The DRAG RACE to 100,000 Subscribers

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    This is how we ended up here, A compilation of Drag Racing, Street Racing, Building our cars, and sharing it with you guys.

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    1. Scott Riddle

      Congratulations Billy and your family great job love watching

    2. Daniel Ward

      Hell yea brother, that's legit. Like, comment and subscribe.

    3. William Hudson


    4. major flankz

      Is that Phil Hines in that 13 14 coyote?

    5. Mike Muncaster

      Love your videos ! Keep it up you guys rock!

    6. cody nobbs

      Soo glad to see you guys making it!! OHIO Baby!!!!

    7. 69NOMAN69 noman

      i have your new theme song! TAKE A LISTEN KID!

    8. Kurt Sumthinorother

      You guys are bad ass all the way

    9. millsmotorvation

      Just love the fact that you guys are real people, real life situations, pretty girl, great friends to help. Your dad reminds me of mine other than my dad being dark Keep up the good work! I'm thinking of doing a S10 because of y'all!

    10. Darwin McReynolds

      Billy u and dad deserve all the good fortune u get for being straight upk.

    11. Lanny

      Congrats Billy!... 100K more just around the corner! 😉

    12. Chris Watson

      I loved this compilation

    13. Rich ard

      Been watching your channel for a while and just realized i wasn't subscribed so now i am.

    14. Quentin Runyon

      You guys are the best! I've never missed a midnight madness! I look forward to every video and try to buy as much as I can! I love these old hot rods and drag racing more than anything. I look up to you guys and hope you make it big! You're the true og's

    15. John R

      Congrads!!! Your IRvision channel is one of the best out there. You have a great group of people helping you between your dad, brother and Molly. I definitely see you hitting 1,000,000 subscribers in the future. Good luck!

    16. ajrothm

      Keep it up Billy! My favorite channel on IRvision by far.

    17. Grizzlyman _

      Bad ass! Congrats

    18. NZ Salt Flats Racer

      Talent is what makes people stand out in the crowd & Kid,.... you have it! Be safe out there.

    19. Peckerhead

      Congratulations Brother....... Yall have been killing it and you more than deserve getting to live out your dream. Keep wheeling the hell out of that badass S10, and props to your Dad for all the support getting you started out. Can't wait to see you on a Street Outlaws episode for the first time.

    20. Dale Samuelsen

      Your awesome Billy, Congrats man on the 100k love watching your videos man there awesome. Wish I could live your life man racing and having a great time in the process 🤙 from a Aussie fan, all the best with Molly’s car and your brothers

    21. Michael Latimer

      You got yourself a new subscriber!!! Hopefully we'll meet one day

    22. Stand Up Merica

      Ls nasty is calling you out not that you need to worry just a heads up

    23. Vander's Garage

      I'm only here because John Doc told me to come talk smack. He's going to bend your neck with the Colorado......Seriously though, love your channel. Badass truck and badass driver.

    24. DiRtySoUth

      Badass video man congrats on the 100k

    25. david hydorn

      A for real street race channel. Love you all.

    26. Robert Bradford

      From the first time I spied your channel and listen to you I knew you had something special you exude it...👌

    27. Tyler Beezhold

      Congrats man!! Keep up the hard work.

    28. Timmy Hutchinson

      I've been with you since the the nos days and will be with you to the end!! Best channel out there! Hands down! Keep it up brother!

    29. Mikie's Mustangs

      Congratulations man you got a great channel the way you are going it wont be long till your at 200000 subs 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    30. Russ Whitson

      Congratulations man! Always love seeing new content from you and molly! Love to see yall make it to Texas some time!

    31. #HammerTime# H2R

      Congrats man!!I like this kid.He doesn't talk shit.No EXCUSES when he loses.Lets the truck do the talking!!Keep it up🖒🇺🇸

    32. Lee Vin-ewe

      Not sure what’s up with my IRvision but I have to search for your videos.

    33. Jay Hayes

      I'm glad I found this channel. Great videos and Molly is a goddess.

    34. Juan Ruiz

      Love the channel keep uploading them videos

    35. Joe Dyer

      Congratulations on subscribe rs love the racing

    36. Shashanah Brewer

      You gonna post anything from the Midwest winter cash days? From 2 days ago or you getting knocked out first round stopping that?

      1. Shashanah Brewer

        Thanks billy

      2. Street Racing Channel

        No I’ll be posting

    37. Brian Goudreau

      Always entertaining watch your journey struggles and stipulations can’t wait to what’s up next.

    38. MrTurdfergusen

      Congrats! Keep it up! Stay safe! Never Lift!!

    39. exoticnoise46636

      Fuck yeah billy. Get that shit.

    40. Jacob Castle

      you holding it down for ohio on the real street.... nuff said

    41. Matthew Tanner

      Congrats! Keep up the hard work.

    42. Simmons racing187


    43. Billy T.

      Congrats on the 100K!!!!!!!! Good things happen to good people. And you and your family are deserving. Wish you continued success and happiness. When are we gonna get some podcast with you and Pops? Those are awesome. I believe thats wh as t helped with your success. That's how the folks in the internet world got to know you. Keep on Rockin

    44. Rhage73

      Congratz on 100k!!! keep on draggin ass

    45. Slowpoke 454

      Great videos man!

    46. Michael Rodney

      Love it. Keep it up!!!!

    47. Billet Performance

      from nebraska, i enjoy your videos man. im hoping some time soon ill be able to race next to ya some time be safe and keep up with the great videos

    48. larry green

      keep up the great work you guys ROCK!!!

    49. Chuck York

      I had a great time this year. Can't wait till spring.

    50. WorkhardBikeharder88 1

      You have earned your stripes buddy! Look forward to watching you continue to grow. The sickest s10 on the planet

    51. Mike Norton


    52. Magnus Dominus

      Congratulations this awesome.

    53. Brent Stoumbaugh

      What to go. It’s great to see you and your dad doing what you love family is key

    54. My Guns

      I think it's time to reward your subscribers with another car wash video. I say this with much respect....O that ass! Really though thanks for all your hard work & videos; you deserve more than 100k subs.

    55. Oil can Boyd

      Well hell ya got pops, you're gonna be building a couple more cars, and dang in the money that boy Billy can drive!........ I'm in👍

    56. Steve Weiman

      The reason I'm sub'd is simple: You guys are real world RELATABLE. AND you make the content about quality and real score on the ground. The reason I quit watching street outlaws past the first season: Stupid manufactured drama and BS taking the place of quality race footage and actual truth. And of course the $$ train that came in and ended any shred of relatable to the backbone of fast street car scene. Keep going and 200,000 is next......... It's a full load to make that truck stay alive and do better and better let alone take the time to assemble and share all the content . Thanks for what you do! Steve in Colorado

    57. Micky Smith III

      Congrats Kid, Dad, Molly, the whole crew. That effin thing is fast and I absolutely love it. Keep chopping them trees, and hurtin feelings👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    58. Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

      Dude you have the best damn channel on the tube. Nothing like real street footage and yours is defiantly the best.

    59. Chris Davis

      No thank you for the great content keep gaptizing people.

    60. TN Royal

      Love the channel

    61. Sixgun Sled

      Congrats bro 🤙

    62. Really BadAim

      Give your dad a big thank you. He's very supportive of you in this. Some have father's that aren't around anymore. You're blessed. And congratulations to you and all your hard work.

    63. Scotties Lit

      Congrats bro. Watchin you grow has been wild. You're a driver for sure. Can't wait to see 1 mil. You and your old man make a good team.

    64. Caribbean Savage

      That truck hauls ass

    65. Drag Car Builder

      Enjoy the time you get to spend w your pops you remind me of my dad and I and he's been sidelined now for a few yrs w his heart he's had a 5 way bypass and was doing great and we were tearing up the streets and tracks all across mainly tge southeast and he had 3 massive heart attacks so take every road trip and time ya get to load up w your pops and head out thank god for it and enjoy it and maybe we will find ourselves besides one anothet on a road or track soon if your ever in nc and need anything or passing thru hit me up if I can help that's all I do is build em and race em you have a shop if ya ever need it brother!!

    66. Vic Ruiz

      Your channel = freedom, thanks brotha

    67. Cody Coffin

      Congrats man tell your dad roll tide

    68. Mike Barnes

      Congratulations on 100k

    69. Don Hamilton

      Thank you guys! It shows us that our support for you goes a long way. I knew you was going places when I subscribed. I love watching you all grow. I love being a part by just being a fan. Really proud of you guys.

    70. Maverick 205

      Congratulations! Keep doing what you're doing.

    71. Dave vonAnderseck

      Love the updates abs racing. Thanks for sharing.

    72. Ye Wilde Ryder

      thank you, billy, for producing awesome videos that we enjoy watching.

    73. Trevor Smith

      Congratulations guys on 100k love your videos, keep em coming 👍🇦🇺

    74. 07bluelbz

      Congrats man. Love this channel.

    75. Brian Russell

      Thats awsome i cant till u come back to pittsburg raceway to meet u and c the truck

    76. Brody Walker

      Glad to see it Billy. Some of the best content hands down.

    77. John Thomas

      You are doing some good stuff. My only complaint is you have got me wanting to see more videos. Keep the good stuff coming.

    78. all6t7

      Congratulations on 100k subscribers. The thing that impresses me most on this channel is the honesty you show, if you lose you say you lost with your head held high and usually congratulate the victor. This is a quality instilled to you by your family, and is very rare in this day and age. Keep up the good work.

    79. Mike Angelastro

      Congrats man. You deserve more subs. Great channel🇺🇸

    80. Dan Grove

      Your badass dude

    81. Tcharles Lima

      Parabéns do Brasil ...👍

    82. Andy Brandner

      Congrats!! Been watching for a while!! Keep grinding you have came a long way!! You got a Great Dad and supporting crew as well!!

    83. Patrick SETEC ASTRONOMY Rubio

      Congrats guys on a well deserved milestone for your channel! Keep on showing the racing IRvision world how it's done!

    84. Scott Keeton

      U have it all a killer truck a dad that backs u .and good woman.

    85. PA Tuners

      Congrats #streetcar

    86. JOEPOWWA

      Always looking forward to your videos, absolutely love this channel. Congrats on 100k.

    87. Robert G

      Great video Billy, Molly, & Dad, thank you! I see that you won the race to 100k, congrats!

    88. Darris Ely

      How often do you travel to edgewater??

    89. JP Slayer Racing

      Keep up the great work bro. This is my favorite racing channel.

    90. gullreefclub

      Congrats on 100K subs

    91. Savage Productions

      Well deserved, my friend! Keep up the great content!

    92. Lumixfreund

      Greetings from Germany, i enjoy your videos but i´m not sure is it because of u and the S-10 or your beautiful girlfriend. I believe it´s a mix of all three together :-) both thumbs up!

    93. El Bill Burrito

      More Molly! And of course other pretty ladies are welcome as well!

    94. Stan Drennen

      Damn good job guys. y'alls part for the reason I got back in the game. Thanks

    95. DTSchier

      Congrats on the 100k

    96. Marc Stone

      Congratulations, I love your channel! Thank you

    97. Jason Toombs

      Congrats on 100k. Plenty more to come. Keep up the great content. Looking forward to the new builds and more racing!!!

    98. Dylan Colbert

      Ohio boy listening to Michigan music.. little odd 🤷🏼‍♂️ GO BLUE, congrats on 100k brother

      1. Dylan Colbert

        James Draper tons of fast street bikes up here also. Bunch of busas and bmws

      2. James Draper

        @Dylan Colbert I've heard as much. In Toledo dude, just a real quick trip up the E-WAY. Take it as invite, any 2-wheel action?

      3. Dylan Colbert

        James Draper Woodward now is more about street racing then ever.. I was referring to music music because he was playing kid rock (Michigan born) come to Woodward any weekend during the summer and you’ll be surprised how many races get set up

      4. James Draper

        What you mean Michigan music?? Ain't it everybody's? We need an effort to knock out those Okies in the 405. Discovery is making heroes. How much does it cost? I remember Woodward and 8mile back in the 60s. The 'SILVER BULLET', 1Os thru the muffler. Anybody 'round here take out Ryan Martin and the Fireball?

    99. Robbie and Kayla Carter

      Congrats to all of you, major accomplishment and I can't wait to see where you'll go from here!

    100. F3 BBC

      Congrats Bill!! I think pops deserve a big thanks and congrats. I think he's the man behind it all!