Testing for NO PREP MANIA & Tommy's First NITROUS Experience.

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    In today's video we put tommy's truck on nitrous for the very first time. We put my junk back together and make some test passes.
    Thumbnail photo by: @Midwest Motorsports Media

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    1. msattler111

      What is the great blues tune starting @ 1:15?? Great stuff!

    2. thecapturban

      Its only right the baby winds up with the bottles🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. john henry

      I really like y'all , but I gotta ask why the MASK advertisements prior to this video? There's a whole slew of American citizens that aren't going to put up with the mandatory mask crap and the abrogation of Constitutional rights inherent in such edicts. That includes a whole lot of us ancient hotrodders.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        I do not have control over the ads placed before or during my videos.

    4. OviiRacing

      So cool how your whole family is involved in racing that’s awesome keep up the badass videos💪🏼🔥

    5. Donnie Jackson

      Pops is enjoying his self ya'll keep up the good work nothing like having family in your corner 🔥🔥💪💯💯

    6. Rustin Dupree

      What rear end is in truck and what suspension setup in rear mono caltracks or what?

    7. Luis Gonzalez

      I will love to live in the country like you guys but in warmer climate, I live in Florida but in a very populated area and well testing a vehicle at a high rate of speed is difficult without getting in trouble. When I retire I will move to the country hopefully. Great video.

    8. Ken McKay

      Hi molly .wheres your race car ?

    9. Tommy Cook

      Hell yea bad ass video boys loved it

    10. joe manzanares

      Whoever does your music is right on, seriously...

    11. Scotties Lit

      that blue s10 lookin pretty clean. nice truck

    12. Daniel Ward

      It's Thursday bro, what's up lol

    13. J Bevins

      What turbos on the truck billy?

    14. Remy Ross

      Man your killing It little bro to and nice to see the whole famm

    15. Chris Gibson

      Good driving Tommy keep it up

    16. ISEE YOU

      I thought He already had nitrous.. and already had his first racing experience.. im confused.. this must be old?

    17. Raw Rap


    18. Brian Blum

      I love how you and your family work together to whoop that ass.. are you ever going to paint the s10?

    19. Chopdasesh RickFPS

      Damn Tommy's truck sounds amazing at idle, and even better when that solenoid ticks on. Love the trucks lads, its an amazing little circle ya got going on here🖒😃

    20. Brian Pardee

      That trucks gone faster using a harbor freight torque wrench than most cars have been that get snap on wrenches used on em

    21. Ole Deuce

      4 jets sizes, are you on meth here?

    22. TheBlackSheep92

      Dude them brothers sound almost the same. Almost like.... brothers

    23. chevymec

      It cool your parent's are in it with yall!

    24. Matthew Holmgren

      “Just got wet your whistle” 😂😂

    25. SwayCanales

      Great job guys as a father I love watching you guys as a family. Keep it up god be with each of you

    26. jdmrok20

      I felt like I was driving it!!! Love the videos man!!!

    27. Lewis Declouette

      That's what's up

    28. Brian Goudreau

      Oh the big boss mom is in the garage supervising

    29. Vaughn Hill

      Keep it up big brother. He will be a good driver if he listens to yoh and yaws dad. In order to get to where yoh ate he needs alot of seat time.

    30. Jordy Emede

      Pops is the fuckin man! So glad I grew up with a dad like this. Always racin something 😁

    31. Dillion Fitz

      Put a smile on my face just watching

    32. Calvin H.

      Whoever makes fun of your Harbor Freight torque wrench should hurry up and send you a new Snap-On if that would make them feel better about their life. lol. I say use what you have that works, and those who don't like it can send all the Snap-On or Matco they want to send. lol. Add a P.O. Box in the description. lol.

    33. brad richaud

      Why does Tommy always look like he just woke up? LOL! You gotta stop workin that boy so hard.

    34. Matthew Holmgren

      Really need to show that Nova some love, it deserves to look better

    35. Blake Grantham

      The smile on Tommy's face and pops tickled to death is worth no amount of money. 2020 is SRC year

    36. Muscle Car Maniacs

      This truck is awesome!

    37. Outdoors&Cars

      Wooo that last pass 👌👌

    38. bucksnort bumblefuk

      That last run you made Billy, was wild!! Never lift. Hehe

    39. Cody Bilger

      That’s what I’m talkin bout some nitrous content!

    40. Robert Hinkle

      My new favorite channel keep them coming guys

    41. joe joe

      Family that plays together stays together. Its great to see the love & respect they all have for one another.

    42. Kelly Klein

      When is dad gonna race his own car with yall?

    43. Corey Wharton

      Hits nitrous 1 time... slowly tweaks the smile... "I think it can take a little more" ... and it begins 😄

    44. Patrick Huszarik

      My HF torque wrench actually tested more accurate than my freshly rebuilt and calibrated snappy...

    45. lucky582

      This world would much better place if we had more dads like you. !

    46. Guy Noir

      That last pass was nice .

    47. Benjamin Lavallee

      Nice work bro :) amazing work :) wow :)

    48. Zzach

      Billy you are hardcore man and I can appreciate that keep on doing what you do man!! Wait your whole family is hardcore except maybe your mom but she'll come around one day !!!!!

    49. Frank Hays

      Awesome job guys they both look good just little adjustment y’all get it thanks for sharing keep safe

    50. Martin Ramirez

      one day i wanna have as much balls as Billy the kid behind the wheel of that monster S10 baby

    51. Toyota Turbo

      Tommy s-10 rips with nitrous!!!

    52. Operation 660

      Now Tommy is going for his bother lol

    53. tom deißler

      best family, keep it up, many greetings from germany

    54. Daniel Harrell

      If you haven't seen the test the harbor freight versus the snap on u should it is on project Farm there 110$ harbor freight does better in almost every test versus the 450$+ snap on

    55. Drew Hampton

      We never seen ur mom nice to see her in the videos

    56. Philip Mazzuca

      Fathers Day was made for men like you Bill Hoskinson Sr

    57. Juan Carrillo

      The last test pass looked the best. The whole front end was in the air. Left lane hooks. Right lane spins. Good luck at

    58. Jefe Moreno

      Momma came into the garage and knew what was up lol that’s awesome y’all are some good people . Y’all should come to Orlando we got some cars that’ll be willing to get down

    59. Larry Sanders

      Great mother and father

    60. TheCanadianBubba

      Brother Tommy can wheel it !

    61. Scott Speck

      Give the poor kid some drag radials

    62. James Moreira

      Expensive toys . Where due u pay for all these..?

      1. SRC Garage

        I own my own excavation business. I helped the boys get started, but Billy does this for a living now.

    63. PlayingWithHorsepower

      Good old purple endura paint, my 78 is doing the same thing and I would love to have that daily.

    64. Chuck York

      True grassroots racin...Keepin it street. Sr and the Mrs have much to be proud of and thankful for. Pride of OHIO!!!

    65. Ant Man

      Tommy said it can take more lol thats my dude!

    66. hidog420

      Man I love this channel! Family, friends, horsepower and a whole bunch of fun. Stoked for Tommy, hooked on da sauce brother...

    67. 437 Motorsports

      Y'all got me wanting to build my 94 Sonoma instead of my F-body! Keep it up 🇺🇲🦅💪

    68. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Time for the giggle juice! Hard to tell, but how big was that smile when he hit the purge the first time? ;)

    69. Oval Outlaw

      Mama knows racing!

    70. Colin Davis

      When’s the next update on Snow White gonna be?

    71. Jerry Frederick

      Cool mom discussing strategy with the family.Honest moment with concern about the step into the world of nitrous.They may be young men but, they are still her babies.

    72. Oper8or

      The concern on momma's face. The look of love man. This family is awesome.

    73. GreenBoy at GA Farms

      I love them s1os. Can't wait till he hits with a BIGSHOT.

    74. Seth Bergile

      Tommy is going to be fast! Calm and collected at his age is not easy to find.

    75. mike doe

      There is nothing more American, than you and your family my friend. This channel sure has come a long way. Makes me want to build some shit and haul ass.

    76. ᴰᵉᵃᵈᴮᵉᵃᵗ Đɍɨfŧeɍ

      If people make fun of your Harbor Freight torque wrench, then they some tool snobs. Idk how many cars I’ve seen built with Harbor Freight junk, I’d rather be in debt with my car, and not the Tool Trucks. JS

    77. Shane Wright

      Great job and video guys 👍👍🇨🇱

    78. twincammike83 16v

      Put in a roll gage Tommy.. Then kick some Ass..

    79. Stacy Dornan

      That little truck is moving now nice job fellas


      Last year was the first time I tried nitrous on my little 6cyl 1/8 mile car, it picked up over a second and 12mph, now I'm hooked! So long paychecks 👋 hahahha

    81. Philip Mazzuca

      Break the head bolts loose with a breaker bar.......... then use the torque wrench to reset them.......... great job guys......... I wait for these videos 🏁

    82. J Ho

      Yall some bad boys let me tell ya. Love the content and the trucks!

    83. LSX LEX Motorsports

      when do we see a brother VS brother grudge race

    84. Momo

      Tommy keep listening to pops and Billy. Absorb it all. Ya got past the pucker well. Now let her eat!!!

    85. Momo

      Gotta love mom... “Is it time?”... such an understanding woman. The look of concern, mixed with enough knowledge to just nod and smile. If Billy and pops both say it’s time, she’s ok with it.

    86. Chilled Soul

      i got a big question, when you got your blow through carburetor did you buy it brand new from C&S or did you get it used and rebuilt it?

    87. Ari Vat

      More Molly please.

    88. Steve Montoya

      It was cool to see your mom out there, she's so cute

    89. Big Polska

      Hey that have some super nice digital torque wrenches at Lowes for a "reasonable" price compared to snappy and matco

    90. Axe Bryan

      Hell yeah!!! Go get em Tommy. Hell call Matt out 1st round and get that out of the way lol. Fools Gold aint gotta chance. Billy you seem to have yours hauling again. Hope it stays together. Great job guys

    91. Nick Pendleton

      Love your guys videos keep em coming wish you could upload a few times a week but totally understandable why you dont...Always lool forward to y'alls vids

    92. mike eger

      Thought that the nova is your brothers car ???

    93. Greg Rogers

      Good job DAD!!!! It’s so awesome that you take the time away from your life to share this with your boys and show them how to do this kind of stuff and how to be safe as possible while doing so. You sir are an inspiration and I love watching you teach the next generation something useful and you have a very Beautifull family 👍👍👍👍

    94. Glenn Evitt

      Man Yall Rock 😎🤙

    95. foxguy day

      AMATEURS DONT USE NITROUS! You’ll blow yourself to pieces

    96. Adam Perre

      Love the truck she's hookn hard can see that yr really movn all the best from yr friends down under 🇦🇺 stay safe

    97. E Eller

      I think there is some oil or something on that track In the right lane

    98. E Eller

      Give the boy a 200 shot he will like it

    99. Patrick Piche

      Tigger bearrrrr

    100. Darius DuVall

      I wish I had some lit parents like y’all’s xD