Gorgeous Girl Experiences BOOSTED Street Truck!

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    1. Mike Davies

      She's a smoke

    2. Rodjea lamb


    3. Faceless Covers

      1:00 that's what he said, literally and jokingly

    4. james clough

      I hope she's your wife now she's a keeper

    5. Frankie Garza

      Ok. She's wifey material

    6. Howard Johns

      Brooooo she was flirting like crazy and smoking! Not to mention no bra! If you didn't lock that down youre a fool

    7. Renegade Radar

      she aint the one bro think with you upper head

    8. ssdtrain1

      Cute country girl... >:}

    9. Sherri Gaskin

      Where's Molly?

    10. Timo Y

      Your not gonna hurt this thing... thats what she said.

    11. Neburg

      jeeeeeez, has the looks and the brains

    12. Al Kennedy

      Look out molly , this girl is vary pretty beautiful woman 👩🏻 nice 👍 kool thanks, BigAl

    13. ws 2019

      Where's the part when he gets road head?

    14. Noel SVT

      wandering how she got that pimple by her right knee, is huge

    15. ken hall

      She may be cute, but not even close to molly,she is smokin

    16. Caucasoid

      Somebody got laid that night

    17. Rich Hauxwell

      My mom drove my 67 charger 2 weeks before I got to.. She cost me a lot of money. No one would run me by then, they already had been beat

    18. Janice Davis

      Hell yeah

    19. John Geary

      Just like money and being in a band! If it’s fast you get the ass!,,,

    20. Underground Boombox Podcast

      Daaamn bro u better tap that 😅😅

    21. thetongbowman13

      Old matey got laid that night.

    22. mark bellamy

      She is probably one of the best looking women in the world 🌎

    23. vectorm4

      Ehhh, the novelty of these type of video's is to see the girl scream with fearful glee.

    24. Bro mack

      I'm a year late but that chick is hooked!

    25. Bill Bixby

      Gorgeous?! Not sure about that one.

    26. Steven Peruch

      Was this before Molly?

    27. Steven Peruch

      Why is she driving without a belt on? But yeah, she is definitely a sweetie.

    28. james ozment

      Dude she is a bombshell! Better get that girl a ring...

    29. Mark Nelson

      Someone got some poon after this video was over hahahaha

    30. Paugh Eric

      I'd like to experience

    31. D T

      I will pimp my HYUNDAI ACCENT and do the same

    32. Dlc

      Oops didn’t realize it was an old video!!

    33. Dlc

      Whoa. Where’s Molly??

    34. FUBAR MOFO

      The hot rod is back at it! Droppin panties left and right!!! These girls are constantly messing with their hair, shows they are into you and the s10

    35. stlmikie

      What happed to this one Billy?

    36. Matt Calfee

      I almost felt bad for her being 🥶......almost

    37. Norm Davis

      SORRY not gorgeous

    38. Steve Powell

      What happened to his Blondie girlfriend?

    39. skate dude

      In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey Butane in my veins so I'm out to cut the junkie With the plastic eyeballs, spray paint the vegetables Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose Kill the headlights and put it in neutral Stock car flamin' with a loser and the cruise control Baby's in Reno with the vitamin D Got a couple of couches, sleep on the love seat Someone keeps sayin' I'm insane to complain About a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt Don't believe everything that you read You get a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve So shave your face with some mace in the dark Savin' all your food stamps and burnin' down the trailer park

    40. Craig Johnson

      My wife hasn't even driven my car...

    41. Graeme Couch

      Dump the truck but keep the girl.!

    42. chas barnes

      She looks like a keeper man if you can catcher.

    43. NovaBXNY Nova

      Damn bro hard to pick between girls in the S10. She seems like she enjoys it more though

    44. Joe Willey

      She is a keeper !

    45. starlin hembree

      Molly is better just saying

    46. Scott DeMaro

      Where did this young lady go? Where is she?

    47. tim bryant

      Omg that chic is hot as hell

    48. Dee

      Dang she was fine

    49. MrKveite1

      That girl is a winner...

    50. Joseph Lay

      Dqmnit that girl is the definition, of pure natural beauty! Nothing hotter to me than a girl that dont gotta wear alot of makeup, got 1 great smile an eyes that are just 👌! Billy send me her number since u wit molly now lmao!

    51. Wide Open Waylon

      Damn shes a very beautiful lady! Plus she likes hot rods....yea id be keepin her around. Well Molly is gorgeous too and she can drive her ass off so i cant say nothin to ya brother! Keep the good content coming!

    52. patt20b

      Holly shit this chickie babe is hot. I wish she was in love with me. I’ve never been able to meet a hot chick like her that is into cars. Every chick that I have met in the past has run for the hills when they see my cars. They I’m not getting into that. They have been shit scared of all my cars. Anyways. This chick is hot.

    53. Jd Davis

      Thought u had a gf

    54. Vapers Win

      Enjoy it or u might see her again in 20 years 5 kids later and shes double the weight, doing whatever illegal substance a guy who's about to sexually assault her is willing to give her to get what he wants. Js, life is strange. Shes a 10, good luck.

    55. Rider2006 1


    56. Woodywood 26

      Best quote of the video by Ms Gorgeous herself. ''Okay, woo I like that. That felt weird in my stomach!'' Billy ''yea'' Ms Gorgeous ''yea'' 😝😲😆!!! She might of actually said that after the ride as well, who knows tho! A racer never tells his secrets 😂

    57. Malier

      i thought he had another girl

    58. paulthesoundguy1

      Is this video older than when Molly came in the scene.......

    59. Johnny Turbo

      What you all don't know is she drives a 2600 HP mustang. Named Black Widow

    60. Grandmaster Sub-Zero

      A diesel will kill this S10

    61. nashmd454

      I know this is old and you and Molly are dating but dadgum this lady is gorgeous.

    62. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      Damn nipples poke n girl u no better than that

    63. Alafie Ofiao

      kwebbelkop as a girl

    64. Kevin N

      Absolute rocket 🚀 and I’m not talking about the truck

    65. Dean Thompson

      At the end she says I don't want to hurt it, lmao 😂😂😂

    66. Nathan Kelati

      She gave you the bop

    67. James 44 MAG

      I think she's cuter than the other girl. She don't act as scared as that girl that had the tattoo all the way down her arm which I don't like... She looks to be more your speed! natural curly hair too, she could be a keeper!

    68. Johnny Dammit

      Yea shes a cutie BUT! I liked your hs friends reaction better!😳🤣

    69. chris mooney

      I would of kept her around


      Man where do you find these Beautiful Ladies HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I got move

    71. Scotty :


    72. Jeffrey Vences

      No bra obviously not on purpose. 😜

    73. Leo dahood

      She’s a keeper 😉

    74. 2nd is the 1st loser

      Don't let Molly see this.

    75. abuckshort

      Shoulda kept her...

    76. Michael Reed

      What’s her ig lol

    77. Aj Lauzon

      Billy, bro, you found yourself a keeper right there. She's a doll and just a total sweetheart. Gotta give it up to her folks for raising her so well

    78. birdfire com

      hey guy, marry that girl, she'is awesome!!!

    79. Gene Mounce

      Pre Molly ...........torn between the two. meh, I'll still take the truck. :)

    80. zyskman78

      Marry her immediately!

    81. Dylan Cortese

      Molly is better lol

    82. Tasey Craft

      Shows up to your place on the first date with no bra. Something tells me she kisses on the first date. My man getting more skin then he’s lets on.

    83. Guy Bean

      1:00 Hahhaha oh yeah. You filthy dog

    84. echo man

      She cute but now your with another pretty women whooohooo

    85. KJ KJ

      She has a good dad you can tell, she is confident, goes to church and loves cars

    86. Mustang Guru

      I like Molly the best.

    87. David Jaime

      Where was Molly?

    88. Mbaye Aziz

      can you hear this engine idle hmmmmmmmmmmm

    89. Fillin Chillin

      Smashing I’m hoping

    90. michael stroud

      Molly’s not gonna like you Tom catting around. 😎

    91. Robert Lafrance

      Truck sounds nice


      I'll 2nd that ..... Cute Girl and no Bra and nice .........

    93. Gabe Hilliard

      Damn almost a year old and i still keep coming back to watch it 🤣🤣🤣 👍

    94. GuadaluP MOrenO

      Well that does it I'm building me a truck😄🤘

    95. OnfloorAudio

      First time I've seen you smile ....

    96. Max Reps

      i just realised the title sounds like a porn title but just 3 words changed



    98. Jeremy 77

      Right hand drive for a minute.

    99. Cherry Berry

      She was smoke weed or needs to be

    100. Country Prepper

      I would chew through them shorts just to get to that. 😆🔥