I Let my Girlfriend Drive my 1300 + HP S-10

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    Now she's going to be asking to drive the Twin Turbo Truck all the time... Should I Let her? Let me know in the comments!
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    1. Deuce Devil

      Should you let her drive it ?? HELL YES. ..ANYTIME MOLLY WANTS. You two make a Good Team. All the best from East Coast Canada 😈

    2. Michael C


    3. MC Viegas

      I think there's like two kind of people, it's scary but it's like, I don't know! Doctors tern is epinephrine, nor-epineph, aka Adrenaline!

    4. EnviroPro!! !

      LEGENDS 💪

    5. TheRomanGer

      Hello you two, you guys are so cool. I watch your films from Germany. I feel very pathetic with my 2010 Mustang 4.6 liters. Greetings from Bavaria, Germany. I'm a big fan of your You Tube films.

    6. John Dibianca

      Your a lucky guy ! Great driving. Molly !! 👍

    7. Robert Clough

      Man you can tell she loves him

    8. Keith Fogg

      She is a dead ringer for "Blondie"..

    9. SupremeCut 71

      Best parts of the video 0:35 & 5:25

    10. Jeff Owens

      I believe she might be hooked. Lol 😆

    11. Laura Baden

      I'd let her do anything she wants. And if I were you, I'd marry her! You guys are a great couple! It's so fun to watch you guys.

    12. Rikki Bobby

      Badass truck.

    13. Ahmad Baghdadi

      Man she has more balls than I do

    14. y2k1307

      You're the luckies man on the planet. Don't ever lose her bro. She's lucky too. GodSpeed!!!

    15. yoboi01

      You guys are awesome !! And super cute couple !! Not too mention , you get a honey that loves bad ass rides then that's love 😁 hope you both do more vids like this together

    16. Shane Walker

      Its funny how he wants to stop at his comfort level but scared of her comfort level. Im not trying to start animosity, but she has bigger balls than he does. Balls to the walls, or go home with no wins. Step up and take what you deserve.... He dont deserve her.... No offense my guy but she is out of your league. Get it done or sweep the floors for us that get it done. You my dude are a floor sweeper. Dont be afraid scared to let a woman pass you and show America whats up... Real men stand behind their women... Not in front of their dreams

    17. flying duck turd

      I thought molly was your sister!

    18. Apitome

      Think she SKEERD him????

    19. Matthew Wilson

      When she said let's turn it up and take another pass he had heart eyes 😍

    20. Skip Garnier

      I loved your reaction when she drove it... I laughed my ass off

    21. Matt Calfee

      Just came here for the comments about the girl

    22. Burny Chaplin

      That was neat really neat she was having a ball great kids have fun and be damn careful pull them belts tight and be safe

    23. Terrell Royal

      Looks at smile !!👍🇱🇷💯😜 POWER

    24. Derric Morgan

      S-Dime❤. Fingers crossed, y'all married by now

    25. Audio Fool

      Tell me how much you have in the motor. What kind of Trans, stall converter, rear end and gears. I’m setting up a 67 Chevelle soon. I want to go ape shit crazy on the build. Not 1300hp but a good 650.

    26. Audio Fool

      1300 HP

    27. Audio Fool

      I need to read into your site to see what you have in there

    28. Audio Fool

      Adrenaline Rush

    29. Audio Fool

      Shit yeah she is a keeper

    30. Audio Fool

      Haha ... you got scared for a min

    31. Audio Fool

      Your a cool dude ... to let her drive it

    32. Audio Fool

      Dude that thing was hauling the mail shit

    33. Audio Fool

      Big turbo

    34. Audio Fool

      Sounds sic

    35. Audio Fool

      Nice babe

    36. Audio Fool


    37. Benjamin Hahn

      That thing is a jet rocket

    38. RAY ABBOTT

      I left a message yesterday about gutting out the interior and now that I think about it you need to keep it all in there, you have a great truck to play with race with and take your girlfriend out and let her learn how to drive a race car. It's fucking awesome that she knows all about the racing and all the lingo also. You need to marry her Billy!!! Not joking around. You got a best friend and girlfriend and that is what guys are always trying to find and you have found one dude. Marry her quickly!!!!

    39. Pete West

      They’re very straight up with each other. No bullshit. I like that.

    40. Bruce Waldbauer

      Sweet truck !!!! She’s great ! I actually giggled .

    41. philo sopher

      She's a keeper! Now build her one to play with, but keep an eye on her. She just might want to race yah for pinks, then instead of child support, your making monthly payments to get your car back! LOL!😂


      I have subscribed to both your channels. Be safe, enjoy your life👍🇺🇸

    43. Beantown Hooligan

      Pump The Brakes,She's an Absolute Goddess 🔥😍💯 & a Natural.........

    44. Brandon Bancroft

      Damn Billy. You lost some brownie points for that bro. When Molly asked if you could do it again and you said no, her facial expression and body language went from super excited to bummed out in about 2.1 seconds. Then she tossed the harness like... Ah no fun what a tease. She even follows up when y'all got to the garage and says "I want to do it again." Missed opportunity bro. That could have been a spit shine followed by a swallow trade. We all know how you like to trade 😉😈😁😂🤣😅.

    45. Joe Weeks

      My youngest son has one just like it !

    46. Joe Weeks

      Got to work your ads off to keep it going , with plenty of cash ! Lol been a mechanic for 45 years

    47. Joe Weeks

      What a rush !

    48. Scott Adams

      Racing is s DRUG. Best one on the planet

    49. Pj Bailey

      That truck is an animal bro💯😤💨🦸

    50. Abrev Viations

      @ 3:26 that look like bi7ch you best not wreck my truck

    51. Jason Phillips

      How does this video have so many thumbs down?F..kin haters.

    52. Jason Phillips

      I love watching your face being the passenger of your own truck.Your lucky to have a girl to share your passion for drag racing.

    53. Jason Phillips

      What is the intro music? Somebody.??.

    54. ODD JOBS

      Word of advice brother you can always get another chick with this truck but you can't get another truck with this chick the choice is yours I'd keep her

    55. Cameron

      I’m happy for you guys! Keep up with the great content I look forward to seeing a new post from u guys

    56. JD RODS

      This is so awesome!!! 💪🏻🇺🇸

    57. Clyde C. Barrow

      Best recommend I've seen in awhile 👍awesome video 👍

    58. Kenneth Chapman

      She knows what's she is doing why not.

    59. Luis Gutierrez

      I was just talking to a friend how cool is to have a girlfriend that knows and loves HP cars...like Emelia Hardford. Then I ran into this channel and see his girlfriend drive his truck like a pro. Her face and expression is priceless. What a lucky young man. She's also gorgeous!

    60. jerry doneDIDit

      2:42 when it started to eat.....i definitely had a crooked grin

    61. jerry doneDIDit

      she loves it,and i love that she loves it!. yall both are awesome! take care of each other and dont get to big for yalls britches. i have to ad that if everything else was going ok at 5:57 i would have pulled over and got down on one knee:)

    62. aaron elsey

      Marry her fast

    63. Malier

      i would never let somebod drive a truck i put that much work into

    64. Phil P

      Girl can drive

    65. Mindless Street Racing

      That look he gives her man, she means a lot to him. And she definitely means a lot to him cause he let her drive that fast bitch 😂 correct me if I’m wrong but this is out of Ohio correct?

    66. james dunnagan

      man that is your race truck gonna need build one for molly

    67. TIREDLAND K.

      god bless america

    68. victor cruz

      he love his pick up more than his girl. put a ring on her.

    69. Victor Hex

      She makes everyone smile, she makes him smile. That was fun.

    70. Derek Reid

      U lucky dude

    71. Arnold Childress

      Well she's ready for the track now

    72. rods907

      It was worth seeing the smile !

    73. Kurb Deala

      When she shifted and bit her lip i stopped watching Respect Respect🙌🙌

    74. George Harley Rider

      Your a lucky man . She is a great driver too . You are living the dream . 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    75. Kevin Garrison

      I’m jealous

    76. chris mooney

      Completely different feeling when you let someone else drive your truck

    77. Sweater Vest Fest

      Shes lucky i sat on a nos bottle in passenger side of my buddies Vega on a backroad launch.

    78. Crimson Dawn

      By the first test hit i tought to see a launched orgasm by Molly lol

    79. Crimson Dawn

      Ask Molly to marry you while doing a burnout !!!

    80. Big Rig

      Damn! she can drive, the look on her face shifting that truck at full tilt. Priceless


      Not only Beautiful but the Lady can drive Love that

    82. Kevin Kroll

      Just made this statement and here is the video ! Great job now give her the gas?

    83. Mister V

      Molly is ADORABLE AND she likes race cars?!?! What a package!!

    84. derrick goodwin

      You better marry that girl she’s beautiful and has balls.

    85. brett slater

      Awwww someone’s in lovvvve. If you can afford changing a short block every couple seasons you can afford a ring bro. Doooo iiiiittt

    86. Mitch Mitch

      Get this woman a race car asap. She's a natural

    87. Meras Villa

      que hermosa mujer

    88. Gabe Hilliard

      Billy was giving the signal like in Team America World Police!! LMAO!! 🙌🙌

    89. Paul Swan

      Your an asshole! you let her drive that first time like that with out a helmet! seems you don’t give a fuck about her i should just take her off your hands!

    90. Daniel Ward

      She is such a badass bruh

    91. vullrath

      been watching since 2017ish - she is a keeper

    92. Daniel Ward

      Shiiiiit, wish my s10 was that nasty. It's only got a little 327 and turba tree fiddy.

    93. staylifted187

      I have 2 questions #1 were did you find her and #2 whats the name of the song and band of that song at the start of the video with the sic guitar and the heavy dubble pump drumbs plz let me know

    94. Winford Riner

      It's liberating is what it is 💯😜🤣

    95. Winford Riner

      It'll scoot alright

    96. Daily Racer

      Love this video.

    97. Brandon Lowe

      That thing is fn stupid... lol... love the boggan dude

    98. mex351

      Molly's face at 5.25 is on. Awesome truck,great vid.

    99. ade adeajah

      5:32 in his heart the man says; I'LL MARRY YOU !!!

    100. brett slater

      Where in the actual fuck do you find these lovely woman?? All my ex’s never got down like this...