SRC Brothers Take on High Horsepower Small Tire Cars @ Battle of the 28's

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    In this video, we put together our Welding Table, Make a Convertor Change thanks to 501 Perfect Convertor. Then, we take on some Extremely fast Small Tire Hitters at Battle of the 28's Shootout put on by 1320 True Street.

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    1. Dean Walker

      Leroy Jenkins!! someone knows about WoW!! Right on :)

    2. Jason Sparshott

      Tommy lifted the wheel and carried during his burn 🔥 out !! Damn you 2 are one point!!

    3. Dawson Burrell

      What a great Daddy! Love you guys relationship.

    4. No Joke Racing

      I noticed that back against the blue mustang he just couldn’t climb on the big end. Way to keep improving.

    5. Warren Watts

      Billy..i notice you've gotten more comfortable making excuses!!! Your vales, Tommy's only one Dnt make excuses, you both got lucky ya got as far as you two did, the cars there was too fast for your two , to compete!!!!!!! Thats why you are changing turbo's now!!!! You guys are a Hoot!!

    6. Mingledbones

      You might be aware but the angle at which the turbo hat is bolted onto the carb can affect the air/fuel distribution to certain cylinders.

    7. Zzach

      T2G and BTK you guys have no idea how fortunate you are to be doing what you do and have a loving father and mother behind you while doing what you do I know it just seems normal to you guys but it feels good watching y'all do what you love and have your support system around cannot forget about Motorsports Molly she's pretty awesome tooo!!

    8. FiveTwoMoto

      Just found you guys👍.Yall have those s10s set up nice. "Youre not gonna let out till the front end comes down" lol my dad told me like the exact same thing learning motox starts... you guys make a great team.

      1. SRC Garage

        Thank you.

    9. Linda Jones

      Damn it's a shame your nitrous wasn't working for that last woulda cleaned ol' boys sent him to school and treed the hell outa him. Good Job brother...Better luck next time!!!

    10. Biscuit Boy

      Even though Tommy lost in the final, he sure nailed that green light!!

    11. Borgonian Evolution

      I wasnt sure about you guys when I first saw you race after a suggested video from watching Cleetus. Billy always got that mean face working when he is focused. After watching more of what you guys do I am liking it more and more. Great drivers, great team work and now seeing the family bond is strong Im hooked for the ride. Hope you go really far in the sport guys n girl.

      1. SRC Garage

        Thank you.

    12. David Bartch

      What trans is Tommy running?

      1. David Bartch

        @SRC Garage Thanks ! It looked like a powerglide.The independant bellhousing threw me I didn't know anybody still used powerglides other than rails but it's what works!

      2. SRC Garage

        Vickers Powerglide

    13. TheCanadianBubba

      Are the valves so thin that can distort ? Is it a lean problem ?

    14. Jonathon White

      T2G needs a cage fellas!

    15. Jonathon White

      At 1:10 into this video should be a poster in my garage!

    16. matthew jones

      my brother and i were heavy into drag but more into street my bro was 33 i was 17 my bro built a 61 bubble top impala x code heads four speed no race car just cool the day we finished our dad a vet of ww2 koerea wanted to drive i we go out and he gets on a long straight and brings it up about 3800 dumps the clutch and works that thing threw the gears like grumpy jenkins we were both suprised and he looks over at my bro and says not as fast as i thought it would be son dads that understand their kids are rare be thankful you guys dad is the shit great job be safe and thanks for keeping street real for the not so rich and famous and family

    17. john hoyt

      It’s all about family and having a great time racing together. Great video!

    18. Joseph Michels

      Pops need to get a Silverado and race with you guys. Have fun and be safe guys

    19. Eric Galloway

      Props great video and racing as a family!

    20. 8wire Racing

      been following the channel a while and having just completed a turbo ls build on my own for 2years it dawned on me how much work how hard you all work and what a great team you all are, the short work clips dont do that justice in the vids, its hard hairy work, not for sissies thats for sure, a fan from downunder.

    21. David Whiteker

      Hey are you guys gonna be at cincy street nights no prep race at Edgewater coming up?

      1. SRC Garage


    22. Bryant Chapman

      So glad to see Tommy doing good give me to get the truck back right and let's go kick some more ass

    23. Calvin H.

      That is a sweet little welding table. I'd take a grinder and nock those sharp corners off before one of them chips or cracks someone's elbow. lol. I call those corners funnybone killers. lol.

    24. Joey Diluccia

      You guys did great brother those are two of the fastest trucks I've ever seen and you guys are super consistent..💪👍

    25. Chad Sims

      Great job guys ,keep up good work and billy you will get them next time Brother.

    26. KM Peaker

      that is one proud dad, brought a tear to my eye

    27. steezjenkins

      It's not Me and Tommy, It's Tommy and I.

    28. Kent Shifflet

      The family that races together, stays together!!! Nxt thing ya know, you will have a 2 car hauler, with air conditioning!!!! 👍😁😂Look forward to each and everyone of the videos!!! 😉

    29. fearcity retaliation

      One hell of a welder you got their.

    30. purple headed yogurt slinger

      Is that girl his sister or his woman?

    31. Danny Rochester

      What mufflers are tommy running? Glass packs?

      1. SRC Garage

        Dynomax Ultra Flow 3.5” mufflers

    32. Turbo World

      Bad ass dad right there!

    33. twincammike83 16v

      Unlucky Tommy you get em next time..

    34. J Mch

      I am in streetsboro Ohio.

    35. J Mch

      Guys no wher good place in OHIO to get my mustang tuned if so please reply BK let me no need more horses out of my 96 mustang GT 4.6L got cold air intake, throttle body, mass air flow sensor in high output plugs wires and coils runs good but needs good tune..

    36. J Mch

      Your dad is really proud of you guys you can just tell man that means alot when it comes to family Bros.

    37. Craig Thomas

      I'm so glad you guys do this sort of racing... I live in Australia. My parents were not in a position (Financially) to do anything like this with me.... Despite my obvious love for all things "Fast"... You two boys are so lucky to have a Dad (and Family, because this is a family commitment) with the know how and the money to do something so cool.... When your Dad says at the start of every single race "I love You"... He truly does fellas... Never forget that. . Love the videos... Keep them coming.

    38. Frank Hays

      Molly can weld that’s awesome you go girly congrats tommy getting to the finals you will get better soon you will be given billy a run for his money lol thanks for sharing guys keep up the great work and videos 👍🏻👍🏻😎

    39. Daryl Jones

      Y'all wanna build my Sonoma....make me fast hah.

    40. Chad Warner

      You crushed the Nova on a tree but I feel like you're just pushing the conventional small block Parts too far what are you going to do you keep breaking the motor.

    41. 1988v8s10

      I love the content I haven’t missed a video since I subscribed I’m a huge 1st gen s10 guy. I have a 93 with a ls3\th400 I want to start drag racing it But worried I will twist the frame. I noticed you guys x-framed your trucks I also want to go that route did you guys ever do a video on that?

    42. rock roller

      thank you guys and molly for your videos !we are on the east side of ohio by the Quaker city drag way if you come out this way 4.5 hrs away i will defiantly support you

    43. send it

      dude your lucky nice set up oh and the table too haha good luck man damn she can weld also get you some inconel valves and that will stop them from tuliping

    44. Jeff Jankiewicz

      I wish my dad had supported me like your dad guys, but I learned what NOT to do. My kids know they can count on me, and my Grandson does, his "dad" took off , so I take care of him. He IS my world. T2G is killin the tree. Sorry you had problems Billy. Molly welding the table shocked me, she`s a trooper. Much respect to your Dad. Stay safe, God Bless.

    45. Big Bill at Iron Garage

      And she can weld too. Now that is a woman. Billy you better marry that girl. She's a keeper.

    46. Brandon S.

      I love the old ACDelco radio powered up. Good ol knobbies.

    47. Jacob Meinema

      Leeeeeeeeeroooooooooy jenkins!! Hahahahaha love it! I need to go watch that video now too haha

    48. Jimmy Rasnake

      Hold your head up high Tommy got dad and big brother racing with you family affair

    49. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      ALMOST got to see the first Battle of The Brothers! Still another great outing for you all :)

    50. Tom Tucker

      Hope Molly takes care of those sexy legs while workin in and around the shop.

    51. Adam Shipley

      two brothers racing with their dad .. what is better than that ? Nothing.

    52. Jerry Frederick

      I really liked the video showing the tach and the lazy converter, I really enjoyed the dialogue concerning the fix the converter was going to provide. Better yet the video of TTG's first run when he shifted and the truck just leaped forward. (Billy say's ""you should gain about 5 mph" ) Great analyst. Looked accurate. I actually learn from your content, as opposed to that waste of time on regular TV Roadkill, What hacks. I wouldn't let those clowns dig a hole at the dump. SRC camera work, visual effects, music is all fantastic Do Not Change a Thing, Please!

    53. Raymond Blankenship

      always like And comment before the video even starts lol

    54. slo_5.0h

      MAN that SUCKS! I was hoping we'd get to see you and Tommy race and one of you win the event! Oh well, it'll happen sooner or later. Sorry for all the bad luck you're having Billy but I'm sure you'll get it worked out. Seems like you're headed in the right direction. Big Bill you are doing a great job as a father, don't ever stop! Kudos to you, sir!

    55. Magia

      Running a little cold girl and moving a little too fast to try slowing it down turn it up a little bit . Other than that looks great.

    56. Richard Martin

      Wish I had a support and knowledgeable Dad like that when I raced Don’t know how luck both of u and Molly are

    57. Grey Wolf67

      Man, you guys are so lucky to have a dad like thst. Im 52, and my dad has never been there for me like that. Brings tears to my eyes. You are both very lucky. Cheeerish every moment with him. Great racing, better luck next time guys. Your top notch. 👍

    58. eric D

      They need to race each other to see who's the baddest

    59. George Zimnicky

      No roll cage in the blue truck and no funny cage in the other...........stupid!!

    60. Shane Murphy

      Man it so awesome to watch you all. And I think back and see how far you came and it is very inspiring. God bless you and your family 🙏.

    61. Mitchell Lo Sie Sen

      A million likes for this video!

    62. OH IO

      High horse power😂😂??where??

    63. Drifter6942 Nomad

      Good job Tommy !!! If that other bottle was working, there could have been a different ending to that night. Win some and Lose some. That's how its done. But if you had fun, learned a few things and everyone came home safe, then it was a good night

    64. Whop Junior

      Pretty damn cool! Your old man huggin it out with bro man made the video....great video as always

    65. Rodney F.

      Luck of a racer , thanks to everyone who brought this video to us. When your dad hugged Tommy it sure brought back memories of my father always a kind word in a rough patch. Y'all keep a thrashing 👍 we all are pulling for the both of you. 💯

    66. Addicted 2Fuel

      T2G is a killer on that tree. When he gets faster these boys better watch out for this young man

    67. Bradley Hollon

      Kid and his family always make me proud of my home state

    68. Jason Clardy

      Awesome watching your family race together. you can see how much your dad loves you and your brothers success

    69. Don Catherman

      Me and my father don't talk anymore.. haven't for over ten years..seeing your dad hug you guy's ...being there at the track together.. brings a tear to my eye.. .. great kid's..and a great dad....👍👍👍good job app of you

    70. Philip Martin

      I want a hug from a telly tubby.

    71. govit4L

      Good shit Tommy and billy! You guys are naturally just good at racing and it shows! Keep the sick content up and I’m sure you guys will get the pay day you want soon! Love from the UK

    72. Plymouth Man

      Is it just me or has anyone else wondered why Bill uses his trans brake to start his burn outs? Just seems like unneeded wear and tear on the drive line.

    73. Joshua Ryan

      I'll fight the 21 thumbs down for this video

    74. Kyle Story

      💪 best street racing channel #California

    75. OB

      Battle is a great name. What’s tougher than a battleship? Haze grey and underway🇺🇸

    76. Renwick Conolly

      Best video soundtrack!!

    77. Peter Sawyer

      Of course he draws u when ur broken wtf. I wanna see u guys run eachother

    78. Shane France

      Ur dad’s the coolest

    79. Dan Rogers

      Good job boys! Stuff happens you know.Tommy is just a natural! Must be in the family blood!

    80. UPS Mech Johnson

      Dang girl! That's one hellava way to get a gnarly sunburn on those legs!

    81. BEN AUSMAN

      You brothers are kicking ass! Great job

    82. Tommy Fryman

      You guys dad's so proud of you boys and girl that's what you call one amazing man father son etc he's just a good genuine guy

    83. Tommy Fryman

      I tell you what big brother better be getting worried little bro is going to be giving you a run for your money soon

    84. Tommy Fryman

      You would think that Tommy's been driving that truck for years keep up the good work

    85. Amateur Shooter


    86. Tommy Fryman

      I do have to say that you lucked out by having a girlfriend that's about the racing just as much probably more more but that's besides the point that's so awesome that she gets right in their and does a lot that's so cool

    87. Tyler Clark

      Man as a fellow racer that hug tommy got there at the end hit a little different for sure! T2g is gonna be a hell of a driver he mowed that tree down when it counted in the finals he did the best he could for sure!

    88. yahweysway


    89. berrystrim

      That was a great video and I loved the father son moment at the end 👍👍 so awesome. It’s also so cool to see Molly as part of the gang

    90. 6.4 HemiDriver

      The best part of the video is @13:40 the Oldman's awesome!

    91. John Teplir

      The nation needs more families like yours. Keep up the good work.

    92. iiMillah14

      Your dad is so proud of you two!❤

    93. bad406camaro

      My God you better put a ring on her finger and quick. FFS She welds She drives She wrenches. What are you waiting for !


      you guys keep me going and working . A+ fam there . i hope can do the same for my boys

    95. Eric Martin

      Pulling for the Kid. Both of themmmm

    96. BurnoutKing99

      Damn !! You guys are being about it !! Hopefully I’ll see you at cash days !! 😉

    97. scott tim

      These videos are the best. Keep up the good work

    98. MoonShine Menace

      Here's a small piece of advice. if you're going to run 20 lb of Boost Plus, then your air fuel ratio at wide open should be like 10.5 to 10.0. And yes you can tune it with the same air fuel as gas. The more boost you run the more fuel you need. Tuliping a valve is caused by two things shity valves or lean with too much heat in the cylinder. Being a little bit rich on alcohol or E85 is much more forgiving than pump gas. PS stop using titanium retainers, start using tool steel. Manley makes tool steel retainers that cost less than titanium and don't wear out. But use Manley locks with manly retainers, don't use Comp Cam locks because they're cheaper. Use the same manufacturer that you start with. If you want to get crazy, I use super 7 locks and retailers. Good Luck, You Are Doing GREAT!!!

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        That's not entirely accurate. Your first mistake would be to tune for power using A.F.R readings. That is a general reading, based off of a so called industry standard for a baseline. Especially when you only have 1 sensor reading 4 holes. It's an average, and that is IF it's in the right spot, as numbers can change in different locations. You SHOULD be reading plugs. No laptop can do that for you. The plug will tell you exactly what's happening in the chamber. Yes, you can go a little fat, but too fat andd it WILL lift ring lands, especially on a shelf piston. And regardless of what has been so popular to say over the years, LEAN DOES NOT CREATE HEAT.. lol. And once again, Tuliping a valve is created solely by heat, however the condition is worse depending on other factors, which there are many. Hope this helps....

    99. Jeffrey Jackson

      Father and son working together is great .. me and my dad and my son work together in a gravel and trucking yard Love it !!!Love your videos

    100. Robert Johnson

      Wow Billy and Tommy you guys are awesome. You guys are killing it tell Pops I said hi he raised two awesome Sons there's nothing more American than watching your family go out racing red white and blue Trump 20/20 love you guys