Tearing Down the Engine for Molly's FIREBIRD!

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    We found an engine for Motorsports Molly's Firebird! Everyone has to start somewhere, and with this engine we will teach her all the basics, and have fun, build something that we can enjoy the first year, take it everywhere. NO TRAILER NECESSARY 100% STREET CAR.
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    1. Street Racing Channel

      Molly’s channel: irvision.info/tree/Q8kOHafjxTX_uA_LKcO-Og We will be putting all the Firebird vlog videos on her channel from here on!

      1. Tray Evans

        Yall make a great couple. Boy your dad scared me when he said u cant keep a girlfriend when yall was live. Lol keep up the good videos makes me want to work on the old nova

      2. L & M sendit

        Molly washing the cars videos Molly in a bikini for a poster and shirts that would be good money for her just saying

      3. Nick Brogdon

        @alex diaz weirdo!! Get lost!!

      4. alex diaz

        Molly kiss me

      5. lovejago

        If Molly is your Girlfriend/Wife/ or soon to be wife !! you better stop talking about your truck being full of girls before!!!! That my Friend will HAUNT you for the rest of your life!!!..lol

    2. David Adamson

      Molly you are soooo welcome & Thank You for thanking us ypur viewers

    3. Sherri Gaskin

      Don't get rid of that truck. One day that "truck you drove to high school" will hold a very dear place in your heart.

    4. Sherri Gaskin

      10 second street car? That should suffice.

    5. Jeremy Miller

      Dude you have the greatest girlfriend of any man alive. I just wish that I could find someone like her that is into racing. I will pay you $100 dollars if she works on the truck or car in a bikini. She is georgios. Please no disrespect intended. Just let me know?

    6. Alexander Hines

      Hey What's Up With The Red square body y'all Selling ?

    7. Alexander Hines

      Molly U and Your Family Are awesome

    8. Kenneth Chapman

      Old square body chevy truck, especially 4x4 worth some $$$$

    9. 11B Grunt

      Molly this channel needs to keep it real most of the subscribers are here to see you. Molly you are the bread winner of this channel, without you, this channel would be shitty. Sorry but it is what it is

    10. dmfj1980

      About 9:00 in she handled that Hammer better better than I've seen a lot of men do lol. I'm extremely envious of the interaction between you all as a family and Molly just takes it up another notch. You all are very fortunate to be daily living what people like me can only dream of. Great channel!

    11. Steve Hodder

      Go molly

    12. Victor Hex

      SRC keeps it real, low buck, but do the job right. Impressive common sense.

    13. Dennis Theisen

      people just watch this channel for the gf lol

    14. alex moreno

      Some one get that girl some work overalls

    15. hansoh01

      Brake cleaner on youre hands,noooooooo! Dawn and using rubber gloves,it also keeps the tools cleaner by soaking up the oil,grease,chemicals etc. I want you guys to be around a while,I bailed out of Illinois but miss the midwest people.

    16. hansoh01

      Rubber gloves guys and gals,it prevents topical penetration of the skin,used motor oil and trans fluid is know to cause cancer from long time exposure.

    17. Phillip Davis

      You are welcome y’all are doing great love it

    18. Johnny Amador

      Texas, lol you guys are sharing an interest, rare stuff.

    19. James michael

      An really appreciate the way they back her and is done as a family I can't wait to see her race snow white good job Molly because my son and I are building a small block for my 71camaro it's a work in progress that's for sure

    20. Paul Swan

      Here’s Billy using latex gloves 🧤 and then Molly stripping a engine with her bare hands!

    21. Daniel Ward

      Should have tried to pull it out with the s10 lol

    22. Joe Jackson

      Aw man, I was heartbroken to see you disassembling the square body...

    23. Youvie Anreva

      Very good and very compact. My greetings from indonesia.. Goodluck guys 💪💪

    24. AU MetalMental

      I think you would have been better off keeping the small block and stroking it to 383ci instead of the 5.3 LS. I agree with Pops on that one. Hint, I subscribed to Molly's channel and watched him go off about that choice. I literally lost it when he said, "all it is, is an LS 305. Exact same thing I said many times. 😎✌️

    25. Kenny S

      So funny..molly busts ass and it smells bad..11.48

    26. KJ KJ

      Dude your old Chevy truck deserves a chance to live!! Please rebuild it one day

    27. rocky torrez

      Men brother that's cool that your molly how to work on motor and hat's off to being able to work with dad in the shop those will memories you never forget that's how i leaned how to work on car's

    28. Mustang Guru

      Yah gotta have the “GO ZOOM” hoodies.

    29. Mustang Guru

      Subbed to her channel. 🇺🇸👍🏻

    30. Mustang Guru

      Do a 4.3 V6 boosted in it for her.

    31. Simply Red

    32. Brian Cunningham

      love the show the two of you remind me of my wife and myself 42 years ago just getting by and racing on the blvd

    33. Gary Smith

      You keep showing her butt, it gets me side tracked. What was I saying ?

    34. GoodEarth CUSTOM CONCEPTS

      "molly 's hatchet"

    35. BP BP

      I really think you guys need to focus more on molly' and her racing plus working on cars.. your views would probably go through the roof just my opinion

    36. Mr E

      "Mine are silent" (only dogs can hear it) 🤣

    37. William Jenkins III

      Love to see a female wrenching on a vehicle and getting greasy , baby steps on the build it’s the best way to get experience wrenching and racing . The guy in the bibs did he pull tractors in the past , I used to pull tractors up around where your located , he looks a guy that I used to pull against ?

    38. Ron Panozzo

      How do you guys make a living?

    39. Kenneth Dunklin

      Less is more. More Molly less everything else. Go Molly :-)

    40. Bebo May

      Ah yes, nothing like the BS banter, that goes back and forth, in the garage! At least she's not a gold digger, I think she looking for iron, grease and horse power, in this video! Ha Ha

    41. Derek Stewart

      Man, I can't Express how lucky you are that your girlfriend is interested in this stuff, that makes such a huge difference, Hang on to that one Bro!

    42. My Music

      My favorite one so far love this video


      SHE IS A HOTTY,,,IF SHES 20.

    44. kenneth woleslagle

      for a old man i love watching you younger guys and molly build engines and cars makes me feel young again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. L & M sendit

      Hey Molly where is the link to buy your poster at ? I don't know which one of you edits these videos but y'all do the most awesome job on IRvision I have ever seen

    46. Carl Rapp

      What was the casting number on those heads that you put in the tractor bucket I'd buy them if they are anything good

    47. Strangely Familiar

      That last frame makes a good pic'!

    48. Sleeper

      what impact is that ?

    49. fiero11

      Got to love the mountains and fun in East Tennessee!

    50. Brass, Steel and Fire

      A 'Budget' build with aluminum heads and a roller? Dude. I started with rebuilt vortecs and a comp flat tappet. Had an honest 430hp and less than 2 grand from carb to pan. I guess my idea of budget is dirt poor

      1. Brass, Steel and Fire

        @Street Racing Channel that's more like it. Thought y'all were starting with over 2 grand in heads and valve train. Hand me downs are a good thing

      2. Street Racing Channel

        The heads are hand me down, the cam wasn’t that expensive because we already had roller lifters

    51. Ernie Henshaw

      Good Golly Ms Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. J boone

      Do you still have those exhaust manifolds?

    53. truck45fmfd

      You guys are rad...

    54. bucksnort bumblefuk

      That thing ever been apart b4?? Dont look like it. Looks just like the platform I started with on my build. 383, rpm airgap, dart pro 1, pac, comp roller terrain, custom cam from Powell machine, diamond thumpers, Molnar rods, scat 9000 crank, canton pan to seal it up. NA made 483hp 500tq. In my thirdgen.

    55. Keepin It REAL

      Will u marry me

    56. James Johnson

      How much for the truck body

    57. Cody Husbands

      I notice you've got Licking county plates if you ever need any machine work done check out Mcvey Motorsports in Mt. Vernon does great work at a reasonable price

    58. Justin Bowman

      Did I hear your selling apparel? Hoodies etc. Always look to show support, You two remind remind me of myself and my wife in the garage working and teaching the ways that were taught to me. Keep up the good work, always pays off in the end.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Thank you brother. We have a website www.streetracingchannel.com

    59. eliot65446

      Y'all are wonderful to watch. I could easily listen to your father comment and instruct when tearing down engines all day.

    60. TheOnly One

      I want that truck plz!!!

    61. Claudio Aguilar

      Hell yea Molly's firebird gonna be nice n light

    62. albert glenn

      i dont mind going crazy on builds. I just like seeing someone actually doing the work themselves to learn.

    63. alex diaz

      Molly gimme a kiss and I'll subscribe......don't have a problem sharing u

    64. Pat G

      Make a calendar and some shirts. That should sell.

    65. Your Face

      I have an idea, onlyfans ;)

    66. Sheepdog

      I noticed that her left hand doesn’t have a ring on it, I wonder why the fuck not?? I wish my wife would work in the garage with me.

    67. JDsSportsRoom

      Is Molly his girl or sister?

    68. Eric Debisz

      Idk where you found her but hang on tight to her bro

    69. George F

      Cool truck you should fix it back up, even if you just sell it you can get everything and anything for those dirt cheep

    70. StreamerBoi

      Since I found your channel I just cant stop watching you guys :) I love cars and engines and stuff like that, my dad was real good at it he rebuilt all his engines and transmissions etc, I really wish I spent more time on that kinda stuff with my dad, I was too busy hanging with my friends and going out to clubs to care much back then, now my dads gone and I will never be able to do that stuff. If anyone is reading this, make sure to use the time you got because you gonna wake up one day and realise.... its all gone. Keep the videos coming brother!!

    71. Kip Salo

      Lucky guy Billy. You get to do what you love with your dad and girl by your side. Good luck guy's.

    72. clint hotrod Patriot

      get used to some gloves. i use them alot now. clean hands are helpful

    73. Joshua Wilson

      Hell yeah 🤙

    74. Josh Schultz

      When he said “yah know... we are regular people, just like anyone else” that hit different

    75. Mik Fager

      You are assume 😁😁

    76. chuck s

      Molly's gettin' a little thick in the rear section !

    77. Ken McKay

      Hi molly .what it be like .: )

    78. Brock

      I'm building a 78c15, my Inspiration comes from your s10 Sad to see a square get left alone , they're worth a ton up here in Canada

    79. Sarah Baldwin

      good to see more girls wrenching and smiling

    80. Brandon Wilson

      "We got a 355 to put in it" "Hey, its got aftermarket pistons" Me: "Ya don't say!"

    81. Ryan Downs


    82. Carol Adley


    83. Harley de beer

      Knowledge is truly power,the best racers get their hands dirty and definitely not enough ladies in the game building and battling,keep pushing👊💪!

    84. Jesse Rasso

      Name that bird the dove cause its white

    85. Jesse Rasso

      I no you gotta 400 crank laying around build a 383 for her bird

    86. Dar Fo

      Dang!.... A square body that the hood isnt broke in the middle!?!? Thats a rare one there!

    87. Stasia Sas

      You got a fix up to 78 again that’s a nice truck

    88. Bobby Smith

      Would you sale the trans and tranfur

    89. Captain Butt nuggets

      Cute girls with F-bodies 👍🏼

    90. Inazuma MR

      She is such a cool girl 👌

    91. Fast machines 500r

      Put a Pontiac motor in at and throw that garbage chevy in the trash

    92. Red Pill DIY

      There's nothing wrong with wearing gloves at all time when working on dirty items, does not make you less of a mechanic. To me makes you look like you know what you doing. The black one's, Big Cheif Style

    93. Paul G

      Get yourself some gloves when handling oily and dirty engines, don't let that poisonous crap ruin your pristine hands, also can affect your nervous system.

    94. Matt 107

      The best part of this channel is how you and your dad do this together..

    95. Cobalt06

      I'll take a low 12sec daily over any race car. there is just more fun to be had. Everyone gets caught up in having some 800hp "street car" that they have to fix and work on all the time. I'll take a full interior and A/C at 12.0 flat.

    96. Adam Brooks

      How much for that square body partner? I will take it!

    97. Les Trotter

      I have a set of aluminum Canfield heads I would let go for cheap! I’m over in Illinois. They are 23* heads casting number 23-500-65, 65cc chambers 197cc runners, 2.055 intake valves 1.60 exhaust. They come with a set of Canfield valve covers that have a built in girdle. 100% complete

    98. Kmart458

      Subframe connectors control arms and torque arm are a must right away on fbodies

    99. Fjewt

      totally didnt see u pointing the camre at her butt xd

    100. John smith

      Fun while it lasts. Do NOT marry her.