The Shiners (2020) - Full Movie

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    A Street Race setup between two small town rivals. The Take is Two Cases of moonshine and a little cash. The Challenges the SRC Gang will face are unsuspecting. They haven't had any trouble getting caught before. Mayor Weston puts a little pressure on Ole Barney to "wick it up." A cat and mouse game between the Shiners and Barney makes this one an unforgettable classic.
    Inspired by Smoky and The Bandit, Dukes of Hazzard, Return To Macon Couny, American Graffiti.
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    1. Julie Joslin

      cute short flick about fun

    2. Julie Joslin

      we had a chevy belair when i was a kid. beautiful car. my mom got it from my gdad. its a chevy i would own

    3. Matthew Wilson

      That was actually some solid editing I sat and watched the whole thing 👍 I was thinking the 55 should have some drag radials he's never going to catch that Willy's 😂 I was wrong

    4. Rey Perez

      Oscar goes to barney. Todd Beckett

      1. Rey Perez

        He drives like I would with my kids when I'm old

      2. Mom Hoskinson

        Todd is such a neat guy! He loves the Andy Griffith Show and can darn near recite every episode!

    5. Robert Piver

      Barney has a future though

    6. Robert Piver

      Too painful ..Im trying to forget how trump got in..this not helping

    7. Sasquach Bigfoot

      Bo and or Luke Duke you are not --

    8. Bob DiMarzio

      kinda surprised this is pretty good for a homemade movie

    9. truth hurts

      Tear in my eye for the old days ! Hotrods forever. Deerpark avenue was my place for business.

    10. goat 68

      Barney ordered the same breakfast as Barney fife

    11. rick templeton

      Better than anything on tv. We love this stuff. Make a real full length movie.

    12. robert cline

      I have a picture of that galaxie on my phone. I saw it parked on the street one night in that town and had to stop and take a pic. Only problem is I can't remember the name of the town. I drive a truck and was just driving through.

    13. david myers

      Yeah it was great laughed my ass off on that Barney that guy should get an Academy Award love that old Galaxy 2 that was sweet

    14. Austin Drumm

      Dude just put em in a coffin to his own whip lol

    15. Austin Drumm

      Who let grandpa out again lol

    16. FrontYard4X4

      Jesus this movie is damn awesome!!!!

    17. CC Top Solutions

      This is AWESOME! I feel like you could show a lot of Hollywood studios how to make a proper car movie.

    18. Jimmy Brumfield

      Barney is awsom the girl is beautiful and of course the 55 all the hot rods and the old country look

    19. Jimmy Brumfield

      Too cool make more videos like this please

    20. James Millard

      Where's aunt bee

    21. James Millard

      This movie just cheered me up, come to think of it the car may not be mine.🤩🤪🤪🤪

    22. James Millard

      Where's oppie

    23. Jimmy Brumfield

      I hope you make more of these videos movies they awsom

    24. Cameron Murray

      That was awesome cool film

    25. Pete Moore

      The movie producers should put up a warning about there being a Chevelle in the film! If my TV catches rust from it, you'll be hearing from lawyers!

    26. Jesse Bolles

      This is like the dukes of hazzard lol awesome!!!

    27. Gearjammer

      Terrible acting!!! Hilarious! 😖


      Very Cool 😎.... Loved It Thanks for my Nights Entertainment 👍

    29. Christian Lease

      Drifting with slicks the most bad ass thing I ever seen

    30. john maidment

      This is Damm Awesome Modern "Duke Boys HaHalol

    31. James Raymond

      Awesome, when is the next one ?

    32. Joshua Gibson

      If only they got the lighting right on ol gals ass @ 8:00

    33. Jet Pack

      😳😁😄😀😃😊☺😉 great movie!

    34. finpainter1

      For a second i thought my self reliance was in there.

    35. Pokerface1337

      Love the Hotrods! The sound of the engines.... ahh.. marvellous :)

    36. Floyd Sadler

      We love it!! Better than any big movie we saw. Tells a story our families that started NASCAR.. runners for ever

    37. Mark Farmer

      honestly.... what a complete waste of 44 minutes of my life... the cars were cool, but it was a horrible story line and painfully obviously fake... and the cop was an Obvious rip off of the Andy Griffith show...

      1. Mom Hoskinson

        This was just a group of friends trying to provide a little entertainment in the spring after the virus had everything shut down. They aren’t actors, no real script, just having fun with a little short movie.

    38. Jeff Crox

      I'm old school love this short film the guy that played barney was awesome love that old 55 Chevy

    39. Bobbi Jo Mackey

      Yeah this is Smitty I think the same thing lol

    40. Jim Smith

      This was pretty cool, I enjoyed this!

    41. Frank Smathers

      best movie I've seen all year !!!

    42. BigSwampy

      I don't feel bad about watching...all right!

    43. James Shirrell

      Motorsports molly she is so gorgeous just beautiful

    44. One Man

    45. Silverhaze _

      Loved it!!!! Shoulda been 2 hours!!!

    46. One Man


    47. Borsana Blues

      A very nice film.....i love those cars ! 😏👍

    48. B Eberle

      Fife 63 plates priceless!

    49. michael baker

      Well done ,I enjoyed it a lot


      Great job on video 👏🏻👏🏻 my son bought me the Shiners shirt for Christmas so I had to find video and watch it.

    51. 33 34

      bill thinks we tune in because of his many view on the channel when all i want to see is molly

    52. Justin Credible

      And the grammy goes too...

    53. My Brain is nuttier than a squirrel turd

      Great ending!!!! Lol

    54. Gary Kenny


    55. Patrick JM

      That c10 pick up is a beautiful little truck love the poke in it)) As most people who have trucks like this call them a wolf in sheep’s clothing and call them a sleeper”” Good we show I enjoyed it God bless ya all

    56. Darell Sunderlin

      Very nice for a change , might be the best thing that happened in 2020 😆 🤣

    57. Kurtis Mays

      Lol! one bullet Barney i bet if he tried to run he would of shot him in the ass then he needed a tow to take him jail lol!!

    58. Banknote Collector 27-BC27

      American graffiti at home be like

    59. Jim Fisher

      Outstanding. Priceless. Barney seems to be the man for the plan. Whoever put this idea together should win a grammy award for humar and good production. How you did this is beyond me. Every detail keeps the interest of watching. Its funny but it seems real. Although Barneys the man for the plan. Ya gotta love moonshiners....if not there would be no NASCAR. And I'm a Richard Petty fan.

    60. Alain Brisebois

      I like the film alot, and loved the bloopers too !

    61. Peet du plessis

      Cool movie. Please give a run down on the motors in the cars

    62. Glenn Porteous

      Who’s the dog running shotgun?

    63. WhyWhyZedZedTop

      We don't have "trees" like that in Canada.

    64. ElectronicMechanic

      Freaked awesome!

    65. poetic disaster

      When do they move the shine ?

    66. poetic disaster

      Oooooh the willys is racin the 55..... and im like... fkn so?

    67. Gary Bancroft

      What a way too have a good time ! Humorous, clean, down to earth fun! Nice job loved it! Next time you make another one..hit me up..I'll play! Secqual? Nice to see some good humor after such a sucky year! Merry Christmas.

    68. Todd Sublette

      my hats off to ya, very entertaining

    69. Dan Dolen

      Man I loved this movie, good sounding 55. And a heck of a s 10. Enjoyed watching it. I am from east Tennessee. That is what used to be here. My dad was a bootlegger. He had a 32 ford with a built flat head 8 he run shine in. Thank you all for making a great movie

    70. Marina Furijan

      The acrid lamp ganguly weigh because taxicab approximately supply beside a cautious galley. mushy, better lipstick

    71. Dale Kriescher

      Your chanel is just to much keep doin it

    72. ORLANDO Gomez

      Wonderful real old schoool. I am 61 and from Ohio. It's a remake but well done 🤣😂👍🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Marry Christmas to you all thanks for the good show ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    73. Walter Ermling

      Loved it

    74. killer bob

      What in the Sheriff Lobo / Andy Griffin is going on here. 🤦🏽‍♂️😭😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    75. SMoKeStakK77

      Wow what a great video.

    76. Wiremu

      Just plain cool

    77. Mubasshir Hossain

      Nothing like American Hot Rod Muscle in an epic street race . . . Molly flagging it is just icing on the cake!

    78. Gary Sala

      This was better than anything I've watched in last few years!

    79. ricvis44

      Was watching with my mom and she saw a blooper LOL! Billy’s brother filming in the back seat. Sa Weet!

    80. Everett Koppen

      Were in ohio is this at

    81. ricvis44

      Bravo! I was thoroughly entertained! Sa Weet!

    82. Kevin Gevedon

      Love it

    83. Jay Anderson1

      Best movie on IRvision! For sure!

    84. Christopher Goode

      Hell yea cool ass movie really enjoyed this great work guys👍👍👍

    85. Duplicat

      Absolutely brilliant ! Cast , production , editing , music.. and when the credits started rolling backwards, LOL. Amazing piece of art SRC and team.

    86. yernickle

      Golly Andy !

    87. David Farmer

      I'm a classic car person and classic tv watcher . like the video , good chase filming . But you play was more on Mayberry than the others you comment about .... I'm from Mount Airy NC so I know about Mayberry ....

    88. Jordan Hill

      We need more !!!

    89. RoadRage79


    90. james ozment

      I want a shiners T shirt now

    91. james ozment

      It's like American graffiti and dukes of hazard all in one cool movie ! Badass . Some cool music too.

    92. Todd Cox

      Moor make moor that’s awesome that you all did that 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍F Hollywood

    93. Lazaro Rivera llorente

      pinche policia ya muy jodido y enjoronchado jejeje

    94. Jimmy Forshee

      Yoder make more videos they are very good

    95. Johann Brummer

      This was absolutely great! Thanx! Wish I knew the music used?

    96. Project Foxbody

      Love it! 💯 🤘🏼 🤘🏼

    97. Ronaldo Mattos

      Gosto demais desse modelo de filme, 44 minutos passou muito rapido, amo os carros Americanos, no Brasil, tem alguns , mas longe de ser igual o USA.

    98. Brent Gilbert

      Damn good

    99. jarret mullet

      Awesome movie we need a sequel 😀

    100. Danielle Buehner

      this is pretty cool .. love it, I do not know where you got your Barney and the 63 Galaxy but it was pretty cool