Find yourself a girl that loves Drag Racing! (Promo)

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    Find yourself a Girl That Loves Drag Racing, and then take her to Marion County Raceway August 10th!
    Instagram: @MotorsportsMolly , @StreetRacingChannel
    Her Channel:
    Song: Morgan Wallen - Up Down

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    1. Street Racing Channel

      Subscribe to her channel also! She just started it so show some love, she’s a racer also.

      1. Arturo Zarate

        Plenty of love and respect for the two of you. Never take for granted how much one does for the other. Winning at home is best foundation for winning on the street, track, or anywhere else.

      2. jamie muncy

        Street Racing Channel Done. Didn’t get to come to KD with Dopey other night we missed it.My grandpa has been really sick he took a stroke here while back but I heard you had a great turn out. Glad to see the channels growing too. Good luck buddy, great job and hope you got some killer video from the race💯💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯💯

      3. Daniel Brealey

        Your a funny man, Billy! I WISH i could get the misses down the track with me. I'm sort of waiting until my boys are old enough to come down and spend a whole day there without complaining they want to go home. Our tracks in Australia aren't quiet as kid friendly- we can't just let them run around being kids at the track for fear of safety concerns. Oh well, one's 10 and the other is 5- give me a few years and I've got a pit crew that will literally work for food! 😅😅😅 LOL! On ya guys. Love your work

      4. 303StreetMachines

        Subscriber 176 👍

      5. Bob Murphy

        Man I never hit the sub button so fast. Thank u I’ll be watching

    2. Denise B389

      Great ad for the channel!

    3. Dean Herington

      Oh rub it in some more. Way to cool to be real. All car guys want a Molly. No matter how old we are!!!

    4. Christopher Lester

      I am looking for one like the cute little lady you got.

    5. mike kowalski

      Great video

    6. john dodd

      She could wear her boots and eat crackers in my bed anytime ❤️🥴

    7. Hoss Cartwright


    8. Brent Dreese

      Awesome video, best wishes and safe travels

    9. Curtis Chapman

      Kickass video!! SRC shows the Roots of Real Car Racing not the big money machines but the Homegrown Racers from the small & big Towns that want to prove they have the muscle in there car to beat you down the drag strip! Pure fun with sum money on top for the top dog to put in there car to make it faster on the Race Day! Love it!!

    10. Lucas deGroff

      I would eat Molly a$$ from Toledo,Ohio one toime be fine wit me

    11. Jay Palmer

      not only is she cute but so is he, luv your vids. keep them up.

    12. djm93


    13. R R

      Where's molly at?

    14. James Shirrell

      Yep she is beautiful

    15. GrimmRetro

      You certainly got lucky man not only is Molly absolutely gorgeous , she's a true motor head

    16. Johnny Amador

      Texas, videos getting cool.

    17. Joseph Valentino

      Love’n the video quality work

    18. Norman Johnson

      She is absolutely gorgeous!

    19. _ DEVSTER _


    20. jt rich

      Christ what a gem. Cant wait for the proposal video😭

    21. 55Dag

      This boy has got it figured out.

    22. Florida armed civilian

      You’re a lucky man billy! Your channel is badass. Keep the vids coming man and marry that one sir!!! Love from Florida

    23. Clemson Tiger fan

      She's gorgeous!!!!!!

    24. Tonetwisters

      Molly. My dream girl.

    25. Caleb Brannan

      I love that sexy foxbody I have a 1988 foxbody ttop 347stroker 600hp I race at empire dragway

    26. rifleman1873

      Hell ya!!

    27. Getting It Done North Of 7

      You guys captured the drag racing community in a great way with this video! Just found your channel. Love it!

    28. Juul de Bock

      you lucky lucky man!!

    29. Arrow Phillips

      Ass for days.....get some 🥵

    30. MrBanaanipommi

      i wish to get a girl that at least loves working on cars and driving them.. :C

    31. NeilLB7

      Ya guys find someone who likes this stuff. My wife thinks owning a bicycle is an "OBSESSION" and frowns on it. I have two push mowers and it's my "OBSESSION". As you can owning a drag racing car is out of the question. It's been a life long dream...but it would certainly be the grounds for a divorce without doubt. So remember that. If she isn't enthusiastic about what you like and vice versa...move along. Also remember....don't wait forever to have kids. And when you do...everything changes whether you think it will or not.

    32. Jamie Dalluge

      Where r u from??

    33. Mr. Whitefolks

      What a hottie ❤️

    34. hunterdep1

      Im pretty sure we have all wished for a girl like that our whole life but the numbers seem to be 1 in 20million or so so aint much hope for most of us then you find your self old,unhappy and still wishin so guess in sayin enjoy and appreciate it and be happy fur the resta us poor bastards that hand to fold um far before we got the chance at that winnin hand 😕🤟😝🤟

    35. David Payne

      Finally somebody that gets it thank you

    36. Jonathan Franjko

      Whoever thumbed down this video need smacked in the mouth, bad ass content SRC, keep it up, love watching your videos!

    37. PublicScoolFTW

      She's alright I guess. I mean, if you like smokin' hot blondes with bangin' asses.

    38. Bobby Sanders

      Better put a ring on it before somebody else does. I`ve seen it happen.

    39. Edward Fast

      Great video!💖

    40. daniel smith

      ✝️🇺🇸👍 🤔 finding a girl like that the odds are more likely to win the lottery every time you play ! your one lucky man you better thank God

    41. Ricky Burford

      Molly looking better all the time

    42. Bigpappa Xxx

      Dude, the world would love to still that lady of yours. Cleaning, polishing parts, hanging out in the garage, and now fishing! OMG! Starting races, you treat her better than a queen and spoil her. Best of luck this season,and keep the videos coming. More content with your fathers wisdom and comments.

    43. Mike Pendergast

      Because a lot of the time they don’t exist

    44. Husky 14

      God bless you, that stunning woman and country music

    45. clint hotrod Patriot

      lookin good Sherm. looking good Billy. rubix cube fox body too

    46. Andrew Brent

      This video is just awesome, love it!!!!!

    47. Robert Abbott

      Find yourself a girl that loves drag racing I think you got the last one and probably the best one I'd hold on to her if I were you

    48. Robbie Frentz

      A woman that hot I could put up with a whole lot of batshit crazy. Just saying 😈😈😈

    49. Annonymus

      nice :)

    50. shiruban ike

      God bless America!

    51. Tomas Kalinauskas

      Super girl. Whishes.

    52. Oper8or

      OH i found mine on the second try. I got a woman that fishes, hunts, guns, drives, races, and shakes it when its out. I got the best and cutest in the land.

    53. Matthew Lewis

      Wish my parents would of supported me with a race car. Unfortunately i wasn't born into money. It's not that hard to find a girl who likes people with money

      1. Matthew Lewis

        @catmodelt honestly that's good to hear. I'm happy for you

      2. Matthew Lewis

        @catmodelt wish i had your luck

    54. eugene johnson

      wait! you guys are from ohio??

      1. eugene johnson

        holy hell you guys are 30 min away if that is accurate in the description

    55. Reel Tech

      Bulshit. Get yourself an ugly one... With no friends.

    56. Kristopher Parker

      They no ladys that likes drag racing

    57. Matt Welborn

      Bad ass. Great job😎

    58. Taylor

      Too many dudes, not enough moly..... gotta give ya a thumbs down. Bait and switch

    59. Todd Nash

      35 yrs together. 3 kids. 4 gbabies. She went into labor at street race. To the hospital in 70 big block chevelle open exhaust and m/t slicks no a/c. And still president of my fan club. First one to start loading up to go. I'm luckiest guy I know!!!!!!!

      1. Todd Nash

        @catmodelt very lucky and blessed. Lol. We have bunch of chevelle. Camaro. And couple nova's. Since 1984. We now have nostalgia front engine digger. And she still puts up with me. Lol. I have friends who just dont understand it. Lol.

    60. Roger BENNETT

      good golly miss molly! That ol nova is just a grinnin he he !!!!!!

    61. Brayden Wood

      I wish.. Damn.

    62. Jonathan Olsson

      My wife doesn’t care long her car payments are made lol

    63. Ari Vat

      Finding a "Girl" is easy, finding A honey like Molly - well - not so easy.

    64. 445 Videogates

      Love this video,reminds me of old times ,super awesome job

    65. Roger Brown

      Molly is the Best!!! Gorgous!! Luv the hair! And she can drive it!! like she stole it! Lucky man!! Wow!!!

    66. Brian Emery

      One of the best videos I've seen

    67. mwwilli8803

      Where do you find one of those models of girlfriend,i just traded my old one in

    68. Manning Machine

      Great video.

    69. Naithan Sischo

      You need to marry that girl like ASAP

    70. Jose doroteo El grano de oro

      Dammm molly estás buenísima dammm

    71. adam percle

      Bro ur video editing is flawless!! What software do u use???

    72. Phil McKrakin

      More Molly, less Holly next time.

    73. Your Face

      I thought it said (porno).

    74. Steve's Shed

      Not sure how you stay focused whith that wonderful lady at your side. Hope you two are life long friends !

    75. Joseph Bufano

      Motor Sports Molly!

    76. Tom Tucker

      That music sucks so bad that I couldn't watch the video. Music in non music videos is a real deal breaker.

    77. Zachary S.

      No true race fan cares about your first cuzn bro! Paint it and drop it and race it already damn!!!!

    78. Zachary S.

      ..or find yourself a paint shop and a suspension shop to paint it and drop it quick like!!!

    79. John Dienst

      BAD ASS 👍

    80. 57 RED ROOSTER

      OH MY.....

    81. John Martin

      Well them seem hard to find. I only get the ones that want to argue rather I love them more than the race truck. Btw I want a peice of that green stepside square body pick-up. Twin turbo ladder bar on 10x28.5nonw full-size Chevy Silverado. It's heavy weighs 4,800 pounds 😇

    82. tinycat06

      Make a video off the hottie releasing the trans brake button !!!

    83. IIIRotor

      finding one of those... t's like finding the 1/2" wrench when you need it... You know you have 3 of em... so where are they....

    84. Dan Brown

      Emelia Hartford and Emily Reeves are going to have to up their game. Finally someone who realises that to a Man, Cars and Girls are the best things in the world. Everyone seems to have this unwritten rule, "Thou shalt not Video your wife or Girlfriend" We want to see more women!!

    85. John MARK

      When America is divided and ruled by four, then ALL this will fail in significance.

    86. Hoonya Mapes

      Don’t let her get away ever!!

    87. Sean Mayo

      Hit that puss like I hit that throttle

    88. Christian Smith

      That song is way better to that video,!

    89. chris Garland

      Wow awesomest video ever country music and drag racing and pretty lady's

    90. Jason Breeding

      Got me 1 she wants to go to promod race for our anniversary 😎 and bad ass truck sir you need to come back to English mountain again

    91. Merlinmech

      More girl, less cars lol

    92. Pia Bayetti

      Lame song ...


      Damn can I barrow her, that s10 is so sexy 😍 the blond is kinda cute but rather barrow s10....I can fix that if it breaks

    94. merrill mitchell

      Awesome video and good times. But right after the first shot of her butt when the guy is coming across the spectator parking lot with one kid on his shoulders and another one walking, without a car or a girl is what usually what happens after a little time. The man ends up sacrificing everything for his children, which is awesome but hard.

    95. ISEE YOU

      Great Video...

    96. Chris K

      Thats where my 10mm socket went @ 0:41

    97. Stealthee 3k

      Not a country music fan, only clicked for the girl. Also, for some reason I thought this might have been a "how-to" video. LOL

    98. Old men rule racing

      Seems to be a keeper!

    99. Shoeless b

      Let em drive your car !

    100. Hyundai of russellville

      Bro loving it