Street Outlaws Fireball Vs. The 57 / We BROKE A Lot of S***, But We Came Back FASTER!

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      Dammit not looking good s.o.b. too much power 4it 😂

    2. James Vaughn

      Hey Billy what rear end you using

    3. Daddy shovel

      I respect how you keep your cool and just deal with it. That 400 gave you trouble anyway.

    4. Scott Bowen

      Thanks for the awesome footage and if you ain't breaking stuff you are not trying hard enough!!!!

    5. Kristi Bouthier

      Should build a Turbo Glide, truck would move out with the 1.80 gear.. keep up the good work and shout out from Dallas, Texas

    6. humpty

      Dont worry about the 9 thumbs down it's the 1320 crew

    7. Steven Thompson

      Damn man I haven't seen you that excited on the channel yet. Glad when shit breaks you just go an fix it better than it was to begin with instead of stomping an crying

    8. John Z

      Der ya go Billy, the PG has been a racing trans of choice for decades, they're plentiful and inexpensive (relatively speaking), mega parts for them and best of all they're virtually bullet proof for some pretty high HP motors. I used one in a SG/PG BBC with 1:94 first gear for many years and had zero issues. There are many, many more torque converers available today than there were in the 80's so I'm betting in the long run you're gonna be glad you made the switch. Rock ON SRC!

    9. aspero23

      whats the name of the intro song ? please

    10. Caleb Hurteau

      Sry about all the post. I want to get into drag racing with turbos and just want to know how all that stuff on ur truck works with the button on the steering wheel and how u control ur boost. It would be awsome if u would do a video on it. Thx

    11. Caleb Hurteau

      Also wat does no prep mean. Is it were u cant do test runs on the track. So help me out. Ho do u decide which tires to run?? Thx

    12. Caleb Hurteau

      Can u tell me wat the difference is between big tire and small tire. . I see u run small alot on the s10.

    13. ItzBlue

      I’ve been here

    14. SicKo

      whats the song in his intro and outro???

    15. Ant Man

      Ya got it billy keep killin it

    16. Jon.R.C

      Just passed you on 70 West pulling the s-10 in London ....hell yeah be safe

    17. TNuTz187

      That truck is the💩!

    18. Rickey Baker Baker

      Sounds like you found the ticket can't wait for the next videos

    19. Slime Lines

      I have a tci pro glide if you need hit me up it does need gone through for your power level forsure but if you need it its yours

    20. Willubhave One

      TH400 can take the abuse...nevermind it broke...

    21. Andy Stewart

      Hey Billy I’m trying to find that video of you testing at national trail do u know the title of that video

    22. BIG STANK

      What the fuck billy you deleted the other video at the pad before I could watch it I’m actually pissed haha but it’s the internet what am I gonna come to Ohio fuck now but I do have a twin turbo ls 04 1500 scsb that says I fuck You up on the street.

    23. AL J

      Billy what gear is in the diff bud a 4:10 ..???

    24. William Barger

      I'm an Ohio boy, and a big fan. What you and your dad have going is awesome! I'm always looking forward to your next vid. You're a great wheel man. Keep killin that tree!

    25. Jamessr23

      Rule 1 : Never let the chick drive the car

    26. Rich I

      Welcome back !

    27. TPV Productions

      Damn that 60 looking good. 💪

    28. Nick Tester

      You and your dad make a shit ton race's.

    29. Nathan Matts

      Billy now your recognize are you gonna build something that competes with the big dogs I'm rooting for ya Build a big tire God bless

    30. Woodrow Delozier

      Flat getting it

    31. Tom Rose

      I've experienced the same issue you've had about keeping the front tires on the ground.still working on my rear suspension.

    32. Tom Rose

      I broke my power glide last week billy, in my 95 s10.had it back together in 24 hours beating the fk out of the streets in Jackson OH.

    33. Zzach

      I'm happy for you man I've been following you for some time now I love the passion you and your dad has for the sport I just wish I could make it to watch you race keep up the good work Awsome channel!!!!

    34. Andre Bassila

      Chuck's Death Trap... DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN she moves!!!

    35. Scott Davis

      Absolutely insane God dam 👏👍💪

    36. KILLZU

      hell ya it about time u get a power glide lol

    37. Rusty Wells

      Power Glides are the shit Billy!

    38. 79tazman

      Hell yeah the powerglide will not take HP to turn it like the 400 does and you will go faster for sure with the powerglide it make a lot of sense to go with the 2 speed

    39. 79tazman

      LMFAO!!! You treed his ass broke and still won the race that was awesome.

    40. 79tazman

      No way the Dirty 30 crashed I love that old 30 Plymouth I love the story behind that car too

    41. Kaleb883

      Just seen your s10 on the freeway in Georgia

      1. Kaleb883

        Street Racing Channel nope in a blue 5.0

      2. Street Racing Channel

        You in the big rig?

    42. Robert Briones

      I f- ing love your truck kid my son has one just like yours we planning a 434 be safe and have fun.

    43. Rob McCabe

      That launches really nice now a sounds really good bud hopefully you do well with it keep up the awesome videos Vancouver Canada

    44. Danno Withit

      You should come to Anarchy No Prep at Great Lakes Dragaway in Wisconsin, look it up on Facebook it’s next weekend

    45. Tim Wilson

      Bad luck Billy, but sorta good too. The glide is working brother!!

    46. Carl B

      A 2-speed TH400 would be a fine upgrade in the future, too.

    47. Steve Weiman

      The difference the 'glide made is AMAZING! I wouldn't have thought it possible to tell the difference in 330' from the videos, but yea baby, shavin' the torque multiplication is puttin' the power to the track now!

    48. Texas 214

      After that glide goes in Haters will be even more mad😝😂🤙🏽

    49. Texas 214

      Billy is da 🐐 💯🤙🏽

    50. joe cucch

      Amazing what a little JB WELD can do for you....

    51. Cpo lt

      He'll ya dude! That thing is definitely back now!! Might need a lil "insurance" for the big end, but that thing is Rollin off the line!!

    52. winch racing

      Hell ya Billy powerglide is the way to go !!

    53. Rob Temple

      If i remember correctly your dad said something to u about switching to a powerglide

    54. Jeremy Strickland

      hell yeah bad ass video src keep em coming

    55. Rusty Shackleford


      1. Street Racing Channel

        Dude that’s what I just broke 🤣

    56. Scott Crossley

      You called the right setup for the prep. You left like a bastard.

    57. Tommy Cook

      Getter done and back on the track

    58. TheCanadianBubba

      One and done... love a powerglide !

    59. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Man she hooked and left hard, easy win in the bag until the bad bang sound. All a step in the process, Race Break Race Repeat!

    60. Bankrupt racing

      Awesome. Not breaking something but awesome getting to upgrade and it work out for the best .

    61. Kevin Tucker

      Wooh I’m glad you said it’s time for a glide!

    62. Barry Ison

      Good on the light, awesome video.

    63. dookie3748

      Hell ya man cant wait for more

    64. Rosco S

      Yeahhh boyyy

    65. Jason Vankirk

      What's happening I think you are make the right choice by going two a power glide that's the way to go you will be moving now have a good one

    66. Nick Jovanovic

      Nice work with the glide bud👌

    67. Timmy Hutchinson

      You were one happy guy on tour test pass! Awesome Billy!! Can't wait to see what the glide does for you this year. Cool thing is you only have to shift once! Were has your dad been? Great video! Keep it up!

    68. Brandon A

      They do make a 400 case with only 2 gears. Alot of folks use them when swapping between 1/8th and 1/4 to retain crossmembers and mounting. Food for thought.

    69. suicidal racing

      last launch looks like u got something moving around in the rear an driving u right other then the body the initial hit,it lifts/kicks the front over to the right just as the tires get hit then you see it body roll..check for holes maybe ovaling the truck an vids..def one of the best street an no prep channels for sure

    70. Mike BOGIE

      Dude you got this ! Fix it put that power glide in and rip it keep your head up keep going forward ha !

    71. Winston Paul

      General motors did a good thing when he made that Powerglide

    72. d pizzle

      Gotta love a street truck doing wheelies on the street!

    73. Topper Harley

      I don't want to be captain obvious.. but if that's no prep I got some oceanfront property for sale in Kansas.

    74. slow J

      How did you fix the pinion angle,was it solved by the shorter trans?

    75. PB Machines

      Well alright go get it Billy

    76. Bailey Bell

      PG FTW

    77. Mitchel Sherwood

      It runz goot

    78. hans

      You need a Parachute now 😂🚀

    79. Keith Phillips

      Yep....that worked!!

    80. Steve Welborn

      Man I love this channel!!!!!!!!!

    81. Josh Aubrey

      Haven't seen your dad as much lately in your video's? Looking forward to y'alls next podcast.

      1. bill harriss

        He's working on his tan! heheh

    82. THAT_1_GUY HHP

      Put er in that fucker and let it ride my little son

    83. Eric Laney

      Glad to see you at my old stomping grounds wish shit have held up for you but that's racing stuff breaks I'm pretty sure your going to love that new powerglide that's all I ever ran besides a TH 400

    84. QuezzSZN

      Hell yeaa it got way faster

    85. Kevin Stueve

      Glad to see ya get that glide working good! Good stuff!

    86. Maverick 205

      Now,yesterday's video makes more sense. I wondered why you had made the switch to a glide. Looking forward to watching you "glide" to victory lane soon.

    87. Anthony Wayne

      Sorry to see you out so soon boss. Thanks for the footage though. =)

    88. tony bega

      OMG, let the fun times begin

    89. Dolfan 13

      Love your channel, and love watching you progress in making that truck faaaaaaast. Now, on a serious note, did ya get that smoking hot girl after her ride along, lol?

      1. Sean Gangstad


      2. Street Racing Channel


    90. Taylor Delosa

      Truck is hauling ass dude! glad to see the progress and getting faster!

    91. chevyy steve

      It just got real... 😁

    92. Greg Conner

      I went to a glide in my gasser fast and faster . looking forward to seeing you running the new setup.

    93. Karl Wright II

      Hell yea billy shes a beast!!!!

    94. onebabyguerilla Johnnysparks

      Can't wait till the rides on Glide

    95. Dan Evan Fishing

      If this video gets a dislike, we’ll find you.

    96. sabrom

      That looked exactly like my 4r70w when it broke the case, mine was from a non seated C-Clip that came out about 90 mph.

    97. RJ_Earl

      Billy....Your channel has really grown on me. Your attitude and continual improvements in both the truck and your skills is solid Motorsports entertainment. Thanks for letting me ride shotgun.

    98. Jason Claunch

      That was a fucking launch

    99. Nathan Matts

      He'll yea power glide bro keep your head up Billy.


      badass truck! What kind of block are you running with all that boost?!?!