Sunday Morning STREET RACING!

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    We Street Race, Ride, and Have a blast in this video.

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    1. ILLuminate Gaming

      Where is Molly?

    2. Motorvated Racing&Rebuild

      I seen this truck at the texas road house in Aberdeen North Carolina heading to the dig or die in Rockingham I instantly started cry because these are the same style trucks I used to help my dad build growing up when a kid. He just passed in May of this year so be blessed to have the old man with you every day to teach new dog old tricks.

    3. Juris Klavins

      Lol, Chevy pup's got some greyhound DNA inside! :o)

    4. Andrew Foster

      Don't forget to shut down the pivot!

    5. Ty Derrick

      Is the s10 c23 or pump gas

    6. Timothy Powell

      I'd like to have something half as fast as you 400💪

    7. Denis Flaherty

      What does the truckt have for a trans/ conv?


      Chevy chasing the car best part cuz we love all Doggies

    9. Dale Stevens

      Sure would like to have one of your shop shirts, I will keep checking every day.

    10. Total. Package_

      Fairly new to the channel. What's the story behind your dad. Was he a street racer at one time?

    11. alamkarb

      I've watched a few videos from this channel,but I didn't know they had a dog named Chevy until this video. My wife and I just lost Chevy the Corgi on Monday of last week. We are heartbroken beyond belief,but seeing this Chevy pup made smile. And cry also. RIP Chevy the Corgi. 2/25/09-11/23/20. He was the best boy ever.

    12. George Nunn

      Been watching you guys for while and wondered after buying the S-10, about how much would it to build a truck like Billy's ??? Thx

    13. Bradley Dunagan

      What happened to the 69 nova billy was driving?

    14. Chicka Hicks

      What size are your turbos

    15. cf mechanic

      Man it would be cool to strap the dragy to chevy and see her 60ft chasing that car. Great video awesome editing keep it up

    16. Jay Hayes

      I bet Billy could drive a telephone pole if you put a steering wheel on it. The end had me cracking up.

    17. Arthur Fricchione

      Billy will now be watching the whole group of you. Go out and have fun and believe me do what you enjoy doing and be safe. Avid fan Artie 🇺🇸🏁

    18. David Studdard

      This is what family is all about Billy! Love to see your spending so much quality time together. Absolutely love the content on all three of y’all’s channels! Keep it coming and good luck at Dig or Die! Be safe Brother!

    19. Ken Capps

      RC's got gapped by a Chevy 😄

    20. Timothy Milam

      Chevy is just doing what her bereding tells her to do instinctively, if something runs in front of her, then she tries to control it by nipping at it's heels, are back tires in this case. Heelers are a blast, to be around, as well as very smart, to watch how their brains process things around them, and a real joy to have in your family.

    21. Ricky Bobby

      How does one go about getting a drum of that Stinger E85 or E98? I used the “contact us” on their web site and never heard a word from them.

      1. cf mechanic

        I would try to call. I bet they need to drop it at a shop or garage. U might do well to go to local speed or race shop

    22. Jeffrey Bamford

      Dig or die has you're name all over it bloody good luck mate .this will be an epic video to come ...the fifth scale is off chops

    23. NWI Josh

      Jesus, that hook against that orange s10 was soooo nasty!!! And Congrats and props to your dad for all the obvious hard work he has put in over the years to aquire all the toys and equipment he has to help make life so enjoyable for his family!! I'm sure you're proud to call him pops!!

    24. DaytonFabrication

      I can not for the life of me remember the name of the intro song. If anyone does let me know. Much appreciated

    25. PA Tuners

      Love the street stuff man . Best of luck in NC

    26. Rusty Wells

      Watching Chevy chase that truck made my week 🤣😂🤣

    27. Rusty Wells

      Eric is going to dig or die last I heard did he break Billy?

    28. Richard Matzen


    29. Donald Bright

      More work vids

    30. Nate Rogers

      That looks alot like Northern indiana

    31. Kevin Ware

      And I bet that Mustang doesn't get all the free sh!t.....You know his thumb smashed that scramble button too

    32. Paul Brooks

      Love the content Billy 👍

    33. Billy

      Yoooo ride more quads on the banshee man that would be sick!

    34. Ben Hurst

      Hey billy first of all like to say the show kicks ass and love the ole s10 just wondering where the dog or die event is like to come ck it out

      1. Ben Hurst

        Dig or die stupid auto correct

    35. Justin Wheat

      Billy can drive son!

    36. JP Slayer Racing

      I been watching you guy’s forever and it nice to see rc’s. I’m into the rc hobby myself and enjoy the fun. You’re dad built a awesome track too. Keep up the great work guys.

    37. Drew Hampton

      Tommy idk how u got this good with filming but it's almost better then ur driving lol n billy keep kicking ass n listen to ya old man

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Thanks so much my man 🤟🏼

    38. Layton Oliver

      June pup Chevy and scrappy are all Australian cattle dog known as a blue heeler and they round up cattle by grabbing them at the rear legs or ears to turn them and they love to run and chase all day long so be perpared for bitten and caught cars but they are also the most loyal dogs in the world you have great ones

    39. rick vanlandingham

      my dad, daughter and myself use to race nitro methane burning RC10GT 10th scale on oval dirt tracks. Forget the Traxxas and get Team Associated or Losi. Traxxas isn't made for profesionals

    40. Superlite17

      Best content on youtube, legit.

    41. Ernest Barnes

      Always loved the your channel. Really love watching you race and all the order stuff. Have orvs and we go on family and friend rides great time

    42. Kevin Tucker

      Hoosier daddy now!?

    43. Ole Deuce

      What exact rear tire is that, i thought dad said 28x10 stiff c06, but i can only find c06? I'd really like to try them on my nova, for these backwoods tracks

      1. Ole Deuce

        Awesome, i think I'll try them next year, some tracks are like no prep for our bracket events, my 275 pros are awesome.... on prep but going 1.35 on a bad track is hard, when they spin it goes 1.50

      2. Street Racing Channel

        He meant to put Do6.

    44. Michael Hutchison

      Dirt oval RC is cool! I think the track should be bigger though.

    45. Stephen Scroggs

      You guys have some fun.

    46. Brandon S.

      I follow you guys on IG, its cool to see you guys upload content I saw live, or same day 😆 pretty neat!

    47. dropping Hertz

      Billy u have to get the Traxxas XMAXX 1/5 SCALE with the Hobbywing Max 5 speed controller its gonna smoke pop's N/A losi I have the XMAXX with the Hobbywing max 6 which was one of the first upgraded speed controllers made for that truck when they first came out its capable of 8's lipo but the max 5 is capable of 12's lipo is just Plumb Retarded Fast 2 say the least but for the track style u have setup u need a bigger truck & truste I've spent thousands on these Rc cars it was my favorite hobby 4 a min I still have the Emaxx 1/10 scale with the castle creations 2200 kv its insane, I also have the slash 4x4 Platinum, all like upgraded to the max everything u can do to a car u can do to the Rc car which is super cool but also if u want a badass tire for the track on the XMAXX is the proline tire it comes with rims also for $120.00 lol it adds up quick good luck with ur new Hobbies bro..✌

    48. Arturo Zarate

      Thanks for the track Pop!

    49. Arturo Zarate

      Throw a Kyosho Mad Force out there.....BRUSHLESS!

    50. cathy gambill

      Sketchy ass narrow road wow

    51. Rick Reese

      Great content love SRC/ SRC-G thanks

    52. Kris Kirtley

      Old man said gap this😂 Lappin the kid

    53. Kimberly Bazzy

      That was a good hit

    54. Steven Steele

      The great American racing family love yall keep the rubber burning and the gears shifting and haul a$$

    55. William Hungate

      That's what it's all about , family having fun . " Especially Chevy " Can't stop laughing .

    56. Steven Robinson

      Another awesome video. Killing it

    57. JT Automotive

      Line up on the banshee, curious how it would do against my ds450x

      1. JT Automotive

        Im about 15 minutes from Detroit, ill come your way

    58. Jon Do

      Hahaha! I was lmao at the there. My dog would absolutely be doing the same thing yours was.

    59. Rafael Bonilla

      That chevy made me laugh! Look like a AWESOME day. 👍

      1. Elmer Cricket

    60. Sean

      Diehard Ford guy here and all I can say is that’s one badass ride you got there! It hauls!

    61. Joe M

      Boy Chevy is quick she was on it that was awesome Kool Beanz

    62. Adrian Garcia

      Instead of what your using for the tire tire stick use 4 bottles of rubbing alcohol & the rest water in the big spray bottle promise that's the real way is done you get better control over all from the rear tires *82 holla anytime bro

    63. Dbn Poldermans

      Great intro music and a sick a f final. Other guy was spinning. So I thought yes, you have a chance! But he seemd to have good mid range grip and power. Looked like you had more high end power, but then started spinning. So close dude! Beautiful race

    64. Jason Cochran

      When yu building that drag slash

    65. TC Curtis

      I must of missed the spot where he " Got GAPPED "

    66. James Gay

      LMFAO Chevy ain't playing bring it and watch these twin turbos work. Know ya'll don't want Chevy tearing them up but thanks I truly needed that laugh. Bet Chevy would beat ya'll in a dirt drag. 🤣👍

    67. Team D Performance

      Good shit 👍🏻

    68. Kyle Banks

      Am I the only is having subscription problems? This is the 4th time I've had to resub since last week

    69. Dave Smith

      Hahahaha Chevy man, I was loosing it. I have McRib all over my hoodie now lmao. We have a blue heeler back home and coincidentally his name is Chevy. His mom Avette was put down last year. She was 17. Great dogs. Second half of this video was good man

    70. Jess Heffren

      The buggy tires are the exact same height is the stock

    71. Jess Heffren

      And switch out the tires to 1/8 scale buggy tires It will give you way more tire options You will need 17 mm Hub adapters tho

    72. Jess Heffren

      Go up on pinion a few teeth or go down on the spur a few teeth on both trucks It will make them way faster Far as the slash goes keep an eye on the heat On the ESC & motor They need to stay under 200゚

    73. Travis Cox

      Dig or die you should hang out with John doc

    74. Tommy Goins

      Great job Billy,you know your gonna have to get one for Chevy

    75. josh t

      Watch out for those fire hydrants!!!

    76. Austin Pugh

      You’re dads still a kid at heart, awesome family you got behind you 👊🏻🤘🏻

    77. Handyman68

      Music kills my ears

    78. Stevo Mac

      Good old Aussie dog ripping it up thats why they called blue healers they will attack an intruder from behind on back of heal and work in pairs very cunning and loyal love ya work guys keep it up stay safe 🇦🇺

    79. Bruce Naylor

      Love the rc racing great family fun.

    80. Scott Nelson

      I know talking crap is part of street racing but that dude C.J. is humble, always chill mode.. super cool. #TheodoreRoosevelt #BigStick

    81. Kevin Kroll

      As usal you guys are the best , and love the videos, hope you never quit! I look forward to each one you post ! To Your family and you God bless a d keep the pedal to the metal !


      Chevy hitting the after paw scramble button to catch the rc lol 🤣 That was pretty cool to me. Y'all need to make the turns with higher banks 👍🏼👍🏼 I enjoyed this episode brothers.

    83. Bruce Howie

      love the RC and Dog action, LMAO

    84. Driveway Built Foxbodies

      Chevy wasn't having that noise 😂😂

    85. D_isturbed

      Appreciated the RC stuff more than you could know lost my lab "Lady Girl" this fall to a bad accident and she used to love chasing the shit out of my RC's... Best listening dog out there until I said NO to chasing them... I dont have one that doesnt have teeth marks on the body.. Thanks Again for the vids wish I was closer so I could come feed them to chevy and of course GAP the old man.. lol

      1. gus bus

        Im sorry about lady girl .my lab chessy boy died in my arms.he was cool he had 2 different colors eyes.chocolate lab.miss him.

    86. Bradley Dunagan

      I was laughing so hard when chevy was trying to eat the RC car lmao!

    87. Sloan The mechanic L

      Hey what size tire do you have on your S10 and I looked at your previous video do you have a 4 link on it as well

    88. Op1 zilla

      Sickum girl,

    89. Robert Moore

      I've not laughed like that in a long time... Chevy was not going to let that rc car get away... Awesome stuff. Thanks for all you do. I've been sick now for 7 years and can't race anymore, now I race through watching yaw, good luck this weekend. Robert Moore from SC

    90. rusty oliver

      I live a couple hours away from there and always wondered who owns that piece of property. How do local police not shut it down

    91. Trevor Smith

      The dog is gonna have Tyre marks on its tongue 🤣

    92. mynameis63

      One thing about running RC cars..It's way better if you keep them in the same weight and size class. Heavy trucks always wreck the lighter truck...damn physics anyway. That said...some of my most rewarding wins have been in Proline Pro2 truck against buddies 4x4s...until said crybaby deliberately smashed into me.

    93. peskypeet

      Nothing like a Sunday morning gaptization.

    94. fordtechlife

      It was a damm good race i been watching your dads channel too 💪👊🇺🇸🔴💯Dam that one run was amazing, she Riped what's the part number for those Hoosiers and are those Co6 not do6 love the rc cars to if got an rc10 stadium truck and a losi truck 10 electric brushless lol that dog is fast and on a mission 💪👊🔴

    95. renier de wet

      Was that Chevy Chase at the end there? Lol you cant make this stuff up. You almost won the sunday service, just too little grip.

    96. Justin Shearer

      if billy glidden had an s10

    97. Justin Shearer

      i am his biggest fan...th3 kid can wrench, he can drive, aaaaand he can tune....on any surface he is out there doing more with less

      1. SRC Garage

        Thanks bro

    98. john cox

      Chevy was taking no prisoners

    99. john cox

      Look like June was going to put the gap on you

    100. Shane Stuart

      You executed that final run well kid!🤘