Twin Turbo S-10 ROLLS OUT! Old 66mm Turbos make MORE POWER!

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    We put the old 66mm turbos back on for the weekend, and here is the results!

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    1. Dumpster II Racing

      Shawn gamble... my guyyyy

    2. J P

      What’s the digital box on top of the dash for?

    3. David Barnhart

      Can you give us more specs on the 66 turbos. A/R? On center, divided or open exhaust, outlet diameter? You called them dump truck turbos? 23 pounds, wow that’s low boost! Impressive!!! When you select turbo size are you using a graph to get a close idea of the ideal combination?

    4. _ DEVSTER _

      Never been much into drag racin,,, but I love your channel and watchin you beat um!

    5. Daniel Ward

      I'm just binge watching old vids, so much fun. You kick ass and take names in the ole s10

    6. Derek Montgomery

      September 26th @ The Hollar! Yep that’s right Memphis Street Outlaw Jason Carpenter aka Carp in his Sexxy White camaro will be coming to celebrate Windy Hollow Dragway’s 50th Birthday! Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to meet Carp as well as Fastest in America Drivers from Ky, NYSO, Iowa, and others. We are going to have a blast! Fun for all! Owensboro ky

    7. James Linville

      Ok jr,,,please tell us ,,,in my opinion,,why the fastest street truck in North America,,why in the world did you not go to the trucks only shoot out??

    8. Jay Meade

      A Billy what springs do you use in the front of.your s10

    9. Clint Donovan

      Lmao your dead wrong on the turbos your limitation is that dog ass blow thru carb

      1. SRC Garage

        Who’s laughing now?

    10. Magia

      Got a video upload. Ride along soon. Come to bremerton raceway. Next weekend I would love to watch you gaptize some people except me. Lol

    11. Lyvynwyld

      Got the first burn out! Such a sick setup.

    12. Allen Jay

      Where’s new content sir ?

    13. JReed's Love of Cars

      Just found a movie on Amazon Prime that has your truck as the thumbnail. “Turbo Trucks Take On Tennessee “

    14. Feliz Diaz

      Please ask your dad if he knew a man named juan parker

      1. Feliz Diaz

        The reason I ask juan parker was. A coustom painter that your dad and his dad might of known he was from ohio

    15. Kevin Kroll

      Oops? Forgot your girl friend she's a doll !

    16. Kevin Kroll

      It's about time to view my favorite channel , they don't come fast enough ? So it's like family you enjoy being around ! We wish you win all of the time but when you don't I'm behind you keeping it straight ,and on the track doing what makes you happy and me riding with you ! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY , PLEASE SAY : GREAT RIDES TO YOUR BROTHER HE HAS A NICE TRUCK AND TAKES GREAT CARE OF IT ! Your whole family is out standing $$ a

    17. Jason Snodgrass

      Man your truck is on point bro keep up the great work i cant wait to see how the new turboskies are gonna go .Keep your head up brother. I sure hope your read these comments.

    18. Joelee Finn

      Any tee shirts? Fan Joe in SC

    19. james jenkins

      I got to see it !!!!!

    20. Gio M

      That’s one excited spectator.... “ the dog” 😂

    21. FrontYard4X4

      Man that orange stick shift mustang was violent af

    22. Dave James

      I want to see the suspension setup

    23. moosestang# LS

      That's the best the truck has been bro run it...

    24. Shayne Puckett

      When’s the next time you’ll be at Edgewater?

    25. Jason Vaughn

      I live 5 min from edgewater wish I would have known you were here

    26. Brightest Briceon

      Keep your head up Billy. Something tells me you're going through some shit.

    27. twincammike83 16v

      So did the stick shift mustang win the event or the diesel truck..

    28. Lee Knudson

      There's shit in the left lane

    29. Halfspec Garage

      Small tires are fuggin killing it out there 😳💯

    30. Stevo 88

      S10 strong. Nice!

    31. Johnny Longchord

      This kid seems so depressed

    32. Jordan Langdon

      Nice! I was planning on going to the Dig or Die event and now that I know you guys are coming I’ll definitely be there!

    33. Dynamic Dopamine

      @11:18 that brought back some great MEMORIES I've had a few stick shift foxbodies that would leave out pretty hard like that...

    34. Dynamic Dopamine

      I think it's time for Billy to paint a patriotic theme on that truck.? Him and tommy two guns. I would love to see the Statue of Liberty on one truck and the American Eagle on the other truck

    35. Dynamic Dopamine

      Lol that dude said... e 85...17 miles away...drove it in after ice cream with the kids........ ........ FORGET ABOUT IT!!! 😂😂😂

    36. buckeyful

      Will You be Coming Back to Magnolia Next week

    37. UPS Mech Johnson

      Got to race the FirePunk crew. Nice.

    38. Blaine Croucher

      Billy can DRIVE. And that mustang was violent.

    39. Jay Walk

      noticed you edited out most the burn outs in turn had more racing... nicely done

    40. Brandon Lariviere

      Why doesnt this shit exist in new england

    41. J Brick

      Shewwww s10 was slinging the power too hard tryin to catch up to Josh

    42. Shakblak

      Did you have to change jets?

    43. sjrsloan

      hell i blieve ide leave those 66s on there,good save btw

    44. clint hotrod Patriot

      Had a good day from my view. any day at the track is a good day. we will get the SG camaro sorted out and give you a better run


      All love to you from Sweden 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️👍👍👍

    46. Hyman Gerlick

      All families have problems, wish everyone would stop talking about it. Let them work it out together and stop being reminded about it.

    47. Mr. Fix it

      That truck is the truth

    48. motoman 714

      That truck is awesome man!! Is that guy okay from that hard crash?

    49. mikeb99

      Really like the no yellows racing.

    50. Bill Yen

      Awesome video man!.. thanks for the content

    51. Abel Gonzales

      Wow bro!?!? Your truck is friggin getting down. I agree, 66,s are putting the Ass to the ground . "Would've been awesome 2 C The diesel lose😬.... To ya..... Anyway great vid c ya soon.... Texas....

    52. Thomas Lewis

      I'm guessing this is an 8-second truck. It is a show and the fans need to be entertained...A nice paint job or wrap would add to the excitement of the S -10 . Have Gozilla on the door crushing all the cars and trucks at a dragstrip.

    53. Stagelane Productions

      Come on back to Nc. Dig or die is going to be insane

    54. rhinoman001

      Good job editing. When you let that S-10 exhale with the new set-up you will be the guy that nobody wants to run! I wish you could have made a good pass against that diesel. Great video!

    55. Doug Atkins

      That diesel is rolling

    56. Nebraskan Assassin

      What you need to clear your head for Billy. Anything I can help with brother. Your friend The Nebraskan Assassin

    57. Zack Gain

      Love the vids love the channel.. Keep up the good work guys!!

    58. piussy

      His boy 5 speed mustang ready what's his channel name

    59. HEKTIC458

      Damn that truck is fast

    60. 3madeamps #3 in nc

      nc is the place to be !!!!!!!!!

    61. Kenneth Brooks

      Nice job Billy big props to the stick shift mustang nothing like the sound of banging gears

    62. Damien Doisher

      You putting the power down with the caltracks still or you go 4 link?

    63. Daniel Hicks

      All in all still a good job brother👍

    64. Daniel Hicks

      My boy was holding her ... Dang diesal

    65. Walter Cobb

      All I can say is that you sent you old turbos off with a bang dude

    66. sabrom

      Thanks for the great driving JR and we thank Molly for workin the Lines.

    67. Boosted Dad

      Great job billy keep up the good work!

    68. Chris Schieffler Jr.

      I really like how yall do this as a family. Enjoy these times as much as you can. When they are gone and done you will be able to reflect upon these days as the best times ever. Keep it between the ditches

    69. TheCanadianBubba

      Get em next time !

    70. bigwater52

      I dome really comment much, but after seeing those vids of sr. y’all have our full support definitely gonna be buying merch a lot more now and being that paid supporter y’all hang in their billy

    71. Weird600

      That Diesel was probably well over 100 psi boost -- Now Billy you just got figure out how to match it LOL


      Who’s own that cummins🧐 I don’t think Iv ever seen one spool that fast and consistent run fast

    73. Roger Brown

      Been watching the S10 from the first videos! And the Truck was Hauling ass! I was hoping you would get that diesel! but truck looks great!!!

    74. Mark DeSousa

      Love your channel ma man! You, your dad, your family are so awesome. I just turned 45 today & its always been a dream of mine to build up a 69 GTO which was my first vehicle @ the age of 17.. Well anyways, im finally getting closer to a reality of my dream @ my age now. Cant wait to hit the track! God Bless bud!🤙

    75. Nick Boucher

      You have got to grudge that Cummins.

    76. Branden Slayton

      ...diesel shouldn’t white smoke

      1. Nick Smith

        Rich at idle will. Water and methanol injection also makes steam...

    77. Rusty Wells

      Oh hell yeah your going to Dig or Die I'm coming to watch the fastest no prep street cars in the country this is going to be the biggest race of the year! I'm so happy your coming Billy!!!!

    78. TheBlazin87

      is that billy badass? damnnn!!! hey whats the flat rectangle gauge mounted on dash above widebands?

    79. Pat O

    80. SUPERNOVA 78

      Gotta cut those exhaust pipes flush man

    81. Scott McCambley

      Battle of the youtubers next week - the Kid vs John Doc and the cowmaro

    82. Victor Hex

      Drop everything, The Kid has another video online. Seriously, as soon as one of your great video hits the screen, we drop everything to see the latest excitement at SRC. The mech, the action, the winning and losing, your families homegrown powermonster is what all American kids dream about.

    83. blockequals4


    84. M Pip

      Another great video from an all around great family!! Thank you.

    85. 8wire Racing

      I’d like to see more tech stuff with you and the ol man the ol man and your brother, I’d like to learn something about the work you do between races, stuff you boys and your Dad do to make these trucks go so good.

    86. Eric Howard

      You will get it figured out. Thing was running it’s Ass off. Good things are coming for you.

    87. Chase Trent

      I’m glad the fellow diesel guys are coming out and showing the gasser boys how it’s done 😎

    88. Jacob Sunderland

      Billy that truck is Badass! Liked the video reminded me of some of your older stuff! Just simple racing!

    89. Jose Gutierrez

      Dude that diesel was HAULIN ASS!! awesome seeing the little S10 that could out there taking some heavy hitters out.

    90. Dustin Tyler

      I met the guys from tin soldier at south georgia last year. They build some badass cars and now i see are putting on a great show. Lots of respect for those guys hard work.

    91. scott tim

      That was an awesome video!!!

    92. Daniel Ward

      You don't really do a whole bunch of losing I noticed lol

    93. Knick Knickerbocker

      you tree almost everyone you run, care to share your reaction times? Thanks for all the vids

    94. Daniel Ward

      Those 28x10.5s on the back?!

    95. BurrNinja

      Damn dude I never seen that truck skate that bad. Shit happens! Those upgrades will do you good =) Love the videos keep it up

    96. daniel smith

      ✝️🇺🇸👍God bless America thanks for the video

    97. overindulgent

      The way you work that tree is amazing.

    98. Andrew P

      Glad you beat that douche in the Mustang first round.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Chad is a great guy, and has a bad ass car!

    99. Simon Van City

      Whoever is editing these videos is amazing. Such a good video!

    100. Cameron Hallock

      Good content and good racing man, keep it up!!