Twin Turbo S-10 Races from Ohio to Georgia on ANY SURFACE

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    1. Xxtreme Horsepower

      Thumbnail picture credit to us 📸

      1. Xxtreme Horsepower

        Lol who is mad? Hard to be mad at someone who has the grammar of a 1st grade kid


        @Xxtreme Horsepower just cause it making you so mad I did not go out off way but why you so mad

      3. Xxtreme Horsepower

        @internet-troll and you got to all the way out you’re way just to say something has nothing to do with you 😂🤦‍♂️ what’s the difference


        @Xxtreme Horsepower that you gotta go out your way to "thank" yourselves on a recorded video

      5. Xxtreme Horsepower

        @dabbit righttttt... so what’s your point 😂

    2. Mike Burford

      Oh crybabies! Listen to your father and you’ll start winning these races.

    3. Mike n Melissa Gowen

      Got to meet you and your brother and dad yesterday in Albany. Chicknhawk showed up again. Head Up Billy. Your one of the most Humble Down to Earth Dude's out there!!!! See Yal when yal come back. Peace

    4. Johnny Amador

      that was awesome

    5. Manuel Silva

      I love your your channel keep it up

    6. Dan D.

      Great video!

    7. Tasey Craft

      What ever happened to the mini dragsters you and your brother used to race ? Why doesn’t he still race that until he can with his s10 ? Btw that truck is another bad ass s10 , I like how you guys went with the older s10’s I like them trucks. I used to have a 1974 Chevy luv pickup with a swapped out motor from a 74 vette, loved that truck but I was only 17 with a child on the way so I had to get rid of it. I regret I didn’t just park it and get a different daily 🤦‍♂️ live and learn

    8. Ls87 Gbody

      My home town Cincinnati! I grew up at Edgewater racetrack. So many memories.

    9. Nick Kiofetzis

      lovely nice humble buy telling it the way it is

    10. Dwayne Marshall




    12. Bruce Ellicott

      It gets a bit ordinary winning all the time it's good lose a couple brings us back to reality Billy so don't feel bad buddy your a bloody legend son

    13. ITS CRISPEE87

      i could hear your foot in the boost when u said u had to manually control your launch.

    14. Glenn Ramsey

      I got started on watching you race your s10 and i gotta say im hooked ..i have watched nothing but your videos for days i love the fact that your not a cocky lil bratt. You are a class act and i wished i had started watching your videos before u went to english mountain i would have came watched you race .. i live in east Tn close to knoxville dragway im subscribed to your channel if u ever take off headded down here to Knoxville Tn ill come on out and watch you race .. who knows i may even have mine done ..either way it would be good times ..i hope to see you soon later man ...Glenn Ramsey

      1. Street Racing Channel

        See you out there brother

    15. Gary Woodward

      Love your truck brother. Love to see it run in person. My idea of a "street car".

    16. ซี หย่อย

      Need this product

    17. J Mch

      2:40 that was a great pass shit launched

    18. Macdaddy

      Great job SENDING IT !! Your a smart young man and gotta smart old man!! Keep that S-10 rockin!!

    19. Dynamic Dopamine

      Only a real racer knows how to lose a race and keep their head up with pride! Excuses never change the outcome

    20. Dynamic Dopamine

      You need to come on down to upstate South Carolina

    21. Shayne Puckett

      I live right next to edgwater (10 minutes away) I go there all the time. Sick to see!

    22. DASWorkshop

      What a great channel. Smart, humble, honest. That covers all the big ones, good onya. In a way you are keeping pro stock truck alive for me, I loved that class. Thank you for all the videos.

    23. Glenn Evitt

      One Bad A Truck super S 10 geat Run 🤩

    24. Steven Riordan

      Awesome racing kid only reason I watch this is you and your dad ,hell of a racer and young man keep going win or lose .

    25. tom schweikert

      wats that blinking digital gauge? distracting?

    26. Cody Breeding

      No matter what bro you did good and you got to go home and I bet you had a little bit of fun to

    27. Richard Springfield

      ok cool video so I watch for more than just your girl you young man can drive the F-ck out of your S10

    28. tiny 1

      Bud you lost a race fuck me get over it what mistakes you had a part fail what's the big deal fix it and go again it's racing I don't see why the hell you had to explain it unless you were really beating your self up that bad over it you felt like you had to justify a loss go get it fixed and kick his ass next time no big deal you got this now go do it bro and I know this is old but had to say it lol

    29. NZ Salt Flats Racer

      You look pretty good from here Mate! That was some good racing.

    30. Skip'n the C's

      No need to apologize. Your Nobody. Like ya sister. 😍.

    31. Zelly1327

      Dude you out there racing and building great motors enjoy !!!!

    32. Darrell Kidd


    33. Bill Knight

      Badass footage, love the truck it puts in work💪🤘👌

      1. Bill Knight

        I wouldn't consider it a loss, as much a lesson. We all know the more we learn the better and badder you become. Sometimes you school, sometimes you get schooled. Other times your shit just don't work right🤔😲😒😠. Either way a hell of a job👍

    34. Cody Featherstone

      Awesome 💯🔥

    35. merrill mitchell

      You can hear it clear as day.

    36. Outlaw Rail

      Ahh in my neck of the woods Ga. Albany US19 "the hole".... And "middle Ga motorsports park".. Or TWIGGS as its always been called. My home track..... Wished I could have caught up with you brother. I would have bought dinner or something. Keep the good videos coming my friend💪💪👍

    37. CY Drums

      You have one badass truck! You ever come out to Paducah,KY dragstrip? We have a nice track out here.

    38. Kevin pulley

      I live 5 miles from edge water and hope to be out there to meet y’all soon! I love that track because I’m leaving in four wheel drive lol

    39. Poker Mike

      Love your content

    40. #HammerTime# H2R

      The truck didn't seem like it was running to good that last run.Defently didn't sound good.

    41. notyourordinary

      Nice runs Kid. You swung for the fences and nobody can take that away from you! Compliment your crew, they obviously did an outstanding job. Patience... You will get there.

    42. Ol'SchoolRacing

      Wasn't there a clip of you running Brian Britt in Memphis or am I thinking of someone else. I thought you ran Beetlejuice but can't find it anywhere or either I made it up if you did could you tell me what video upload it was?

      1. Ol'SchoolRacing

        @Street Racing Channel thanks man been trying to find it to show pops bc he loves both trucks!

      2. Street Racing Channel

        It’s on the TX2K video I did

    43. Ryan Young

      Thing is slow bud.

    44. Tony Steele

      In all my 20 some years racing on the track and street you have the best attitude toward racing to be such a young man. It is great to see a that kind of integrity and your a hell of a racer to boot. Keep it up and be safe and best of luck to you just remember that a great racer makes his own luck.

    45. Martin Paterson

      Legend true good sport your a winner even when your losin mate in my book👍🇦🇺

    46. Pacfanweb

      Can't win every time. It'd be boring if you did, honestly. Things that break and cost you are what makes you get back after it and get back in the winner's circle.

    47. Aidan Whitney

      Dude has got a powerglide trans. Nice

    48. Matt G

      What's the trans and rear end set up?

    49. tnross23

      I can’t seem to find it on any comments I did look, wondering what blow thru carb u r running and how much u like it!? Tired of my XFI twin turbo set up and it’s time for a change... seems like whatever carb u r using it works well!

    50. Michael Jason Granstaff

      Win or lose your still a bad ass keep trucken

    51. crapwessel

      Keep putting em on the trailer you sir are killing it.

    52. woodstock44 R

      Been watching you more and more love the S10 you do a great job Billy everyone loses once in a while

    53. jerry

      nice video, I always said that this life is with falling and rise

    54. Pocket Potwin

      Keep hitting them trees Billy and you got the right attitude brother 🤘

    55. Jackson Storm

      Can't win them all , still you are one very good driver , with great reaction time , and instincts . Most guys wish they could drive with half your skill and composure. Great job Billy.

    56. Izaak Avena #LuckySS

      Sick s10

    57. Duston scharbrough

      What part of Ohio??? I'm in Chillicothe


        Cincinnati Ohio, cleves to be exact at Edgewater race track

    58. Millcom Milton

      Definitely didn’t sound like it was on full boost on that last race. I’m sure you can for it and get back out there again . 👍sick set up

    59. Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation

      Hey how much did your truck pick up with the limiters.

    60. Dan Johnston

      Without loosing, you'll forget how to keep winning. Keep it real. 🇦🇺

    61. Mechanicman1970

      You rock bro love the channel you keep it between the lines and keep baptizing with the old school chevrod. LS killer

    62. Paul Condie

      Bas ass truck!

    63. Joeybabbs .BABBS

      better than street outlaws cuz you can see the whole race, not jumping around from camera to camera during the race

    64. Explicit Fishing

      What is the s10 putting out for hp?

    65. Cincinnati Cobra

      Omg ur first pass at the second location it looked like u were spinning tires the whole length

    66. Cincinnati Cobra

      Ur absolutely right about the tree the real race isnt so much about the race between the drivers or cars if u can beat the tree u more than likely won the race.... Good luck out there on ur journey wish u the best and love the S-10 sick truck

    67. Cincinnati Cobra

      So im from Cincinnati Ohio and Edgewater is my home track grew up there watchin people run the quarter and now i myself run down the quarter and just wanna kbow what u think of it do u like the track?? Whats ur lane choice and if u could change one thing about the track what would u change please respond and let me know what u think

    68. justin fryer

      why not the last 2.. whats wrong with al and florida. we get rowdy in the floating state..

    69. LMT SMT

      Down to earth an a hot s10 great job in my book

    70. Kevin Smith

      Man don't worry about losing you and especially everyone you race KNOWS you got a fast BADASS😬 s10😈

    71. Vincent Corralez

      Need a screen in your speedometer brotha love the videos

    72. Warren Stephens

      Its not about us watching you win or lose, its about watching you do your thing. Go do your level best, have fun, and be safe. The rest of it is out of your hands. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. You will be get 'em next time!

    73. ISEE YOU

      Your truck hauls ass.. one of my favorites..

    74. BATMANX5 Batts

      Great driving homie💯

    75. shawnb215

      any interest in coming to philly?

    76. Barbara Archer

      Hey man I seen you in Sarye Oklahoma A few days back bought a shirt but shit man loved to see the truck keep up the spool

    77. Rick Wilson

      Dude great message you had at the end. Yes winning is everything, but you get faster when you lose. Once in a while lol now you have one more new subscriber.

    78. Guitarman5051

      Way to get it done young man, love watching your videos. Keep up the awesome work!

    79. slimczer

      Love this truck 🤘🏽🤘🏽

    80. Kaden Shablow

      Do u have a lsin her

    81. Jody

      When a driver can drive his vehicle, it's a win win situation!

    82. Tim Wilson

      #streetracingchannel #neverlift Chin up buddy, you n Pops are doing good. Love the footage. Keep doing what you do. As a fan it doesn't matter if you win or lose, I just like being along for the ride. 🇦🇺🇺🇲💯

    83. Rusty Wells

      There's always somebody out there faster than you Billy but that just makes you want to get faster!

    84. Cpo lt

      Keep your head high dude!! We all go through issues with the cars. Its part of racing. Check out the wastegates that are piston actuated instead of diaphram. They are wayy more reliable. Otherwise man, its a part of doing this, and you are REAL for showing ALL the footage, not just the good times. Like you said, your showing what its really like living this lifestyle.

    85. Cody Featherstone

      Awesome job god bless 🙌🙌🙌

    86. Cody Featherstone

      Lol people just chilling everywhere

    87. Jayradd Customs

      Beautiful dat not a cloud in sight. Lol

    88. harlley01

      Love watching you race. Great job.

    89. Tommy Cook

      Dam in my hood and didnt even know it dam like to see the s10 run keep kicking ass

    90. Robert W AKA Sideboob

      Great video IV been watching you you are amazing keep up the fantastic work and hope to see you in no prep kings with all the big boys soon

    91. 79tazman

      You can't win them all bro but you can try and you did your best that's all that matters man I still think you and your truck is Bad Ass hope you fix your waste gate issue and give r hell!!

    92. Damon Rice

      Billy the kid, keep your head up bruh. You knew you had a issure with the truck but you stayed in the fight to the end. I have enjoyed seeing you race win or lose. You and your dad has a great team going. Keep up the good work brother!!

    93. Thekelsoman H

      At of all the st racing channels your my favorite young man you sim to be well mannered man an your mom an dad did a great job keep up the good work

    94. Randy Westbrook

      Hold your head up, it SUCKS to LOSE but it ain't very often you do. If you lose you have a mechanical problem. You still have one of the BADDEST Small tire trucks.

    95. Patrick Moore

      Your a young Bad Ass Homie you don't have to Explain Shit God Bless you your Ride and family !!! Im in Georgia Also!!!! AKA Dawsonville !

    96. Devon Deaton

      Forget the win here, the fact you pedaled it through the bracket with limited boost on the long end is way more impressive to me. You flat out drive the piss outta that truck.

    97. FrankiE Rutherford

      Edgewater is my home track a group there thanks for sharing

    98. Bryan Sells

      Billy that truck moves

    99. Brady Wilson

      Man you're living my dream. One day I hope to race beside you. I'm a huge fan. Im working on a couple of projects but its very slow going. Good luck man

    100. latemnf

      Thanks for taking us on your journey. You're the man.