Breaking in the New Engine with 20 Pounds of BOOST!

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    The first test passes on the new engine, Convertor, and dump valve kit from Hughes performance. Then some shenanigans on the highway. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    1. ElectronicMechanic

      Damn the trucks fast!

    2. Clay Brien

      That truck is off its chops

    3. Daniel Toler

      Love your videos gap ties them all

    4. Sux2bu !

      Your roll racing lasts about 2 seconds

    5. Johnny Amador

      Texas, love this video mijo , keep um, coming.

    6. Dan D.

      Great video!

    7. Ls87 Gbody

      That little truck is a friggin monster.

    8. Raymond Blankenship

      your pops ever drove your truck ?

    9. Nicholas Smith

      Damn i love this ohio street racing channel. It’s got to be one of the best race channels on you tube. Keep kicking ass you guys.

    10. Winford Riner

      That Thang is mean

    11. Screaming z1

      Lord have mercy I love your truck

    12. adam turk

      I thought you said there were some fast cars there

    13. TheBurky22

      What radiator are you running?

    14. chris monteith

      nobody on that street had a chance! another great video!

    15. K McGee

      was that on3’s f150 at 8:45?

    16. Tickled Funny Bone

      0 to 60 social distancing in.......

    17. Ricky Burford

      Where did that come from? Lol. Good job guys

    18. Nathan Hahn

      Zanesville, Indiana or Zanesville, Ohio?

    19. Robert Funk

      Man! That truck was gapping some fools! Awesome!

    20. Maxwell Wills

      Hey when you guys were out doing some test hits, did you have a Scion xB go past you blowing train horns??

    21. J Zaler

      Love the content! I'm curious what the name of the intro song is to your videos? Thanks!

    22. Nic Andre

      Ricers always have to show up and ruin the fun!! What a bunch of douche’s!!!

    23. Karl Griggs

      After watching the slow-no burnout have you ever consider tying the inner cage to the back of bed and frame, to eliminate some of the lag twisting, between doors, cab, and bed?

    24. The Alpha Male


    25. foxinator

      NASTY! one bad ass the vids

    26. Brent Hernandez

      What rear end you running the truck?

    27. Michael D.

      Question. Why at idle and part throttle are your AFR's in the boost territory? Was reading 11-12 AFR.

    28. Jeremy Strickland

      Hell yeah awesome video Chevrolet 💪 love the 55

    29. Kevin Tucker

      Poor fella in the coyote F150 used to think his truck was fast...

    30. Kevin Tucker

      I still can’t believe how well this simple blow through carb works!! I’d love to see how you tune it all especially with the new meth injection setup. (At least I think it’s new?..) anyway what a beast it is and when everyone is going fuel injection!

    31. Buckin Right420

      I was debating on selling my 86 S10. But after watching a few of yours videos I don't think I can sell it!! Right now it has a carbureted 350 in it. All cast block and heads!! Wanna pull it and put something else in it! Either way the motivation is coming back since I watched a few of your videos! 🤣. 👌

    32. Built To Boost

      Man that thing cant be touch in roll racing! $$

    33. Macdaddy

      Thanks Billy, snowing up here in Montana so no crusin .Grampas car is still my favorite. Can't wait for you guys to be able to race. That old dad of yours is fair mechanic. Stay safe!!

    34. 350 orange crush

      I smoked a vet he backs off lol

    35. 350 orange crush

      What your block?

    36. Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

      If you don't mind me asking, what type and size blow off's are you running....

    37. Tyler Q

      “I don’t think they want any” 😂😂

    38. Mike Dale

      Test your E85!

    39. 929rrdan

      No competition on them streets

    40. Wolf Racing

      Getting the f down

    41. Joe Williams

      That should be the new src shirt . Social Distancing to the 660

    42. ron miller

      so when you rolled the old man can you really call that a win because he produced you and your engine lol

    43. Faith like Noah

      What’s the shop in zanesville that does the hot side or cold side looking for a good shop I live in south east Michigan just north of the Ohio state line

    44. Frank Hays

      Awesome to see it back out now it’s broken in time to go make some money thanks for sharing buddy keep up the great work and videos buddy 🏁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎

    45. Drifting Away

      I thought I heard something the other night. You were about 3 miles from my house and sounded good from here.




      7:24 #RICERS the Millennial of the car scene

    48. Dillion Fitz

      MORE! More builds, more baptizing... more.... period!

    49. 71chevelle 406

      Sounds awesome as usual 👍

    50. FUBAR MOFO

      Damn that thing sounds mean as hell!

    51. winch racing

      Freaking ricers ruin it for everybody haha My brother one time went to check the fuel level in his fuel cell and instead of a light like a Moran he flicked a bic not thinking and luckily he was on fumes cause that some bitch blew a fire ball out the lid and burned all his face hair off and I laughed my ass off !!!! Hahaha

    52. Creeker 219

      Awesome video 🤘🏽 loved when you walked the old man 🤣

    53. HHH Motorsports

      Have a quick question, are you running the same rearend gears on the street as your running at the track, or are you changing? Just curious. If its the same gears, man you have it tuned in and is awesome

    54. Philip Darden

      Thats a heck of a breakin procedure for a new engine. Have you run the valve train since? Any big adjustment needed?

    55. Ryan Jenkins

      3 wide with 2 vettes on highway shows the balls the s 10 has

    56. Ryan Jenkins

      The intro music always gets me head banging. i just realized this

    57. Shane Vicki

      That was social gapping 😆

    58. Mark Snow

      I love his truck.

    59. URLOSN

      my old stomping grounds lol I used to live in Dublin. would like to swing back out there with a car and run ya some time after this virus crap goes back to china

    60. 2nd Gen Mafia Z28_504

      I'm from NOLA #DaPad I can't think of one street/drag racer i care for or like for that matter... I'm 504 all the way!!!!! But I really love watching yu race ma brother!!! I'm 28 so you around my age but that bond yall have as a family is amazing!!! Your truly blessed and I hope you get to read this Billy!!! I also share the same bond with my family we all are street junkies shout out to you Billy keep ya head up your living my dreem!!! #StreetRaceingChannel Ps if your ever in nola again if you ever need help with anything we have parts o many!!! Lol from one racer to another!!! 💯💯💯

    61. Gavin Schumacher

      Yet another awesome video

    62. Brandon Cash

      Nice see this wild cat back on the hunt lol

    63. TheCanadianBubba

      Great to see the truck up and running, look forward to seeing how it goes on the methanol !

    64. Brandon Bradford

      I got to watch the race vs the silver zo6 in person. Truck really moves out. Left burnout marks all the way down 270.

    65. Foxbody Dave

      Drag there ass show them your tail lights

    66. Wes

      i have a 2016 vet and i loved it when you smoked those vettes . Priceless lmao..

    67. Chris McGaughey

      Why is it that all corvette owners that get beat badly think the next 4 times their car is going to miraculously beat the person

    68. ZZ430T56

      Sounds awesome.

    69. Mike Lee

      That's a bad ass truck

    70. Tunä

      0:32 that's what she said

    71. Magnus Dominus

      Doing what you do, laying down the gap.

    72. crazy fast

      What a fkn beast

    73. Renan Paim

      Man! What's the name song in 1:40..

    74. Kevin Yech

      That truck at WOT has got to be one of the most addicting sounds out there

    75. Ody Slim

      Billy, You are the luckiest guy on the planet. A Father that loves you and devotes his time to support you. Then go out at night in a 1955 and roll race you on the interstate What else could a person ask for? Oh, I almost forgot the pretty gal ;-) Regards from Ody Slim

    76. Nebraskan Assassin

      It's kicking ass Kid. Keep rolling

    77. burn rubber

      Putting the gap on corvettes roll racing fuck yea

    78. Pedro

      I don't care what your line is or who's your daddy, this young man is and his truck are dang impressive. The only thing better than the racing is the editing and the 1/4 mile story line.

    79. Maxium4x4

      2 Corvettes at once, Priceless 😁 Enjoy Dad while you can, lost mine in 1996.

    80. all6t7

      Dad got gaptized!

    81. Billy Cantrell

      Bad ass truck man

    82. Ray Thomasson

      Damn,Billy!! It looks faster than before by a bunch!!

    83. Greg Rogers

      Oh man, this video was awesome thank you and you have very nice truck. I’m building a 1995 Chevy s10 blazer and I am putting a carb and intake and headers on the 4.3 that’s in it until I can save up some money and can find some help the put a small block into it. Thanks again for the video 👍👍👍

    84. Dennis Moore

      that is one bad ass truck great job

    85. BareBackBear

      Call that bad boy “corona virus”, everyone scared of it and nobody’s catching it! 👍

    86. Mike Pereira

      That truck is a ROCKET SHIP!

    87. Raw Rap

      Keep up the great work👍👍🔥💯

    88. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Great to see this thing back in one piece and running! Kudos to all of you for getting it ready to hurt some feelings again!

    89. nick grrr

      Those vettes got yanked 😂👍

    90. Peter Wickersham

      You could have sand bagged a little bit when you punched out racing your Dad in the 55'. (Just for having a little fun racing Dad)

    91. twincammike83 16v

      Alot of guys crying in the comments about how thre daddy's did hug and kiss them wtf this is not Dr phill dip shits just enjoy this beast of a truck.. Wen he burned the corvettes was crazy.. LOL..

    92. Jeremy Albert

      those vettes didnt have a chance

    93. Jeremy Eubanks

      Man that thing comes in hard

    94. Jeremy Eubanks

      That thing hooks up good on a roll ..

    95. Mark Tucker

      Definitely put some social distancing on everyone that rolled up beside you!

    96. funk

      That's definitely the way to social distance!! I used to do a little of that back in the day.

    97. John Monroe

      Good Vid

    98. Ant Man

      Ran slam out that vettes life!! Awesome seeing your dad cruising the 55’!

    99. Scat Pack Attack

      I've seen you around and recognized the area in your videos. There are a couple great spots on the old 161 that's perfect for launches. Figured the asphalt behind trails may be a bit uneven. Anyway, I am the Challenger in Outville. Nowhere near the HP you're running, but it's fun for me.

      1. Scat Pack Attack

        @Street Racing Channel I figured as much lol. Was wondering who was leaving the skid marks by the ODOT bldg off Watkins. Something with some serious power has been running over there.

      2. Street Racing Channel

        We’ve run old 161 a few times 💪🏻😊

    100. Big Oh !

      Great Video Thanks...