lifter

      2. M W

        I think I see shrapnel up behind a lifter, not sure I see a crack. Where are you looking, I want to zoom in!!

    81. BrownH2ORat

      Did ya dump Molly? haven't seen her in any of current videos. she's nice candy to go with the grease and oil!

    82. 510Redneck

      The intro is what every lookout point across the nation in the 70's-80's looked like at night. 😂

    83. Justin Newhouse

      I see so many comments saying “go LS or ditch the carb and go EFI” I say keep doing what your doing brother and stick to what you know! The truck is badass!

    84. Nicholas Rodrigues

      My high school auto shop had a Fox body Cougar that we could bounce like that Nova. We were able to get about 1' of air under the rear tires one lunch break when a teacher saw us and gave us shit. Good times!

    85. Jim S

      Shit man!🙄

    86. maddrummer691

      I have those same wheels on my 70 monte!

    87. Robert G

      Lol! That Blue Heeler is a bad ass little dog! My Blue and Red Heeler buddies Taz and Rusty passed away a few years back and my last Blue Heeler, Rock, died a week ago. I don't think I'll ever find a another like them, they were very special to me and my family. You're finding the weak links Billy, hope everything is ok now and it stays together for you. I love watching you kick ass in the races! Great video guys, thank you! P.S. You young men have a very special Dad, I envy that a lot!

    88. Andys709

      You guys got that little stretch of road prepped to the tits lol.

    89. Treeslayer60538

      Dang Billy, I’m really sorry about your truck. Right when you we’re getting ahead a little too.

    90. Jeff Dill

      You just can't beat having a lift in there. I've been watching a long time. Enjoy the videos guys and girl. Lol

    91. Scott Carter

      Just goes to show you high power engines can break easily even after a rebuild. That sucks Billy! Hope it goes back together with no problems!

    92. chris monteith

      if it wasn't for bad luck Billy you wouldnt have any! at least it wasn't too bad. good luck with the race coming up and where's that movie! keep it up Billy :)

    93. wayne jardine

      I would name the car "Purple Pain" Get it?

    94. Badger Bait

      Kudos to Billy! The moment I heard, "it's dropped a valve, that side" I would have been over in the bushes with the dry heaves!

    95. pigrond

      just cant catch a dam break man i feel for you guys seems like all you do is dump more into more exotic stuff just to test it and be broke again

    96. E-Racer

      I’ve asked this question several times and have never gotten an answer that I can recall. Why is your test launch spot just before a hill? A friend of mine almost lost a 70 SS Chevelle LS6 454 because the car unloaded as he peaked the rise. It done it every he launched from there.

      1. Dan Johnston

        I'll chime in. I'd take a good guess it's, to keep the engine 'On Load' during the first part of a pass. It'd give the most accurate readings to tune from.

    97. Daniel Harrell

      Why d hell r u using ancient tech with these carbs? Hi efi and be done with turning screws to get af correct

    98. Ayers1967

      Use a 2nd gen Camaro lower shock mount and shock. It will move it up out of the way. And you can get 295 tire on the rear.

    99. Gopherchucks Gaming

      Your Dad is the best. Sir, you are the man. My dad is cool too but he is afraid of my cars lol.

    100. ModernBeastx1

      Dude you’re content is amazing I love this shit! Never change bro!! And I had a question did you go to school for automotive or did you just get you’re knowledge as you go and do? @Street Racing Channel