Intense No Prep Racing, Molly’s First Run in her Stick Shift Foxbody!

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    #NoPrepRacing #Pacemakers #StreetRacingChannel
    In todays video we show you guys the extremely competitive no prep racing here in Ohio at one of my favorite tracks, Pacemakers Dragway Park. We had been working very hard for weeks to get Molly's Car ready for the race and I was actually surprised at how good I was able to do with the caliber of cars there, knowing I wasn't 100% focused on what I needed to do to win. The track conditions change every round and you have to stay on top of it or else you will spin the tires and loose. I got complacent in the Semi-Finals and should have went out and checked the left lane before the run. I will do my best to bring home a win next week at English Mountain!

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    1. Sherri Gaskin

      Dust In The Wind. One of the greatest classic rock songs of all time.

    2. Bullzeyez

      Wtf is wrong with this track? First one i have seen with 100% of the cars going sideways. Mostly the right lane.

    3. Harry Kruger


    4. Shooff3.4

      Feel like tommy woulda got past round three if the tune wasn’t messed with

    5. R S

      Who’s the artist in your intros?

    6. Rickybobby1k

      Why doesn’t your channel have more subs man! Great content

    7. Eric Green

      You guys just kill them on the lights.

    8. Evo Venger

      She was to nervous 😬.

    9. Karl Mawby

      Hi crew, Karl from Mesa AZ just wanted throw a shout-out to Molly go get em girl

    10. Matt Pardo

      Come on boys. Kendel l or beat bomb would onn that s***

    11. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      Awesome video and coverage, as usual. Some nasty cars there

    12. Eddie Maldonado

      Hell yeah boost12 all ford power for the win!!!

    13. Tim Emmerson

      These guys beat the Big Chief or The Boss any day!

    14. Thor Mcgee

      I like the part where they did that thing then another thing and chicken wing on the badda bing

    15. Brandon Searle

      Nice job billy

    16. John Brown

      No wonder ol' Barney is not there chasing the kid C10 down the strip on the ol' galaxy..🤣🤣

    17. TheCanadianBubba

      Crazy squirrelly there...

    18. G14 Videos

      You should come to wilkesboro dragway this Saturday for a big money small tire race. Im sending you a message soni van get you the details you shoud come

    19. Nick Orcutt

      Molly needs a mans break for her car. It’s a trans break for stick shift. Keep it up molly your doing great.

    20. Scott Houston

      Does anyone know if the truck is a short bed or long bed??

    21. Fix It Mike

      Get rid of that damn SBF in Molly's car and make it fast!

    22. J Mch

      Dam chop that tree boys 11:08

    23. J Mch

      Tommy 2 Gun,s truck looks good and sound good it's also no joke and he is getting good on that safe ...

    24. J Mch

      Bro 4:40 your truck was on a mission badass video keep up the good safe out there.

    25. STATUS ADDA 01

      👑Kon kon log dekh raha hai 1) student - like👍👍 2) others - comment 👇👇

    26. hansoh01

      Sorry guys ,much more serious stuff going on in the world right now,good luck.count me out.

    27. Krazo buildZ

      Bad ass

    28. John Jones

      She works on that shifting she might be doing some baptizing herself!

    29. Joey Young

      Those Bogarts look really good on that car!! 🤙🏼 She know what she’s doin 😁 Y’all are badass man a team to be reckoned with!!

    30. William Anderson

      Dam that s 10 launches hard

    31. Chace

      What is the intro song? I love it

    32. Edward Terry

      Headed south I see

    33. Tanner Cox

      Where was tommy getting pulled over at?

    34. Jordan Langdon

      Full blown race car getting gaptized by the street truck. 🤘🏻 Great racing man!

    35. HI808AF STATE

      Is tommy a tree logger?? Kid cuts that tree down his opponents really lose at the light with him.

    36. Boosted M3NACE

      The disappointment that the camera guy felt at 2:22 is exactly how I have felt this whole year lol

    37. Mystery Inc

    38. Hooker Lee

      Hell yeah guys them little s-10's do what they need to do good driving boys

    39. Abba Construction

      Dang dirty feet.

    40. Shantell Alston

      What et did the blue s10 cut the first pass of Street legal

    41. cw1824

      Keep kicking ass with that gen1 chevy. My 408 gen1 is almost complete!! Been racing them for a hell of a long time!!

    42. RD

      What the hell is wrong with that track?!?!?! Put some treatment down... no ones getting traction. clean that track!!!!!!!!

      1. DDAY 157

        No Traction... You need to put down that JIB pipe ur smokin RD... pretty sure I saw a GN/OLDS about to rendezvous with the Internatonial Space Station @ 12:43...

      2. SRC Garage

        Bro... come on man

    43. Rhage73

      Track was shit but you made some good licks Billy! You guys have a pair of S-10s that are putting in some fuckin work bro. Great crew.

    44. dmfj1980

      Anyone have info on the Chevy Truck at 1:23?

    45. pissed off pistons

      I'm sorry but y'all need to put a cage and seat in tomys truck before he gets hurt ...seriously as a father I dont know how you let him run with out safety gear ..its plain irresponsible

      1. pissed off pistons

        And I should know better my dad died in a high speed crash

      2. pissed off pistons

        @SRC Garage I get it I love the channel and I guess I'm a hypocrite cause I street race with no cage in my wrx but it only makes 580awhp..but crashing at 120mph crashing at 120mph lol

      3. SRC Garage

        You’re watching a IRvision channel called “Street Racing Channel”. If you’re looking for common sense, reason, logic, and safety, you’ve come to the wrong place.

    46. 4GsRacing

      Anyone else try hitting #pacemakers?

    47. Tom Rose

      Tommy check out old ridge runner race truck.i have a s10 about your power level.trying to finish it up. 385". probly make the end of season this year at southwebster

    48. Tom Rose

      Tommy treed that red cobra like a blutick on a den tree.them bought not built cars or drivers don't impress me a dam bit .getter tommy your coming up threw the ranks quick.

    49. Wolf Firewalker

      Great Run Molly is Getting better with every pass and the fact that Her stang is a stick speaks volumes about Her Skills She's Working hard not to let anyone down and it really shows Also her launch is reflecting Great training as well all she needs now is experience and that will come with Seat time...Great job Outstanding Work ... Always Remain Forever Forward 😎🤘✌️🤙

    50. Jonathan Reed

      You know Billy - be very appreciative of your set up. Your incar camera, first pass told me all I needed to know. You barely turn the wheel (maybe 10 to 20 degrees). Not many cars can say that. I dont care who you are or how much HP you have, if you are constantly swerving - your set up is wrong. Fix that before you add HP. You cant win if you are not confident in your setup. You have a nice set up bro and deserve the success. I cant stress that enough. Heck, even the pass you lost and overpowered the tires, your truck stayed straight and true. Kudos bro!

    51. stan harp

      I bought a new gt in 1986

    52. Mike Vaughn

      I'm convinced that the people who clicked the "thumbs down" all live in their moms basement and drive Priuses.

      1. Yoda Wunn

        Nah, they just can't tune their 60ft times, lol. Both those trucks do very well.

    53. TN Royal

      5:20 lol

    54. CarGuyTim

      Bill tells Tommy, I’m gonna turn the fogger on about 1/2 second out... Tommy 1/2 a second out smokes the tires lol. It was running good why did u have to get greedy? lol it happens

      1. CarGuyTim

        Jonathan Reed I would have waited till 2nd gear, at least he would have that much distance ahead, and had the possibility to catch up if he had to pedal it.

      2. Jonathan Reed

        Because if you dont push it (even after the "perfect" pass), you never learn the limits. Now if I was Bill, I would adjust the fogger to come on at .75 seconds instead of .5. If he loses grip at .75, then try 1 second and go from there.

    55. Sir Real


    56. Dan Rogers

      Good job guys! Love the new intro to channel!

    57. Wet Wrecked Em

      So why does the Old Man pour the stripper glitter out in front of Billy’s rear tires. But pours the stripper glitter behind Tommy’s rear & roll him back into it?

    58. T Walsh

      Billy always gets pulled into the stripper glitter for his burn outs but Tommy always gets backed into it for his . I’m curious why the difference? Keep the great videos coming !

    59. Ohio car Guys

      I see my big ass @ the 10:12 mark. Lmao 😂. Wish I would have gone a little farther. Good racing brother.

    60. Zach Ballzach

      Way to go Molly! Keep at it and you'll be killing it in no time!

    61. Jakob Mangus

      cannot wait to see the s10 this weekend here in TN

    62. Hobbit Onsite

      Won't be the last time Molly gets backed up with one didget!

    63. Curtis Harrison

      Awesome vidja, did that travel make it strange of the cup?everywhere else looked straight as a string.

    64. Hippy VT420

      Poor old man not only does he have to crew three cars now but one is a Ford!

    65. andrew j

      Gona need u some wheelie bars soon straight flexin moon tune

    66. jamie muncy

      Man oh man Billy!!! Sucks that some MORON walked threw your lane with dirt on their shoes🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Who does that STUPID SHIT😡😡 Anyway both trucks looking REALLY FAST!! Keep up the great work💯💪🏻💯

    67. Seth N.

      5:39...that guy was POWER wheelie-ing that mustang half way down the track lol wtf

    68. Billy Beane ground

    69. Donald Edler

      Those D10 rims are bad ass. Have a set myself.

    70. Eyeball Chambers

      Are you gonna eventually get a bigger motor or bigger turbos?

    71. Outdoors&Cars

      Hell yeah all three got seat time! This video was pretty intense, really enjoyed watching it SRC team!

    72. jhowe67

      What seats are in that S10 @14:05

      1. SRC Garage

        Stock S-10 buckets

    73. Victor Hex

      Me grabbling the screen in both hands and yelling "Go Molly". Awesome video work.

    74. n01z3

      the fox jumps off the line. i didnt expect her car to do that. i not seen the updates on it so had no idea what was done to it.

    75. Jim Brockman

      Y'all always talking smack about mustang's, and you both got gaptized by pony's 🤷‍♂️

    76. Keaton Weingartz

      Local guy to me in the navy fox, hell of a race! You were definitely on the hunt at the big end. Gotta come to MI for some good racing! Tons of good matchups for ya

    77. Tunä

      0:43 - 1:40 holy shit that was amazing editing!! Yall "never seize" to amaze me!!! The whole county will be racers soon!

    78. john dodd

      Dang good racing men!! Great content! Keep up the good work!

    79. Topper Harley

      Felt bad for Tommy, looked like he had a good hit going until the kit went full gap.

    80. J Ho

      Those trucks were dragging ass that night

    81. john dodd

      T2G treed the crap out of that guy

    82. Zane Howard

      Great footage and editing

    83. Zane Howard

      In the right lane Billy's truck was out 60 footin Kye Kelly!

      1. David Humphrey

        Put down the crack pipe.

    84. Eddie Money

      Awesome burnout molly!!!

    85. WhutThePhuq

      tommy's truck is literally setup so perfect lol has he lost a race yet?

      1. Devin Bobeldyke

        Yes, plenty, I think he's won two different second chance races now meaning he's been beat at LEAST 2x. I think it showed him getting beat on a couple grudge races when he first got it together. Truck is impressive none the less and especially since he has so little experience compared to these other guys

    86. B I


    87. ben napier

      Got too greedy on Tommy's tune up Bill

    88. Brown Dogs T&T

      Classy giving credit to the other racers at the end. Keep up the awesome content!

    89. l Lucifer l

      Hesitated Mustang

    90. A Ryan

      Well done to all

    91. John Burke

      I got a question is there a reason your dad puts the pimp juice in front of the tires on one truck and behind the tires on the other truck

    92. A Ryan

      The shirt just fucken send it where can I get one

    93. mrbizmarky1

      I like you guys and I watch all the videos, I’ve been drag racing for 35 years why in the world would you hold on to the back of the car? That dude almost got dragged! That’s plain stupid

    94. 27spina27

      I love ur post Tommy!!...any video OVER 18 mins. is a finales appearance... anything under 18 is a early round knockout!! 😂😂

    95. Darin Anderson

      You may not always win but you do win a lot one thing I am totally impressed of I've watched a lot of your racing for close to a year I've never seen you break down on the track maybe I missed one but very reliable race truck.

    96. Tim Boro


    97. nick grrr

      Bad ass video like always!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

    98. Refugio Lopez

      Sick vid bro!!!

    99. Kooter859

      0:02 is that guy on the right hand side on his knees or is he just really short or am I just seeing shit

      1. Kooter859

        But why does he a normal sized top half but small on bottom lol

      2. thomas green

        That be a little person sir.

    100. Jonathon Vince

      Tommy with the tree.