1300+ HP S-10 DOMINATES Street and Track (Memphis)

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    Street Racing in Memphis, Drag Racing at Memphis International, can't wait to come back again and race with our Memphis 10 Family!
    Hope you guys enjoy our perfect weekend on the Street and on the Track.
    Shoutout to Memphis 10 / Revlimit RP: irvision.info/tree/3PpcnzT87s3bGUJCX3B8LA
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    1. Street Racing Channel

      If you want a Draggin ass on Race Gas hoodie as seen in the video, check out streetvandal.com 👍🏻

      1. russ collins

        Do you have any "PUT THAT SHIT ON THE TRAILER" T-shirts

      2. teknoäijä

        you should post your times since you speak about them.for us racers those numbers matter and are of interest.i consider myself a hc street racer having raced a plethora of engines in 2 cars.if you are interested in keeping us interested you know what to do,pun intended.like i said,i raced well over 10 yrs starting with 1965 chevy II 355 lt-1 and traded it to 64 malibu 396 and 4 speed.it s actually 15 yrs i raced and built car+engines+trannies etc.i do have quite a lot of experience on streets.if you do read this personally and have questions no one seems to know the answer to,try me!!

      3. deegan727

        My money would have been on you.

      4. Ashley Irwin

        Nice drivin brother!👍

      5. 79tazman

        Come on Billy you gotta celebrate with cookies!! lol!!

    2. Tom Rose

      Spencer took them boys hundred dallas. Betting against billy what was they thankin

    3. Jay Dobbins


    4. mike foley

      your boy needs a big tire car to. As good as he wheels that truck, he's ready for the big time. love the videos

    5. Michael Cuff

      Lets celebrate wit cookies!!

    6. Michael Cuff

      People talk shit when their scared. They saw what that S10 could do.

    7. Robert Nolan

      Hell ya ,,, she was Squirrley there for a bit but y’all dialed her good at end. dam fine racing Billy!!

    8. Eyeball Chambers

      Who's back from a year ago watching these videos??

    9. Jose Araiza

      First time on your channel, and I am hooked. I really appreciate how humble you are. Too many loud mouth disrespectful people in the racing scene these days. Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming. Sweet video editing too.

    10. John Sargeant

      Deffently a good job, and good people for sure.

    11. Tom Rassier

      That Cookie Monster GPS...

    12. MasterWitchDoctor

      its time to ditch that antique small block and put an LS engine in there. theyre cheap at a junk yard, cheap to build, and are a whole lot faster than the old small blocks. turbo charged ive seen 4.8s cranking out 2500 hp.

    13. Joseph Cummings

      Ole boy in the Blue Mustang needs to learn how to drive his own damn car lmao

    14. David Carpenter

      @ 7:20 ... Get'n lots of respect ,,, from the other racers ... Now they can " put that shit on the trailer " ,,, I heard you ,,, now go get your money ... love you guys ... thanks ... Dave ...

      1. David Carpenter

        hell ,,, y'all won the side bet too ,,, that was gas money and supper ... Get'r done ... D ...

    15. Barefoots Backyardbuilds

      I hope my truck can run with ya soon

    16. paul madden

      Well done on your efforts let your driving do it for you .Keep humble as you and dad are and thanks for taking us along for the ride ......H.T.C.F.

    17. robert survis

      You and your dad definitely have your setup figured out to be a monster.. love the content guys!! Hope to see you at track some day soon.. I’m almost done with my car well not done just getting her back on road after 15yrs.. garage find my boss got and gave me for Christmas lol

    18. Martin Corbitt

      Great run!!!!!!

    19. Crider Welding /Fabrication

      Badass s10 man I love that truck. Iv also got a turboed s10 but mine ain't on your level yet... badass channel man I love it

    20. Angel Tijerina

      I need to get a shirt

    21. Scott Riddle

      Love your channel keep doing what you do. God bless you and family. Great job.

    22. lvan baylis

      The kid cleaned up that weekend in the money

    23. Victor Hex

      SRC has a very awesome cine person. Every video is pro quality! " Put that s*** on the trailer" for the WIN ! 23:35 everyone wins in brotherhood. Well done.

    24. James Gordon

      Enjoyed the races 🏁 got the money 💰 😎


      I love that little truck

    26. Rob Gieseke

      Y’all are the real deal,much respect from Louisiana.....🤟

    27. James Moreira

      Ever need a garage to park if your racing in poconos u can park it in the garage I have

    28. LsBluu Media

      This truck is goals for mine!

    29. Winford Riner

      Atta job Slim

    30. Genifer Teal

      I'm watching this video for the first time as you're driving to Memphis I think. And the first thought that comes to my mind is where you going to park the trailer with the car to keep it safe. Just then you unload the car and comment that it's at a safe location. Glad you had something in mind. When it's at the track at least you can camp out with the car. I did a hotel my first away track race because I didn't know better. It all worked out but I won't do that again.

    31. papalam5102

      Great vids!!

    32. Daniel Ward

      Whooooooo! Put that shit on the trailer!!

    33. Ken Carter

      You need to download the Wookie or Sasquatch voice!!!

    34. TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N

      I've said it 100x...the dudes with the loudest mouths in the pits typically don't even have a car, and if they do it's either "Broke" or slow AF!! Good job young man, you and Pops did a jam up job!!

    35. Dan D.

      Lol @Cookie Monster!

    36. Dan D.

      Great video and Congrats on the win! Go S10 Go!!

    37. Stacia Tabler

      Shut him up real quick that’s ohio

    38. LIFTEDIT1

      This shit was amazing - top notch driving and one helluva machine that I can't even begin to comprehend. BUT - I happen to know for fact that Cookie Monster will ask you 10x back-to-back if you "think he want cookie?" He had to gtf off my Waze. Especially on those state-to-state trips; couldn't do it. I'd be surprised if pops hasn't changed his tone by now

    39. Kyle L

      "PUT THAT SHIT ON THE TRAILER"...........Rick Flair wwwwwwwwoooooooooo

    40. Chase Morse

      Watchin you beat the stand was awesome run ya car not ya mouth

    41. Jay Hayes

      like he had gorilla glue on dem tires boy!

    42. Larry Arnette

      So glad the kid beat his ass. Shut those loud mouth assholes up. Shouldn't even allow those ignorant people on the track. Wish he would of totaled that mustang

    43. Vincent Robinson


    44. Terry Jones

      enjoyed that one

    45. D D

      Bro said " PUT THAT SH** ON THE TRAILER!!!" I was mad hyped about it

    46. 2 Lane Boogie

      I watch this damn video all the time man, its my favorite ever. I’d give anything to travel and race with my pops behind me

    47. William Hungate

      Congrats Billy all the hard work is paying off . I really enjoy watching your channel, keep up the good work .

    48. Don Schofield

      Proverbs 16;18 Goes Kind a Like This 'humility before honer and pride before the fall'!.. A fool utters his Heart, But a wise man waits until afterword... Proverbs 29;11 You Guys Played it right..NO PUNK BULL SHIT.. YOU KEPT YOUR COOL. AND GOT THE WIN! That is what i like to see.

    49. Eric Washington

      I love your truck

    50. rick burton

      you go billy the kid i love this channel iam from dayton oh good a fellow ohian out there kicking ass!!!!!!!

    51. SLIMZD

      Dude a wheel man and that take talent every man think he can be a wheel man but dude no he a wheel man

    52. Jordan Sheehy

      You got one damn fast car man grate job

    53. Michael Edwards

      Awesome driving brother. Let the S-10 do your talking for you. Much Respect brother. GaMike 82fxwg

    54. George singletary

      Lol you always get the bye run in almost every event you go too.. #fastasss10

    55. Travion Perkins

      You smoke that blue one mustang

    56. Eric Dome

      Take all there money and runn lol nice work

    57. Michael Lane

      You did drive the shit out of that truck man DAMN!!!!!!! You had me screaming fuck yeah in the living room watching this!!! You are one hell of a driver man for sure!!! Please stay safe man I love watching your videos!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    58. Jeremy Gilreath

      One bad sob bro!! Keep them wins and video coming takes me back to my younger years of being at the drag strip every weekend

    59. Marlin Summerour

      Hey SRC thank you for showing the boys that OHIO has fast things too... Middletown Ohio here OH........IO

    60. Zachary Hoopes

      So flipping calm and then the adrenaline hit..."put that shit on a trailer!" Then calm again.. hahah I love it

    61. Chris Groves

      Why don't you get a paint job?

    62. Tray Evans

      I never count the truck out. Always puts in work!

    63. Jack Smith

      Good race better save for the mustang

    64. Robert Williamson

      Great racing. Love your channel and your down home family approach.

    65. Wesley Wood

      What is the combination in this truck???? That thing sticks and gets it!!!

    66. Christopher Barth

      I'd definitely put a hundred bucks on the s10

    67. D H


    68. AnalogAssassin1

      And @ 11:11 I can say I was right...rep that shit.

    69. AnalogAssassin1

      I am 9:04 in.... I already am hitting subscribe in March of 2020...Old school 40 year old from SoCal underground OG scene saying you did right by the old school already at the mark I have seen halfway through.

    70. Gary Burbank88

      Badass s10 bro keep up the good work

    71. Thanawat 93

      สุดในรุ่น เอาใจเชียร์ FC.Thai

    72. William Don

      Smoked him, that’s S10 is badass I’ve always loved v8 s10s. One of these days. One of these days

    73. Gary Clarke

      S10 dad's cool dude.....s10 is the og sleeper....


      "GOOD" DRIVING " the mustang pulled it out,,,,,He came inches from the wall.


      KID is a BADASS --Mustang pussy NO WAY can drive better then the KID..The front wheels came off the ground so he had no Steering! He corrected like a Champ !


        I found you all while sitting this Terrorist attack (Virus) Out ! THANK YOU for making this hard time Bearable..!


      WAY TO GO KID! It got away from you but you Grabbed Control Fast.Loved the "LOOK" over at the Hellcat after you got control !!!!!!!!


      I lov the cars don't get me wrong, But I watch because of the Hotty.The blond is fine,,,,,,,


        The Kid, He is a BADASS. I wish i had that kind of life when i was younger.He seems like he has his shit together !

    78. Rogue Patriot

      I bet that was the best feeling to shut that dudes mouth. Awesome racing took place there. Congrats

    79. Allen Poe

      Dude he was playing on your mind. Just trying to trough off, don't mean nothin. you were the one to beat the guy in the blue stang was worried. So his friend tried to "scare" up the victory. You handled it fine. lol Too many people don't realize how much lighter a compact truck is, when set up for racing, then a full sized car.

    80. Carlos Quintana

      The is a little bad ass truck👍👍

    81. Jeff Jankiewicz

      Draggin ass and takin cash! Nice job, that is one BADASS S-10.

    82. asianphoenix808

      Great driving dude! Best way to shut up them loudmouths who don't even drive! Supporting your channel all the way!!

    83. BIGGDADDY 81

      I love it when you got a shit talker and you get to show them up when I was your age I love print those smart ass mullet heads on the trailer. They would talk shit about my 70 Nova SS till I put them on the trailer then they would talk shit about my 96 s10 383 stroker and I'd put them on the trailer and they would wait two weeks and still talk shit again come back saying someone cut a plug wire or unplugged one or something then we'd do it again. I like y'all's whole lil crew , y'all got it going on and I screenshot that picture of your grandparents driving the 55' to show my wife how awesome. Y'all keep it up I'm going to build another s10 and go twin turbo but I don't know if I'll be able to get anything done checking out my wife on leggings . You know what I mean brother .

    84. Bob Obrien

      Truck is a monster!!

    85. Chris Vance

      Launches hard!!!

    86. Zac Herrmann

      Big fan of your videos. Truck is bad ass. Look forward to watching your videos.

    87. J Ho

      That was fucking bad ass bro. Just found your channel but that truck is a great setup.

    88. Danny Hodge

      Some nice street racing

    89. Joe Seda

      THAT my speed loving friends is nothing but pure driving TALENT! I have driven some wicked machines, but that truck would definitely bring the crap out of me.

    90. Joseph Heffle

      That's what you get for being mouthy mustang bitch😂

    91. trevor kindley

      the boy has got it...thats all i can say...love that truck

    92. Grey Wolf67

      Just found your channel. Great driving against that blue mustang brother. Congrats on the win. Love the channel.

    93. austin parker

      Ive been watching your videos for awhile being an Ohio man myself. love the truck first off. but what I love most is how the interior is still "stock". thanks for the content

    94. Bruno Duerr

      Love Cookie Monster where did your dad get that ?

    95. Pedro Portalatin

      Hi my name is pedro love watching your IRvision channel . God bless you and your family peace

    96. Eddie Wilson

      Holy shit what a race! Ate that mustang!! You should be proud for life man!

    97. Eddie Wilson

      Love it man awesome truck!

    98. Bill Baggins

      I like your attitude.. Never mouthing off, staying calm and sitting quiet because you're letting your iron speak for itself. The hardest part of watching these videos is listening to all the mouths spewing their crap knowing it's nothing but air. Keep your mind set the way it is. Great video!!

    99. Busy Wondering

      Dude in the end with the red hoodie sound like pyrexx and looks like him other than tattoos

    100. Keith S

      Drag racin and shit talkin goes hand in hand but DAMN I love dishing out high doses of Foot in Mouth disease! Ive had the pleasure of doing that myself on more than 1 occasion. I just stay quiet and smile. Drive that bitch! And hell yeah brother 👊🇺🇸🤘