The Kid’s S-10 Gets a New Look, and a New Driver? 😳

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    Needless to say we had a blast at the Marion County Halloween Race. If you need new Wheels call Bogart Racing Wheels at 602-353-6648. Tell them Street Racing Channel Sent You!

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    1. Gil Gascon


    2. Captain_55

      Quickly became one of my top 2 favorite channels when it comes to racing. Definitely love the truck! And pops is just a hell of a guy man!!

    3. Hollowpoint357 S&W

      Do you guys use a 2 step? It might be a stupid question but I heard someone else use one. Might be different kind of racing as I am new to racing.

    4. Hollowpoint357 S&W

      Hi, Jim here. I'm a new sub love your channel, so happy I found it.

    5. R2 ghost1

      Hey billy just wanted to let you know my dad drives the BlackSheep and you guys have a good race when you guys race each other

      1. R2 ghost1

        @Street Racing Channel and the funny thing is that you guys are racing each other in the intro

      2. R2 ghost1

        @Street Racing Channel thanks I will tell him that you said that by any chance are you going to the valley this weekend

      3. Street Racing Channel

        Your dad is a tough racer!

    6. Racing Data Systems

      The rear anti roll bar is mounted *behind the axle at the 2:00min mark, then in front of the rear axle at the 2:25min mark? I've tried to watch all the video between this channel, and your dads. He mentions a rear anti roll bar change in one of the video's. I'm guessing the ARB mounted in the front of the axle is the current config?

    7. Brian Williams

      Damn, I was hoping "new look" meant a paint job. She has been needing one for a while now. I love this bad ass little truck, but please God, paint it. Even a solid color rattle can job would be an improvement!!

    8. Tyler Bellinger

      what are some mods you do to a 2003 chevy 2500hd gasser?

    9. Grind hard garage

      Murder nova and “little chief” come get some on our Michigan highways. I got 10-15 big and small tire cars ready to rock your world.

    10. Josh Wynn

      Man,@Billy Hoskinson, those wheels look freaking killer on the truck! Not a wheel that's played out and used up either, unique, awesome!

    11. Luis Hernandez

      You guys ever get those jets changed in jersey?

    12. NovaBXNY Nova

      Hey what cover do you have on your bed? I have the one with the snaps, but yours looks flush with the top and cleaner?

    13. clint hotrod Patriot

      great win rubix cube. bac boy Patches

    14. Wanda Pridmore

      Am i the only one that thinks this could be a tv show.

    15. Kevin Tucker

      Is it the blow off valve that makes your hood pop up at the end of a run?!

    16. Kevin Tucker

      The Camaro running against BTK cat a .8 light. Gotta be .789 seconds faster than that son.

    17. Bob Stoe

      Billy on your truck how do you keep your Turbo's cool without a turbo timer I was burning up turbo seals from shutting the car off as you know when you shut the engine off the Turbo's are still spinning with no oil pressure fed to the Them and them being hot and spinning with only the residual pressure in the line's I found that the turbo timer was a good option for my ctsv twin 88mm Turbo's no more problems with the Turbo's just a thought for you and your pops you guys probably already knew about it keep up the small tire class because once you go big tire it's no longer a street car and the excuse that people use I have a horn windshield wipers turn signals head lights tail lights is a bs excuse as we both know if you can't daily your car without having problems like getting pulled over for tires being to big or the car being to loud I know you run open headers but I have seen that you have pipes and mufflers for the truck I was born in 74 and your pops was born in 73 he's a good man and excellent father I didn't have that growing up so cherish that because life as we get older we realize how short life is your pops really loves you guys I wish you could have grown up when we did before Turbo's really became popular you either had a badass n/a car or a detuned car on a ton of spray and not to many real street races where planned you just pull up to a stoplight and another car pulls up and you race but now days you can buy a new car and off the lot factory 900 hp with stock tune and exhaust so now it's more dangerous to race now days because you don't just stick someone in a 500+hp car and expect them to just get used to it me and you both know it doesn't work that way you can either drive or you can't and that's what gives street racing a bad name and kills people so keep the small tire class and for guy Kelly tell him to shut his pie hole and as far as big chief you can't daily any of his cars and the first season when the street cars no longer street cars and became pro mod ridiculous I think it was all about who had a bigger man handle I'm originally from Toledo ohio and when I had my first street car 92 fox body with a twisted wedge 306 the sold that and bought a 91 awd talon that I got into the 9 second bracket and took the car to Oklahoma and none of those guys wanted to race they acted like my car was slow and they didn't have time to get there asses spanked and I would have 4 slicks and half the weight and a 150 shot on the scramble I would have blew it up just to teach them guys a lesson they say they no prep but to me getting to put down mek and do a burn out is prepping to me and a ton of street lights at night Time where they race is like Florida in the daytime come on your pops probably says the same thing let those guys keep measuring their dicks because none of their cars a truly street cars and your still running leaf springs I think that's awesome and when are you and molly going to make pops a grandpa I know he will be tickled to death to be a grandpa so will mom's well brother next time I come up to Toledo to see family I would like to come and meet you and your pops till then keep it going OHIO'S in the house stay safe and fast

    18. John Clutch

      My first video I watched here. Great channel. Great editer.

    19. TheCanadianBubba

      Looked like a family show after the final... great sportsmen !

    20. Richard Tisdale

      Ole truck is looking good... now all she needs is a pearl white paint job

    21. Jay Hayes

      How hard is it to hit the like button? 71,000 views and only 3300 likes. I don't get it. I love Billy's videos. His family and friends are the coolest people.

    22. Tyler Chrise

      what part of ohio yall from? cuz it looks real close to me

    23. Burnice Caulder

      It' really nice to see how close you guy's are with Boston George you can see the friend ship ps. how's ole dirty 30 doing

      1. Mom Hoskinson

        Nick and Maddy will return next Spring with a whole new race car. (The Dirty 30 wrecked and burned). It’s also old and unique! Give their channel a follow - Bonnie and Clyde’s Hustling Horsepower.

    24. Eric Galloway

      Hope they are wearing their brown pants...

    25. cr9731


    26. Sloan The mechanic L

      Hey I have a 91 S10 turbo set up If you don’t mind me axing what transmission are you running and what’s the set up please

    27. Eddie Borden

      T2G Luke never ass hell

    28. Brady Mcconnell

      Friendship like that is rare these days both u guys are the best competitors I've ever seen and one of the best races I've seen yet !! Awesome job u guys Yee yee!

    29. Brady Mcconnell

      Hey I have to say that Tommy can drive but I think u got him who knows that's one I'd pay to see alot of money u guys inspired me to move forward with my luv truck I call luv n it! U guys are so lucky to have such a great dad and family

    30. Brady Mcconnell

      Dude I thought u had him on any given day other than this one u would've gapped his ass

      1. Brady Mcconnell

        It's always fun racing with friends though

    31. Jeff Brooks

      The s-10 really gets down Billy I can’t get over how well it works with such a fairly simple combination. The respect your dad has for all of the racers is mind blowing he’s out there putting in work helping out everyone. I think he helps them out so that he can keep a closer eye on them 😆 lol thanks SRC keep up the good work

    32. mike kowalski

      Great video

    33. Jeremy Davis

      Saw you on street outlaws race night in america last night. I like your name "Maverick" lol

    34. Bria Coffiel

      2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

    35. Todd Callen

      Time to get Eric on the glitter completely, I’d say he liked it!!!

    36. Joe Momma

      You need to brace that 9" rear !

    37. jamie muncy

      Congratulations to both of ya Eric & Billy, that was some fine ass wheel work💯💪🏻👍👍💪🏻💯


      Just one thing to say. No blowing smoke... But dad is a class act.

    39. Greg Madden

      Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    40. Paul Kiehlmeier

      That was quite a final race.

    41. Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood

      Bout time you put some nice shoes on ol' girl !

    42. Barry Ison

      I seen Eric on t.v. last night, he's in jj da boss race, racing 4, Kentucky's team... good luck 2, him. Thanks 4, sharing this video, good job Billy.

    43. Turbo John

      Those new wheels look great! Good racing!

    44. o. Gut

      Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

    45. Stephen Carr

      That's the issue with jumping street to track. Different setups needed. Track will normally take more and be more forgiving than the street. The street is unpredictable and takes a good setup with a great driver. Keep your head up casue your killing it on the streets. So you got it. Keep playing with the nonprep tracks and you will find your setup and be killing it there. Change your convertor for next time. Gotnget your data and build a tune for that track and send it. I got faith that you will dominate there soon enough

    46. Lorenzo Allen

      Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    47. minitrucker04

      Awesome video man!

    48. Bria Coffiel

      I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

    49. Ninja Funky

      0:20 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    50. Chris Kotch

      Whats the breed of dog i had a dog that looked exactly like june and i dont know the breed smartest dog ive ever seen

    51. Karl Morrison


    52. Hân Draws

      Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    53. Kimberly Bazzy

      Hell of a race

    54. Greg Madden

      Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    55. Billy Mark

      1:19 my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    56. Rusty Wells

      I gotta get me some of that stripper glitter!

    57. Rusty Wells

      Dammit Billy you need to put twin 88m on if your going to beat cars like Eric's!

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Or just put some John Deere fluid in my trans

    58. FunVic

      My bad... I did it. I thought to myself, "I've never watched a video where Billy got beat." Then this... Sorry. I won't think anymore. I'll just shut up and enjoy the show.

    59. o. Gut

      Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    60. Op1 zilla

      Nice racing, oh yeah I love the intro double bass all day

    61. Lorenzo Allen

      OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    62. William Kelly

      One hell of a final!!

    63. Eyeball Chambers

      Damn Billy! That killed my buzz 4real:( I gotta feeling that was your worst pass all night bro. Love yall

    64. That 95 Guy

      Mad respect you went out there and ran your best 🤙🏼🤙🏼

    65. Jessie Bro’s

      Who is these girls say they single molly gone get them

    66. Kenny Morton

      Truck sounds great what motor you running

    67. Jessie Bro’s

      Still got the baddest street truck in the world

    68. Austin M

      I guess this the kind of drag racing where you don't tell everyone your times? That red white and blue foxbody sure launches fast, it made for such a good race at the end. Just a car and a truck that hook up and go

      1. Rusty Wells

        low 5s mabey high 4s

    69. young11984

      That right there is what sportsman like conduct is all about, old man put you both in your line then let the drivers and vehicles determine the outcome. Good people for sure.

    70. David Hagenbuch jr

      Mr. Tv star now haha. Love how they change ur name to maverick. Just seen it tonight on street outlaws racenight in America

    71. Corey Kallmbah

      Love the simplicity of you and Tommy’s trucks . Stock control arms stock leafs and hangers , y’all definitely getting the most of of oem parts 👍

    72. Cody Coffin

      That must be maverick ....lmao

    73. Zane Howard

      Billy is fast. What’s scary is the s10 has more in it!

    74. Thunder Struck

      You’ll get them next time Billy awesome race brother

    75. send it

      look at the smile on his face

    76. Daniel Hicks

      Well damn.... the Scramble was scrambled. Still a great to all yall

    77. Dereck S Lewis

      Love this channel bro

    78. Chris Hansford

      Hello Maverick. Im watching street outlaws race night in America on TV and seen you race on there Guy jumped to give you sec win of the night.

    79. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      Great video and awesome coverage of the races.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        3.70 gear brother

    80. William Stamper

      The heart ticker suggests you have 4.88's out back but reality says 4.56s. If you read this and drop a bomb and say its got 4.30 or less its gonna change the way i view the world. Very curious Billy... Do you mind to answer? I had to edit my own comment...i personally believe you have a set of 4.30s on a spool out back...but would love to know the truth. Ive never actually seen data from your bad ass ride but sounds like you go thru about 7600 in the 660. Of course you dont have to tell and maybe you will throw a bone but its plastic and not real. It just never hurts to ask

      1. SRC Garage

        @GaMOPAR you are correct.

      2. GaMOPAR

        I can tell you.4,000 rpm off the start.Shifting at 7,000 going through the lights at the 1/8th at 7,000 the gear is 3.70 nine inch ford.If you watch allot of his videos and his FB WALL Billy and Bill have told this a few times.The same gear in Tommys truck.

    81. justin fitch

      Billy if u see this I seen u racing on a TV show called street outlaws: race night if America

      1. Cory Eakman

        So who's Maverick?

    82. Pierre Chouinard

      Absolutely the best channel on IRvision in my opinion, keep up the good work you guys deserve so many more subscribers than you have...

    83. Curtis Harrison

      Love for the competition, without them,it's beat the clock, the clock has no love.

    84. Karl Mawby

      Spider man, really Billy.......pops you the dad every kid wanted growing up love n Respect to you and let's give a Huge shout out to Mom's the lady who keeps it all together.......

      1. Karl Mawby

        @Stephen Northroup my bad not trying to b a Ass

      2. Stephen Northroup

        Deadpool, not spiderman

    85. gmc sierrahd sierrahd

      love the autism awareness sticks on that mustang my oldest son is autistic

    86. Steve Thuss


      1. Rusty Wells

        I think you might be right.

    87. Jared Hartman

      When do y’all plant your corn up there that stuff still looks green

    88. Robert Bradford

      Got to have your stuff wired tight when you race that Mustang,he is no joke!✌

    89. Peggy Patton

      Mom dad are so cool you guys are some bless boys love your dads channel he close to my age love your channel too I watch both but pops cool dude so is your mom with that being said race hard be safe god bless 🙏 lee

    90. Dale Steinecke

      Awesome racing guys Rims look amazing in the lights!!

    91. Seth N.

      2nd gear was revving to the moon and just not quite going like it should. Time for that thicker fluid your dad said or stator

    92. Billy T.

      My 2 favorite street racers in the final. And they did not disappoint. A great race by 2 really good people. Hope to see more.

    93. rjoudi1

      Hands down best channel with the best group of people...hands down!!

    94. Kaye Jaye

      I like to adopt me a good Blue healer pup. Live in Florida. Only goid ones in mid west. Lol. Love the channel.

    95. Mr Make It Worse Makes It Better

      Nice wheels

    96. GlocksNthings

      I thought u was gonna wrap ure truck in the dare devil them or something

    97. Triple Nickel 555

      DID THAT SIDE SAY “YOU CANT POST NOTHING ABOUT “STRIPPER GLITTER”? Question:WHY TF CANT YOU POST NOTHING ON HERE A OUT THE SG PREP?? Plz answer me,I have a whole gallon here & he seemed kinda like a smart a$$ billy. I will toss mine in the garbage & not buy another & I have a bunch of buddies that has been using it as well. PLZ ANSWER MAN!!

      1. Triple Nickel 555

        SRC Garage I just couldn’t hear exactly what was said & took it the wrong way lol, but stripper glitter it is on the 24th at the no prep & thx again for clearing that up for me 👊🏼👍

      2. SRC Garage

        Chevypowerdfox555 {Triple nickel} the guys at Stripper Glitter are very close friends of ours. Great group of guys.

      3. Triple Nickel 555

        SRC Garage thank you Bill for clearing that up pal. That makes since now

      4. SRC Garage

        That was the owner of Stripper Glitter. Eric is sponsored by Skinnies, and James was just explaining that he wouldn’t say anything about Eric using Glitter online

    98. Daddy shovel

      The IMPREGNATOR !!

    99. Timothy Goodsell

      And btw, dead pool costume was cool. Loved it💪

    100. Brooks Allen

      So close! Dad is a worker.