Tommy Two Guns First STREET RACE!

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    Tommy's first time racing behind the wheel of his new Nitrous assisted small block S-10. This time he was just on the motor... wait until we turn both kits on!

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    1. Bryan Wayne

      That looks exactly like my old blue 93 S-10! It didnt happen to come out of Tennessee back in the early 2000's did it? I had mine from 98-02. I had every imperfection in the body fixed and re-painted. I even sprayed the bed exactly like your brothers truck is sprayed. I still had the factory hood on it though. Also never got around to upgrading any of the suspension, nor the peg leg 342 ten bolt. It was my daily driver, and I did a V-8 conversion on it. I went through 3 transmissions in less than a year, and just got sick and tired of wrenching on it every morning to get to work, then every evening to get back home from work. Lol. So I bought a brand new S-10 in 02, and sold the blue 93 to my cousin a few months later. He didnt keep it long. He pulled the brand new 350 HO crate engine I put in it out, and traded the truck for a rollin chassis 84 Cutlass, like a crackhead. I'm still pissed about that! Lol. I loved that truck. I'm still driving that 02, and have been driving it for almost 19 years. I never fell in love with it like I did that blue 93 though. Seeing your brothers truck has me missing it again bad! Lol

    2. TH3 S10 GUY 1

      Great job Tommy !

    3. TH3 S10 GUY 1

      Bill I’m GLAD you called him on using a claw hammer 🔨, I can’t stand to watch someone use carpenter tools on automotive work ! 🤬🤬🤬

    4. Jacob Davidson

      I am gonna try to make some of the caltrac style bars like that for my s10 , btw how are y’all liking that harbor freight impact 🤔 ? I’m thinking about getting one

    5. Michael Minshell

      Great job Tommy

    6. What's yer name?

      Dang it, you're really making like these S-10 pickups. Love the channel too!

    7. Robert Riddle

      It's good to see you and your family racing together sal of you can drive Tommy did very well for his first race your dad is the professor of race car builds also Billy not bad yourself love watching this channel keep up the good work thanks

    8. M Whitelaw

      Hell yeah Ricky!!! Savin` the day dude!!! Tommy busted his cherry!!!! Lmao!!!!

    9. Randy Lanhart

      Wins with broken shifter....nice

    10. Kelce Hicks

      What was the guy out of Oklahoma’s name?

    11. Glynn Graham

      I’m new to your channel. Really enjoy it!!

    12. donny prinnell

      I enjoy your video.s you have a great cool. God bless you and your family. And your girlfriend is a very good li lady I wish you and your family The very best.

    13. soulcrusher0357

      I like watching these in my Nissan Altima, it sure makes it sound good.



    15. Tyler Tucker

      Thats a slick ass s10 and simple I love it. Wish I had time to build one like it

    16. Native Texan Outdoors

      They sold you the wrong part?? Or did you give wrong information. I understand if they pulled the incorrect part number from what the computer said but usually it's the person providing the information...

    17. Nebraskan Assassin

      Your old man and you boys are running a great and tight ship love ❤️ from the Nebraskan assasin


      I'm a new fan of Tommy two guns

    19. Miles O'Roads

      That's a slick square dime👍

    20. richard brady

      Coyote needs to learn how to set up his car , maybe driving school also . Good job Tommy !!!

    21. Marco Polo

      “We’re protesting” them one liners each of you bring to these videos are hilarious! Great job Tommy soak each step of this journey in. Just like in life there will be peaks and valleys. High highs and low lows learn and grow from the lows and fully soak in the highs. I know with a family like yours you will.

    22. Remy Ross

      DAM uncle Tim nice shop!

    23. reese menck

      Its awesome that y'all (dad and sons) have that close bond. There needs to be more of that now than ever before! Thanks for putting out such great stuff!

    24. Jeremy Strickland

      Hell yeah truck runs good

    25. Nick Smith

      What camshaft you got in that S10?

    26. Ezekiel Duvall

      What sbc does this have in it agian I forgot🤣

    27. LsBluu Media

      Awesome! This truck looks like my truck's grand father!

    28. B Casey

      machine gun tommy... good job

    29. Mister V

      Way to go, Tommy!! Well done!! Nice truck!! Nice to see you boy's dad working with you and helping Molly out!!

    30. Alejandro Ledesma

      7:50 I see that #3 sticker.. #DoitforDale 🔥🤘🏼

    31. Jason Phillips

      What is the intro music?What's the name and band?

    32. redlightcivic

      I DO NOT MEAN THIS AS AN INSULT! However, some of the tools you guys use are hilarious! At times, I think it is all a joke to make the videos more enjoyable. Other times, I think those are the tools you have, so you use what ya got. Either way, you WIN! If you can make your shit run like it does with marginal tools, you ROCK. If it is all a joke, 'You Rock'. Awesome content. Love it! Absolutely love it! A friggin' framing hammer with nail set punch! Hilarious!

    33. whtgrl81

      Man, that big guy that brought the alternator is a sexy sumb!tch!!!!😉

    34. George Mitchell

      His truck looks pretty damn fast, he's going to be shocked when he gets to hit the Button for the 1st time!

    35. homer

      Hell yeah Tommy!!!

    36. Joeybabbs .BABBS

      fox whipped that slow pig mustang.. sbf on nitrous cant be beat

    37. Drag Car Builder

      Great job Tommy time for some squeeze and a transbrake and let it eat!! Stay safe and make sure ya creep up on it all buddy I know pops will look out for his son!! Hats off if y'all ever need anything in NC holler at me I have a complete can and engine shop I build em from the jig to running and out thr door so if y'all need anything holler!! Your pops reminds me of mine and I know they would get along great he's 78 and still loves it all please whatever tell do please enjoy every minute with your pops and grandpa, they were doing it way before y'all were thought of and could be gone in an instant! Much love from ole NC!!! holler ill send ya my number never hurts to have an extra shop when your outta town!!

    38. Rick P.

      Will that framing hammer not smash a finger just as much? LOL

    39. J Austin

      Good shit. Your dad is the man. Congrats on your first kill buddy.

    40. Josh Wynn

      Tommy's truck is SICK! Only thing I could think of to make it anymore perfect, is a set of the Tahoe flares. Looks killer guys!

    41. 4 12

      😆 were protesting lmao...

    42. Niska Hambrick

      Hell yeah Tommy!!! Great start... You'll be Spankn a lot of ass in the future i see.... I luv the bond you guys have, keep up the good work.... 💯✌️😏

    43. S H

      Autozone never gives a customer the wrong part 😂

    44. Joe Doe

      Good video guys awesome have fun b careful and safe

    45. Joe Doe

      Sweet s10 hell yea

    46. sergio martinez mc surge

      Damn cuhh the first launch was nice 👌 that's how I want to take off

    47. Tarmac1

      Been using the hammer to shock Mom’s starter, sounds like my family

    48. TYRONE robert

      WOW well done 2 guns good team effort it was nice when billy said those words about tommy good feeling to see you all do good and safe 💪💪guns 😁

    49. Sherri Gaskin

      Its a bad ass truck the way it is, but backhalved would be a whole nother world.

    50. Xclusive Ridez

      Hell yeah! Way to go Tommy! Drive it like you stole it! I was hesitant if you were gonna take down that blower Coyote, but you handled business! I think Tommy and the nitrous Fox Body would have been a good race! I love seeing you all into racing and spending the time together! I wish I could have enjoyed drag racing with my dad, but I lost him in 1989, when I was 11yrs old. So, there is alot I wasn't able to share with him! Keep doing what y'all do! Always loving the content!

    51. Sherri Gaskin

      That needs to be a big tire truck for aesthetics, if nothing else.

    52. George F

      Thats a good looking little truck



    54. stlmikie

      I like that little blue truck. Good job Tommy. I don’t know why I enjoy seeing coyote cars taking the L so much.


      Love it!

    56. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Tommy getting his feet wet exactly how it really happens! Get ready for the fun, break something. Fix that get ready for the fun, break something else. Then FINALLY... have some fun! Welcome to the Game Tommy!

    57. BeardedYoshi

      Got a place in my heart for a Father that WORKS for his family! Great job Dad!

    58. Dynamic Dopamine

      That should definitely make you feel good! You know it's true! Racing runs DEEP in your family bro...mine is the same way..its rare ..but it's a blessing for sure! Lol bro and you need to race in 1 month!

    59. Gerald Cole

      Best channel on youtube, I really love supercars but get tired of watching guys do donuts all the time. Real street racing awesome.

    60. TheCanadianBubba

      When you are born into a family that races everybody expects you to be on fire for it ! Great start, go get it Tommy !

    61. Bill Lewis

      Auto Zone = oil, washer fluid, carb/maf cleaner, paint, silicone, but never hard parts!

    62. mike harrold


    63. Rafael Sanchez

      Some grudge racing is always fun. Way to go Tommy and shout out to Ricky clutch coming in clutch with the alternator

    64. Amateur Shooter

      Well done Tommy

    65. jcnpresser

      That’s badass Tommy, you go!

    66. Trippymane 1k

      Man go tommy ! Super stoked to see him behind the wheel in the future, good luck to you both !

    67. Matthew Varnam

      At 13:04. Vehicle in the road blows the horn beep beep. And Billy says we are protesting was so funny

    68. Kip Salo

      Love u good ol boys! That Molly shes a keeper. Love the brother duo.

    69. Bill Knight

      Nice to see your brother get into racing. Man remeber back growing up, it seemed it everyone shoe horned the biggest small block they could into a S-10. No one cared what it looked like, as long as that shit was fast👍💪

    70. Jerry Frederick

      So Tommy's truck is dead in the water, needs an alternator. All of a sudden Luke Combs shows up with one in his hand and it fits.

    71. Jay Hayes

      Who needs bit coin or cash when you have a load of gravel?

    72. MrShark4488

      man i want to come watch you guys race sometime i just seen Tommy driving the S-10 to Speedway the other day i was at the mailbox with my dog when you went back past the house and gave you the thumbs up

    73. Toyota Turbo

      On the tire

    74. Justin Lienhoop

      Hell yeah congratulations on the first street W

    75. Recording Riot

      Congrats Tommy!

    76. Oper8or

      Feet are now wet, just like me. :)

    77. wayne jardine

      Love drag racing, this is a great channel, but street racing especially at night scares the crap out of me. So many things can wrong in a heart beat.

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Street racing ain’t for everybody 🤷🏼‍♂️

    78. Abel Gonzales

      Hey proud of him 2. He handle it very well Passing down the Legacy F***ing Awesome!?!? Good 2 C U guys again.... Texas....

    79. Eddie Phillips jr

      Congrats on the first win

    80. Brandon Panozzo

      Tommy's s-10 is freaking clean I love that thing

    81. James Moreira

      I see Tommy standing there with his hands in his pocket is he not mechanically inclined like you are??

    82. Keefe Spencer

      Now that both boys have S10s Pops needs an older K10 or a C10 or an S10 Blazer for a play around vehicle and or tow vehicle

    83. Peter Sawyer

      We're protesting!! Haha love it lol

    84. Victor O'Neill

      This is one of my favorite IRvision channels and I have watched ALL the videos. I see people using angle grinders with a cut off discs on just about every automotive video on IRvision and I use one myself occasionally. I didn't realize how dangerous they are until I watched this video. I now wear safety glasses, a face shield and leather gloves (usually welding gloves). The part about possible injuries starts at 43 minutes:

    85. David Edge

      This is why I LOVE this channel. Family oriented racing and just LOVE all the way around! Good clean fun! No cussing, alcohol, drugs etc. This is American as it gets and we need more of it!

    86. David Edge

      That was awesome TOMMY

    87. Treeslayer60538

      I’m curious as to why you blurred Tommy’s face? Great run buddy! Awesome job!

    88. twincammike83 16v

      Well done Tommy that most of been a hell of a rush... 👍

    89. Rob McCabe

      Like the old saying goes Apple doesn't fall far from the tree way to go Tommy trucks looking sweet

    90. BIGGDADDY 81

      I'm 38yrs old and I've been a fan of you all since I started watching I was like holy shit that truck is two tone with white fenders just like my first V8 s10 I built when I was 17 back in 1999 then I bought a blue one that was an 87 and built a 383 stroker and it was as identical as can be too Tommy's truck. Wow brings back memories. I love the way you are toward your lil brother and your dad's awesome you and your girlfriend and everyone have a good thing going keep it up

    91. Thomas Knight

      Now that is a tight brotherhood there....

    92. A.J. Klos

      Hell yeah Tommy. You are a good brother. I always have the volume cranked up with you being soft spoken (that’s not a bad thing) and when anyone makes a hit, that sound scares the hell out of me. Love it!!


      what headers do you have. could you tell me the part number.

    94. Boosted GTO

      This just warms my heart! Seeing family and local racers come together to help a young boy commit his 1st crime!!!!!!! LOL I'm starting to like these S-10's man.

    95. Gavin S

      Tommy got his sea legs, looks like he’s had them all along. Attaboy

    96. MrJayo73

      Lol he was the fastest car here and then proceeds to get gaptized twice in one night. Good job Tommy Two Guns! Yes I know b4 anybody says he was just joking yes I got it.

    97. martijnvkk

      This is just sick! Love the video's hopefully i can come to america in the futhere and withness a race myself!

    98. r1son Smith

      Good job Tommy

    99. J Mch

      Why you Blair his face out we no who it is lol good race it took off like a rocket 👍👍

    100. Sean Ludt

      Totally diggin on the content you guys are putting out. The editing and quality is top notch, and the feel you present with the music is on point. You always have fun and keep a positive vibe too. Also, how you mix it up with garage stuff, street and daily grinds, but touch of fun old' school stories make your channel a number 1. Always lookin forward to it guys, keep up the gold work!