Just put the Truck back together, and THIS Happens...

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    Something good finally happened...
    Hope you guys enjoy!
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    1. Street Racing Channel

      Where do you guys think I should race next?

      1. Josh Qualls

        Ever been to Montana?

      2. scotty162

        at a sanctioned racetrack

      3. Wyat Turner

        Should check out Woodburn drag strip here in Oregon one of these years.

      4. Jason Sparshott

        @First Last he is track racing in this video ....

      5. Sardor Gaybullaev


    2. Jeff Collette

      I'm from North Dakota

    3. Jeff Collette

      I'm from North Dakota

    4. Jeff Collette

      Molly is a real beautiful gorgeous woman I really love her I want to meet her in person

    5. Lombardo Ortega

      Molly such a sweetheart she loves horse power!! She loves oil and tires smoking molly u r bomb!!!😍😍🇺🇸

    6. Ashley St Clair

      Billy. Wow I love that you can love to play

    7. Bart Simpson

      I got a seat belt ticket for having them same belts..... racing use only.... yea its stupid

    8. John Smith

      Your launch is to squishy bolt a go pro under thier see if its suspension or tirer i just dont want to see you eat the wall or a another car your pulling hard left on launch.so if you straighten that out you will travel less distances decreasing your eta

    9. Sherri Gaskin

      I might need a pretty girl to sit in the front seat while I break her in...the truck I mean.

    10. Greg Griffin

      Where is the father

    11. Bomberdog

      Dang, I'm impressed Molly hooked up a five-point without looking. I know folks been doing it for years and still have trouble lol!!

    12. Steel Mill

      Nice to see the family involved.reminds me of the 80s and 90s Friday night Street Wars at Dinwiddie.Love the Chevy engines.The look on Molly's face was priceless when she took ot for a spin

    13. Matt Calfee

      Molly.....nothing else

    14. Dean Herington

      Way to go. Happy for the win!

    15. Valiant 1

      Great content 👌

    16. Valiant 1

      Molly's gorgeous. Don't change a thing.

    17. Tommy Woodard

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    18. make America great again

      I'd take the blonde on any time......

    19. Jesse Burns

      I use to race their. I also broke my Malibu back in 2007 doing my 3rd time trial at the traps twisting my driveshaft and broke the trans bellhousing.

    20. Johnny Ashley

      Did you try dry ice

    21. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      I'm in shit Ohio to

    22. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      God didn't build the girls Like that when I was in school

    23. Victor Hex

      The LSGT almost had him, but good consistent driving wins.

    24. Aslmx 1

      All due respect. You’re gf is some kind of wonderful. 👊

    25. Kevin Kroll

      I follow alot of guys but your my favorite because you keep on plugging away so keep the drive into driving to always getting better, because knowing your ride ,and not always throwing the bank at it, sometimes it's the little things that make the difference you need to be a winner,not saying it doesn't cost ? But the under the hood time is what makes you good ! Instead of others doing the work for you , keep it straight untill the next challenge!

    26. Kevin Kroll

      It's cool to have a girl that loves speed ! I'll drop something on you it's time to get her behind the wheel, you think?? Because guys dont think girls can't drive ? So what you think??

    27. Larry Hendricks

      Straight up!! Billy can drive!! And he's fast af!!

    28. Scott Carter

      You have one of the baddest street legal trucks I have ever seen!!!

    29. ade adeajah


    30. Stick A3031

      Dairy Hut, small town Mid west. Reminds me of eastern Illinois/ West Indiana.

    31. Erik Vapor

      I havent seen dairy hut since i lived just outside heartville...... now im 2000 miles away from the blue moon

    32. Fernando Martinez

      Super humble kid & knows his car... Kudos my friend.. To the victor goes the spoils..

    33. Andy H

      Nothing sexier than a woman that knows how to buckle up a 5 point harness. God damn she’s hot!

    34. Sofree 305

      Who else is watching for the chick in the passenger seat....

    35. TB Player

      Streetable! Nice!

    36. Jake Risner

      Where are you guys from? I love that you're small town OH! I'm up in Lima but have family down around Bellefontaine area.

    37. port starboard

      i ordered an 88 shortbox new - wish i still haddit

    38. trtaylor75

      Ahhh. Good old Dairy Hut in Pataskala. Sure miss stopping by there.

    39. John Pirie

      Holly molly cutie girl

    40. lasso atrain

      More videos of the girl.

    41. James Sasser

      I've raced a few times there years ago. Got 3 trophies on the shelf. Was racing with 2 of my cars and we got in the wrong lane. Beat 4 people running for money and we were just running for the fun of it..

    42. DOC Ohm

      Use jack stands!.






      THE blond girl is "fine"



    47. Mark Bartlett

      It's awesome the camera angles

    48. Mark Bartlett

      S10s were awesome trucks sucks they don't make them anymore

    49. Matthew Keys

      Think you ready for the big 405 street outlaws

    50. mark broad

      Sweet S10

    51. Jeff Womack

      Why are you keeping the times and trap speeds a secret ?? Even a launch time would be something.

    52. Brian Poole

      That dude is so calm and his girlfriend is hot as hell!

    53. Jamie Round

      i reconize the dairey hut thats in good ol boring pataskala ohio....( lol )...... what city u all in there...... being said 20 mins,. drive or so there.............

    54. Phillip

      I want one of those gaptized by a street car shirts. Haha. Will they be available again?

    55. Chris Reynolds

      Hey Bud U A BlueGrass Hallin Ass!! Guy If U R Have to say I'm Proud to 👀 U out There Showing What Us KENTUCKY TUK BOYS HAVE 4 ALL THOSE OUT THERE THINKING THE BLUE HALLIN ASS BOYS DON'T HAVE SOME FAST ASS QUARTER MILE GEAR JERKING RIDES HERE IN THE KY!!=! SORRY SO LONG. ME 2000 FIREHAWK WITH SOME BOOST AND FEW THINGS😜 Maybe Run into each other. I'm in Lexington right at the time. But keep UP THE GROUND SHAKING

    56. Gary Garza

      Molly is a very beautiful girl and you have a bad ass S10.

    57. wesley Krutko

      I recognize that diary hut. i used to live about 10 minutes from there not too long ago

    58. Samantha Martinez

      she is a loving loyal girl boy you better put a ring on her finger soon

      1. Bobby Parisien

        Samantha Martinez rings don’t plug any holes... if a woman is gonna cheat married or not, a ring sure ain’t gonna stop her!

    59. Joe Cruz

      Dam she beautiful as hell

    60. daniel sanchez

      molly is one fine woman that got it all

    61. daniel sanchez

      i wish them thighs were wrapped around my head

    62. Kurt Wright

      Molly looks like Hayden Panettiere

    63. Taylor Teresi

      Good ole dairy hut in S Main St, Pataskala, Ohio . use to cruise there all the time

    64. Marvin Chase

      I can’t even get this much advice from my own father

    65. James Wills

      Why go get ice cream when you got cotton candy

    66. theodore jackson

      Sun of a gun sho sounds good

    67. Bravo2XRay

      *Dallas Motor Speedway.. Wait, nevermind, that place makes ya pay!* P. S. Ya'll make a great partnership for life. Like my wife & I! 50 Years last February. Best Regards from all if us In the Lone St🌟r State!*

    68. Richard Clark

      your gf hott af

    69. kInG kEn

      mmm let me beat that ass.... I was talking about the car smh...

    70. IB raunchy

      That driver side door panel could use a little 200 mph tape , LoL

    71. MrKennyaa

      try some cash day events .

    72. Kenneth Suire

      Whats that thing y'all was playing at the end. Looks fun

    73. Gerhard Potgieter

      Man that thing is consistent!! Well done!

    74. young jason

      bruh shes fuckin hot

    75. Big Daddy Balling

      She wants the d

    76. Rick F

      Man that thing seems to wiggle a lot!! And I’m not talking the beautiful blond! 🥰😍

    77. rick moreau

      I wanna brake her in😁

    78. rick moreau

      Damn can she give me a ride she's bangin

    79. Radu Stan-Ivan

      Those stupid reaction times made me subscribe!

    80. jrs89lx zamora

      Bro this is the 2nd video I'ved watch I'm just jealous you got one beutiful partner next to you always with a big smile on her face down to earth gal. I know you drive a chevy its ok i guess cuz I'm a Blue oval Ford to the hilt. I just noticed the FORD Banner on your garage wall that's what I'm talking about.

    81. TheKanetube

      Eastern Creek Race way Australia

    82. offroadnut

      Beautiful girl!!!!! You're very lucky

    83. Ricky Stone

      The girl is smoking..

    84. keaton kelley

      God bro she is so fucking sexy!!!!!!

    85. Dwayne Jackman

      Anyone else enjoy the juice that runs down your face after u enjoy a fresh 🍑......fuck ice cream!!!!! 🍑 is better

    86. ENIAC HAL

      Holy Jesus that LS turd BO had no chance. Subscribed after seeing that.

    87. Tony Down Under

      Let's forget the truck for a moment.. And give the young lady a plug !! Very nice sweet young lady 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Ok !!! Back to the truck. Looks like a hand full but your doing a good job 👍👍 great video 👍👍👍

    88. Kyle McDonnell

      What’s the opening song from 0:13- 0:25 seconds?..

    89. Aj Shelton

      Where can I find you guys

    90. Tom Greene

      Molly is hot AF. Sorry, had to be said.

    91. darcy32171

      Want to build a drivetrain for my 1950 Chevy in my avatar??? PLEASEEE lol

    92. scott473

      Love her smile at 1:48 lol

    93. turboearl

      should have made that fat chick not ride in the front, put her ass in the bed for traction. lmao! slow ass truck

    94. carving stories

      i like these grass roots videos, thanks for sharing your time with us, its impressive to see your set ups. thats a sick little truck. would love to see its suspension, and chassis...

    95. mattattac1

      You know you can always ice down the metal fuel cell between rounds or just put in a canister coiled with metal fuel line and pack it with dry ice. Instant plus 10HP.

    96. Ronnie Parsons

      Time to waste more of daddy’s money

    97. Juan tabby

      Holy shit that girl is gorgeous. Truck sounds good too.

    98. Klausi TV

      You're so lucky in the US that you can drive around with all these selfmade vehicles and nobody cares. Here in Germany impossible, completely illegal everything that's fun 😣

    99. Bill

      Didn't see any jackstands being used.

    100. Jarvis Totherow - Competitive Shooter

      Watch the Engine Masters episode on methanol cooling vs intercooler. You will be getting rid of the methanol.