KC Street Racing After Dark with Beater Bomb, The 405, Billy The Kid.

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    After the shootout we did a little grudge racing :) Enjoy guys
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    1. Bumstead13

      How can u not love a Chevy luv w a big motor smashed into it? U can’t- admit it

    2. Pirusy Asayesh

      I want this car

    3. Victor Mendoza

      Around what power level this cars at?

    4. robert lewis

      Molly could work on my car anytime she is one sexy shop hand. Lucky guy

    5. Michael Lindsay

      Have you ever raced lil blue the pickup from Alabama

    6. Zachary S.

      How bout you guys throw a coat of single stage paint...one color ?

    7. Russell Poyner

      Damn! Even on the street you cut one hell of a light.

    8. Robert Brooks

      Coolest part was the S10 taking the Kid for a ride!!

    9. Bill Thornton

      You and your dad have become my favorite racers. You are just good people, who got a sweet & fast S-10. You got me taking the kids for a cruise. That's cool as it gets gets. Good man!

    10. Hank Clingingsmith



      2:28 The truck jumped the light

    12. Barbara Archer

      Just bought one of your shirts in Sayre Oklahoma loved to see the truck

    13. Rusty Wells

      Chef just gained my respect back that I had lost for him now if we can get him back behind the wheels on the streets it will be like the good old days!

    14. TexanBoi

      Sbc ftw gapping them LS b.s. lol

      1. sLaPnUtZ rAcInG

        TexanBoi. Ya love watching the ls stuff getting shit on by old iron. Still nothing wrong with the old sbc just a little know how and modern parts they still run with the best 👍.

    15. Greg l

      Stone temple pilots 🤘🤘

      1. Raul Man


    16. Robert Carter

      What do they call the black Vega.

    17. John Z

      Luv your channel Billy,, always awesome work AND your Cheby pickup just gets quicker and quicker! Also want to mention, good on ya for taking your little buddy William for a ride,, the future of the sport lies in young ones like him and his hands. Good you were careful and we can bet you stressed the importance of SAFETY and working themselves up,, slowly learning every nuance of high horsepower racing in stages.

    18. Jeff Pontiac

      Love what you did giving that kid a ride!!

    19. Bryan Sells

      Let's get it billy

    20. 8wire Racing

      Bloody hell that street truck has a stereo in it.

    21. Redeck


    22. alex freeman

      Your a cool ass dude for taking that young man for a ride..much respect and luck to you my man

    23. cody cole

      as always, awesome video!

    24. Devin Bates

      Hey man would you ever consider tuning someone else’s truck? 5.3 80mm billit turbo c&s blowthrough carb built th350

    25. Shifttube

      they need another camra on the other side of the road cuz in the race with beater bomb and that 280z the mustang is a longer car than the z so from that side of the road beater block the other cars nose and cant really 4 sure see the finish line with his car and the z idk just saying

    26. Dustin Benson

      Big chief is a fake street racing just like them and a sell out

    27. Todd Clark

      Hey guys who's that big fucker okay we know chiefer

    28. Bo M

      Weird fkn video. 4 minutes of racing, then you taking a kid for a ride that no one could see, then the last 5 minutes of the video is people bullshitting? Do better.

      1. Bo M

        @It’s not a Nova tell me what I said was wrong. I'll wait.... Nice Chevelle btw.

      2. It’s not a Nova

        Bo M how about you do something better

    29. Boosted GTO

      That truck looks faster every pass!I saw Birdman and Mike Mariilo last night and you can see the passion. Birdmans camper was probably 40 years old and every tire on that rig was dry rotted. One tire had a 3" gash in the sidewall. People think they're all rich!

    30. Jamessr23

      REAL racing where the driver matters...not 1,2,3 crap is this tunes right roll racing

    31. keaton kelley

      Glad you had a good time buddy killacity at it’s finest was a great show for sure!

    32. We All So Bad

      Wow. That is some absolutely awesome drag racing. Race after race. What a night that must have been.

    33. RL RL

      Thanks for paying it foward taking that kid for a ride. Not many people do that. I had it done as a kid, and was hooked!

      1. SgtLoki13

        Future Driver in Training there, i thought it was nice of him to do that as well. Buddy took me for a ride in his 74 Camaro street car when i was 30, drove down to SIR and he did some test passes. End of the day he let me give it a whirl, been hooked ever since. Im 50 now and still haven't managed to build myself anything to brag about, but i still want to.

    34. Jay Walker

      Bro the editing on this vid was pretty damn good.!!.. VERY AWESOME 🤘

    35. Jayradd Customs

      You listen to the best music man. Thats what winners do.

    36. Karl Wright II

      Billy your truck is the shit and so is your channel!! Keep up the great content👍👍

    37. Michael Taylor

      I live real close and wanted to come support you

    38. Michael Taylor

      Hey billy when is your race at kd?

    39. AHR Red

      That White Camaro Is 'Tha' Most 'Entertaining'

    40. Shawn Jones


    41. Jeremy Strickland

      hell yeah awesome video src

    42. TheCanadianBubba

      Great days to ya !

    43. Scott Eckard

      Billy buddy you’ve came along way and definitely deserve it buddy keep it up

    44. Dylan Walker

      Got that stone temple pilots going loud

    45. David Fischer

      What’s the song playing in the background while he’s talking to big chief at the end?

      1. David Fischer

        technician799 it’s just a simple back round beat, just sounds cool.

      2. Josh Bloomfield

        David Fischer yeah my bad, thought you were talking about in the truck

      3. David Fischer

        technician799 that’s not it. Not even close. It’s not a rock song.

      4. Josh Bloomfield

        David Fischer plush - stone temple pilots

    46. Ant Man

      Badass video i was so glad to see beater bomb take out that 240 or whatever it is!! Billy your an inspiration, way to set the example!!!

      1. Damian Lindsey

        I was hoping for the other way around lol. I like beater bomb but its nice to see something not a mustang being fast af.

    47. Jose Gutierrez

      Cheif scouting beater bomb for the show

      1. Limit-R

        The Beater Bomb has been on the show before. Back when it was Nitrous by memory.

    48. thesuperstuff

      You made beater bomb grab the scramble it looks like......that has to be a good feeling

    49. jamie muncy

      Bad Ass video Billy see ya @ KD😱😱

    50. Lucky Beardo


    51. Boosted Cutlass

      Chief in the house! Would be cool to meet him ! He keeps it real fosho! Nice job BTK 🤘🏻

      1. It’s not a Nova

        Fuc both of you

      2. Ed Callahan

        @Daniel Brealey Agree! Screw that fool

      3. Daniel Brealey

        He's such a big headed douche bag

    52. Chopper1

      That was a great video. Keep it up billy. I must say that truck gets it.

    53. Joseph Soto

      Billy the kid! New Steve McQueen with a truck

    54. FordMan DS

      Big head Chief

      1. It’s not a Nova

        You both aint shit

      2. attitude adjusted

        Big Queef

    55. Piscis Espiritual


    56. Jack Harding

      Damn ghost on the radio, better than around here lol

    57. Jackson Storm

      You put it on da entertainer ! I love watching the s10 get down . As always great job Billy. Oh and I was of course a big fan before, but hearing stp playing brought it to a new level.

    58. Salvador torres

      what song are you playing?

      1. Raul Man

        Rats sorry

      2. Raul Man

        Ghost-dance macabre one of them

    59. 1971chevelle 406sbc

      Thanks Billy for another great video .

    60. jeffrey weatherwax

      i would like to see the s10 get some paint

      1. jeffrey weatherwax

        like shiny hot wheels metallic red

    61. Charles Campbell

      Do thar sik ass Z car have a channel or insta

    62. John Koskie

      awesome job on the editing

    63. John Martinez

      It all keeps getting better and better....stay street and never lift Billy.

    64. Ktec Garage

      Extra points for Ghost playing while giving that kid a ride!

    65. latemnf

      Awesome video, and awesome truck. That little s10 moves the fuck out. And the kid knows how to chop it down.

    66. Tommy Karstrom

      Nice reaction time! ✌️

    67. Timmy Hutchinson

      Hell yeah!! My day All ways gets better when I see SRC pop up on my phone! SRC for life Billy! Love the channel! Its the best street racing channel out there. You put a lot out time in. Love what you are doing! Keep it up!!!!

    68. Chad Wright

      You made a big fan taking lil guy for a ride

    69. Trevor Smith

      Great video, keep em coming 👍🇦🇺

    70. Kent Shifflet

      Kick ass video!!!!!! You guys put alot of time and effort into this street racing video. I,for one,appreciate what you guys do in street racing,and the content of your videos. It almost feels like you're there!!!! Thank You guys so much for taking the time and effort to include me in the ride alongs,and the RACES!!!!!YOU GUYS ROCK,BILLY!!!!!!😉😉😁

    71. slack Tantrum

      Good video

    72. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Yesssss! When you've got some of the biggest baddest racers in the country together for a weekend run 'til the sun comes up! Took one on the chin in the main event but still out there doing your thing choppin down trees! Atta boy Billy The Kid!

    73. Infamous Fasanelli

      How many times is this same night going to be posted? Enough already fuck man.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Most These races weren’t shown in the first video?

    74. Jamie Todd

      Awesome vids kickass racing love it you have a setup that just works and the A team

    75. Ishaan Mann

      Awesome! Is this grudge racing in KC?

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Ishaan Mann yep!

    76. tony bega