Ohio's MOST INSANE Drag Race : MIDNIGHT MADNESS $13,000 To Win

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    Midnight Madness at KD Dragway in South Webster, Ohio. Legends are made here.
    Small Tire Shootout with over 40 cars entered for over $13,000 Payout. The highest payout for small tire in Ohio's history, and the most cars entered to my knowledge.
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    1. Norm Milford

      That s10 is a bad hammer.

    2. ricvis44

      Who is editing this vid??? Whoever it is is doing a FANTASTIC job! Putting this all together must be a nightmare. Great job! Love it!

    3. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Hoskinson I Like The Dirty 🚘 30 With Nick Plewniak & Maddie Brennan Im Ronald Thank You. 🏁

    4. TheBlackSheep92

      3:24 that’s a great way to get kids into going to the track, not just getting them there but letting them race too. That’s awesome. Great way to get the spirit of racing in em.

    5. Tater

      14:17 that truck freakin scoots!!

    6. send it

      nick from dirty 30 needs to lay of the adderal or what ever speed he is on his pupils are peened out

    7. teknoäijä

      is it a 660 track or...?

    8. Big Daddy

      Nice race brother where in Ohio is this I would love to check it out

    9. Working Class

      I’m so glad I found your channel!That’s one dicey track, get it

    10. Jack Hunter

      🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:03 💘🧡🔥 👇👇👇💗

    11. Steve DeMasellis


    12. Eschelonistic

      Seriously hope your channel and Molly's grows fast mate, awesome videos come out of your shell a bit on camera and I think you'll be well over 500k subs if not a million in no time. Peace from the land of Oz!

    13. Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation

      How do you like your Caltracs?

    14. Christian Miller

      I was able to go to this last year, but i wasnt able to make it out this year. Only live about 20 minutes from KDs.

    15. Mikey TheBeast

      Vids like this that make me want to race more and more. Is this all year round and how much to get in as a spectator and then eventually a driver

    16. pablo escobar

      you guys need to post this past weekend at marion international!!

    17. Bryan Sells

      Did u get in any races or no

    18. Bryan Sells

      I hope u get the 10 up and going Soon

    19. Ron Reinski

      Is a full tube frame car considered a street car

    20. walter gwinn

      I have raced at this track alot in my life.. And the statement that you can find better streets than this track is a absolute fact... This track is a drivers track... If you cant drive you crash no doubt.... Love that this track is finally getting the recognition it deserves!!! Id like to see street outlaws go down this surface... I bet they wouldnt even try...

    21. Keith Ybarzabal

      Now thats some clean racing ,,, y'all need to teach that j j boss team how to start a race !!!!!!!

    22. Rochelle Campbell


    23. Doug Berry

      I can be at this track in about 90 minutes from my home. I'll have to make plans for August 3rd!!!

    24. Matt Wagner

      i watch alot of street racing, and these are some of the fastest small tire cars i have ever seen. bad ass keep it up.

    25. Austin Harrell

      Mustsng is fast as fuck

    26. Built To Boost

      BADASS!!!!! Dude so amazing! I cant wait for Aug 3rd to get here! Midnight Madness is unlike any other!!

    27. Mason Metrejean

      How much money he won

    28. Timmy H

      This here is a drivers track! If u can't drive u can't win! Love this track 😎👍

    29. Yokes27

      19:45 great race! The half a car length he took on the tree was the only difference in the end

    30. eric flower

      That was fucking bad!!...hands down!

    31. Ody Slim

      Great job Billy. Best racing video ever! I didnt see Beater Bomb there

    32. Man O War

      At first I thought, "down hill racing, even kids on a big wheel could do it".😅 Now I wanna bring my blown F150.👏👏👏👏

    33. joe blow

      Wow. What a great race. Turned it on and couldnt peel away until it was over.

    34. Ruby Racing

      Ohio only has 2 good things about it. Mid ohio race track and the best street cars in America

    35. Yokes27

      Has anyone ever started rolling back down the hill? Great vid as always

    36. Giftied

      dude it sucks the truck was down for this event, but you guys put on one hell of show and you made a great video out of it. keep up the hard work and NEVER LIFT!

    37. andy thomas

      The kid sitting on the center guard rail !!! Not the safest place to sit. Great video!

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Flaggers son.

    38. dusty rhodes

      8 dislike? Nerds! Love your editing. Clean but still keeps it raw.

    39. Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux

      Sick ass racing Boy's!! Congrats to the winner man !!

    40. Greg Nilsson

      Kudo's Starter did an awesome Job!

    41. George Mitchell

      Nice payday...damn!

    42. George Mitchell

      Is the track downhill? Looks like a super sketchy place to go fast lol

    43. 79tazman

      That Dirty 30 is bad ass I love that old Plymouth 1320 at Drag week 18 I think has his story about finding it in a barn just weeks before and he was still piecing it together at the track to be ready for drag week it was crazy but a awesome car

    44. 79tazman

      Damn no brakes needed in that shut down that's the best shutdown grade I ever saw. Imagine a race going down that grade LOL!!!

    45. 1990bandit2

      Damn good video sir! Non stop action with no bs.

    46. Steve elco

      S10 s putting in work 👍

    47. Trevor Wilson

      why didn't you go get the 13 grand BeaterBomb,I would lay 10 large on u with anyone ,if you were there.

    48. Jason Erwin

      Who in the hell would give this a thumbs down? Awesome vid Billy. -J Erwin

      1. robert arnold


      2. Phillip Davis


    49. Savage Productions

      Great video, Billy! I'm definitely going to have to come out and attend some of these events.

    50. Mustangsteve_gt

      Man what a great video - I could not tear myself away from. I can't even imagine the amount of work that had to go into setting this up & then getting it posted nevermind all the work at the track. Great footage - would love to see more of the after racing cool downs etc ...damn fine video man.

    51. Mr. Eazy S10

      Murder 88 is a bad little truck!

    52. Bob Falfa

      SRC always coming with the best racing around, can't say enough good things about you guys or the channel, top notch.


      10:59 with the lightning makes a dope ass picture

    54. Timmy Hutchinson

      Awesome!!! Love this channel! Sad to see the nova go out like that. Them boys were not playing around. Hot set ups!!! Would have love to see th S -10 in there, that would have shown them a thing or two. Great job brother! Love video! Keep it up!

      1. Timmy Hutchinson

        Either way the nova is one nice ride, you and your dad are doing a great job in the drag racing community! Keep it up!

      2. Street Racing Channel

        The nova was driven by somebody else and it wasn’t even on nitrous the first 300ft and footbraked. Not nearly its potential at all.

    55. GaMOPAR

      What a video none stop full of all out HP.No BS, just down home country fried np action thank you.

    56. Rafael Sanchez

      Like always badass video! That's kool to see a female who supports her man in what he loves, racing! god bless keep up the good work!

    57. Joshua Ryan

      Sickest content and edited videos, always waiting for new ones. Big fan from Australia

    58. J Mch

      Wher is this place in ohio?

      1. Aj Lo

        Kd dragway, South Webster Ohio. About 12 miles out 140 from 52

    59. Steve Jones

      Probably the best drag racing video I’ve seen yet, well done

      1. Rusty Wells

        Have you not watched Limpy's videos?

    60. mambisquickRob

      Fantastic video. No bullshit. Just racing. If there is ever a question on how to videotape an event please see this video...

    61. villen

      5:56 More like Chubra AM I RITE BOYZ??

    62. Jen Horne


    63. rjoudi1

      Class act as always kid! Great job on editing, a lot of hard work! Would have been sweet to see your S-10 in that final!

    64. David Altizer

      Midnight mustangfest.

      1. Brandon Crabtree

        That's everywhere you go anymore not just midnight madness.

    65. Jesse Dias

      That looks like a hell of a good time but also sketchy as hell track setup doesn't seem to be crash freindly haha

    66. John Martinez

      Great stuff billy

    67. terry johnson

      Where is this track at in ohio?

      1. terry johnson

        @Street Racing Channel Thank you very much.

      2. Street Racing Channel

        South Webster, Ohio

    68. Robert Elmo

      Three people who thought this was early Foxtoberfest disliked this video.

    69. Joseph Soto

      Woooo (Rick flar yell)

    70. Robby V's Garage

      Love these videos and great editing

    71. PB Machines

      Notice how good ol’ boys don’t pull any bullshit at the starting line clean every time

      1. robert arnold

        FLAGMAN GOT IT DOWN!!!!!!!! The flayer l have seen in YEARS!!!!!! Back in the 60s Webster was not even A dot on the map when I was racing!!!

    72. Glockspecific

      Buddy on the light has great form lol

    73. Shino San

      11:40 DEEEEEE'S

    74. Josh Aubrey

      That was a hell of a race night!!!!!! Thanks for the footage!!!

    75. Seth Wright

      Dude at 17:02 pulled him so hard it ripped the guys shirt lmao

      1. DNR Auto

        Seth Wright lmfao the worst part is I was trying to be super nice to everyone but that was his own team mate 🤣

    76. Notpumpgas Anymore

      First 30 minute video I have fully watched and every second was top notch!! Superb job!

      1. R2 ghost1

        My dad drives the BlackSheep

    77. Ant Man

      Wow what a video!! That truck was haulin ass!!!

    78. Kyle Love


    79. Jeff bowshier

      Ok not trying to throw hate at all but I noticed what you did between Doug and Yoshs race that’s pretty petty and then trying to say you was being screamed at in the pits on fb and that’s very false there was just a whole bunch of guys around you.

    80. Hello Mellow

      What's the et and mph at a no prep event like this usually like

    81. SourBogBubble


    82. Alex Thompson

      17:03 rip t shirt lol

    83. Chuck York

      Another great video. I really won't to come to see the show. I just need to make the time.

    84. DNR Auto

      It was an awesome event!!! Glad we could be a part of it!

    85. Piscis Espiritual


    86. jamie muncy

      Didn’t get to go but a buddy of mine was there and said it was the GREATEST RACING he’d ever been to in his life. Awesome Bill & Billy SRC badass video specially with the lightning over the flaggers head. Y’all the best💯💯 Plus the pay out THIRTEEN THOUSAND!!! It was awesome to see the reaction of the winner, THATS WHAT RACING IS ALL ABOUT💯💯 Maybe next year😱😱

    87. Lonnie Cornell

      If you like street racing this is as close as it gets. SRC puts on a hell of a show!!! You don't want miss it.

      1. Rusty Wells

        Well I love Billy but I would say Limpy's channel is close as it gets and I think Billy would agree.

    88. Teaz Z

      Miss the S10. Dime on Dime crime!

      1. I Pooped A Hammer

        @Joseph Soto the last thing I remember was the transmission blew up on it and they were gonna build a glide for it. Or maybe that was from another channel. I dunno. Been awake for almost 24 hours straight running on 2 hours of sleep. Haha

      2. Joseph Soto

        What happen to it

    89. Steven Thompson

      How else would I spend my 2clk break...

    90. Glenn McDaniel

      Good racing and good video love it

    91. willierepair One

      NICE !

    92. Greg l

      30 minutes and 31 seconds of my life i just got back. Bad ass man.

    93. Triple Nickel 555

      Ol Eddie has that lil truck working,great video billy as always !!!

    94. 02cents

      Thanks for the great video. Any updates on whats going on with the s10? Needin some s10 action in my life.

    95. Darrell Arrowood

      Question is Boston George and Raggedy Ann the same car..Billy your dad needs to big block that sharp nova

      1. Triple Nickel 555

        Darrell Arrowood No problem buddy

      2. Darrell Arrowood

        @Triple Nickel 555 thanks man

      3. Chuck York

        I was thinking the same thing. Had to go back and watch some of Billie's older vids of Raggety Ann to check.

      4. Triple Nickel 555

        Darrell Arrowood no man they are 2 separate cars

    96. SNOOK AROO

      great vid man more of the phillies please , not sure who is hosting the vid and my money is on the BIG wheel

    97. Robert Dahms

      If you ever considered coming to this track....get your ass out and come to the next midnight madness!!! This was absolutely the best racing I have ever seen in person. Also Bill did an absolutely amazing job on the microphone announcing. Street racing channel killing it as usual!!

      1. Tater

        Bill Hoskinson I wish that the speaker was louder, and also it was announced who the winner was left or right lane. Hard to see sometimes the ending. I’d love to know who the drivers were also. So upset that the 1st midnight madness was cancelled. Ready for the protest though, along with madness returning the 25th I think. Y’all do a great job.

      2. Robert Dahms

        Track is located in South Webster, Ohio

      3. Marco Philhom

        Where at in Ohio?

      4. SRC Garage

        Robert Dahms thanks man

    98. Eren Bütün


    99. Hunter Burleson / Problem Child

      I love the vids big fan #3

    100. Jonathon Vince


      1. Jonathon Vince

        @Colin Fay son of a 😂😂😂

      2. Colin Fay

        Jonathon Vince second