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    The S-10 gets a pair of precision LS Series 7675 Turbos, Molly works on her 347, and we go to marion to test for No Prep Mania at Magnolia this weekend.

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    1. Dayz Ziggy

      I love Aj. Known him sense highschool. He has had some fun fast cars and always getting into something crazy lol always help work on other peoples cars. And boy can he weld😍😍

    2. Macdaddy


    3. Bob Wahl

      Molly you are one talented and beautiful lady, and Tommy is one lucky lucky guy. Good luck on your first race❤️💋❤️

    4. 4g _lude

      Shit is clean 🤙🏽

    5. Bad Ass 6.0 Powerstroke

      See that Ford Engine going together, did you degree the Cam ? Gotta Atleast check it, i know you didn't when you got that Shaffairaf Engine for the Truck. Yes i know it's probably spelled wrong.

    6. rayloe1021

      I love Molly!!!

    7. David Carpenter

      Damn !!! What a pro ... @ 2:40 ,,, She no's to use a socket to beat the stud washers in ... Every day hero ... Get er done ... Luv U guys channel ... D ... I no you don't hit it hard ...

      1. David Carpenter

        Looks like she nos how they go together ... I say'n you didn't have teach her everthing ... If she loves to turn a wrench ,,, Your the happest man in the world ... Luv U guys ... Get er done .... Thks .... D ....

      2. David Carpenter

        Race Dog !!! @ 2:51 ... Work'n hard ... Thks ... D ...

    8. peskypeet

      Always always always run oversized multiple grounds to engine & chassis. It only adds minimal weight but can help prevent many problems from one source.

    9. Paul Swan


    10. Chevy_Boy1968

      I’m sorry but get your dad how he finna talk to molly like that...telling her she doesn’t know shit about the s10 or racing calling her a slut and a stupid bitch like uhm sorry she hasn’t been building race cars her whole life like I can’t find one girl who actually wants to put in the effort and learn about cars. Not everyone has the privilege of understanding how to build and work on any vehicle to the extent he does. Love the channel and all the content but that right there just isn’t right Don’t believe me go watch @hazeltonmedia on TikTok

    11. EAST SIDE313

      Looking good Billy! @5:28 valve cover is upside down...🤔

    12. otowngator25

      That new video going around on tik tok showing dad calling molly a bitch 🤔

    13. Brandon soto

      You gotta get rid of the tear drop fender exits. They don’t fit the truck. Do some nice bull horns or cut the pipe rite at the fender like your waste gates

    14. Pete Braun

      Love what you guys do but please paint that beautiful truck it deserves a sexy paint job 🍻

    15. phase3ute

      Honestly. You need to be looking at the distributor itself. You mention it did it one other time at 7800. It was doing around the same rpm on that run. I’d say it’s losing a signal at the distributor at that rpm I’d suggest a different distributor setup.

    16. Southern Racing

      One of the baddest street trucks ever

    17. chevyy steve

      You'll see more power if you run the ground pops said. I also run a solid mount on the drivers side. Rubber on the passengers. 😇

    18. Jason Cook

      Ok let’s get her painted!! Nice pearl white and viper blue!!

    19. Maximum Energy

      Now i aint saying she used to purr . She always sounded nice , but man She just growls so beautifully now .

    20. Tom C

      I think you need to be making a sammitch for Molly at this moment


      Next upgrade is holley efi dominator

    22. Wayne Bowling

      Been watching you for awhile now Kid, and I have to say I love that you got the turbos back. Bigger waste gate and it all fits nice. And to Molly, happy to see that your putting a nice stroker in that fox body. Good looking shop too. You and Billy are perfect together. Can't wait to see yours run. I'ma big fox body fan. Like I always say, y'all keep making the videos and I'll keep watching!!!

    23. pob000

      Built not bought

    24. Ace Rockola

      Gets better and better WOW!

    25. SNOW FALL

      Real knowledge being spoken in this sub

    26. pigrond

      sounds good looks good

    27. 918 motorsports

      good to see truck back up and running and props on the weekends results also

    28. J Mch

      Sounds so much better and can't wait see more races with your new set up..

    29. TheCanadianBubba

      Just run a strap, two even... then you know you did that

      1. TheCanadianBubba

        Look forward to seeing your results !

    30. Cowterminator

      and to think of a ground cable is simple but genious. Cap discharge ignition losing a ground. Got to keep watching...............

    31. Cowterminator

      whos the cinematograoher? Yall got some great great production value. great job

    32. 9SeCTUnNA _SG

      Not ur best video but it will do

    33. Zachary S.

      Fiberglass doors and bed would be sweet! And the truck would be one color FINALLY

    34. Grease Monkey Garage

      Ran out of fuel from carb being unlevel so long maybe* ?

    35. Drew Powers

      Man I love pops.. Billy and Tommy are lucky to have a dad like that!! Wish I did... keep up the great videos love watching all of them since day1. Keep up all the hard work guys!!

      1. christopher dagnen

        Man im lucky enough to have a great dad but that is exactly what got me so interested jin this channel is whatching how he treats his boys and you can tell that they are a genuine respectful family. They both are very respectful as well you can tell that they had a very good upbringing.

    36. Jamessr23

      Billy: watch Devin Vanderhoffs wiring videos on how to ground

    37. Hank Clingingsmith


    38. Stangsandrcs4life

      Seriously how can anyone give this channel a dislike??? All of the content on here is awesome.

    39. RL RL

      When did Molly get a Fox and a shop?

    40. Mike P

      What did the guy who put the turbos on take off, that will narrow it down

    41. HEKTIC458

      I love the look of this truck! Seriously fast too

    42. Tile'n dyna guy

      DAMN!!!Bro... You might want to Check with Trump's "Space Force", See if you need to register that Rocket 💥🚀🤘🏼

    43. MrShark4488

      being a Ford man i like to hear that she has an 8.2 deck and a nice 4 eye Stang....and by the way is that the same dog i seen Tommy 2 Guns have in his lap in the S 10 going down 40 last week

    44. Drew Hampton

      O billy done got him a race girl nobody going to want that smoky smoke

    45. TexasSlabz

      Dies any body play the game door slammers 2 if u font I recommend it

    46. Scott Kirkpatrick

      Y’all are awesome! Keep the videos coming! Your Dad is great! Such a patient man & an excellent tuner!

    47. El Bill Burrito

      Good stuff Billy and Tommy! Papabear's back too.

    48. Rodney Kimsey II

      Billy I love your channel I’ve been watching you since the N20 days but man we can NOT hear you or your dad talking in these videos. And that’s one of my favorite things about watching them. Please help somehow!

    49. Tommy Cook

      Dam s10 will really be rolling out after the bugs r worked out keep it up billy u and your bother should be called the bowtie boy's

    50. Miguel Beltran

      So that feed line going to the passenger turbo under the waste gate😟

    51. LSmustangX

      You can fit a god damn dump truck in that shop!!!!

    52. jerry doneDIDit

      i honestly think he let off or killed it(even accidentally) i can see the dad looking at him with atleast a little doubt it just instantly died when the front tires hit as well( i definitely know that look). all is good either way.the kid is a brave soldier,and seem like a great family.

    53. Greg Griffin

      Where can we c that mustang?On what channel

    54. Ant Man

      Love the upgrade trucks flying! Molley running ford setup is awesome she should be quick!

    55. Gib The Kid

      Ground strap is where to start...very basic...but very important on ANY car...especially a race car.

    56. Moose

      Hopefully that didn't hurt the engine. Sounded a little different pulling up on the trailer afterwards.

    57. Warren Watts

      It's none of my business and I usually don't say anything, but....I can't help myself. Why.... would you let Molly mess with junk ass Ford's???? 347?? Who gives a shit? Wow...Billy, you are in trouble bro if you don't have any more control over your woman than that!!! 4 real!!! What a Shame, I kinda liked your and her antics, but...I see her dad or someone is brainwashing her or something!! My God!!!! You need to find a brunette Billy, Blondes are exactly that....BLONDE!!!!! WHAT A SHAME!!!

    58. Creeker 219

      Love the videos guys 🤘🏽 best racing channel on IRvision hands down 🇺🇸

    59. big mack

      Stand there and tells guy he ant shit he's an underdog....but he has good

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        It wasn’t an insult , it was more of he’s an up and coming IRvisionr

    60. Jay Vog

      I agree with pops, with it needs that ground strap from the engine to the main frame. Are you running solid engine mounts? I forget..

    61. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      Thanks for the shoutout. Good luck tonight!

    62. Kevin Stueve

      Gonna be some upset racers that end up drawing the S-10 in future races, once you get it all dialed in, its gonna fly, just like that wheel stand

    63. MultiReubenater Turner 1967


    64. MultiReubenater Turner 1967


    65. Cameron Maurer

      How much fuel did you have in your tank at the time? If it was low and you did your wheelie, it could've starved the pump and shut it off. Just a idea. Hope you got it fixed.

    66. Daniel Moody

      Makes me feel safer about my s10 setup glad yours is back together again.. I'm still trying to get the bugs worked just got the converter and trans issues worked out. close to the same time as your first pass before my new upgrades but on 8psi and 40% converter slip

    67. Skooba Steve

      Just got home from work and pops on YT, got 3 subscribes to choose from, we have Leo Marriochioli with his new metal cover, Fetus Mc Carlane with his Ruby update and we have a winner Billy the fuckin Kid is in Da house.. YEE YEE!!!!

    68. fun fun

      What happened to her LS build?

    69. 79tazman

      I did not catch that guy's channel name they you said we should check out

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Drag racing and car stuff

    70. William Campbell

      I have a ground from the frame to the block and from the block to the distributor housing.

    71. Gregory B

      Quote of the day, more tool boxes more tools , RACE CAR COMES FIRST!!

    72. d pizzle

      Ahhh five 15 second commercials! First one at the minute mark, shit sucks. I’m willing to watch them if it supports TH3 KID and family but if it doesn’t fuck IRvision

    73. Gavin Schumacher

      Awesome video once again

    74. Dylan Hoyt

      Cool to see some ford stuff in here love that truck though

    75. King of the one line response

      Nice to see y'all building a ford. Nice to see a variety.

    76. Daniel Gallegos


    77. Joey Salas

      surprised him and his dad are good after all that but bad ass vid

    78. jamie muncy

      The old mans smart💯💯 Trucks looking pretty good, can’t wait to see you it does once you get it dialed in and figure out all you settings. Truck is gonna he ONE BAD HAMMER 💯💪🏻💪🏻💯👀👀

    79. djm93

      send it bro never lift!

    80. gutless cutlass

      Maybe check the carbon bushing in you distributor

    81. Moose On a JuiceBox

      You're super lucky to have a pops like you do. Ever since I been subscribed he has been there every step of the way. Its also clear as day that he wants you to succeed. When you're having trouble or kinks, he is right by your side helping figure it out. Cherish that shit man seriously.

      1. Macdaddy

        NO DOUBT

      2. Macdaddy

        NO DOUBT

      3. 67chargerman

        100% love them both !!

      4. arron smith

        When hes not abusing or beating Billy pops is great.he got issues.his demeanor in this video is a lot different.Maybe he gave himself a couple of uppercuts.Get some help Bill.

    82. Myles Aka TRM

      Glad to see the new setup and Molly working on her stroker motor! Stay safe and healthy. ✌

    83. keith frisell

      Glad to see you and Pops together! Stay safe .

    84. joey badabing

      What happened to the Firebird

      1. Nicholas Rodrigues

        Molly sold it to buy a manual LT1 C4

    85. Biscuit Boy

      I'm thinking it's something in the stock ignition switch or steering column / wiring harness. I had a 86 Fox Body Thunderbird bracket car with a stroker small block Windsor that would do crazy wheel stands. I was running it with the stock key ignition too, but after a hundred million twist's of the key, the ignition unit itself began to separate and it too, would die or cut out on landings or gear changes. Took a while to figure out, but the ignition part was a two piece plastic deal with the copper contacts inside, the two halves are fused together, but after a while, it cracks and begins to separate and any sudden jolts or bumps caused the interruption of the current flow. I imagine that the stock S-10 switch is very similar. It's worth checking out!!

      1. Biscuit Boy

        @Dan Myers I don't think so, those are on separate switches. If the ignition goes out, you still have lights.

      2. Dan Myers

        If it was the ignition switch in the column shorting out wouldn’t everything lose power (lights, dash) and not just the ignition?

    86. Rafael Sanchez

      What size are your wheels both front and back?

    87. typeslower

      Is that Kevin jewer? The dsm legend himself

      1. SRC Garage

        Yes it is.

    88. Daniel Ward

      Where's the video of the wheelie in the opener?!

    89. tom hanks

      Block and each head toss a ground strap is on it

    90. Paul Kiehlmeier

      Im excited to see what more this truck is capable of. This thing is on a whole different level of speed now. I rewatched that pass a few times in a row. It was beautiful.

    91. send it

      damn billy get a door panel, really molly a ford

    92. Victor Hex

      Good video, nice wheelie, keep up the great work.

    93. scott Baker

      Pops is like....Give me the laptop son

    94. Herbert Humphrey

      you said it was flooded at re-start .. but is their a possibility of fuel pump sucked air as long as you were at that willie angle and g-force .. then flooded at the hot restart ?

    95. Rusty Wells

      We love you Billy and Molly and us OGs will always have your backs!

    96. Chris Kubond

      That truck is fast. Y'all really got it running good

    97. CaveMan Garage

      Hey Billy I had a similar situation with my CSU blow through carburetor I thought it was the ignition it cut off clean actually in the air in a wheelie and it ended up being the floats were too high and then hydraulic the carburetor Kevin Van Noy straightened me out about the adjustment I know you guys have been running it for quite a long time I'm just throwing one at you hoping that I can help

      1. CaveMan Garage

        @James Wilson i run e85 fuel im watching Billy close using meth with a blowthru

      2. James Wilson

        @CaveMan Garage That makes sense now that you mention it. Thanks for responding. It’s amazing a carb can work so well at different atmospheres to begin with.

      3. CaveMan Garage

        @James Wilson actually what I learned when I went to a blow through that you have to have a certain amount of air space in the bowl because the bowl get pressurized and that's what pushes the fuel out so if there's too much fuel in the bowl it will actually hydraulic. It was funny when I had the conversation with Kevin at CSU he told me everything you ever learned about a Holley forget it lol

      4. James Wilson

        That’s exactly what I was thinking as an alternative to ignition. Fuel slosh flooded it out.

    98. Torque and Beans Sauce

      His wastewater dump tube is about the same size as his turbo downpipe. The best downpipe for a turbo is no downpipe or as close to it as possible

    99. USN_Ret 84-05

      My two cents, put a ground to both heads.

    100. Big Bill at Iron Garage

      I think your pops is onto something with that ground strap. Don't want to end up like I did and have the ground running through the throttle cable. I ended up with two ground straps. You will get it figured out. Molly's shop is pretty cool, clean slate. Also real bright. Thanks for sharing.