Tommy's Nitrous S-10 Gets a MAJOR Upgrade!

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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 7 ماه


    1. Mark Singleton

      What year is Tommy's s10?

    2. Joshua Rivera

      Tommy's truck is getting some high end stufff. With the 2 coaches he has, he gonna be a threat. I watched a few of his races on the channel and trees almost everybody.

    3. TH3 S10 GUY 1

      I can’t get over how your driving the truck without an air filter....... I will give some when racing but not on daily-driving.

    4. Victor Hex

      How a real race car gets built 101.

    5. Kenneth Chapman

      Should run low tens with spray. My full body all metal, back seat etc on my 67 Fairlane GTA with a built 428cj did 10.38 @136 mph

    6. Dig Ordie

      Y didn’t y’all lower the left springs to remove the rear ended

    7. Josh D

      Ill take one if you have any extras lying around lol. Im trying to build a 94 s10

    8. yt white

      Tommy's truck sounds efing awesome... Eat 'em up kid...

    9. james hudson

      This should real life street racing this is real and honest

    10. Motorcity Garage

      Nice rear end what did that run ya ?

    11. Arthur Bradley

      Must be nice to have a rich daddy to build you expensive race trucks ,if we all had support like that we would be racing john force and acting like were the man ,some people have to work in wrecking yards and piece there stuff together,but when they dust some ass they did something to be proud of ,you boys are missing the point its called do it all by ones self pride and no daddys money or skills involved ,so to me you and your brother are just punks living off daddy and you know it .

    12. Adam B

      Best channel on IRvision keep up the good work

    13. Nick Brogdon

      Man I lost my brother, please no matter what guys, cherish every moment spent with each other! Keep up the good work 😁

    14. Craig Peart

      Cool Ride 👍

    15. Dan Gosh

      Does that guy sell complete 9” setup with discs like that?

    16. Eduardo Florencio Cabral


    17. Eduardo Florencio Cabral


    18. Bob Jordan

      Put the air filter on it!

    19. Lloyd Applegate

      You two look alike that's for sure.

    20. TheBurky22

      Post some videos on the roll cage install.! Mine is setting in the garage with blown engine. Planning on adding the roll cage as well while it’s down.

    21. Winston Pratt

      Your dad's just like mine a real lovable dickhead lol

    22. Phillip Gage

      What size engine did they build for this truck? Anyone know want kind of block the used? Thanks fellas.

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Speedmaster 400 sbc

    23. Travis Turner

      When are you going to be restocked on the src license plates? Been waiting to order a couple and a couple shirts.

    24. A.J. Klos

      I’d give this video hundred likes if I could for you cracking that Beast Ice in the passenger seat. Truck does look really good though

    25. Calvin H.

      Boy, it sure is purrrdy! lol. Sweet 9-inch.

    26. Vaga Bond

      Ha ha I live in Wisconsin and we drink that when we are broke

    27. Todd Clark

      Well now you have buddy always good to see you guys badass little trucks

    28. James Gay

      Two Guns vs. The Kid when is it going to happen. After Graduation? You are to awesome young men and it's great to see brothers get along the way you do. Dad's awesome too. Can't wait for the next vid.

    29. Kevin Tucker

      Mom gettin her wheels and tires done is way more important than yours!

    30. uk Ghost

      Brothers having fun priceless

    31. Ken Bell

      Seem a little disrespectful to your mother man you got so mutch to be thankful for ?

    32. Brad Pittman

      Hell yeah.

    33. Hammer Head Garage

      Rule number one# don't ever mess with mommas car :) looks great boys.

    34. Lee Vin-ewe

      Think your dad needs a Red s10 to Complet the american them. God love the red white blue

    35. Brandon Chauvin

      So is mom still mad or what? lol

    36. Magia

      Could you make a video of you just ripping in mexico so I can rub one out? Sounds so good. Wait what happens if you put a 3" ricer exhaust on a ripper like that?


      Good luck tommy I’m sure you will be fine. Truck sounds awsome

    38. Andy Grundy

      I don't even drink and I would've took that beer. Sometimes you just don't turn down things and that was one of those times.

    39. Andy Grundy

      It starts hooking hard going to need ladder bars pretty quick be taking out u joints like nothing

      1. Andy Grundy

        I knew I commented to fast and Billy would say exactly what I was thinking lmao

    40. Hotshothogger

      I couldn't let you do that to the S10......respect. I'll be watching in 5 years. Stay strong. Keep it street. Ish.....

    41. Peter Sawyer

      Billy, Time for you to go whoop Memphis and join fastest in America haha

    42. Bullet Bob Weldon

      Truck looks good! Need to put an air cleaner on it.

    43. Norman Fab

      Do you have a build thread on either of these trucks?

    44. Mati Mati

      Bad ass truck. What cam do You have in it? What comperssion?

    45. jsa_Hawaii 808

      I'm a mopar guy, BUT THAT IS A SICK S-10!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤙🏼👊🏼

    46. Kenneth Brooks

      Nice little s10

    47. SRC Garage

      Thank you to everyone that has left comments and watches these videos. Our family appreciates y’all watching.

      1. Drifter6942 Nomad

        You've done an amazing job raising those boys !! That's the father son relationship more families should have.

      2. Jason S

        You did good Bill, all the best to you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

    48. Thomas Wheeler

      😂😂 “want a beer” 😂😂 gosh damn I love Ohio 👍🏻😂

    49. brad richaud

      I would be scared running no air cleaner and no hood that some asshole would drop something down the carb.

    50. Dylan Schneider

      Does anyone no his old setup was a 400 sbc with 220cc heads is that bored over at all wanting to build one just want to no how much it might cost if I have to bore over ? Or if anyone knows more about his old setup would love to hear about it thank you

    51. Dan D

      The hubcaps make the truck, just sayin

    52. Jay Hayes

      I love your videos, but please no more crotch cam...……

    53. John Matos

      You should do a review of the nitrous controller there isn’t any on IRvision

    54. Stephen Hasty

      Beautiful truck...

    55. Murphy

      You Got to do a burn out for a Milwaukee best

    56. funk

      That is a clean S 1 0

    57. WhutThePhuq

      if you were to put a % on it, whats the gains comparatively with supreme gas vs e85. seems like you guys only run e85 now

      1. SRC Garage

        Years ago we switched from 110 race gas to E85 and the truck ran 2 tenths faster on Pump E85.

    58. Joseph Mccoy

      You need a cage

    59. ZAXXZ

      No air cleaner?

    60. Tanner Cox

      One thing this video shows is your dad might have more a** than molly

    61. ZAXXZ coat of single stage white on Billy's truck would be cheap and color life !!

    62. burn rubber

      yalls family is cool af

    63. LathanG

      I cant be the only person that laughs every fucking time he says you got gaptized by a fucking street car

    64. burn rubber


    65. ZAXXZ

      Four link it while your messing with that rear end

    66. ZAXXZ

      Flat caps on them rallys would be sick!

    67. twincammike83 16v

      If Billy's S10 was on a prepped track I wonder the 1/4 time.. Low 8s maybe.. 🤔

      1. SRC Garage

        It’s been 8.17 on only 20 pounds and it was blowing through the converter in high gear.

    68. Rambo’s Old School Garage

      He gave you a beer! Only in ohio

    69. l Lucifer l

      You and yo girl broke up already

    70. Tommy Cook

      Hell yea now thats a bro getter done and burn outs down the road💪💪

    71. bmon72

      Milwaukee Best, cold going down, warm coming out. Great vid!

    72. Jim Askins

      Drunk as fuck dude at Speedway made this video! Hats off Mr DUI guy!!

    73. Jim Askins

      Tommy.....go to brand and flavor of dip?

      1. SRC Garage

        None. None of us smoke or use dip.

    74. Timothy Dockery

      Teach him the way billy

    75. Timothy Dockery

      Hey tommy see about cutting a see through place in the bed cover and glue are sew a clear panel in so people can see the bottles in the bed and it will still be weather proof.

    76. Timothy Dockery

      Ya'll have the only 2 S10s worth 50k

    77. Jay Walker

      double threat trucks when Billy the kid pulls in to race you know everyones like ol shhhhit the kids here ,race is over....ha 👍👍

    78. Geoffery Dryden

      Pops is a gangster love it I watch just for his comments

    79. Jayleen Buggs

      Love the truck how did you mount your tachometer in the cluster area?

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        It came with a clamp that goes around the column

    80. marc st laurent

      Very nice s 10

    81. Boosted GTO

      Damn my dad used to drink that shit 30 years ago! LOL

    82. Jason Haschert

      This channel reminds me of my family and friends.

    83. Chris

      Awesome little truck tommy god damb it's in good shape

    84. Philip Mazzuca

      Nice ride Kid! 🏁

    85. Tony Stites

      so when do we get to see the two S-10 side by side going down the track

    86. baddbradd89

      Dude was lite AND driving lol

    87. Jefe Moreno

      Where’s my gas money “ lol .

    88. Mopar Volkswagen

      That dude looks like a BEEEST man. Lol terrible beer... Careful with open container bud. Another great video.

    89. don collins

      Damn guys....Yall got the life wish I had your childhood growing up.... Maybe one day I can do it for my sons. # LIFE GOALS!!!!

    90. Steven Thompson

      Super pumped for Tommy.. he isn't into video gaming and all that crap.. he living the life I wanted in high school!

    91. Jamessr23

      Tommy is Old Man Jr

    92. Robert Great

      Yes mom's buisness is a priority.and don't you forget it.

    93. Keefe Spencer

      Tommy needs some Cal-Trak bars for that leaf spring set up if he's keeping it leaf spring which I assume he is

    94. David Windsor

      A air cleaner might be a idea save contaminants from getting into the motor. 👍

    95. Joshua Wilson

      Dude that's super clean🤙keep it the way it is and enjoy it.

    96. Joe Patenaude

      No judgement on this channel keeping it a 100

    97. Joe Patenaude

      I always wanted a little brother and I had 1 for a while but it wasn't meant to be he is up top looking down

    98. Keefe Spencer

      The S-10 the only thing I would really do to it is put a 4link rear suspension and 25.3 chassis/cage and Optic Armor Lexan and a wing on it and wrap it and maybe a carbon fiber front clip and doors but I would keep it small tire maybe mini tub it and make it fit 29x12.5 and that's about it but the Dirty Deeds Nova needs a 25.1 chassis/cage with a 4link tube chassis front to back manual steering rack with disc brakes front and back and only leave the roof and quarters steel everything else carbon fiber and it needs a twin turbo set up whether they push a 632cid BBC or a 454cid LSX but I say cut it up for big tires and run big tires and radial races on 275s or 295s and run in the N/T275/295 or N/T275 or if you put a 632cid in it then put it in the N/T4.84

    99. Driveway Built Foxbodies

      With the content you have been putting out and the quality just continuing to improve. Plus the fleet of rides now available to be included. I really hope the channel get the recognition it deserves. Definitely ready to see Tommy make some hits.

    100. Timothy Bungato

      3:59 big gold drug dealer wheels on that white vette