Cruising the STREETS! 1300+ HP S-10 Roll Racing

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    This was our first opportunity to drive both trucks after swapping my brothers s-10 with a 415 SBC. First drive without the V6! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    1. Ody Slim

      Billy... Freeze at 04:08 That would make one Bas Ass Still Shot of you two. Regards from Ody Slim

    2. Karl Mawby

      Family that builds em together, races together , prays together now that's living, respect from Mesa AZ v8 S10

    3. Jose Domingo Valenzuela figueroa

      Felicitaciones,,,,!! Chingon la carrera del wylie

    4. Chris Hernandez

      I would love to be brothers with u 😍 Family is just plain amazing Brother hood to the father hood is just 100% perfect

    5. Todd Touro

      You got the best dad ever

    6. Tommy Cook

      Those r a couple s10's u dont want to fuck with

    7. VoiceOverTalent by JamO

      Thanks for everything and clean your mirrors PLEASE!

    8. Austin Walker

      Cool to see you putting some street miles on the car and doing some rolls. Glad to see you not go full race car on the new motor build and decide to put in parts that will continue to like the street miles. Keep up the good content!

    9. Martin Kobert

      I have A hunch when Dad was in hes teens he learned hes above average mechanical skills & know how from A Top Dog Drag racing Guru - mtr. Builder - Tuner...!

    10. Bigfoot Trucking

      There is no amount of money in this world that could replace what you boys have in a father please believe that

    11. Philip Mazzuca

      Guys great job on the channel......... love the family glue...... didnt you guys use to run Shafiroff engines? Wasn’t one of your 1st videos of you taking delivery of one?

    12. nick greenlee

      What race..

    13. martin750hp

      I have an s-10 exta-cab truck bought it new when i was working for Mc Donald Douglas in 1990 and it still run's strong with 211,742 miles on it and i absolutely love my little truck will never sell it, well maybe some day, but not now i dig it love that little truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Cody Slusher

      Love the new exhaust setup big fan of fender exit setups 🤙

    15. Ken F

      Keep your Dad coming out to the events as much as you can "even some of the cruzes y not"

    16. Steven Polglase

      Love that twin turbo s10! What rim (10") and tire combo do you use when racing?

    17. Ken F

      Billy, im new at watching your channel its nice. i went back and viewed the archives, " I like the upgrades"

    18. George Koch

      Hello boys, I watch your videos all the time. I know this isn’t the place to contact you but I will anyhow.. I’m from NE Ohio and have a 83 S10 from North Dakota it has no rust anywhere. I’m just wondering if maybe you guys might be interested in it. I also have a 1966 Chevy impala SS in pieces, This car does not run it has a big block 396 bucket seats two door full Dash SS Dash

    19. semajb25

      This was bad ass I kept a smile on my face the whole time. props

    20. John Jones

      Great video. Thanks for posting.

    21. Luisao Castellano

      WOW 😳

    22. baddbradd89

      You better marry that girl

    23. Don Hamilton

      What pulled up on the left at the end, that Fox Body?

    24. brandon belk

      That S10 moves out but the camera lady needs a better setup. All I could see was the cowl. Get a selfish stick for your phone.

    25. Joe Clark

      That blue s10 with the rallys!!! SICK!!!

    26. Mikel Ellsaesser

      Ur hood scares me all the time. Just wondering why it's not bolted down. lol

    27. Kenny Morton

      What all mods to the engine I have a factory 318 95 Dakota working on building a sleeper truck to suprise some fox bodys

    28. Rodney Hickman

      Man I envy you all,nah just joking you guys are awesome. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for sharing. 👍

    29. Wayne Bowling

      Hey kid, looks like Molly is a valuable asset to your team. She lines you up almost perfect Everytime. Like I always end my comments, you keep having fun making the videos and I'll keep watching them. I think I watch your SRC more than any other street racing videos that people put out there. Keep winning Billy.....


      HEY, I know where you guys are at. started watching you videos a while back and National Trail Raceway gave it away. Been going to the Mopar Nationals out there since 2002. I have a lot of video from cruising Brice Rd. and Heath from over the years. here's a vid of my friends Charger in Heath. . Keep up the cool vids, Greg. oh yea, i'm an old fart, maybe older than your dad.

    31. jamie muncy

      Tommy’s truck is SHARP and probably runs about like your did way back when, but your truck Billy has kinda became a legend lol Nice cruise in

    32. TexanBoi

      Tommy wat size rim u running front and back?? I'm want the same ones for my Malibu😁

    33. jcnpresser

      Tommy’s truck looks good! Sounds good too! Can’t wait to see it on the spray!

    34. Reid Lemesany

      Stop risking people's lives and stop being a bad example 9/11was a wake up call stop sining and DC ont be apart of glorifying sin threw music and tv

    35. Michael Perham

      Hope all is well. I have one question, I don't understand why we go out we save a 1969 Nova put seats in it get the motor running and then proceeded to go out and beat the hell out of it why do we save it in the first place? I love the 69 Nova I turned 18 that year,graduated high school,went,to Woodstock Festival,and then a place called Vietnam at least don't do it publicly,PLEASE. LOVE YOU GUYS Your work and determination is outstanding.

    36. Sirr Harryman

      Them rallies are the best looking wheel ever made! Especially when they're staggered like that... 4 and 8.

    37. Josiah Summers

      I am not trying to beg for help nor my trying to sound like a pity party I have watched everyone of your videos I love all the vehicles that you guys have done specially the S 10 and at nova oh my god that nova anyways I was wondering if there was any tips or advice you guys could give me or if you had some extra stuff laying around that would make my truck pop a little bit more than what it does I have a 1986 Chevy C 10 all original everything I know the carburetor needs to be rebuilt or at least replaced I’d like to get some different wheels put on it and beef up the motor a little bit if you guys could give me some employee input or could help me out in any possible way I graciously appreciate it

    38. flatfoot62

      What a great truck. Good luck with racing and kicking some ass. Keep the videos coming. I enjoy them.

    39. jst355

      It’s cool to see rally’s on that all blue S10. I always wanted to throw a couple of those centercaps on a lathe and shorten the tip for the skinnies. With the black trim on that truck blacked out rally’s under the covers would look tough.

    40. Randy Stull

      That hood float damn guys, awesome cruise

    41. Marc Barrier

      You boys are so lucky havin a dad like that you better appriciate what he does for you and billy get a damm ringn on that girls finger boy !!

    42. Jimbo Rachetmaster

      The truck lookin sweet. Love the older body style. Great job guys. good job on the videos.


      what headers is on the blue truck ?

    44. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Great to see it on the streets and roaming around! Now let's get that thing on the alignment rack and ready to hurt some feelings! Really excited for your whole family, going to be some awesome times ahead!

    45. Joshua Coughlin

      "I got my chic right here." Lmao!!!

    46. ddk56vw

      Man, seeing the inside of those S10's brings back some memories!!!! Tommy's truck looks fantastic.

    47. Taylor

      Roll racing is for sports cars and ricers. Real muscle hit the digs.

      1. Josh Koch (Intimidator82)

        You can have all the power in the world, but if it doesn't get planted to the road, you might as well be driving a Prius

    48. Kevin pulley

      Y’all have to live near me I feel! Lawrenceburg about 10 miles from edgewater! Love the truck! Hopefully mine will be a little faster this year with a 200 shot on it! Lol

      1. Alan Davis

        @Ethan Boyle I think they are opening tonight. No spectators though

      2. Ethan Boyle

        I'm scared for Edgewater though, they're currently in some hot water


      That was different. I enjoyed that thanx

    50. Ole Deuce

      How much e85 do you use on a cruise night like that

      1. Ole Deuce

        Not bad for the price, its 2.30ish here, i put in a 12 gal cell for drag week last year put ran on gas. With tracks close we might have to do some driving to Mexico 🤣😂

      2. Street Racing Channel

        About 10 -15 gallons to drive around for a couple hours

    51. Frank A

      Great video! Lil bro’s truck really scoots on street tires. Best times when pops is involved. I cherish the days dad and I would do laps in the Pitts to heat up the transmission before making a pass. Awesome to see your dad so involved with everything. I never cared if my friends thought is was weird that I spent so much time with my father, he’s still my best friend and always will be. Keep up the great work brother, I hope you become a IRvision legend. 👍🏼🇺🇸💪🏼

    52. Ole Deuce

      Tommy should be proud of that truck it looks awesome. What a sweet driver

    53. twincammike83 16v

      Omg that truck is fast... 🤯

    54. Dynamic Dopamine

      Billy... lol, great video buddy.

    55. Ignacio Limon Jr.

      Hell yea bro! Loving the roll racing

    56. TheCanadianBubba

      Family show... good times !

    57. Mopar Strong

      Like seeing y’all videos. Keep it!

    58. John Z

      @7:35,, the "fever" never leaves ya does it Dad :)

    59. send it

      lil bro has a nice truck put some paint on yours and pin that damn hood down you are getting lazy bro

    60. Peter Sawyer

      I know your truck makes 1300hp, what's your little brothers truck make or spose to make?

    61. Jay Hayes

      I got my chick right here...…

    62. Richard's Property maintenance

      Some bad dudes with s10s. Doc Holliday and Wyatt earp of the streets.

    63. HHH Motorsports

      What rear gear you running like 3.73, 4.10 or what just curious. Give me around about number

      1. HHH Motorsports

        Street Racing Channel i was just curious because your truck seems to be the perfect set up. Both for street and strip. I enjoy your video’s. We are into Dirt racing, good luck with all your races

      2. Street Racing Channel


    64. Doug Hopkins

      Going to pacemakers this weekend? I'll be there I'm ready to RACE!!!

    65. Joseph Ware

      And that my friends is what its all about!!

    66. Dusterman

      Need A Nice Adjustable Neon Light In Your White S-10 For Night Footage... Your Brothers Blue S-10 Definitely Looks Clean.. like That Dad Was In The Drivers Seat In It..

    67. Marshall Warden

      Might wanna swap those rally wheels out for some with a shank style lug nut before yall put it on the track with a good sized shot on it. Those conical seat lug nuts with steel rim will shear studs smooth off if you really get to putting it down. I've seen that movie before.

    68. The BlazerSociety

      Whats the name of that little display billy has for his ignition controls i guess it is above him?

      1. The BlazerSociety

        @Street Racing Channel thank you!

      2. Street Racing Channel

        It’s my boost controller, it’s an AMS1000

    69. David Whiteker

      What part of ohio are you guys from im in Kentucky?

    70. Steve Stumbaugh

      You have the coolest dad in the world.

    71. Jesse Dias

      Gotta start thinking long term Billy if your doing highway pulls and beating up on your motor when it comes time to win races that have money on the line you'll have worn out parts love the videos keep up the great job

    72. Ody Slim

      Nice video. Too short tho~ Regards from Ody Slim - looking for races in MD

    73. Nell's Gaming

      We want more of those vlogs!

    74. kram Null

      I ordered a set of front rotors for my 92 S10. I didn't realize those things weigh about 125 pounds easy...

    75. Daniel Moody

      How did your wire your ams1000 to work for the trand brake and foot brake?????

    76. Daniel Moody

      If your still on e85 12.5afr is lean for cruse

      1. One eyed Snake

        Oh boy another genius

    77. James Lewis

      S10 duo 💪🏾💪🏾

    78. Dale Strosnider

      It’s so awesome to have a normal family reality show. Great people, sweet cars. Thanks!

    79. Tyler Allen

      Can we get the build sheet on this truck??

    80. MrPdforeman

      Be careful out there, you have precious cargo in that thing!

    81. Zachary S.

      You guys can do better than 10 minute videos

      1. One eyed Snake

        Every time you make your stupid little comment you just might as well say I'm a douche!

    82. Zachary S.

      Tommy's truck needs flat caps on his rallys

      1. Zachary S.

        Flat cap rallys like now!!!

    83. Memphis 2 Houston

      Stay true & keep doing your thing 💪💪🎯🏆🏆

    84. Keven Tomlinson

      Would you guys mind sharing the basic recipe for the v8 swap in the blue truck ? Suspension, adapters, drive train etc ? Thank you.

    85. Zachary S.

      Four link and QA1 coil overs

    86. Zachary S.

      You need a motion works steering column...and a paint job

      1. One eyed Snake

        Oh yeah that fancy steering column is going to win a lot of races get the f*** out of here!

    87. Guy Noir

      I still remember my old cruisin days back in the seventies now forty years later and I'm still at it .

    88. austin wendt

      So sick can’t wait to get my maro done

    89. big boy bass 69

      you sould race cleetus mc farlands corvet it makes about 1000hp and runes 8s to 7s

    90. Bryan Roupe

      Hey man idk if it bothers you but the back of my hood was always coming up too. I put hood pins in my hood henge that way and can use the prop and completely take the hood off as well. Pretty nice not having to pull the hood off when I don't need to.

    91. silly guy

      Billy you should put a crew together and go to Memphis

    92. Roger Harper

      Great video what transmission do you have in your truck?

    93. Logan Schroeder

      Like if billy should make some diecast for the truck

    94. Renan Paim

      Chevrolet 👊💪

      1. Jay Dub

        Ford is slave to the Chevy Gods ha ha ha!

    95. Mike Martin sr


    96. Jacob Hart

      Billy, Keep up the good work. You and your family ARE a class act. Thoroughly enjoy the content you bring. No faking the funk with you all.

    97. Emily Morgan

      i agree with macdaddy.thanks for the great vids .be safe

    98. Steve Stauff

      Just missing Snow White now lol

    99. hidog420

      You're brothers truck looks and sounds great!

    100. bs081502bs

      Bud, your little brother's truck is sweet!!