Top Secret "Area 51" Street Racing

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    Just some good ole boys having a good time, nothing serious. It was nice to take a step back for the weekend and enjoy a nice night of racing. Now that that's over with... let's get the S-10 back together!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش سال


    1. jamiG4

      A+ intro!!! That dude is great! "Super Top Secret" 😁😆😂 Love the music after the talky dude part too. Nice rides!

    2. Dalton Harrington

      I wish you’d build a 4cyl street car

    3. silly guy

      Come to Jacksonville fl where if you can't drive it to the spot and then drive it home it's not STREET car

    4. BarneyMiller

      Street cars doing street shit 🤘

    5. Flexon'em

      Maybe wrong but tht road up top look dusty a.f ?? Lots of car getn loose up top

      1. BarneyMiller

        It's in the middle of a corn field, the whole road is dusty AF

    6. HI808AF STATE

      Wow that toad was dirty Af. Great races as always

    7. Max Power

      Action starts at about 4:50

    8. stinkinlincoln90

      Children of the

    9. Dan Hodgkiss

      Nice video . Now that's real street racing. And real street cars.👍👍👍👍

    10. villen

      Idk why but I quite enjoy seeing people racing their Hellcat's and losing.

      1. Bman6687

        Me too, some yuppy with too much money, wants to buy a race

    11. James Snyder

      Is the truck twin turbo ore single

    12. cortney bunge

      That is a shity road

    13. Heller&SonRacingEngines

      Hey guys whats lead time on stickers? Ordered a week or so ago with no word yet..keep the vids rollin

      1. Heller&SonRacingEngines

        Street Racing Channel no worries man. My nova will be done in spring hope to see you back in kentucky next year 🤘🏻

      2. Street Racing Channel

        I'll have all my current orders shipped out by the end of this week. sorry about the wait brother.

    14. Jason Baker

      looks like a dirt road shut down area?

    15. m jj

      hey man let me know whats going on with the motor and how much more wk on the truck to be ready , do a video let us know

    16. Corey Wharton

      Wait the first race was 2 Fords and not one of them was powered by Ford... interesting.

      1. Big Worm

        cause ford is trash

      2. Corey Wharton

        @BarneyMiller LOL

      3. BarneyMiller

        I think you meant "typical" not "interesting" 🤣

    17. Beau O'Neal

      an also u only told us what a couple of the vehicles were good video tho

    18. Beau O'Neal

      would like to know who wins each race other wise just watching 2 vehicles racing into the darkness

    19. Rob McCabe

      Damn cops🤨

    20. Smith performance racing

      Buddy I'm coming for you This spring. My S10 turbo / NOS. Against your good running S10. My cuz runs street outlaws out of Houston. Mean green Camaro. I'm in Missouri near St Louis. See you then..

      1. BarneyMiller

        Mean green is a nasty car!

    21. Gapped TV

      Man no UFOs from a dig!? 🤣 great races!

      1. BarneyMiller

        They're to fast, couldn't get any money races 🤷‍♂️ fuckin spacemods

    22. willierepair One

      BADASS MAN..! thanks for posting !

    23. Ryan Jenkins

      Love that u represent ohio!!!keep it up

    24. R Ching

      Looks like a sketchy road

    25. Dlutner

      That Dusty ass road was sketchy at best. I could barely see the taillights after half way down lol, I'm glad no people got hurt.

    26. Patrick Huszarik

      That’s probably the dirtiest road I’ve ever seen.

    27. Zachary S.

      Paint your truck already! Damn@

    28. 918 motorsports

      Dang cops. I promise the 2020 shirt will be thinner and cooler

    29. 14italy Roma

      The shittiest filming ever,

    30. Dave vonAnderseck

      Cool love seeing the builds

    31. Frank M

      That road is sooo nasty but they putting the power down good ole racing

    32. Xbox Whitehorse

      Where is the pyop video

    33. Jonathan htd fam 4 life

      Why don't yall do like I'm da boss. 100$ from each side. To run tapes back for either the finish or the start line

    34. jaxon w

      oh god he put a wing on the truck... its officially a promod, jk

    35. Marty S

      Great video!👍👍

    36. motech 10

      Does it go from asphalt to a dirt road? Lot of dirt on that road.

    37. John Dienst

      How bout a video on the brand of carb you use and the type of fuel the carb is set up for. I personally have interest in that set up cause so many people think carbs don’t work. I know it’s not information you may not want to share. But I’m interested in doing a turbo blow threw set up. I talked to some really nice folks at C$S. Thanks

      1. Benjamin Franklyn

        You should go direct fuel injection,carb are good for torque but can't compete with fuel injection since it will give you the actual power you need and easier to tune if you have the right equipment. Especially if you are going with turbo set up,you could add a rev limiter to spool the turbo from the line.

    38. Frost Bite

      Whats the song for ur intro?

    39. Alan Garza

      Great vid! Itd be sweet if you could edit who won at the bottom of the screen after each race. Like you did on the first one between the 2jz fox and the other fox.

      1. Steven Thompson

        I was hoping he was gonna do that with each race cause few was hard to tell who won an others was easy

    40. Ayers1967

      Great race, hats off to all of the racers for representing the Midwest.

    41. Cindy Kaufman

      Wicker bill on any spoiler is very important. Long and tall for most trucks. You don't have most trucks! Just gaptise them. I'll give you some (Wicker Bills) from an Ohio race team who has a foot in the trucks.

    42. RL RL

      While your down and attending these events (as best I can tell), please keep posting these. Thanks!

    43. Blacktop Mafia

      It’s nice watching people work hard while I’m sitting on shitter. No bullshit I like your style.

    44. chris wilson

      Putting that new spoiler to use at the end of the video i see! how did it do?

    45. TheCanadianBubba

      Farmers must have called in on ya...

      1. BarneyMiller

        They saw a bunch of lights in the middle of nowhere 🤷‍♂️

      2. SgtLoki13

        They saw the corn popping from the engine/exhaust heat

      3. Bob Falfa

        TheCanadianBubba Must've been disturbing the corn

    46. Timmy Hutchinson

      Oops!! I guess he just wanted to see the corn up close! Hope he was allright. Damn the police!! looked like the road was like marbles. Did not look like you could put to much power down. Good video! Keep it up!

      1. SgtLoki13

        He just wanted to get some popcorn for the rest of the night.

    47. WAB Motorsports

      Love the content! Keep it up, that's one bad ass s-10 sir!

    48. Steven Riordan

      Good racing kid ,you are the show no matter what happens you are one hell of a driver.

    49. Backyard-Built-Trucks

      Held the first pair on transbrake a little long . but good racing.

    50. Tony Gouhin

      Hell ya Billy love the channel keep it up bro

    51. jamie muncy

      Damn Billy!!! Love to see this kinda action, true street cars getting it on💯💯 To bad the cops found your area-51 🛸🛸Thanks for footage can’t wait to see the truck tho💯👍🏻💯

    52. Texas innovative performance

      Always making great videos keep it up

    53. Sonos45

      I love seeing the truck make passes, but the footage is so good when the truck is broke.

    54. Jackson Storm

      Hope ya get it back together soon ! Any plans for more podcasts ?

      1. Bob Falfa

        Jackson Storm No problem man

      2. Jackson Storm

        @Bob Falfa sweet , thanks bro.

      3. Bob Falfa

        Jackson Storm He said in a comment on Instagram yesterday that one would be coming soon.

    55. Charlie Brown

      Did the spun out car in the end survive

    56. Kent Shifflet

      Rock on Billy!!!!! Love the channel,You,The S-10,and most of all,the videos..... It's always better when you and the S-10 are running,but,that's Racing,rite????😉😁

    57. Ron Barfield

      Why can't you get a engine to last?

      1. Ron Barfield

        @BarneyMiller only every week. PBIR I have a built Ford Lightning on hi boost and spray. So don't quit your day job be asshole, your psychic ability sucks. ....

      2. BarneyMiller

        You dont race, do you? 🤣

      3. ltethan649

        Cause no LS

      4. Ron Barfield

        @Driver 1967 gotcha, yeah I remember a pretty recent video where he took delivery of a new engine built by a reputable builder. At that point I think they were all optimistic about that engine being as bullet proof as a race engine could be. Could be tuning related but tuning around no intercooler with that much power Is probably a fine line between a good pass or a big problem. Love the truck though and he's a likable fellow too.

    58. EAST SIDE313

      Wow that finish line was dusty...looked like a good spot though.

      1. RL RL

        Probably a tractor crossing.

    59. WhatTheFox302

      Fuck that 2JZ Fox, but MOST DEFINITELY fuck that LS swapped fox 🤘🏼😂

    60. Socalfun

      Sweet! Can’t wait to see you back in the action!

    61. 1874whiteboy

      A 2jz mustang?! What in the actual eff lol badass video though.

      1. 1874whiteboy

        @BarneyMiller people are definitely getting creative these days lol suprastang sounds pretty badass 👌

      2. BarneyMiller

        Seen a couple 2JZ foxbodies, a 4G63 Foxbody, and a 2JZ SN95 named Suprastang.

      3. Tanner187 97

        1874whiteboy yeah that’s the first one I’ve ever seen in a muscle car. My first car was a 2002 is300 with a 2j and damn I loved that thing. It lasted well over 300k and never gave me any trouble at all with barely any maintenance. I miss that car with a passion but I put it in the ditch three damn times and it started growing mold in it along with the motor finally giving up I just let pick n pull have it. If you ever come across one for a good price buy it as long as it doesn’t have over 200k. Mine had 157k when I got it and I tormented that car every day my foot touched the pedal.

      4. 1874whiteboy

        @Tanner187 97 makes sense, I just had never seen it before so I was surprised too hear that 2jz coming from a fox body lol

      5. Tanner187 97

        1874whiteboy if it didn’t have a 2j it would most likely have an LS. It goes LS swap if you want a V8, 2jz swap if you want a straight six, and K24 swap if you want a 4 banger. Most reliable/cheap motors that can make a lot of power on a budget.

    62. Kenneth Davis

      Nice crowd for a secret race

    63. I Pooped A Hammer

      Good Jesus. There was more dirt than there was road. You sure you weren't racing on a field road?😂

    64. Shay Earl

      Like how nobody did 2 mile burn outs. This is true street racing

      1. wvXvxvXvw

        @Tanner187 97 So you fuck up a meet for everybody else just because your car isn't fast and doesn't work on the street? Good job. You'd be better off doing what some of us used to do on shitty roads and mount a sprayer with VHT in it to the bottom of the car and spray. If you did that stupid burnout shit in one of our meets we'd kick your ass out and not let you back in. I bet you're also one of the tool bags that pull up to line blasting some shitty song as "theme music". Most of the time the retards that pull stupid burnout shit also blast dumbass music and have light strips taped under the car.

      2. wvXvxvXvw

        Yeah, it's a seriously asshole move to do stupid nasty burnouts in a street race. Not only does the asshole slow the racing down and cause more heat in the other guy's car, he also puts 3 times more smoke in the air that calls attention and makes the spot easier to locate by the cops. We used to kick people out of meets for stupid shit like that in Houston. It was hard enough to get races off without the pricks white smoking the tires for half a mile.

      3. Tanner187 97

        Shay Earl gotta plant rubber as far as you can lol. If I’m on a shitty road I’ll damn sure pull a infamous boosted burnout in a heartbeat.

    65. stillrumone


    66. Ole Deuce

      Good racing, but These cars dont seem that fast, like mid low 10s, Is it just the video

      1. Big Worm

        Ole Deuce Street racing not a television show LOL 10 seconds is stupidly fast as fuck

      2. SgtLoki13

        @Street Racing Channel That much fluff on the roads im surprised and happy only the one guy went for popcorn. Low pony's or not, Boys be driving that shit.

      3. EAST SIDE313

        @Street Racing Channel yeah u couldn't even see the cars when they crossed the finish line because the road looked to be so dusty in the video...🔥video as always though Billy, keep it up👍👍☝

      4. Ole Deuce

        @Street Racing Channel its cool, i dig the real stuff, heck i might of had a shot there

      5. Street Racing Channel

        The road was really bad. Most of these guys could go faster than that on a normal road. This is mainly just some fun. Obviously not the fastest cars in the world but it’s street racing.

    67. Rob Inab


    68. Nightmare On Your Street

      Awesome video man. Keep up the good work!

    69. AHR Red

      Nice Video Mate!

    70. AHR Red

      Wow I Found This Top Secret Video! Those People Are Lucky They Got To Get To The Race!

    71. JVG1

      When are you going to be at National Trails??