Time to Re-Build (1300+ HP Twin Turbo S-10)

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    Another Video featuring the life of a broke Street Racer just trying to go Fast!
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    1. Kenneth Chapman

      What no Metallica??😂

    2. Anton J

      Why dont go to a real standalone system for all stafety features and be able to tune it so much better :)? So you can log and se knocks and so on.

    3. Jarrod Feldman

      You should check out Off the Ranch or Demo Ranch as Matt Carriker is the channel owner and runs Bunker Branding which does merch for other You Tuber's.

    4. claysnellings3

      Where and how did you learn to tune I'm just now beginning to learn HP Tuners

    5. Creator 262

      Best way to oring a block is the ring and groove style. And of course with stainless wire, not copper, or welding wire. Wrap that wire several times around a smaller diameter than the cylinder, bc itll spring back some. Then cut it long and test fit it several times. File the end shorter by holding it in a pliers. Say you have a .040" wire for the rings, cut the groove about .025" deep into the block, and cut a .015" deep groove, .060" wide into the heads. You can research exact numbers but the idea is a wider shallower groove in the heads for the copper gasket to be pressed into. Dont forget to anneal the copper gasket first, and retorque the head studs after some heat cycles.😁

    6. Michael Fields

      Your dad is Wayyyyyy kool when he said that you guys could bang the fuck out of some mobb deep and then said that he could watch 3:10 To Yuma and watch some Lawless too. Dam that guy knows how to get down. I've got to meet you guys one day. Your race program is TIGHT AF.... That lil truck is a BADD BITCH. Keep doing what your doing you guys are a Class Act

    7. Mikel Ellsaesser

      I wish u guy's would top hoop ur engine. U wouldn't have any trouble with blowing out head gaskets and burning ur head and block. Talk to John Doc's channel and watch the videos of TKM doing top hoops for John's engines. U can put twice as much boost on ur engines and make a lot of power.

    8. Charlotte Goodwin

      Cats in the back like, i just wanna go fast lol

    9. Gilgamesh

      Bro I wanna see u come back to da pad. U was the hype

    10. Matt Brooks

      As fast as you are making that truck man I would seriously be thinking about getting a full cage installed. There’s no protection in those S10’s. You’re really becoming one of the top street guys around the country and everyone doesn’t want to see another great young man die in a a race. R.I.P. Joe

    11. Keiko FX Designs

      I've been watching your channel for about a year and finally I sub'd! Good content and a fast truck!

    12. Toyota Turbo

      Great to see big pops helping again! Good job on the rebuild , you guys make great footage! Im always laughing

    13. NorCal_CBR

      You should pull the 6.2l out of the Escalade. Same thing as an LS3

    14. Diesel Doc Gaming

      Your dad is a trip!

    15. Billy T.

      Love the tunes you use in your videos.

    16. Frito bandido

      MaDDNick Horsepower ?

    17. wojt87

      what's going on with firebird?

    18. granadojl

      Huge reason why I subscribed to your channel. NOT because of your girlfriend. But the way you interact with your dad. Everyone needs a relationship with their dad like you two have. Keep up the good fight

    19. Austin Brown Tennessee

      World war 2 documentary's 😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Douglas Oakley

      Did yall take down the vid of Molly washing the Nova...kinda wanted to see it again!

    21. kevin schnepper

      You may be broke but you and your dad are having the times of your lives i enjoy watching you and your dad and wish i had that

    22. Corey Wharton

      Fully loaded Caddy for 8.9k... yea I'm moving to America!!!

    23. Corey Wharton

      Is your dad still at you for what happened to his red truck? I know mine would be at my neck even if it wasn't my fault.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        It was my truck

    24. DubStub

      Where do you go track racing??

    25. Jay Hayes

      New transmission......check New short block...…….check New gears in back.....check Gaptizing mofos's by three cars.....soon to be check'd

    26. Houston Kilby

      Noticed I’m covered in oil 😂

    27. Ronnie Williz

      Methanol is much better. Killer vid yall.

    28. Jim Huffman

      I can not wait for Marion to open this spring and see you and your Dad again. Keep on trucking my brother...

    29. Layton Jones

      Great videos In the process of trying to decide what motor I want to build Last year's small block 406 single Turbo bent rod mid 5s want more cubic inches but worried about compression height on piston with boost And as I was wondering if you give out much information on your short blocks or would you be willing to say who your salesman at shafiroff is And maybe they could set me up with a short block If they're good enough for you they would be good enough for me I've would have never called them if I wouldn't have seen your video Thanks if you respond

    30. Really BadAim

      The spatula in the front seat is so sketch. Just sayin.

    31. Ray Hunsaker

      Dude for real your music montages are 10 times louder than your commentary.

    32. Erich Weinman

      I was going to call you out on the street some day but now your going to trailer queen to me street racing is for street legal vehicles i believe you evolved to drag race on crappy roads lol I'll still watch you have a great channel

    33. Tk Boyd

      If anybody tells you that ballers don’t wear bibs, you tell them they’re wrong, because your pops is a frickin’ baller, with a capital “B”.

    34. TheCanadianBubba

      When we were in the 4x4 scene, all the quickest mud trucks that came up here were running alcohol. Hope it goes really well without too much hassle learning the new deal.

    35. Frank Hays

      Another awesome job on the video you’re pop cracks me up thanks for sharing buddy keep up the great work and idea for Molly shirt could be Unigap or gapcorn just a thought 💭😎😎👍🏻👍🏻🏁

    36. Otis Bailey

      Sounds like a solid plan, o-ringing the block is going to be a good upgrade on a added lung vehicle to minimize head gasket issues. Nice teaching moment on cleanliness can't be emphasized enough. You can also watch Tombstone from the back seat.

    37. Vaughn Hill

      Yea you could pull the s10 around with it and sleep in the back instead of renting a room lol

    38. Vaughn Hill

      Im lookjng for a s10 truck to put a v8 in. Im not gonna go as far as you did but i just want something to play with on the street Actually if i was nuts i do have a running big block 440 mopar i could put in one but im pretty sure theres not enough room under te hood or between the frame rails

    39. Douglas Oakley

      Where's Molly?

    40. Don Catherman

      Kasey still would have gave you a run ,,,for your money if the S10 held together.....

    41. stlmikie

      Got damn it Billy! It does work!

    42. jim pin

      5:35-6:10,Your Pops is always right.😂😎

    43. Casey Nuchols

      Get a maxy pad so when ur dad starts complainin about oil you can give that to him lmao😂

    44. Garmans12valve

      Plus 1 for lawless

    45. Augden Fischer

      Upgrade that head unit to aftermarket and you can watch it on the head unit.

    46. slo_5.0h

      I love this fucking channel and I'm a damn FORD man! I also admire the work and power of any brand and you guys are bad to the bone! Pop's is a fuckin TRIP LMAO! He apparently admires the sound of a good audio system in a vehicle. I got about 800 watts (not much I know) of Stillwater Designs Audio pushed by a Sound Stream Tarantula mp in my F-150 although I've never been much of a Mobb Deep person I do love my BASS! Check out some Too Short! I'll be ordering some Merch soon! Haven't seen Molly lately I hope you are still together she seems like a good girl! Can't wait for the new S-10!!

    47. Dalton Harrington


    48. Happy Thoughts !!

      Love the dad moment lol clean up bro!

    49. rich 570

      Lmfao 3:10 To Yuma

    50. Lonnie Cornell


    51. Turbo World

      Your Dad is sometimes a Grumpy Pimp. Other times he's a frigging comic! I love your relationship with him. Can't wait to see what kind of gap factory will be under the hood next! We are rooting for you!

    52. Fred Schmidt

      The cat likes leather . The fliper is to help unstick you from the seat when your all sweaty . Buy your street racing closes today Billy needs a new short block

    53. Sean Mayo

      Y in the hell would u run a 370 gear for basically all u run is eigth mile 410 bout time

    54. Braden Hunter

      I love the relationship with you and your dad. I lost my dad when I was 15 I turn 17 this month. He had the worlds fastest top fuel jet boat and I grew up around drag racing. About 6 months ago I started building a nova in memory of my dad. The bond between a father and son is special. It’s more than a best friend and more than a father

      1. SRC Garage

        Good luck with the Nova. Thank you for the comments. -Dad

      2. Tommy Hoskinson

        Braden Hunter sorry for your loss man, thank you for the support 💜

    55. Garrett Hall

      The fade out on WW2 documentaries was choice

    56. Gary Raper

      Hey guys I'm not into rap or hip-hop myself, but I will listen or watch a ole rapper name Yellowolfe. He is from Gadsden, Alabama. Believe it or not, but true, my wife baby sat him when he was 1 or 2 yrs old an she was 15 I think. She told me about it an I googled him up an low an behold he raps with Kid Rock an lots of well known people. Well just wanted to throw that out there bc I think it's Kool as hell. Love you guys so hurry an get truck going. Love n Peace til next time, I'm outta here!

    57. Gary Raper

      I wanna see Molly!! Where is cute Molly? I like your channel but I like Molly mo better!! Have a safe an good day buddy, peace n love. Outta here for now!

    58. Aaron Vanderveen

      Billy what is your day job? Also, methanol is a great choice - we run methanol through a blow through setup and its very very forgiving on tune ups and also runs nice and cool and definitely makes more power.

    59. Motorcity Garage

      When going to go efi

    60. Mike Thompson

      Y’all are the best, keep up the great work!

    61. EAST SIDE313

      3:10 to yuma!!! Lawless!!! 😂😂😂ur dad's the man Billy, reminds me of mine. I think he wore his lawless dvd out😂😂😂" we could bump to some mobb deep in here.."lol

      1. slo_5.0h

        @East Side313 Forrest was THE DAMN MAN! LOL!

    62. Steven Thompson

      Dad doing the bump when 50 come on.. my day is made.. your dad so old school .. but reminds me of me an my kids they dont kno any cartoons or movies i watched..

    63. Charles Campbell

      Keep them coming!

    64. Shooter Burriss

      Let your dad know he isnt alone on liking 310 to Yuma. Great movie. Tombstone is another movie he could watch back there.

    65. Michael

      You gotta buy something since you went and wrecked the damn truck, so why not get pops that Escalade so he can watch his movies and eat his 6 hash browns lol

    66. Daniel Garner

      Why so against the LS Platform?

    67. Daniel Garner


    68. rob nichols

      Keep ya head up Billy good things will come

    69. David Windsor

      That's racing.

    70. Driven To Be Great

      You should contact TKM and get a set of top fuel hoops installed into the block and heads. Won't have to worry about head gaskets anymore after that.

    71. vikingscott

      Have u ever looked into those head gaskets that bite into the heads? I forget the company name.

    72. Alfa Kenny Juan

      Quit using that stupid ass copper spray to. That worked in 2001 with different style bead gaskets. It’s old shit that doesn’t work anymore

    73. Jack Harding

      Like the video! Pay for the new block guys!!

    74. Rafael Sanchez

      Summit racing sponsor with a new block

    75. Tim Wilson

      Tommy and the Aristocats. Lol. Love it guys. I would love more tech stuff. More build stuff. Forever fan, keep kicking IRvision's ass. 🇦🇺🇦🇺

    76. Andrew K

      Billy,your dad makes these videos lol. He is golden. Omg always has me in stitches. Great video and editing. As a fellow S10 owner always enjoy hearing g about your set up,and honestly was shocked at how that thing launches with a 3.70 gear. I always figure it was at least a 4.10. When you put new converter in can you toss out some info on that set up?? Stall speed and such. Best of luck man!!!


      God I love those old shops like that just take your stuff there and drop it off and wait make me miss my old racing days

    78. john milner

      Pops got good taste in movies..sounds like a solid buy to me!

    79. renegade cnc, ect.

      The spatula was probably an improvised ice scrapper.

    80. Hector N.

      that's a great replacement for the 1500. at least y'all can sleep in this one.

    81. Divergent

      you run a custom hughes converter or prebuilt?

    82. Adam McDowell

      Haha I fuckin love your dad!lol

    83. Ken McKay

      Hey molley wheres molly ?hows her car commin along ?

    84. Roger Brown

      Just for the millions wondering! Where is Molly!!!! Can't wait to see what its gonna do on meth! Better chance of getting traction with the 3.70 gears! 4.10 def be quicker , can you hook it?

    85. Andy Coahran

      Your dad is too cool Billy!I would love to meet y'all someday.Im sure your dad knows about this but y'all should come to the Clay City dragstrip and drag some junky LS ASS!?No need to worry about some Eastern KY Ford or Dodge,bring that small block Chevy #ONLY1

      1. SRC Garage

        Andy Coahran we had a race there 2 years ago when Scotty Richardson ran it. Street Racers Reunion.

    86. Tac town Turbo time

      If its got tits or wheels youll have probems with it. my dad told me when i was just a kid.

    87. Daniel Duroy

      Sounds like you will be driving from now on and listening to PBS documentaries

    88. 2 Lane Boogie

      Hey Billy what trans did you run before the glide?

      1. Street Racing Channel


    89. Steve Jones

      Wasn’t expecting Dad to be into mob deep lol

    90. sabrom

      Gonna be a whole new Animal coming can't wait! wheres Molly?

    91. Jonathon Vince

      That lift is amazing

    92. 572dartsport

      MOB DEEP! I gotta meet you and your dad some day when I make it back to Ohio! EM-OH-BEE Mane!

    93. Mini 913 Racing

      I didn’t know you dad could be gansta

    94. MidwestCatz

      Has Billy ever talked about his suspension and rear end setup im watching a video not a lot of talk about that.

      1. Bryon Phillips

        He talks about it in the episode called mysterious noise fixed.

    95. justin cicairos

      Out of curiosity why dont you go ls power it can be done cheap and you can learn to tune using a laptop holley terminator? No more carburetor

    96. Matt Walker

      Before it's over with that S-10 is going to be one BadAss , Unstoppable Beast !!!

    97. Grizzlyman _

      Dude, you dad cracks me up!!! Suck a cool pop.

    98. Shay Earl

      I'm still in shock that yall jamming to mob deep 😂😂

      1. SRC Garage

        Shay Earl it’s real. I like real.

    99. Weird600

      AND while your at it -- -- Get rid of that damn carb and go EFI -- --

    100. Roll Tide

      Copper are much better than mls head gaskets in a boosted engine.