INSANE Power Wheelie, I SENT IT for $10,000

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    Street Racing Channel crew goes No Prep Drag Racing for $10,000 at Magnolia.
    I've never wanted to win a particular race more than this one. I made it to the finals two years ago and lost to Ralph the hooker in the finals, I got to watch him take home the big check and i've been after that ever since. I missed last years race due to parts failure, and I could not finish the race earlier this season due to parts failure. I did everything I could do take home the money this time. Watch the video and see if it was enough!

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    1. fordtechlife

      That Was Freaking Awesome 💪💪💪👊🇺🇸🔴🚘🔧🔧💯💯💯💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. Don Catherman

      That's what you need to do Billy focus on them races like that you did great kid I'm proud of you..❤️💯👍👍👍

    3. Don Catherman

      I've watched this video a few times Billy that is awesome... I could watch that pass against Boston George all day...

    4. ElectronicMechanic

      Went into high in the freaken air! Awesome job man!

    5. Trosviet Trosviet

      Bravo, super boulot ✌️

    6. Life in the 906

      Hey Billy great win! I'm new to your channel and I gotta say I'm loving it!

    7. Frank A

      Molly looking at that cash like it’s time to get my nails done!!!! Lol congratulations brother 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥

    8. Ron Ward

      One badass driver to go with a little badass truck. I'm looking forward to seeing you climb the ladder of success...God Bless

    9. John Mcmillen

      That truck is sick fast nice job

    10. Jason Thomas

      Don't leave yourself out, without your driving skills it wouldn't be possible either! Keep killing it big dog💪

    11. Black Waterdogs

      Excellent in every respect ! You`re a lucky man Billy !

    12. Timothy Kozlof

      Boston George got caught watching your wheelie and

    13. jon dewey

      Fucking awesome!! New meaning to shift "on the fly" 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Cecil Lay

      Nice gob my friend GB ya every race 😊

    15. Cecil Lay

      We eventually put a automatic in it with a 3000 stall an line lock to it made it alot easier to win

    16. Cecil Lay

      Me and my dad that would run like this with street tires we had an I rock engine in with a 5 speed stick shift in it it took off just like this one we had it maxed out of everything in it it would fly with slicks I miss it very nice running s10

    17. Arthur Bradley

      Your a daddys boy punk and its real easy to win if someone else is footing the bill ,.

    18. nitrofumes2012

      5:16 Epic! Had to order a hoodie! “I never lifted...”

    19. Ahmad Baghdadi


    20. Terrance Morgan

      I want to see you race donkmaster

    21. Jeff Kibzey

      Congrats to you guys. That is one BADASS S-10 and one bad Billy the KID. awesome you are one hell of a driver. Loved watching that wheelie. 🇺🇸🚦🏁👍

    22. Jordan Thomas

      No hurt feelings here man Just glad you won

    23. Michael Cuff

      You and the truck did ALL the talkin needed! Lol!

    24. Jason Sparshott

      That was bad ass !!

    25. Jeremy Toler

      Hell yea brother hell of a run!!

    26. Jeffery Hooper

      Get this guy a slot on the discovery channel fastest in America cause I believe he can whip Memphis by himself hahaha mfn truck is a rollin fast asf

    27. Diesel Les

      No need to be sorry because we all Love you and your family!

    28. 73hatchback

      You don't have to talk Billy, just do what you do. We love watching your passion.

    29. Arrow Phillips

      Hell to the yeah... amazing race and I didn’t even notice that you weren’t talking because I was on the edge of my seat praying that you win.. 🥳🥳🥳🥳 get that money bro. God bless

    30. Phillip Dean

      that wheelie pass was wild,badass. That nitrous G body that blew the tires off sounded mean af

    31. rexista1

      Your doing great no need to apologize.

    32. Andrew Hunt

      Got me trying to find a s-10 love that truck great job man

    33. Rhino Laws

      What happened with sherm bakers truck?

    34. Tennessee OutLaw

      i love this channel. the truck is cool as ever. the footage is the best on youtube. but all the races. all the wins. all the ups and downs mean absolutely nothing without family. this is all about family doing this together. and this is one beautiful family.

    35. Everett Koppen

      And Molly didn't kiss him in the winner cercel congrats on the win

    36. Scooby Doo

      Honestly I just wanna learn how I can get into this stuff my life is so boring atm

    37. JimmyJames1978

      That kid can DRIVE!!!!!!

    38. Charlie Times

      Amen brother!

    39. Mark Roberts


    40. silver bullet

      That truck is nasty,

    41. Daniel Ward

      You'd give Dave and Chuck a run if they were small tire

    42. MrBIGNAWD

      GREAT JOB...

    43. Shorev83

      Dude your a hell of a driver but damn man dont split the 10k bc the other guy says so. He knew you were going to bust his ass.

    44. MasterWitchDoctor

      why dont you put some paint on that ratty looking thing?

    45. Matthew Varnam

      Don't be sorry man that was awesome you did some driving bro. #1 Channel out there. Keep getting faster and always stay safe. God bless.

    46. Nick Sileo

      great driving job. good thing jims is 1/8 mile any faster and you will be in outer space.

    47. Curtis Chapman

      Nice job Billy!! Keep up the great work!!!

    48. Ventanakaz

      So Cool, Love watching your channel and Molly's channel

    49. Phill Black

      I look hung over.... LoL congrats though

    50. Gravity Racer GT

      Did he agree to split the money down the middle with the other guy??? If the guy you’re going to race in the final offers you the deal to split it down the middle it means he is scared. Don’t take the offer and bust his ass!

    51. Chad Brown

      Solid driving & fuckin sick man

    52. Phillip Fleming

      You said what you needed to say on the track, anyone can run their mouth. You always seem to do your best to back up your words. That why I love this channel.

    53. Night stalker Racing

      I am so proud of you Billy you put your mind to it and you did it when I saw your car for the first time I said damn that’s a fast car next time you go racing look for a black Malibu man and it has Dave Gebauer on the side that’s my dad

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Your dad is an awesome racer! Thanks for the love

    54. Lt

      Hell ya brother. Good win. Glad to see it.

    55. Ronn Sherrill

      You guys are killing it well deserved win!!!

    56. homer

      Absolutely love this family!! Dont know them personally but they make me so proud

    57. robs thrux14

      Hey Billy, don`t appoligise for the commentary, that sweet wheel ride said it all !!! WELL DONE Mister!!

    58. David Murphy

      When are u gonna race jj mate?

    59. jrdunnerable

      Thats awesome bud!! Congrats!

    60. Josh Bryant

      Drive that thang son!

    61. Marty Hibdon

      You got a bad ass truck but I like it a bunch good job

    62. Rondal Blanford

      Would love to see u guys come down to Brown County dragway in Beam Blossom Indiana sometime.

    63. Rick Flaharty


    64. Ken Thompson

      The next time someone tells me “Ya just can’t make a S-10 stick down any traction!” I’m not gonna say a word, I’m just gonna show em this video while I stand there smiling.😏

    65. Houston Texas #1

      Love how this kid whoops everyone’s ass and is humble at the end no smack talkin gotta love it 👏🏽

    66. Resk 11

      Badass man that thing pulls hard af!!!!!!!!!!

    67. Michael Crider

      No need to apologize, I’m a huge fan of yours. You always bring great content . That finish spoke for itself. 💯🤘

    68. Michael Crider

      Billy go take Memphis money . Wow what a pass.

    69. One Fast life

      Definitely driving that thing ! It’s hauling ass!

    70. Lee Vaughan

      We don't need to here you talk

    71. Alex Schwartz

      can we get a paint job on that little hot rod of a chevy lol

    72. John Mcmillen

      Awesome nice to see you win

    73. kmc 468

      Just watch this video. Damn your truck flies now I like your style it's all or nothing!!

    74. stinkinlincoln90


    75. millsmotorvation

      You drove that S10!! Congratulations

    76. Op1 zilla

      That was sum A+ Racing rite their ☝!

    77. Wayne johnson

      Great job!! You editing is on point!!

    78. Will B

      Congratulations on your win!!! No need for comments when it’s all for 10K! Real fans will understand. Keep up the hard work and doing what you do. Love the channel.

    79. Joelee Finn

      Wish I had your autograph!!!!

    80. Chris Winings

      That wheelie though

    81. Jordan Langdon

      No commentary needed man. You were on a mission that night and the results speak for themselves. You deserved the win! Some damn good driving out there

    82. Chuck York

      When in doubt....turn it up

    83. H Savage

      Awesome win in many ways. A few weeks ago when you were throwing alternator belts it appeared that everything was imploding on you. My comment at that time was ABC.. Adversity Builds Character. I am about your Grandpa's age. Built a 55 when I was 16. Built a 66 Chevelle SS when 20 and a 72 Nova of the style your Dad's loved in Why we race. I have twins 30 years of age that have the bug but there is 2 of everything. I admire following you, Tommy and your Dad's as it reminds me so much of my journey. I have a frame off restored Turbo GN methanol powered Buick and have resonated well with this 10 sec street car. The part that impressed me the most was the post log where you credited all those who surround you. But the tear came to my eye when you boldly spoke about how Blessed you are. And gave credit to God from which all things flow. Thank you Billy for your courage to say that.

    84. Captain Fishpond

      Bro. This was so dope!! Was the best race I been to in a loooong time

    85. Placebo

      There's plenty of time for talk once the racing's done. Well done, sir. That little trucks come a long way.

    86. Savvy P Q

      The truck sound a bit 💪💪💪💪than last time

    87. Dustin Hodgkinson

      Bro you never lift! You drive the dog shit out of that truck.. glad you finally won it!

    88. oglsx

      Dude Congratulations!! Truck is running amazing, the new turbos putting in that work ! 🔥🔥💪🏽

    89. Nissan Altima

      Congratulations on your win brother

    90. Paul Woelber


    91. Banshee 464

      Dont worry about the comments. Your video was still awesome good job bud.

    92. Mjr Burn

      Congrats young man it was awesome to watch and a well deserved win. Given Glory to God and staying humble = Respect...

    93. chefdan87

      I'll never understand why tracks allow people to stand on the track during burnouts and racing. That's asking for something bad to happen.

    94. Joe G

      I love the wheelies 👍👍👍

    95. Micah Maledon

      Good job man when you drive like there is nothing that needs to be said! Way to go!

    96. Noah Berndtson

      No apologies needed. When your racin, your truck is doing the talking=) congrats

    97. Zachary Phillips

      i would rather watch this all day than those guys with their million dollar cars. this truck is bad ass and built by him and his dad! Awesome!

    98. MrMattyDucati

      YES! good on you guys!

    99. john smith

      Did that car vs the wheelie run puke parts out there after the puff of smoke. Looked like bottom end bits bouncing down the

    100. Jim O

      That truck is haaaaauuuliiiin!!!!! Nice drivin!