Street Racing for Moonshine! 'The Shiners' (2020) Teaser

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    Full Movie coming soon!

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    1. John Harrell


    2. Eric Kort

      barny fifes brother? @0:20

    3. alex moreno

      Hey can you do a small 70 or 50 style car chase where you get chased by a haunted car down a lonely highway you can use the song riders in the storm as a back ground song. Shoot it in black white. Maybe use a old grave yard or abandoned church as start or end of the movie. Dress in 60’s attire. Use a rat rod as the ghost car ? Well it’s a idea like your car movies a lot.

    4. jim smith

      Molly Kennedy has some smokin' hot pics on her facebook page. Mmmm, wow.

    5. Ken Szeto

      cool man

    6. Randall MCelroy

      Awesome work

    7. Ethan Snyder

      Cant wait when is it going to be able to watch

    8. Brian Chong

      Lol! Super cool. I'd watch it for sure.

    9. mnjikaning1

      Haha, this was awesome guys! Love your truck and how badass it is on the street and track, but this was funny! And btw, your GF is not hard on the eyes! LOL

    10. Lew Hanna

      That's hilarious, needed a good laugh.

    11. AMeZo RaCiNG CaRTeL

      With the ability to create content like this Kid, it’s only a matter of time before money is no longer the issue when it comes to fixing the S-10....or picking the city You want the mansion to be in etcetera etcetera. Don’t take short money. Know Your worth.

    12. Robert Hysell

      Love to see the full movie cause its got some badass classics in it.

    13. The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1

      Can’t wait for the movie!!

    14. pittsky p

      OK.... this movie looks fun!

    15. xXThE_MaD_ShOTXx

      Now thats a mfing street car (the s10). Nice one Billy

    16. michael price

      That was bad ass!!!

    17. Winford Riner

      Good stuff. If he can't catch grandpa he sure won't catch The Kid. Molly is thicker than a Snickers too. BRAVO boy BRAVO

    18. Nathan Webb

      That's bad ass guys good work

    19. Dane Kruse

      Y'all are killin' it AGAIN! I love the new shorts. Great content, obviously a lot of work put into them!

    20. Brian Harris

      another level

    21. Rickey Engle


    22. Rich ard

      Hilarious awesome job

    23. Matt Brooks

      Awesome! Full movie time

    24. JackelNhyde sbc lover

      Awesome short film man! Love the channel. Keep up the great content

    25. Ken F

      The Bloodhound of the Law will stop you meddling street racers.

    26. Chris Ansell

      Barney's gonna need a 427 in that Galaxie just to stay in the same zip code as the S-10!

    27. scott tim

      Copperhead road!!!! Hell yeah! I’m in for 9.99

    28. Bluto Sadlowski

      Lmao. That was wicked

    29. Johnny black king

      Come on with the come on love it.

    30. apostom59

      That was truly epic.. Love love love it.. Thank you..

    31. Abel Gonzales

      Awesome vid guys !?!? Someone got some skill.... Can't wait 4 another 1.... Texas....

    32. Jacob Wells

      Cant wait for it to come out this is gonna be badass

    33. Gulf Coast Life

      That looks insane......bring it on

    34. The Vegan Viking !!!!

      I wish I could put my car In that movie hauling some good ole Smokey mountain fire water.

    35. Joe Johnson

      I love what y'all do. Been entertaining me for awhile now. I thought Ohio had execution for Aggressive speeding in the 90's. Hell even Truckers Did NOT speed there back then. PLEASE always get permission to film stuff like this , I'd really be bent to see y'all get hurt over any videos. I'm not being a sarcastic Dick , I'm being Real. Look up Hellcat goes 198 mph on here. They trynna screw that kid over a phone tip. Loved teaser. Can't wait for Movie. Peace.

    36. James Larkin

      Get me some of that shine!!

    37. That Ford Guy

      Hell this is already better than the last 5 fast and furious movies combined! LoL 😎

    38. Paul Swan

      That girl needs me!

    39. Allen Nelson

      That s-10 is running and he drives like me 🤣🤣

    40. Tatted AT4

      That was awesome!!!

    41. Tod Desch

      That was awesome! looks like yall put a lot of time into that and it shows. Keep it up

    42. Robert Hilburn

      Clear Creek. Great spot

    43. Couchracer660

      come and see us..You got the invite. Please make time for us

    44. merc6

      Haven't watch your channel in a while and I came across this. Can't wait for the movie.

    45. Seth N.

      When is the final vid coming

    46. Ricky Burford

      Good job guys, and molly

    47. abikerinpa


    48. Derek Stewart

      Just Awesome!!!! Amazing content you guys!!!!

    49. Dave Forsythe

      Cool as hell

    50. allen Cart

      This looks like it could be more than just a movie. Maybe a 10 season show?

    51. PA Tuners

      DNR guy show be a good actor has plenty of experience faking hes a street racer

    52. Eric Xiong

      homegirl is THHHHIIIICCK

    53. ceedell

      Looks cool! If you need my black 57 as an extra I'm close by!

    54. Cody M

      Man I love these little films y’all make!! Keep up the awesome work folks!! 👍✌️

    55. Bruce Ellicott

      Excellent guys well done good job on the phone Molly you rock girl

    56. chevyy steve

      Way cool 😁

    57. twi5t3d7340

      Best part of this video was the thick piece of cornbread in the intro..This was just awful.

    58. Mike R

      Kick ass

    59. cuzz63

      you need to get a yellow 32 Ford Coupe and recreate American Graffiti..

    60. Bryan pecarl


    61. joe smoth

      Bad ass keep it going

    62. T. C.

      Love it, you guys killed it

    63. Mike Williams

      Great video of old school days! Stay blessed!

    64. J Bevins

      Damn yall done out did yourselfs. How will you top this?? 😆

    65. John Goodman jr. gold fever

      Love y’all videos deep down south texas Matagorda county

    66. Corey McDowell

      My family has been making shine for 6 generations if y’all are ever around bucyrus Ohio stopping at the crazy fox alphonse underground bar is still there

    67. M

      Man CANT WAIT!!! You'll never catch that kid in the S-10.

    68. D

      I can't stop watching this!

    69. Tim Wickersham

      Damn ,,, you guys are kill n it with these videos,,,,I'm from Indiana,,,been around hot rods to show cars all my life,,,shit gives me goosebumps..🤘🇺🇲🤓

    70. MorganT69

      Wow, great job on the teaser.

    71. Ross Ehalt

      Well done!! Loved it.

    72. John Climer

      Friggin awesome you guys, keep it up!!!

    73. Harvey Bluntman

      SO stoked on this. Thank ya'll

    74. Cam

      Are there videos im missing somewhere? Or is the teaser all thats been posted? Would love to see more

    75. Cam

      Are there videos im missing somewhere? Or is the teaser all thats been posted? Would love to see more

    76. Richmond Gentry

      Thats badass!! Better than 99 percent of what is on tv!!

    77. bljsheep612

      I just gotta ask...where in the world did you guys film this? Looks like southern Ohio with the barns and super curvy roads. Definitely can’t wait to see the full movie!!!

    78. MrVelocity111

      I love and the song explain more about ur concept please, I’m all in💪

    79. Russ Whitson

      Yall killin it! Cant wait!

    80. steve clayton


    81. truck45fmfd

      Awesome guys.

    82. Back Yard Garage

      Welll DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!claps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    83. Tony WEAVER

      Aye Hollywood make a movie like this.

    84. Darren


    85. Craig Cooper

      Looks killer, good job👍🍻

    86. emoney7472

      Should be racing for teeth and their own sister hand.

    87. John Kit Jr

      I would even pay to see a full movie of this!!

    88. 383blaze

      As a southern boy,this makes me giddy😯

    89. Jim S

      Very cool guys!🤙

    90. TYRONE robert

      Now that is entertainment for lock down thank you guys for the teaser cant wait for the movie good job. I'm IN UK ON .L.D

    91. Kyle Nunnelley

      That's what's up bro hell yeah love the ending omg hell yeah Kyle nunnelley from 405 that was awesome thanks

    92. Thomas Knight

      No disrespect intended, butt that is Phat...

    93. SlickWorks

      This is AMAZING!

    94. David Windsor

      So how was the moonshine. Bet it tasted really good. 😅😉👍👮‍♂️

    95. Mem Ories

      You guys are the greatest!

    96. Spaz 12

      We should be allowed to give 2 likes on really cool videos. 👍🏼👍🏼

    97. Joe Howard

      Loved it !!!! Awesome

    98. Jacob Wilson


    99. Mike Neary

      More! More!!!! More!!! I fn love these vids man!!! Got me at the edge a my seat for sure!

    100. Ronald Archibald

      What kind of moonshine is that, muddy waters. All the shine i have ever seen is clear. But like the video none the less. Keep the shiny side up. Those drag cars aren't designed for those twists. I remember gm made a prototype full size short bed with 502 and awd. Always wanted to duplicate that.