S-10 Lightweight Race Brakes Install + Street Testing

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    More upgrades for the TT S-10, this week we install some Aerospace Components Front Brakes, and do a little street testing.

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    1. Chops 50

      I vote paint! I think it’s almost all white now isn’t it? Thanks for the videos!

    2. David Romero

      All white nice and clean box that rear frame

    3. Insane Kane

      Give it the fresh look!

    4. Clarence Lawhorn

      Definitely restore it listening to the old man is best good job Billy and old man awesome

    5. Cody Shutt

      The ole man is correct

    6. jeff wharton

      listen to the old man. he is all wise. we don't live this long without gaining wisdom.

    7. Leon Hartz

      your dads right restore it...

    8. Tommy Wyatt

      I agree with pops restore it

    9. George Nunn

      Back to Factory colors

    10. msattler111

      My vote is for go, not show. Truck's a beauty already, proudly showing it's battle scars. Keep the money under the hood where it belongs.

    11. Roger Moore

      Yep you’re a lily truck is there is it take care of you may God take care of it

    12. rexista1

      Preserve it.

    13. Don Mccord

      Paint it!!!

    14. mike kowalski

      Great video


      I like the old school look, but love the look of your Bro's truck. Im just catching up with your Vid's so the decision may have already been made but good luck from a retired Navy Vet who loves your content!

    16. Can't B you

      Paint don't make it faster. Clear coat it.

    17. Brian Deglopper

      Factory paint

    18. Medic Aided

      make it look exactly like tommys truck twins

    19. Brian Goudreau

      I say listen to the old man do it over with factory colors and make it pop

    20. Luke Desousa

      restore it right or leave it

    21. Twobigballs24 Bigdaddy

      Always watch your IRvision man

    22. Twobigballs24 Bigdaddy

      Let your dad do it man it will be nice man yes do it let your dad do it man can't wait to see it

    23. yz Cox

      Definitely should get the light weight doors an paint it back factory colors it’s to nice of a setup to not to be looking good as she runs

    24. James D

      Do it!!!!

    25. Charlie Sanders

      Restore it with factory colors but light weight body panels

    26. Anthony Spadaro

      Paint the truck. Would be a good winter project and try to have it back together by spring. Can't winter race in ohio anyways.

    27. Kenny Allison

      Restore it like factory looks!

    28. Aneudy Torres

      Love the way it is,, But you owe her Something better,, you just dont to stop racing her😀, But you Love her wen is finished,, It will Look Preserved..👌 Succes Kid.

    29. send it

      i love the travel stop on the lower arm looks like the things i have done and probably still would if i was still racing but i ran a 78 z28 loved that car paint the truck and make it nice and get a fucking door panel LMAO

    30. send it

      are you ever going big tire if you can get a little more power in future you should stay doin the racing that you do now when you get bigger the price goes up by 10 times at least and alot more problems

    31. Freddie Ray

      Listen to your Pa

    32. RedEyed Patriot

      I'm with the Old Man...im a sucker for OEM Style.

    33. Royal Offense GearHead

      Personally I would Restore the exterior and clean up the frame but keep it racecar on the interior with a cage and buckets maybe do the dash

    34. SirAnders72

      Restore it! and Preserve it!

    35. yobigpapa

      Listen to Pop

    36. Jimmy Upton

      What your dad said for sure!, and new updated bad ass rims.

    37. Isiah Schramm

      Preserve it

    38. blueeagle1965

      Definitely agree with your dad

    39. Rich I

      Paint it and set it like a man that has a purpose and not an accident.

    40. Andrew Morgan

      I was thinking just do a faded wrap on the front fenders to match the rest of the truck but restoring it would be cool too...I put aerospace brakes all the way around on my car and it was a pain in the butt to do it but definitely worth it

    41. Calvin H.

      A restoration with the original colors would be sweet. And a regular cab S-10 is about as easy as they come to restore. The bodywork and paint is the hardest part.

    42. Calvin H.

      Y'all are going to look out there and see some Prius stuck to the road not able to move. lol.

    43. Curt Reimer

      Paint the truck!

    44. TT_LSX_SUPRA

      Billy your Dad knows best through all his years of experience. Restore your s10 , in a few years time I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

    45. Thomas Reed

      He's right preserve it

    46. Kenneth Chapman

      Packed bearings myself that same way for over forty years myself without any such fancy tool either👍👍

    47. Jay Jones

      Do what the Oldman is saying, it would be perfect!

    48. Bryan Michael

      Clear it............................keep the current look

    49. Matthew Varnam

      Please restore the s10 truck and paint it back new. And while you are restoring the truck you can CUT BACK ON SOME WEIGHT.

    50. me 2

      new paint job to preserve it.

    51. Hotrod 67c10

      Yes restore it

    52. Jordan Langdon

      Restore it! Would look amazing man! Everyone who keeps up with you guys would still know who it is

    53. Troy Heflick

      Paint it all one color!

    54. busa rob

      Repaint it at a minimum.!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Josh Johnson

      You said lost a little bit of drag... The dam front wheels are barely on the ground anyways. Lmao

    56. Josh Johnson

      I agree with your pops bro, go full restore! Nothing like a mint condition, full race truck S-10!! JUST FKIN SEND IT BROTHER!!

    57. cew142

      Restore it!!!

    58. Michael R

      Yeah, preserve it. Altho I don't mind a beat up sleeper!

    59. Çarl Tate

      No please don't paint

    60. Jimbo Rachetmaster

      I'm with pops. Rip it apart, down to the frame, put it back factory. You sure you wanna get rid of the lucky paint job? People dread lining up next it the way it is. It sparks fear.....

    61. Brian Schiffli

      We packed every bearing that needed it in a Motoman robotic arm by hand down in West Carrollton back in the day.

    62. Darren Muldoon

      Definitely paint it .

    63. Travis Bannister

      I agree with Pop totally. I still daily my Dads 96 K1500 Z71. I did the choice of restoring and upgraded but keeping it original except a 6inch lift and 35's

    64. LDN Wholesale

      That is the correct way to pack bearings. BUT those solid smaller drilled rotors do not have the capacity to stop a vehicle that size. The callipers are an improvement,, probably. Depending on the piston size. Caliper stiffness and pad quality. The reason manufacturers fit larger vented rotors is so the vehicle may stop. Recycled mountain bike rotors are just plain dumb. 25mph brakes doing 6 times that. drrrr! A 3500+lb car like that should be using at the least a 12" vented rotor with at the least 4x1 3/4 pistons. And some bitey pads that take a deal of heat. Fitting some bitier pads to the original brakes would have been far better.

    65. DeadBroke Racing Channel -

      Restore it up !!!

    66. marshallnoise

      If it was all original and faded gracefully, I would leave it. But with mixed panels as is? No, restore the thing. Preserve!

    67. Mgt Mazerati

      Preserve it!!!

    68. reillysgh2o !

      Restore it!

    69. Joseph O'Bosky

      Paint it the factory way again

    70. Dalllas Russell

      Paint it!!

    71. Russell Warwick

      It's the rotational mass that make a difference. Losing 10 pounds of rotational mass is equivalent to 100 pounds of static mass..... I think👍

    72. Jeff McPhail

      What's next? Put the 2.8L back in also?? J/K..

    73. Daniel Wade

      I agree with your dad preserve and restore that bad boy

    74. LOBOOST

      Repaint it like factory

    75. cw1824

      If you do a frame off, you'll probably drop a lot more weight by cutting off old brackets and shit. Throwing stuff away. Could add up to over 100lbs.

    76. Dad73

      Paint it...preserveit

    77. Chris Wells

      What prep you using in this video?

    78. Fate

      100% agree with you`re old man preserve the truck

    79. jay longton

      The Old Man has the right idea!!! Restore it. I've said it to myself a 1,000 times how nice the truck would look with the original stripe kit and colors. Tommy's truck looks sweet!!!

    80. Steve Peake

      I wish my dad would have spent time with me like that. Yes put it back like it looked from factory

    81. Chip

      Preserve it!!! That would be great content and the truck deserves it.

    82. DOGLE

      Don’t paint it. It took this many years to get to that condition, and it makes it look special.

    83. Kerry Lemoine

      Don't paint it because what if want to see original truck again? Why not put a body design wrap or two tone color? Never hurt it and in the future you can take the wrap off and still look the same as today. Just saying. Nice looking brake! Good luck out there and be safe!

    84. Melvin Cordier

      Paint the Truck , it runs great , make it look as good as it Runs .

    85. Cameren Grooms

      Preserve it billy

    86. john arnette

      I'm with your dad preserve that S10 for future races to come!

    87. Dwayne Berry

      It would seem reasonable when you think about the twisting the frame takes from the torque that motor puts out. Combine that with the punishment it takes every time the front end hits the pavement from a wheel stand, that some frame work would be a matter of safety. I have never been a real fan of "fancy" on the strip, but I do understand your Dads point of view. You have grown older, your truck has grown in power, a fresh look may compliment both.

    88. Charles Anderson

      Leave it as is. Paint don't make it go.

    89. Mathew Bishop

      Repaint or Restored would look great 👍, but it needs a little TLC

    90. StreetSmart 660'

      Paint it white!

    91. Troy Wickersham

      Paint it! 👍

    92. Average Joes Rc

      It should get painted but dont tear it all the way down.

    93. Willy Stargel

      Those breaks are a nice up grade

    94. Angel Merced

      Original look

    95. Willy Stargel

      The truck would look great restored

    96. Angel Merced

      Yes restore it back to the original I am a hundred percent with him

    97. Danny Murray

      Sorry it’s a real race car,,,,and race cars get abused,,,,! Decent paint job,,,no resto.

    98. Strangefruit

      I vote paint it but I would probably go with the same paint scheme only with a little more flash to it. Maybe the same colors but with some decent flake to it at least on the stripes. I feel like it’s enough of a race truck now that just an exact copy of the factory paint would look boring but a little added to it would be clean.

    99. 92VXEG

      If you're going to paint it you might as well restore, upgrade, and go through everything. Upgrade old brake lines, wiring, etc...

    100. flatfoot62

      Paint the truck for sure. I like your dad’s idea even more. Love your content. Thanks and keep winning.