Papaw's '55 Chevy Hits Pavement For First Time in 40 Years

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    This '55 Chevy holds a special place in our hearts at Street Racing Channel. We decided to ask my grandparents if they would let us put an engine in the car, as it's been sitting for 40 years, and hasn't been driven. To our surprise they told us we could! This car is the reason I race today, it's the reason my father got into racing. There is nothing in this world like driving around in a Black 55 Chevy with a big cam and header mufflers, with a 4 Speed. Hopefully we will be able to get the front end rebuilt soon and get it aligned, gear swap, and some new tires on the way. Eventually some fresh paint, and body work in time. It still drives amazingly well for being a 65 year old car on a lot of the original parts!

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    1. John Bowen


    2. jazz pup

      The hug at 12:03

    3. Ron Couch

      I’m one of your newer subscribers (two months or so) this has been one of my favorites.

    4. Chris Nizer

      That Tri-Power setup was so cool, would've been great to see it used on the new motor but it's all good. I'm glad they were able to keep it in the family. Thanks for the video my friend, good stuff! 👍 👍

    5. Dan Dolen

      Bro I know how you feel. Really touched me when you hugged your dad. My dad gave me his 40chevy. He bought it when I was 5 years old. Now I am 55 and I have given it to my son. Great story

    6. Jordan Hewitt

      Man I wonder what that 55 has for a cam make model and an exhaust

    7. TopCity AutoMechanic

      Nice Car :-)

    8. Slick1G3

      just found your channel great stuff guys /who the hell watches TV any more

    9. Ben Johnson

      country people do funny things

    10. richard johnson

      you did your grand dad proud

    11. foxguy day

      Seen this on FB and had to come here to see the Video and DAMN! you guys make us feel like Kin, maybe it’s just a OHIO farmboy thing .........but thanks for sharing

    12. Texas Turner

      Now that’s pretty damn cool !

    13. larry broad

      that base paint would buff out real nice in a few hours

    14. larry broad

      in the p show the truck doing a wheelie and your turning the wheel where do you think your going to go.

    15. kevin moore

      Boy best one I've seen on your channel. Well so far

    16. jazz pup

      I come back and watch this vid every month or so.....yep, still my favorite.

    17. Mr Busy

      Muncie even

    18. Jeramiah Weston

      Sounds like christein before he got her all fixed up. Lol

    19. Rolled brim

      That 55 looks sweet going down the road, especially in the last 30seconds of the video!

    20. Mel Tuckerman

      What an absolute all around cool video. Born and raised in Toledo until they moved us away 45 years ago. Scenery makes me miss it alot !!

    21. send it

      one of your best videos by far

    22. Charlie Hubbard

      The Crager's and the 6 pack takes me back to Thorn Hill Brags if you were lucky ENOUGH to have one of the original stickers they misspelled drags. They spelled Brags.I work for ole Ralph years ago supposed to be the oldest continuous running NHRA Track in the United States It's in northern Kentucky Kenton Stations check out the last track to switch to a Christmas tree. The original time CLOCKS are at Big Daddy Don Garlits Drag racing museum and you can find my figure prints on em some where. PEACE OUT 🐝😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🐝

    23. alexis gonzales

      Seeing grandma and grandpa driving it together was one of the best moments in the video

    24. Nathan Adkins

      I'm glad they didn't put an Ls in the 55

    25. Justin Conkin

      Had a tears a building up waiting on old pops to crack a smile. He never did even at the end when it set him back in his seat a little.

    26. Blown 5.0

      Dont know how lucky you are to have your dad and grandpa still in your life, I miss my dad so much. Enjoy and cherish the time with them

    27. Joseph Cummings

      Dang man seeing your Grandpa and Dad hugging and both giving a pat on the back just brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing this experience.

    28. yt white

      You guys are all quite the clan...I'm not the only one to envy you all,I'm sure....Seeing Grandma and Grandpa out for a ride was a tear-jerker! Keep the faith...

    29. Hannah Summer

      Wrong car this. 55. Has a post

    30. Guy Werry

      That's a SWEET 55 - Cragar SSs ... a 327 with 3 dueces ... great stuff.

    31. The Real Steve White


    32. The Real Steve White


    33. Ron Dickson

      Had a “55” in 1965. Bel air. Black new paint,and original 2dr. Sedan ,three speed manual ,rebuilt 265 engine and 57chevy intake 4bbl. Boy boy would I like to have it back. Fenton floor shift with a Sun Tac. Very strong for a 265. 👍🏻Your “55” is awesome 😎👍🏻.😢

    34. Smoothboxnailer

      Sweeet Five Five! Thanks for sharing that story!

    35. buckeyful

      I Don't Cry....But My Eyes are wet........ ..

    36. gary church

      oh hell ya 55 chevy

    37. Anthony Aguilar

      Baddass dammmm beautiful 💯💯💯💪💪💪💪

    38. rsdunphyphotography com

      people ask me "how can you love a car" it's just a THING. I respond back that it is more than that, my car TALKS to me, she sends me her feelings. I have a deep emotional relationship to my CAR!. Your videos just show that emotion that you guys have to cars. Very professionally done, BRAVO ZULU, as we say in the Navy. Here is my love, a 2004 mercury marauder :) I know she is not a true "Rod", be she hauls ass!!! Barney ain't not gonna get me!

    39. John Enrico

      What IDIOT wiil dislike this episode

      1. Bob Silver

        Libtards and Democrats...the ones trying to destroy America

    40. Boone

      This is the greatest IRvision video ever put on the internet.! That was absolutely amazing and really makes a man feel it in his heart.! Plus got that gorgeous 55 Belair which is my dream car.! Bill ,ur dad, ur grandpa, beautiful molly, and ur lil brother y'all keep putting out amazing video's.! God bless y'all and God bless America.!!

    41. ghraptor30

      One of the best videos I've seen in along time.

    42. Kenny Knight

      Does anybody out there have a used blower for small block Chevy for sale

    43. chevy thunder

      Twas at tht moment pawpaw realized he no longer needed viagra 😂😂😂😂

    44. kingautosale

      I had to say this 55 beout tears to my eyes

    45. Jordan Nort

      Papaw’s 55 Chevrolet your the boss best darn car that hit the pavement in years congratulations awesome car😎👍

    46. Don Berry

      I used to drive a belair to school but mine was only 7 years old.

    47. Victor Hex

      A V8 firing up with goats in the background, because its America. Well done.

    48. Jeffrey Dixon

      Nice job love the 55 nice car

    49. Myrt

      I hear goats. You’re fine people. 🤣❤️

    50. Oddball hot rods

      check out ( Chelsea cruise 2020 ) Fb. Celebrating 45 years of cruising London England (1975/2020)

    51. elituko

      And to top it off, cranking up and rumbling thru town just countin em off at night. Beautiful family, beautiful car, beautiful story.

    52. David Barnett

      Love the video.My favorite part papa taking nana for a ride.That’s something to think on right there.😢

    53. Daniel Eaton

      Totaly jeleous.

    54. Doug Robustelli

      First time watching this one....Bought back a lot of memories of my youth and with my kids and racing on the weekends....I teared up when you were hugging your dad .........Great Video

    55. Aaron Flatinger

      ❤ Yall...💪👊👊👊🇺🇸

    56. AndyGee’s Garage

      Pawpaw’s once again the coolest dude in town👍

    57. Alfons Poppe

      Amazing family show such respect for grand daddy awesome work too👍👍

    58. Eric McGinnis

      Thought I was seeing rust behind the rear emblem! Should get that taken care of before the cancer spreads further! It's easy enough to do! Hopefully what I saw was adhesive or something!

    59. Eric McGinnis

      One beautiful '55! My favorite of the tri 5'S ! They're each gorgeous but I like the simplicity of the '55!!!

    60. Eric McGinnis

      Bad ass Chevy brother! What year firebird?

    61. Today’s Topic

      I love the Shiner film you guys did a great job making that. The 355 sounds mean is that a stock bottom end

    62. Tom Stumbo

      Great channel!! How do I find the music you use? Its awesome!

    63. Jeff Cathline

      Love the videos keep them coming

    64. Dennis Burger

      12:02 is priceless, good job guys

    65. matt vorhees

      Did you change out the tires? Those things must have a flat spot like tera reids ass.

    66. MrRyder2U

      In 1954 my dad bought a brand new '54 Chevy Bel Air. In 1955 Chevy came out with "THAT"... who knew. DAMN!

    67. Joseph Valentino

      Very cool. Love the history behind the 55.

    68. Greg

      They don't build cars like they use to! I love these old cars!!!!

    69. Bill Cohnen

      Thanks for the awesome video, sure brings back a lot of great memories of my dad who recently passed away, I grew up around cars, listening to dads stories about street racing in the 50s and 60s. Thanks again guys, take care and keep your family close.

    70. Bobby Sims

      SBC and three deuces sounded lovely

    71. Monkey’s Business

      In our family it’s a 66 Impala SS and a 68 roadrunner. Love the 55

    72. Jared Klug

      Is that Larry Entices jacket?

    73. Houston Kilby

      Love the car man ! My best friend just got a 55 we just dragged out of a barn on my channel can’t wait to take a drive in it!

    74. Mark4747


    75. Henry Barrett

      My dad had beautiful two tone blue 2dr Belair post 327 4 speed run 11s when I was kid he always had fast Chevy n mopars

    76. 1fastmr

      Old school Chevy's I love it.I was 16 in 1979 There was still old Chevy's That I worked on with Generators 283's 327's and later on 350's You can tune em by ear , Like music.

    77. Tyler Tucker

      My grandpa has a 57 2 door hard top so I can literally feel the emotion from your grandpa in this video. Awesome video guys. Btw im a new subscriber and love the channel

    78. Tony Wood

      dang bro that music drowned out the Music.

    79. Tony Wood

      Edsel Ford watched this 142 times.

    80. Wooley689

      Why replace the engine? It sounds pretty fine to me.

    81. woodey028

      I dam near shed a tear. Those photos of days gone by were awesome. Thank you for sharing this with us. That 55 is a stone cold killer!!!!

    82. Dane Kruse

      "This is bullshit!" As soon as I heard it, I KNEW what Dad was gonna say! Seriously, this one hits straight to the feels.

    83. gcg2366

      I love the 55 Chevys.......👍👍👍👍

    84. Boneshaker

      Thats what lifes is about right there.

    85. Rickey Engle

      my first car was a 55 two door post,,sweet 55 you got,,thank

    86. Chuck H

      Now that was an awesome video to see you and your dad and your grand dad so cool

    87. Jeff Smart

      I L O V E THIS CAR!!!!!!!

    88. farmermatt629

      Country boys getting it done... ✅

    89. Mike King

      nothing better than 18436572 really crisp

    90. Dan Myers

      Guys, this is one of coolest, most emotion car videos I have ever seen. All I can say is well done!

    91. Lawrence Klein

      America, baby!! First, I began smiling. Then by the time the '55 drove off into the night, I was grinning big time! Great story about family! Thank you!

    92. tacx1


    93. Brandon Englund

      You’re a lucky guy to still have your Grampa around to create such great memories, I’d give anything to have either of mine back.

    94. Tom Robards

      What a wonderful video , takes me back to my youth , a great survivor car , to be handed down ..

    95. Timothy Bradek

      Damn right chief, that is so solid I can't believe it. Sweet story / rebuild, geat job. I had one I ran out at the Puyallup, Wa., 1/4 mi. drags w/ Don Garletts, Mad Magazine, Big Daddy Roth, Alfred E. Newman, Dooby Gillis and Maynard G. Krebs... Wwwoorrrrk. Thanks guys and Happy Birthday Gramps!!!

    96. slick willy

      well hell where's the fun in having a 55 & no 32 to outrun this dam thing

    97. Laurie Connelly

      Its beautiful...

    98. Anthony79

      My god that was in such great shape after so long of sitting. Just some TLC and she is back roaring.

    99. Mark Jacob

      Damn! Im done! That hug at the end? That did it!

    100. gassolean

      always enjoy your vids