He FKN Sent It at KC Cash Days! (AK47 Vs. Dirty 30)

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    Street Racing in Kansas City! WYCO Racing put on the biggest and fastest small tire cash days in history. Full video of the whole thing coming soon!
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    1. Dirt Cheap Media

      I’m here just to pay my respects to dirty 30 rip

    2. Dare Viralz

      Who else is here after his crash


      Damn thay little fker was moving out.

    4. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Nick Plewniak The Dirty 30 Lets Faster & Get Winning Im Ronald Thank You.

    5. Ronald Reyes

      Keep Winning Nick The Dirty 30 Im Ronald Thank You.

    6. Ronald Reyes

      Keep Go Faster Nick Dirty 30 Im Ronald Thank You.

    7. Ronald Reyes

      Nick I Like The Dirty 30 Toó Im Ronald Thank You.

    8. Ronald Reyes

      Go Nick The Dirty 30 Im Ronald Thanks.

    9. Ronald Reyes

      Keep It Up Nick Dirty 30 Im Ronald Thanks.

    10. dm7097

      R.I.P. dirty 30 😱

    11. Whop Junior

      Enjoy watching Nick and the 30 do work

    12. Seth N.

      2:04 best part

    13. Shino San

      hey man , how is your truck coming along m haven't hows the new rebuild going ?

    14. Mj Lutz

      I’m gonna punch you in the face billy

    15. Dan Kelly

      Bad azz vid as usual. My favorite part though... whoever the girl is with the dirty 30 sure has a nice little tooshie on her!! Lol. No disrespect to her man intended whatsoever.... kudos 👍👍

    16. Dave's Racing Channel

      The Dirty Thirty is a Wild Ride Nick Plewniak always builds some crazy stuff

    17. TheCanadianBubba

      Like my buddy who launched his hood as he finally broke out of his bracket... but he did not care because he picked up .5 sec !

    18. 79tazman

      Damn did that Camero get his tire's hot enough LOL!! I thought he was in a burnout contest the way he was going

    19. 79tazman

      I love that Dirty 30 it's so bad ass

    20. joe cucch

      Shes beautiful !!! And the hot rod is sweet as well....

    21. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Great teaser! We want MOOOOORE! Love seein' all the stuff The 30 is doing right now!

    22. Chuck York

      Great clip...can't wait to see the full vid. Waiting for some S10 action. Thanks for the awesome content.

    23. karl knudson

      if bonnie and clyde had the dirty thirty they probably be alive today thats one running car

    24. sublime929

      Riding in and out with your broad on the running board like a tru gangsta!

    25. eric flower

      Got to be one of the best racing channels out there!!!

    26. Old men rule racing

      Really, some of the finest content out there! Great editing!

    27. Kyle Burlette

      Bro you have to switch names the dirty 30 sounds like a fuckin ak-47 Jesus that bitch is mean...lmmfao

    28. AHR Red

      Always Send It!

      1. Dave's Racing Channel

        Would you please give my youtube channel a Subscribe

    29. DOGLE

      This shit makes me want to buy a shirt.

    30. joe Garcia

      Kendall goin coming out on top thoo🙌🏼💪🏼 i know the guys who one the event hell of a cash days for sure beater bomb got a nice lil surprise right out the gate lolll

    31. StreetMonster07

      Where is the video of the pour your own puddle race at. 😡

      1. Xbox Whitehorse

        Yes can't wait to see it

    32. Doug

      That's It ?

      1. DOGLE

        Teaser Doug. Stay turned for more.

      2. RL RL

        Read the description...

    33. Shino San

      O M G!!!! that was some fucking quality content right there boi's

    34. Leigh Rigutto

      Bro I'm jealous of you I love this channel From Australia

    35. Dixon Outdoors

      Your teaser shit sucks man. Put up the content or don't

      1. Dixon Outdoors

        @Street Racing Channel just fuckin with you boss. LOL keep up the great content

      2. Street Racing Channel

        How about you edit this 1 hour movie for me while it ties up my only laptop and everyone waits for the full movie and I don’t release any videos for a month?

    36. Ron Gravel

      Damn. By far best channel on the tubes With thee best one liner. “He got gaptized my a Mother fuckin street car”. You should win a trophy just for that.

    37. V8 S series chevy

      Did ak47 lose his oil pan?

      1. 79tazman

        see how long the burnout AK did? I never seen anyone have to get their tires that hot

      2. DOGLE

        He kept straight and didn’t let out. Ak47 really wanted to not go out.

    38. youtubeisfullofspam

      sick shit!

    39. Chris Pearce

      Can't wait to see the whole video. Awesome job buddy keep it up. Can't wait to see the s10 back out

    40. Tommy Simpson

      That is one bad 30

      1. Dave's Racing Channel

        Would you please give my youtube channel a Subscribe

    41. Mr smiles #

      You know how to put out some badass videos dude thank you for the entertainment 👍

    42. Brandon Denton

      This channel deserves so much more credit. Badass as always

      1. Mj Lutz

        Brandon Denton you suck

    43. Fred Schmidt

      Great job on the video 👏 . All the cameras all over the cars ( it's nice they let you do that ) hope the Camaro SS didn't hurt the front end to bad ( can you guys use wheely bars ) always wonder about the rules . Where do you find them at

    44. Reaper1320

      I want to see the movie ❤🔥🔥🔥

    45. jamie muncy

      That’s one BADASS 1930s HOT ROD 💯😱😱💯👍🏻✌🏻

    46. robert battige

      First love the vids billy