Determined to Win! - Twin Turbo S-10 Dominates

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    I was determined to win races this weekend, and It showed. It wasn't pretty at times but we got the job done. Enjoy

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    1. Steven Bailey

      How's Tommy's truck coming along. Or did you decide not to go twin turbo's

    2. Alejandro Cancino

      Need to see this guy on hoonicorn vs. the world

    3. Bob Glidewell

      Sweet!! BTK.... kicking ass and takin names!! Go young man, YOU ENJOY 😎👍🇺🇸!! Rob Searcy, Arkansas

    4. Operation 660


    5. Coastal Auto Reaction / The C.A.R. Guys

      So good to see man!

    6. eddie anaya

      What set up you got Kid???? Awesome!!!

    7. 1BadFrc

      New to this channel, The kid is a badass driver. I like his style!

    8. Mario Sanchez

      I love theses I’m so glad I subscribed love watching the race from inside the truck and the outside

    9. Refugio Lopez

      Sick vid bro. Loved the last race nice.

    10. Tim Hodges

      The difference between Billy and the competition is clearly in the drivers seat. Billy doesn’t always have the faster ride, but he just outdrives them. Very smooth and doesn’t abuse the engine.

    11. mark stangeland

      Tks E1 got it my self,,,, bo the drifter

    12. Jimi Jam

      wheres molly?

    13. ProMods

      I felt that "I love you" to pops at 11:31. Shows the character of you guys. Really refreshing to see a good family program. Stay safe my friend

    14. DuraStop

      evo jumped

    15. Jozef Dabrowski

      You guys need a gap cam!!

    16. Gary Burbank

      Are you still running the Chevy 400 small block in the truck

    17. James Paxton

      What app do you use for lap performance.

    18. mark stangeland

      whos playing is the intro song ??

    19. Klip One

      Got my attention. Keep on racing and being safe young one

    20. Jacob Carstensen

      Anybody know the name of the song with the editing

    21. That2ndGenKid 96

      Take the ihop waitress on a test ride in the truck

    22. Zack Gain

      Gotta love the American dream!! Awesome team and better family!!

    23. joshharrison60

      What is ur build? I'm building a 383 stroker turbo. Hope is runs anything like ur S-10.. I have a 84 gmc stepside

    24. Hjs Racing

      GOD BLESS YALL! great runs billy.

    25. John Arntz

      So you think your Truck is fast. Keep its turbo. No nos. Straight Pump Gas. Go to Super Stock. Race the White 64 Thunderbolt. Red Blue stripe down the side. Can't beat it.

    26. Chapster Onetime

      Stereo at 6:25 playing: Bartender 😂 😆

    27. Greg Hawkins

      Cool waiter good job guys !

    28. Onenasty306

      When billy told his pops love you before last run...I was like...damn.. I wish I had a dad that cared

    29. Cody Jacobson

      What are y’all using to data log?

    30. Jeff Jankiewicz

      Got his ass drug by a mf street car! Nice job Billy. Stay safe, God Bless.

    31. Jacob Carstensen

      Song when they are in the shop?

    32. Gustav Prinsloo

      What ECU are you using in the S10?

    33. Dale Stevens

      Hi y'all. Just wondering when you think you might get more shirts and stuff in. Sure would like to get one of those shop shirts! Thanks, enjoy your channel.

    34. Bama Scarface

      Ok....reaction video with the IHOP

    35. Joshua Gibson

      Where's the kid from. I grew up racing @ Kil Kare near Dayton, O.

    36. No name

      You brat tear in my eyes.

    37. Joshua Gibson

      I respect this dude. Unlike Cleetus McFarland, he actually builds and works on his own stuff. Props...

    38. Damian Cadiere

      If yall come back to new Orleans please please let me know I would love to meet yall!!!! I'm only 40 minutes away from new Orleans

    39. Daryl Jones

      Man I'm still curious what's going on with that s10 extreme in the backround.

    40. silly guy

      What a crazy race. Keeping it straight when everyone else couldn't says something.

    41. Eric Christensen

      What happened to the new up load

    42. Gary Ward

      Love it keep up the good work

    43. Ron Winters

      You Need some Hosier's !!!!

    44. Josh Bryant

      Great job!

    45. tesqueaky

      Love to watch Billy and his whole family race, great job and congrats on your win!

    46. Bike Life

      Hey you running so fast the cooling fast stopped working or you didn’t cut it on

      1. Street Racing Channel

        I never have to run the fan

    47. Ed Castle

      I see your videos and you're bringing back some great memories!! I had a pretty good runnin street '78 Malibu and I raced it often. But yer stuff is inspirational...!!! BTW.... OH.....‐ IO.....!!!!

    48. ISEE YOU

      That wagon was badddddd

    49. ISEE YOU

      Where is Molly...

    50. Ohio Grudge Racing

      Great job this weekend.... keep up the great werk!!!

    51. W. Branch

      Great driving Billy! Congrats brotha 🍻

    52. Ryan Bourdeau

      Whats this opening song? i instantly fell in love with it. Sorry for my ignorance in advance.

    53. kevin auman

      Holy sheepshit Billy, I just saw 1320's video of Austin in the "Dirty 30" when it flipped and burnt to the ground!!! Here is a link for ya, you and Molly are at 7:35 in the vid when he is lining up...

    54. Nelson Meinke

      I think it’s hilarious you can see me standing on my truck behind you guys 🤣

    55. Nelson Meinke

      Congratulations man I love your channel , I’ve been watching your videos for long time now and i thought it was awesome I got to meet you at Milan!!

    56. Trae

      100% of my respect goes to this man and his boy and their truck. These guys really put their heart into these cars and it’s great to see some passion

    57. Zane Howard

      Shout out to T2G on the camera work! Love some of the shots he gets in the pits and other random things!

    58. Don Hamilton

      Great Job!!! Stoked for you Guys!!!

    59. Stick A3031

      That firs trace she was sitting pretty off the launch. Great job guys!

    60. Borgonian Evolution

      Way ta keep tha head on straight and out think a spicy track. Your focus amazes me. You are doing manually what a lot of others are doing with Tech. Well earned wins mate.

    61. 27spina27


    62. Todd Callen

      Matt Ryce forsure keeps you on your toes when flagging. He is so inconsistent with the light it’s hard to anticipate it 😂

    63. Willy Lense


    64. J Mch

      Dam your hood I thought was comen off..truck is on a mission good job..

    65. V3RJ

      What is the intro song?

    66. Kim Gladwell

      You should do a recap of weekend

    67. Topp dawg

      That music gave me a o brother where art thou vibe lol

    68. Joshua Wilson

      Hell yeah man. Great video. 🤙 Damn good job keeping that thing straight. 😎

    69. Craig Peart

      Do a video on interior mainly on gauges and there use .. 👍👍

    70. Craig Peart

      Cool run 👍👍👍

    71. Curts Review 2020

      Only thing missing is Grandkids👍🏼

    72. Don Catherman

      👍👍👍great job ..BTK...the hole team is on there game..❤️💯

    73. cf mechanic

      Wow that thumbnail is a rare shot of your dad without his overalls. Seems like he almost always has overalls on.

    74. TXsilvy

      Anyone know what the 3 gauges on the right are measuring?

    75. Creeker 219

      Congrats guys 🤘🏽🤘🏽

    76. Richard Hill

      You need to consider putting a camera on the back glass so we can see the competitors car. But it would take two unless you switch them when you changed lanes.

    77. Tiffany T Johnson

      Hello guys I just wanted to start off by saying I truly appreciate watching y'all!? I'm a Christian and love my God!? I say that to say this I've heard you guys mention God and bible studies!? God truly has blessed YALL and pray that y'all keep getting blessed!? Really enjoy y'all!?

    78. 706 Films

      Are y’all going single or twin turbo w Tommy’s truck ?

    79. Patrick SETEC ASTRONOMY Rubio

      OUTFRICKINSTANDING! Congrats on the wins. Thanks for the Awesome videos, great work.

    80. PreacherPaul Dudley-Do-Right

      Someone needs to call those Cali tree huggers cause you're decimating the tree population. Good clean runs, congratulations. One of my favorite channels, love watching y'all's struggles and how you overcome them.

    81. Ted Cregger

      Congrats Billy, yr gonna own 'em next season too.

    82. Accelerated Culture

      Congrats on the win man! That was some driving 🤘

    83. Jimmy Love

      Congratulations on your win !!! Aloha to your wonderful family from Big Island, Hawai'i \000/

    84. Hades Boosted Media

      I love watching this S-10 Destroy Fox bodies! 😍🙌 Keep it up dude!

    85. Grey Wolf67

      Great job Billy and crew. You guys are all awesome. 👍

    86. TAG_4V

      Holy shit i had to slow down the video to .25 to watch Billy's first hit. That timing was pretty good

    87. Rob Hormell

      God damn kid that's some good f****** driving.

    88. Jerry Russell

      Nice Damn DRIVIN" Billy!! SO proud of ya'll!! Well deserved win

    89. Chris Sherman

      Did u guys end up running it back with the red mustang u took out in the semi finals at milan? If so what was the outcome? I Didnt get to stay much after 5pm.

    90. jeezy _1005

      This video was raw I love it. I heard a wise man once say that’s a bad mf and he can drive the shit out of it 🤝 keep motivating.

    91. Gunnutz71

      Another great video!

    92. Randy Gibbs

      Now thats some good video. Great job team

    93. Mark Fisher

      Good way to end the season 👍

    94. kempy535

      Whats the LED counter on the top of the dash used for?

    95. Josh Schonfeld

      Keep em coming Hoskinson guys! 💪🙏

    96. Bruce Howie

      Well done mate, great footage again too Tommy.

    97. Karl Morrison

      so cool to include the ihop waitress guys.

    98. Karl Morrison

      cant wait to see the tommy twin turbo build! great job billy, hope you are greatful to ur dad hes a great man!!!

    99. NC Backwoods

      Congratulations man!! An whats the name of the song at the beginning lol keep rocking 👌🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    100. Shane Stuart

      Yeah.. just like the ol wiskey run kid!🤘