DIG OR DIE : $20,000 Race & More

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    From Crashes, to Close Finishes on SKETCHY surfaces the action was intense and every driver was gunning for that $20,000 at Dig or Die No Prep. The streets were also full of racers from all around the country who were testing for the big money race.
    Watch Til the very end!!!
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    1. Tj Abdon

      Love the videos

    2. John Mathews

      Loved it great video

    3. Brian Palmer

      U should change the paint u had it for I while

    4. k.stynes

      man the quality and content of these vids is great, got me hooked

    5. Shane Brauchie

      Always the head gasket

    6. -Buddy

      Fuckin rights billy, I couldn't take the littles man place for first but I'm definitely a huge fan man. You're literally living my dream

    7. Alex Speyrer

      “I wanted so bad to put it on the break right next to him” 😂 billy the kid the peoples champ

    8. Late Model Fabrication

      Props to the kid and his Dad ( and brother?) for making the journey to support and meet you guys!!! Maybe he will get behind the wheel when hes old enough and give you a run for your money!!

    9. Rodney Kimsey II

      I was at your testing spot in Charlotte on the street the following week after dig or die. It was really cool knowing you and your dad were racing right beside one of my job sites. I even got a pic of the tree that got smacked by the fox body. Keep up the great content and the editing just gets better and better man. I’m a Huge fan of you guys.

    10. Million Dollar Reaper

      Hope that Silver car can be repaired back to 100% again

    11. shawng7902

      My Lord that 57 was beautiful! Boston George put it on his arse but man that car was pretty

    12. shawng7902

      anyone else wondering why that fire hydrant was dead in an industrial park like that? What a hit, glad he got out of it

      1. boostismyfriend

        There a is check valve that shuts it off Just in case someone runs it over like this.

    13. Matt Brooks

      Boston George has his car dialed the f in!

    14. Garrett Hall

      The production value on your vids has increased TREMENDOUSLY and it certainly won't be long till the channel really takes off with content like this

    15. Lamb Chop

      Truck looks good billy, was neat seeing you here in south jersey my neck of the woods, sorry it didn’t go so well but hell thats racin.

    16. Maximum Energy

      Ricky Bobby is @ 7:40


      Hell yaaa!! #got gap 😂😂😂😂

    18. Daniel Biddix

      Yet another bad ass video can't wait and see what's happening in 2020

    19. jorjorbinks89

      Te next kid...JEFF

    20. Kooter859

      So are you going to take up bad daddy Braddy on his call out cause I don't think he's ready for that smoke lol

    21. MrShark4488

      1 of these days after the new year i might stop by and buy a hoodie if thats ok,i live in Hebron.

    22. theodore jackson

      Billy the kid must be a lumberjack cause he be cutting the tree 🌲 down

    23. Larry Green

      awesome shit man! love that bad ass truck

    24. Randy Graham

      Love IT Bad

    25. Joe Patenaude

      Looked like brown sugar

    26. curtis settles

      Where the hell are yal racings. Looks like a subdivision.

    27. Dylan David Adams

      Every video I watch of you man, that truck never loses. Such a monster.

    28. bleep blop

      13:25 this is why yall deserve everything you have and more that boy gonna remember that for life

      1. jorjorbinks89

        He will be the next generation grudge racer

    29. IB raunchy

      Billy , have you o-ringed the block and used ARP head studs ?

    30. TKOUTLAW1

      Damn fire hydrant,I hope that guy in the mustang is okay.

    31. 79tazman

      Santa and Rudolph driving the S10?? What happen his sleigh was not fast enough so he took the S10 instead?

    32. 79tazman

      Glad to see your taking the wins and bringing home the bread :) that was bad ass he got gaptized

    33. 79tazman

      Damn now that Fireball Mustang was on fire!!! That's the fastest I have ever seen someone get out of their car and I don't blame him one bit glad he was safe but his car was cooked

    34. Jason Weed

      Living the dream, do your thang...... Billy ttf

    35. Shit Box

      Glad the dude in the mustang was ok! Hazing the tires on the highway with the Christmas tree was the best part of this whole video. 😁👍🏻

    36. jamie muncy

      Christmas in Ohio, AWESOME 💯💯 I miss Columbus a little, I lived there 6 years, that’s where my wife’s from💯 Bill you remember a Terry Muncy from the South End? He passed a few years back but he had a red Vega big tire car they raced on the street him and his son Turtle. Boo Arthur shot and killed Turtle bout 7 or 8 years ago. Just wondering if you had ever ran into him. Merry Late Christmas & hope y’all have a great new year and 2020 victory’s💯💯

    37. tdfitch

      that mustang got fuuuuuuuucked up

    38. Jay Hayes

      Another great video and thanks for my SRC swag I received in the mail yesterday.

    39. JV_VLOGZ

      Great video !

    40. Michael Rodney

      Thanks for the videos....great content! Happy holidays to you and your family.

    41. Charles Greer

      Love the way Billy shows his real street truck in action. Drives it all over town and even goes and gets the Christmas tree in it.

    42. derrick collins

      I love your channel have been watching for a while now can't wait for the next video to drop. Please tell Molly to put something out we will watch her channel to every time i check your channel i check hers but nothing.what's up with her car we want to see it.

    43. Myles

      Great way to end 2019! Here's to 2020 and the SRC Team!! Happy New Year!!

    44. toms5oh

      that's an old PRO 50 car

    45. Jamessr23

      Why do millennials have to change the names of everything? It’s street racing...

      1. Narcissistic Racing

        When in the video was it called anything other than street racing

      2. Jamessr23

        @Narcissistic Racing ask your father...when it was two guys at a light

      3. Narcissistic Racing

        Jamessr23 what does that even mean ?

    46. orange avocado

      How many racecars in the world carried their own Xmas tree home? Badass man BADASS!!!

    47. fourwheelerjock

      Good stuff as always. Hope you all had a merry christmas!

    48. David Windsor

      Lucky the crash wasn't bigger. Still bad. 😬👍

    49. TheCanadianBubba

      2:42 Heads up starter guy ! So if you had of taken that last guy you would have been in the split ? Thats gotta bite especially needing the top end sussed out again. Hope you all had a great Christmas... see you next year !

    50. GYT DayDay

      Who owns John doc brown sugar now?

    51. Bradley Dunagan

      to many bystanders on the line getting dangerous

    52. Rafael Sanchez

      Great video like always merry christmas and happy new year. 2020 u better call out john doc his been running his mouth about u.

    53. Vincent Dombrowski

      Probably could have gave Sammy a little credit first round of small tire. Seemed like you maybe edited it so that we didn't see you on the scramble button right away lol

    54. Tyler Q

      Great video!!! Keep it up!

    55. Augden Fischer

      You could get over for the officer a little bit more just to be a nice guy. Edit unless you want to be a dick. I usually don't try to draw attention to myself but do as you will.

    56. CNC Newbie

      Had the awesome opportunity to meet these fine folks! Amazing driving and work!! Boston George is freaking hilarious in person btw!!

    57. Topper Harley

      Colorado did a skid next to a cop on Snelling here in Minnesota. He went viral. Nobody got my skid in my supercharged xtreme next to a state trooper. irvision.info/home/daTRfZmAn5igZMY/fy-lm-h-y.html

    58. Dustin Mitchell

      get that girl a sawzaw lol

    59. scott millican

      Billy how did you put weight one back of your truck or what did you use?

    60. tnt201123

      Best video yet!! Love the intro, an dam fuckin head gasket!! But you were spinning after the 300ft. That track has dips hard as hell to tune for, cause of the preload. Great job tho on kicking the grey promode Mustang 🤣🤣

    61. stlmikie

      What kind of rpm are you turning at the end?

    62. Todd Clark

      Good job Billy you one of my favorites out there man I think you paint sold while and itst lightning cuz you're lightning fast buddy

    63. Matt Brooks

      That first road of testing at night was like a dang bouncy castle! Another showing of The Kid driving the wheels of the truck!

    64. Matt Brooks

      What a freakin wreck! That’s a hell of a way to start a video 👍🏼

    65. Brian Holmes

      Bad ass video man! Great work.

    66. oostis87

      Wish I could figure that Kirkersville cops schedule ...never know when he is lurking around

    67. jsa_Hawaii 808

      Sick intro! 🤙🏼

    68. Toyota Turbo

      Yall have that truck so dialed in i love it!! It really does move it!! Good on ur old man helping as always too

    69. Toyota Turbo

      Get that onto 2step!!

    70. Glockspecific

      Who runs that nitros car with EXIT on the back?

    71. m jj

      good job Billy

    72. Wesley Welker

      What stall converter you using?

    73. winch racing

      That was a hell of a field at 710 I should have went it's not far from my shop. Good job guys and that's the second mustang iv seen that's wiped out in the same spot !!

    74. Jon Do

      Loved the Vid. Great editing! Much like the little boy, I too look forward to your postings. And it's not because I'm from Ohio too. lol Really can't wait to see Molly rocketing down the roads!!

    75. carlsracingmiami

      killer man

    76. henry rosado

      That truck ain't joke

    77. kjax76

      "You didn't steal it, like cut it out of somebody's yard, right?" LMFAO Merry Christmas, Dad!

    78. Chuck Jones

      That mustang you ran hurricane used to be a bad 10.5 car down south when it was built about 15 years ago

    79. Boosted Cutlass

      My buddy in the white wagon 👍🏻 looks like it spin hard ! Man that’s awesome that young kid looks up to ya ! Freaking great! 10 years you will probably see him here also👍🏻 nice cool!!

    80. Faith Fitness & Fast Cars

      Awesome video brother !!

    81. Mike Angelastro

      Merry Christmas 🎄

    82. Baby-Shark GTO

      Insane video! Man, cars these days are so damn fast!

    83. Sam Trudeau

      3:21 Civil War quote! ;)

    84. Todd Mayhew

      Dope yall ran in Charlotte hometown 👍

    85. Daniel Hodges

      Great video like always!

    86. edvisme

      Well shit! I went to the web page to buy a shirt, maybe even a hoodie and all of the shirts and hoodies are out of stock. When will the store shelves be re-stocked?

    87. LynnTwinCustom$

      Enjoyed the video! Appreciate the content hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

    88. sabrom

      One of the best editers out there and content on youtube today, thanks JR.

    89. Turbo John

      Man, that is a bad ass vid! Great job on the content and the edits!

    90. Ant Man

      God bless you and your family y’all are doing big things!

    91. Jonathon White

      It's crazy when u meet your first child fan, I know the feeling I've ran demolition derby for 13 years.

    92. Artie Ballz

      Damn son you downgraded that hurricane to a tropical storm good run.

    93. Justin Etherton

      Did I see 8,000 R.P.M.s on the old Engine Speed meter @ >> 5:37 Billy!?! Damn Kid!!! Lol

    94. Joe Trader

      Awesome, be safe😎

    95. denden s

      Thats about the most unsafe place to run a race car .it needs to be banned

    96. Jacob Juarez

      @2:42 its brown sugar fromerly from john doc

    97. Joshua Ryan

      Another great video, awesome to see you acknowledge your fans from all ages and all parts of the world, can't wait to rep your gear here in Australia 🤙 once it arrives!

    98. Mike D

      Love u guys and gal make me smile every time u post god speed and good luck on the next adventure 😎😎😎

    99. Chopper1

      Billy you drive the shot out of that truck. Love the channel

    100. James Lewis

      Love the tunes. Great film keep it up